01 November

Adam: Finishing up work. Sipping coffee. Taps his papers on the desk to put them in order. Even if I'm dressed like a misfit, I'm not acting like one.

Joel: Sitting and spinning his cane between his fingers.
Nick: Sleep.

Traj: Hopes Adam is done with work, or at least that she isn't interrupting anything important! Lightly knocks on the door.
Adam: Please enter.

Anita: Comes into the infirmary holding a large plate of a variety of food. Dressed in a Greek robe, sandals, and a laurel. Happy Halloween, Dr. Marsetti!

Traj: Does so! Wearing a tight black dress. The material looks soft and is a little shiny, though it's not sequined. The dress has no sleeves, exposing her arms to the shoulders, or would if she wasn't wearing gown gloves. The dress stops at the 'top' of her neck, covering it snugly. Hair is decorated with two silver pins, which seem to keep it from being its usual messy self. Adorned with a thin, gossamer shawl that hangs behind her, held by her arms. A mirror is in one of her hands as well as a small fan made of black feathers. Hello, Adam!

Joel: Happy Halloween, Anita! Waves and stops spinning the cane.

Adam: Trajedie! Grins. Hugs carefully, around her neck mostly, so as not to muss up her costume. You look beautiful.

Anita: I brought you some food from the party! Sets it down on the table.
Joel: Why, thank you. Takes off his white coat and wide brimmed hat and sets it on a different chair. Wearing a black vest under the coat. Which goddess are you supposed to be, Anita?
Anita: Oh… Giggles. I'm not really supposed to be a goddess. Just an ancient Grecian, I suppose!

Traj: Hugs back tight. Not so worried about her costume. Wished it wasn't as tight as it was. One can tell her belly button is an 'inny'. Thank you! …Nice vest. Giggles.

Joel: Nice costume regardless!
Anita: You look very nice too, Dr. Marsetti

Adam: Laughs, blushing a bit. Do you like it? They're old clothes of Elijah's, mostly.
Traj: I do like it! …I can't put my finger on what you're supposed to be, though.
Adam: …Eden Elwood. Laughs. …and you?
Traj: Oh… That's a good one! I'm supposed to be Snowdrop's stepmother.
Adam: Snowdrop?
Traj: From Snowdrop and the Seven Dwarves. It's an old Grimm fairy tale.
Adam: Oh… Snow White?
Traj: Well, Snowdrop in the book. But either way, really.
Adam: Chuckles. Either way, you look lovely. Do you want to hit the party for a bit or would you rather do something else?
Traj: I'd love to go to the party! Always a party going on when it's my birthday.
Adam: We don't have to stay through the whole thing. I just want to see everyone else's costumes.
Traj: Nods. I want to see them, too… Giggles. Did the evil queen want to eat Snow White's heart? She wanted to in Grimm's version.
Adam: Blink.
Traj: Giggles. In Grimm's fairy tales, The Evil Queen wanted Snowdrop found and killed and her heart removed for her to eat.
Adam: Well, um, don't go eating anyone's heart. Kisses her forehead. Leads her to the ballroom. The ballroom is 'spookily' decorated. Lights turned low, people milling about or dancing.
Traj: I never got to go to a big Halloween party before. Might be fun!
Adam: Hm… Looks around.
Elijah: Right behind Traj and Adam without a sound. To Traj. Happy birthday.
Traj: An embarrassing squeak/shriek, and bit of a jump is all he gets out of her, though that might be enough!
Elijah: Laughs. Dressed like… Zorro. My future little sister.
Traj: Doesn't recognize it as Zorro. Big smile, though. Glad to see people accepting the marriage, and not just giving her the evil-eye. Nice highwayman costume. I like the hat!
Elijah: Thank you! Not really particular enough to correct her. Kisses her hand. You look lovely.
Traj: Well… thank you! Not used to compliments, aside coming from her fiance.
Adam: Is Dad here?
Elijah: Who're you?
Adam: You helped me with the costume.
Elijah: Laughs. Still barely recognize you. Yeah, he's over there. Points.
Adam: Thanks. To his dad he goes with Traj-Traj.
John: Slouched, and with a candy cigarette in his mouth. Does straighten up when he sees Adam, and Traj. Staring openly at Adam, though.
Adam: Staring at his dad a bit. Hey!
John: Hello, Adam. Thinks he's dressed like emo Dan.
Adam: Blinks at his dad's costume.Cocks his head to the side. You look familiar.
John: I do?
Adam: Nods. Vague childhood memory of this.
Traj: Completely lost as to what the hell John is supposed to be.
John: I should. Chuckles.
Adam: Who're you supposed to be?
John: World's biggest jerk. Laughs.
Adam: … Just raises an eyebrow.
John: The kind that blows cigarette smoke in your face and gives noncommittal, or biting remarks. Seems to think this is pretty amusing!
Adam: …your hair's like it used to be.
John: I didn't want to leave out such an important detail.
Adam: … Frown! You're not a jerk!
John: Laughs.
Adam: You're not…
John: Not anymore. At least, not as often.
Adam: Sigh. Mom's gonna kill me for dying my hair.
John: That's not temporary?
Adam: Shakes his head, 'no'.
Traj: …I think it looks nice black.
Adam: Smiles. Thank you. Do you like my costume, Dad?
John: I do. You should leave the eyeliner in, though… It'll mask the bruises your mom is going to leave on you.
Traj: Hope that's a joke. She seemed so nice before!
Adam: Aww, I thought it made me look more like her. Laughs.
John: It certainly makes you look more like your parents. Laughs.
Adam: Cocks his head to the side. …?
John: Chuckles and shakes his head. Adam. You're being haunted.
Guy with a Sheet: Waving his sheet covered arms near Adam.
Adam: Looks over at the guy with a sheet. H-Hello.
Guy with a Sheet: OooOOooooooooo! …Niiiice Eeeeden costuuuuume.
Adam: Looks at his head to see if there's horns poking out the sides.
Guy with a Sheet: Horns don't seem to be! Entire body is covered in the sheet, though, so they could be concealed!
Adam: …Feemy?
Feemy: Grins under the sheet. How'd ya know? Holding a fork.
Adam: …You're a hungry ghost! Grins.
Traj: That's clever!
Feemy: Yep! I have to take this thing off, though. Someone already has this costume. Can you believe it?
Adam: No. Who else has it?
Feemy: I dunno. They're dressed like a ghost. I can't see their face. Laughs!
Renasi: Comes over… He's dressed as a woman… very convincingly.
Traj: That's a pretty lady.
Adam: Stares a bit at Ren.
Feemy: Turns to Ren! You can tell where he's facing from the eye holes. Well hellooo there.
Renasi: Helloo… Disguising his voice. What a handsome ghost.
Feemy: How flattering, but I bet you say that to all the ghosts.
Renasi: Laughs softly. It's too bad ghosts don't have lips.
Feemy: Some do. Among other things, I assure you.
Renasi: Laughs. Hello Adam… Who's your friend?
Adam: Hello. This is my fiance, Trajedie… Trajedie this is Renasi the, uh… King of the Elves.
Traj: … King?
Renasi: Drops the voice. Oh, you ruined it. Laughs. Nice to meet you, Trajedie. Bows.
Traj: Bows in return. The strangest costume so far. A pleasure to meet you, King Renasi.
Renasi: Please, just call me Renasi…
Traj: Er… sorry… Renasi, then. Fans herself a little. Like her dad, when they're nervous they fidget with their hands.
Adam: Everyone… Today is Trajedie's eighteenth birthday.
Traj: … Hides her face with her fan. Didn't think he'd announce it.
Renasi: Happy birthday!
Feemy: Happy Birthday!
Renasi: Elbows Feemy… in the arm, not the ribs.
Feemy: Elbowed. Heeey. Elbows a little back.
Renasi: Waves his hand like a conductor's wand. One… Two… Three…
Feemy: Follows his hand with his eyes. You want me to sing?
Renasi: Happy birthday to you… Making sure to sing this well.
Feemy: Sings too. Happy birthday to youuu!
Renasi: Happy Birthday Dear Trajedie.. Pronounces it the French way.
Traj: Renasi you're awesome, too.
Feemy: Didn't pronounce it the French way, sorry.
Renasi: Happy Birthday to youuu!!! Does jazz hands. Checks to make sure his 'boobs' are still straight. …Let's get some punch, Feemy.
Feemy: Righteo! Takes off his ghost costume! Apparently planned to do so, as he has a costume under it. A knight of Atlantis.
Renasi: Fake voice again. Ooo la la! Laces his arm with Feemy's.
Feemy: Grins. This way, mi'lady. To the punch.
Traj: …
Adam: Looks to Traj. …Heh… My brother's fiance.
Traj: A horned rock star and a cross-dressing king. They should make a play out of it.
Adam: Laughs. He… doesn't usually cross-dress… as far as I know.
Traj: … Giggles. The most interesting people come here…
Adam: Seems that way… Looks around for his little sisters.
Traj: Fortunate that I'm engaged to the most interesting of them all.

Rose & Dani: Near the punchbowl themselves! If Nathaniel's there, poor him. If not, they're just hanging out.
Nathaniel: Dressed in a Glinter pilot uniform, complete with hat and goggles, though the goggles are up on his forehead.
Dani: Long, sparkling and elegant looking white dress! With, of course, gown gloves. (That's how you know Traj had a hand it in, haw) Glitter on her cheeks. Seems a little taller, due to wearing heels.
Rose: Slimmer black dress. Made of nice material, but a little understated. The dress' sleeves go all the way down to her hands, and even past her palm and her middle and index fingers. A long, pointed hat sits on top of her head, and her face is covered in green makeup, making the red lipstick stand out that much more.
Adam: Thing One and Thing Two.
Traj: Smiling.
Dani: More like a gown/wedding dress in that it's poofy at the skirt.
Rose: Blink. Holds up her broom in a green hand.
Adam: …a bride and a witch?
Traj: You two switched costumes.
Dani: I didn't want to be West if I had to be green.
Adam: Ohhh!!!
Rose: Ee heeheeheee! Enjoying being wicked too much.
Adam: The Witches of the West and North.
Traj: That's right! My mom and I worked on those for them. Thought it'd look so cute.
Adam: Smiles. They really do! Beautifully made and they look beautiful on you two.
Rose: Thanks, my pretty! Forgot to do the evil voice, so that probably just sounds weird.
Dani: Thank you, Adam. You look really nice, too! …Who are you supposed to be?
Adam: Eden Elwood. Smile. Dunno if you even know who that is.
Traj: Hugging Adam's arm. This is fun.
Dani & Rose: Not ringing a bell.
Dani: I like your vest!
Adam: The lead singer of the Matchbox Sticks! My great great great great great great great great… great… great… some more greats… grandfather.
Dani: …He's old.
Adam: Well, he's not alive anymore.
Dani: Oh… I knew that.
Adam: Gets some Witch's Brew for himself and Traj.
Rose & Dani: Drink!
Rose: Carefully. Makeup is a pain. Finishes her sip. Oh! Tragedy, this is Nathaniel! …Or did you meet him already?
Nathaniel: Hi!
Traj: Pleased to meet you, Nathaniel.
Nathaniel: You do look familiar, but I don't remember that I met you before my wing amputation. Nice to meet you!
Traj: Are you a pilot? Guessing from the goggles on his head.
Nathaniel: Yup! A Glinter pilot!
Traj: That's a nice costume. Smiles.
Nathaniel: Thank you! It's not as good as yours and the twins' though!
Rose: Thanks for the dress, Tragedy!
Dani: Yeah, thanks!
Traj: You're both welcome, and thank you Nathaniel. I'm glad you like them too. My mom and I worked hard on them. Was hoping Dani would be the green one though. Do you know who I'm dressed as, Nathaniel? Doubt it, but may as well try!

Jessica: Frowning at herself in the mirror.
John: Soon opens the door to their room, and steps inside.
Jessica: Looks over and stares a bit. …John.
John: Grins a little. Hello, dear.
Jessica: Smiles at him. …You have that… haircut again.
John: Puts a hand atop of his head and chuckles. Had to think of a scary costume on short notice… Halloween snuck up on me.
Jessica: Laughs a little.
John: I saw scarier…
Jessica: Like what?
John: Like Ren. As a woman.
Jessica: Blink.
John: He dressed up like a woman. Frighteningly enough, he did a good job. Feemy also decided not to take me up on the offer to go as a knight. Went as a hungry ghost.
Jessica: Giggles. What about the rest of the kids?
John: Elijah is Zorro. I'd recognize it. I even have the movies! And the twins are the wicked witches of the North and West. Can you guess which witch was which?
Jessica: Hmm… Though giggled a bit at Elijah being Zorro. Well, Rose is the North and Dani's the West.
John: Why do you say that? Chuckles.
Jessica: Well, it's really hard to say, actually… Danielle's more likely to want to be put into a good light…
John: Nods. Rose ended up with green on her face.
Jessica: Ah…
John: They both look great, though. To her side he goes.
Jessica: I'm sure they do… How about Adam?
John: …I really don't know what or who he's supposed to be. Though the resemblance to Daniel is uncanny, or maybe purposeful. Doubts the latter, though.
Jessica: Laughs. What is he wearing?
John: He dyed his hair black, he's wearing eye liner… a fuzzy vest, Dan's shirt, and weird pants.
Jessica: …He dyed his hair black?
John: Nods.
Jessica: Frown.
John: Matches his fiance's now.
Jessica: … Laughs a little.
John: He really went all the way with this Halloween… Chuckles. This blonde stuff will come out in the shower, at least.
Jessica: That's good to know… I don't know what he was trying to look like, either. Sounds like his father in high school.
John: Nods. He thinks you're going to kill him for dying his hair.
Well, I might think about it if it's not grown out by the time I get better…
John: Chuckles. Surprise hugs for his wife.
Jessica: Smiles and hugs back.
John: Keeps his arms around her. …Family just keeps getting bigger, doesn't it?
Jessica: It certainly does.
John: Speaking of family, when would you like to visit your mother?
Jessica: I am feeling a little better lately, but I think it best to wait until my second trimester…

12:10:09 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Nods- Alright then, dear. She's going to be so happy to see you. -Smiles-

12:10:30 AM merulu35: Jessica: *nods* I certainly wasn't expecting to have a child and grandchild within a month of each other

12:10:44 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Nor was I.

12:11:13 AM merulu35: Jessica: Well, at least they'll have a playmate, I suppose

12:12:09 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Nods- Even Gabriel is having a kid soon.

12:12:31 AM merulu35: Jessica: A lot of babies…

12:12:42 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Nods- A lot..

12:14:34 AM merulu35: Jessica: *siighs catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror again*

12:15:02 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Hearing the sigh, but not knowing the cause.- ..Something the matter, Jessica?

12:15:13 AM merulu35: Jessica: …I used to be pretty

12:15:31 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Jessica.. You're beautiful.

12:15:41 AM merulu35: Jessica: Not anymore

12:15:55 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: You always have been.

12:16:03 AM merulu35: Jessica: I look oooold

12:16:21 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Gives her cheek a kiss- Not at all.

12:16:29 AM merulu35: Jessica: Don't lie -_-

12:16:45 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: You know I'm an honest man. You can take my word for it.

12:17:01 AM merulu35: Jessica: Well you have to think that because you're my husband

12:17:41 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I don't have to think it because I'm your husband. It's because I'm your husband I think that way. … That may have came out wrong.

12:18:29 AM merulu35: Jessica: Well, that was exactly my point

12:19:33 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I think you're beautiful. To my eyes, you always will be.

12:23:44 AM merulu35: Jessica: Oh, John…. *sighs*

12:24:09 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Can't figure out what he'd said wrong there. He was being honest-

12:24:30 AM merulu35: Jessica: *you didn't say anything wroong… Just doesn't feel any bettar about herself, haw*

12:24:56 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Not much I can say to make you feel better about yourself thouugh, which is unfortunate-

12:25:53 AM merulu35: Jessica: *just sorta leans into hiim*

12:26:13 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Wraps his arms around her and holds her clooose-

12:29:17 AM merulu35: Jessica: *cries a little coz she sux, haw*

12:29:56 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -My poor wiiiife- -About as useful in this reguard as a screen door on a submarine, but does his best to be consoling at leaast-

12:30:28 AM merulu35: Jessica: *wraps aarms around his neeck*

12:31:03 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Rubs her back geently- -I'm here for youu, for what it's worth-

12:33:15 AM merulu35: Jessica: I'm sooory John

12:33:50 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: You have nothing to be sorry for, Jessica.

12:34:40 AM merulu35: Jessica: You really do deserve… a healthier wife

12:37:47 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I have in you more than I could have ever wished for.

12:38:51 AM merulu35: Jessica: You shouldn't set your expectations so low

12:40:34 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Jessica… there's no reason for you to think of yourself in such a way.

12:42:38 AM merulu35: Jessica: *sniff*

12:43:11 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Strokes her hair lightly- ..Not a single reason at all.

12:44:00 AM merulu35: Jessica: I'm all sickly and weak….

12:45:05 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: That is only temporary, Jessica… and even if it was not, my thoughts would not be changed.

12:45:37 AM merulu35: Jessica: I'm supposed to be taking care of you and the children

12:46:31 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: We take care of each other, dear.. Together.

12:47:24 AM merulu35: Jessica: But I'm not doing anything at all… I'm just sitting around like a useless lump -_-

12:47:38 AM merulu35: Adam: *looks at the time and frooowns at Trajedie*

12:47:59 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Traj: -Blinks and tilts her head to one side at his frown- ..?

12:48:55 AM merulu35: Adam: I'm sorry, Trajedie…. I promised we'd do whatever you wanted to on your birthday….

12:49:19 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Traj: -Smiles- I wanted to come here too, you know.

12:50:26 AM merulu35: Adam: …Well, what did you want to do?

12:51:36 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Traj: Well.. I wanted to spend my brithday with you, so that's one thing down… I wanted to see if the twins liked the dresses, that's another thing done.. and I wanted to come to the party to look at the costumes, so that's one more thing I wanted to do, done.

12:51:44 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: -birthday

12:52:09 AM merulu35: Adam: *sighs* ….Well…. still

12:54:02 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Traj: -And all the people didn't bother me because I'm in a costume. Even if it doesn't cover up my face. Something oddly calming, or at least protective about hiding in a costume when it comes to large groups of strangers-

12:54:21 AM merulu35: Adam: From what you said… I thought it'd be nice if it was more about your birthday than Halloween

12:54:43 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Traj: Well, people sang happy birthday to me.

12:55:37 AM merulu35: Adam: *chuckles and smoochies her*

12:55:53 AM merulu35: Renasi: *to Feemy, out on the balcony* Wanna cop a feel?

12:56:08 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Traj: -Smoochies baack. Least her makeup won't smear on his this tiime-

12:56:57 AM merulu35: Adam: I hope you don't mind my hair being black

12:57:17 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: -Stares for a moment, then laaughs- Teeempting..

12:57:56 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Traj: I think it looks good on you. -Wraps a bit of it around her index finger-

12:58:19 AM merulu35: Adam: *feels stiff from the hair gel rather than sooft like it normally does, haw*

12:58:59 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Traj: -Aw. Doesn't surprise her considering it's a miracle that he was able to get it to what it's doing-

12:59:15 AM merulu35: Renasi: Ah, well *takes a seat* I'm sorry I'm not a girl

12:59:31 AM merulu35: Adam: *Elijah used, like, a whole bottle*

12:59:49 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: -Sits down as well- Weird thing to be sorry for.

1:00:15 AM merulu35: Renasi: Yeah, I guess so

1:00:44 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: Why're you sorry for not being a girl? Never was a problem before, the way I see it.

1:01:34 AM merulu35: Renasi: *laughs* It'd be nice to have kids together…

1:01:54 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: It would be… but we can adopt, right?

1:02:17 AM merulu35: Renasi: Yeah….

1:02:32 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: .. The idea doesn't appeal to you much, does it?

1:03:51 AM merulu35: Renasi: It's not that… I wouldn't mind adopting a child at all.

1:05:11 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: ..but it'd be nice if we could have our own children? -Not sounding accusing, or in the least bit resentful-

1:05:56 AM merulu35: Renasi: Yeah…

1:06:18 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: Not much we can do about that, though..

1:07:07 AM merulu35: Renasi: Yep

1:08:14 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: So, when we're ready, we can adopt.

1:08:40 AM merulu35: Renasi: *nods*

1:10:55 AM merulu35: Nick: *STILL SLEEPING. Geez*

1:11:25 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Geez indeed- -Whistles and spins his cane still. Has been spinning it for awhile. Kinda good at it!-

1:11:42 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: Nothing wrong with being adopted at all.

1:11:53 AM merulu35: Renasi: Nope

1:12:13 AM merulu35: Anita: *hums a bit*

1:13:07 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Do you like Nick's costume?

1:13:20 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: 'Cept for all the ridicule they have to grow up with.

1:14:07 AM merulu35: Anita: …what's he supposed to be?

1:14:22 AM merulu35: Renasi: ………. *I must've offended hiiim*

1:14:35 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Take a close look at his face.

1:15:05 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: -You diiidn't.- .. That's a nice dress, you know. -To lighten the mooood-

1:15:23 AM merulu35: Renasi: ..Heh, do you like me in a dress?

1:15:31 AM merulu35: Anita: *goes over to look at him* ………

1:17:47 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: You can make just about anything look good, and you know it.

1:18:04 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Haw- -Vampiiiire-

1:18:22 AM merulu35: Anita: He's a vampire…. He said he wanted to be a pirate. I wonder why he changed his mind.

1:18:28 AM merulu35: Renasi: *laughs*

1:18:42 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Because he wasn't awake during Halloween.

1:18:58 AM merulu35: Anita: Oh… How long has he been asleep?

1:19:31 AM merulu35: Nick: *20 hours, haw*

1:20:07 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Twenty hours, give or take.

1:20:17 AM merulu35: Anita: Wow o_o'

1:20:48 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Think maybe I should maybe wake him up. It's a little worrisome, though I'm probably just being paranoid.

1:21:04 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: -Smiiiles- I have to say now, that you look better in a dress than I could. -laaughs-

1:22:40 AM merulu35: Anita: *nod!*

1:22:52 AM merulu35: Renasi: Just because you're more manly

1:23:26 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Blinks- Was that nod a yes to me being paranoid, or yes I should wake him up?

1:23:42 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: Maybe a little.

1:26:09 AM merulu35: Anita: Oh! You should wake him up!

1:26:14 AM merulu35: Renasi: *laughs*

1:26:37 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: Maybe I should start working out with my Dad and get all studly and buff. -laughs-

1:26:51 AM merulu35: Renasi: Ooooo

1:27:02 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Resists the urge to poke him with his cane, and stands and shakes him instead-

1:27:15 AM merulu35: Nick: *sleeep*

1:27:19 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: You think I should?

1:27:31 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Shakes HARDER. Not tooo hard though-

1:27:37 AM merulu35: Renasi: You don't have to. I'll love you no matter what.

1:27:43 AM merulu35: Nick: *eyes oopeeen8

1:27:53 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Gud eeevening, count.

1:28:03 AM merulu35: Nick: …. *eyes close again*

1:28:17 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: I've got a cane, and I'm not afraid to use it.

1:28:24 AM merulu35: Nick: *eyes stay cloosed*

1:28:31 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Shaaake-

1:28:41 AM merulu35: Nick: *eyes open agaiin*

1:29:00 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Nick. You've been asleep for twenty hours.

1:29:23 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: I know, but maybe it'd be a good way to spend some time with the old, old, reaaaally old man.

1:29:42 AM merulu35: Renasi: He sure took off when he saw me coming

1:29:49 AM merulu35: Nick: Mm?

1:30:02 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: You've been asleep for twenty hours. Give or take some odd minutes.

1:30:18 AM merulu35: Nick: Mm. *closes his eyes again, haw*

1:30:30 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Out like a light.

1:31:32 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: May've been too much sexy for him.

1:31:41 AM merulu35: Renasi: I don't think he likes me

1:31:47 AM merulu35: Anita: Is he okay?

1:32:14 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: That's what I'm going to check. If you would assist me in some mandatory tests.. -Woo, mundane tests.-

1:32:24 AM merulu35: Anita: Yessir!

1:32:47 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Probably not very comfortable for Nick, but he's being tested anyway!-

1:32:58 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: I think he likes you just fine, Ren.

1:33:07 AM merulu35: Nick: *teested?*

1:33:15 AM merulu35: Renasi: Eh *shrugs*

1:33:25 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Checking pulse, eye movement, all that fun stuff-

1:33:47 AM merulu35: Nick: *everything's pretty normal*

1:34:07 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: Not that him disliking you is gonna change us getting married even if he does.

1:34:32 AM merulu35: Renasi: Nope

1:35:43 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: 'Sides. He's pretty straightforward, and when it comes to honesty he's usually as subtle as your local drunken headbutter.

1:35:58 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: If he didn't like you, it'd be kinda obvious to everyone.

1:36:16 AM merulu35: Renasi: *guess you're right*

1:36:33 AM merulu35: Nick: *finally rouses himself while all these intrusive tests are going on*

1:37:45 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: -Good thing. The catheter was next-

1:38:23 AM merulu35: Nick: 'm fine… Joel

1:38:32 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Just want to make sure..

1:39:07 AM merulu35: Nick: …'f sleeping's the only way to get away from this misery you call chemo -_-

1:40:09 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Well, it's the only thing that can help you. Unless you want me to crack open your skull and kindly ask Adam to bleed all over your brain.

1:40:47 AM merulu35: Nick: ……

1:41:46 AM merulu35: Nick: thanks for the mental image

1:42:01 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Mental imagery can be effective.

1:42:12 AM merulu35: Anita: Dr. Marsetti

1:42:17 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Yes, Anita?

1:42:30 AM merulu35: Anita: Tell me cute stories about Nick when he was a child *heart*

1:42:33 AM merulu35: Nick: …………

1:42:43 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Well, there are more than you may think..

1:43:02 AM merulu35: Anita: Let's hear! *heart*

1:43:06 AM merulu35: Nick: ….. -_-

1:43:16 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Oh, you're going back to sleep anyhow, Nick.

1:43:28 AM merulu35: Nick: ….good idea *closes his eyes again*

1:43:47 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: This one time at Christmas, when Nick was only knee high..

1:43:57 AM merulu35: Anita: *nod!*

1:45:01 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Well.. I should start off by saying that he's always had bad eyesight. Always bumping into walls and tripping over things. Anyhow, I'd just laid down for a long winter's nap, and the next thing I know, Lil' Nicky is trying to pull my moustache off!

1:45:47 AM merulu35: Anita: *giggles*

1:47:23 AM merulu35: Anita: He didn't like it?

1:47:49 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Well, maybe he was a little young to apperciate a well groomed moustache.

1:48:22 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: In this case, he explained , and I quote.. "You gots a caterpillar stuck on your face"

1:49:35 AM merulu35: Anita: *giiigggles!* What did you do?

1:50:14 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: I told him that I quite liked my caterpillar, and that the sooner he went to bed, the sooner santa would come.

1:50:42 AM merulu35: Anita: *giiggles* Tell another one, please *heart*

1:51:49 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Joel: Another one.. hm…. -Sets his cane down and sits himself, taking a sip of tea- What's a good one…-More mumbled to himself than anything-

1:52:27 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: ..Sorry if this is out of the blue, but what made you dress up like a woman for Halloween? I mean, you pulled it off great. You even frightened my Dad, but when'd the idea come to ya?

1:52:56 AM merulu35: Renasi: I dunno… Just wondering what I'd look like *laughs a bit*

1:54:02 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: -Laughs some as well- I bet you had a lot of droolers gawking at you.

1:54:16 AM merulu35: Renasi: As a matter of fact… *grins*

1:54:23 AM merulu35: Daniel: Mr. Crowley….

1:54:39 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Yes, Mr. McMurran?

1:54:47 AM merulu35: Daniel: 'Sup?

1:54:48 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: -Grins and waits to hear-

1:55:00 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Not much at all.

1:55:11 AM merulu35: Daniel: You're soo interesting

1:55:17 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I know I am.

1:55:22 AM merulu35: Daniel: *rolls his eyes*

1:55:52 AM merulu35: Renasi: Never had so much attention from gentlemen before

1:55:55 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Today was a nice break..

1:56:08 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: Wow. You must have left quite an impression.

1:56:30 AM merulu35: Renasi: Hehe

1:56:36 AM merulu35: Daniel: Your hair's ugly again

1:56:49 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: It'll wash out.

1:56:57 AM merulu35: Daniel: Goooood

1:57:06 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Too bad I can't say the same about yours.

1:57:14 AM merulu35: Daniel: *Frown*

1:57:21 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: -Laughs-

1:57:28 AM merulu35: Daniel: You're a jerk

1:57:39 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: That's what I dressed up as.

1:57:50 AM merulu35: Daniel: I see you didn't wear a cosutme, then

1:58:23 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: That's where you wrong. I had to get my old uniform on to be the biggest jerk I could be.

1:58:34 AM merulu35: Daniel: Ah.

1:59:00 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: Too bad for the ladies and gentlemen that you're already taken.

1:59:08 AM merulu35: Renasi: yep

1:59:24 AM merulu35: Daniel: *mouths to himself*

2:00:08 AM merulu35: Daniel: *puffs his cheeks out*

2:00:19 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: What?

2:01:02 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy:…. -Wraps his arms around him- Miiiine. -In a playful way though, not a creepy possessive fashion-

2:01:16 AM merulu35: Daniel: I think of Daniel to this very day. I remember how he'd turn to me and say…………. "Allo? What good is sitting all alone in your bloody room? Come… Here the music play…….. All life is a cabaret, old chum… Come to the cabaret!

2:01:32 AM merulu35: Renasi: *smiiiles*

2:02:16 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: And you love a cabaret.

2:02:48 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: -Smiles, and sneaks a nip on his eaar.-

2:03:00 AM merulu35: Renasi: Ah

2:03:13 AM merulu35: Daniel: *wanders around the bar*

2:03:34 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Back to work when I wake up. -Sighs-

2:03:44 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: Feemy: -Laughs and just holds hiim-

2:04:37 AM merulu35: Daniel: Ain't that sad? It's such a shame, too bad.

2:05:13 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: So, what shall we talk about?

2:05:38 AM merulu35: Daniel: You could ask me a question.

2:05:43 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I just did.

2:05:52 AM merulu35: Daniel: You could ask another one

2:05:59 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: What kind?

2:06:06 AM merulu35: Daniel: My oh my…

2:06:12 AM merulu35: Daniel: Any kind.

2:06:15 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I see.

2:06:22 AM merulu35: Daniel: I've no secrets.

2:06:28 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: By jove.

2:06:43 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: We've run out of things to say to one another.

2:06:57 AM merulu35: Daniel: Bound to happen eventually

2:07:14 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Well, all the things I could say to you, I doubt you have much interest in hear.

2:07:16 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: -in hearing

2:07:26 AM merulu35: Daniel: What do you mean?

2:07:53 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: The two main things on my mind are family, and war.

2:08:05 AM merulu35: Daniel: You need a hobby

2:08:08 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I do.

2:08:17 AM merulu35: Daniel: Try basketweaving

2:08:26 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I have a hobby.

2:08:32 AM merulu35: Daniel: What?

2:08:35 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Reading.

2:08:47 AM merulu35: Daniel: What've you read recently?

2:08:53 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: …. -laughs-

2:09:01 AM merulu35: Daniel: ….?

2:09:14 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: A little light reading from the mind of Sun Tzu.

2:09:25 AM merulu35: Daniel: War.

2:09:29 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: The art of it.

2:09:35 AM merulu35: Daniel: Then you read about your family

2:09:53 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: I coudl.

2:09:57 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: -Could, augh

2:10:11 AM black_eyes_and_crimson_ties: John: Rather just spend time with them, like I have been.

2:10:20 AM merulu35: Daniel: Ha