Thomas Ivan Price


Birth name: Thomas Ivan Price
First name: Greek form of the Aramaic name Te'oma which meant "twin". Pronounced TAHM-as.
Middle name: Newer form of the old Slavic name Ioan, which was derived from Greek Ioannes, itself derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan meaning "YAHWEH is gracious". Pronounced IE-van.
Last name: Derived from Welsh ap Rhys, which means "son of Rhys".


Birth date: May 21, 2041
Race: Opposer
Mother: Aidae (McMurran) Price
Father: Islywyn Price
Maternal grandparents: Elijah McMurran & Bara Akasama
Paternal grandparents: Eeolmar Price & Rhiannon Ithel; Nekka & Daphne Tanek (adoptive)
Aunts & Uncles:

Cousins: Acacia, Priscilla, Briar, Rosalind, Irving, Dolores, Charlotte, Sasha, Arona, and Remida (from Vladimer), Dove and Elwood (from Andre); Golde (from Oriel); Varian (from Tiana), Malachai (from Aria), Lucretia (from Wynne)
Birth place: The Kingdom of Atlantis
Wife: Abigail Fales
Children: Sydney and Craig



Eye color: Dark brown/Light brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Light brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 142 lbs.


Weapon: Dual blades
Magic: Light/Dark
Career: Mercenary