Theodora Marsetti


Birth name: Theodora Romolo
First Name: Feminine form of Theodore, from the Greek name Theodoros, which meant "gift of god" from Greek theos "god" and doron "gift". Pronounced thee-a-DAWR-a.
Last names:

  • Romolo: Means "of Rome" in Latin.

Nickname: Dora


Birth date:
Race: Half Fae
Mother: Eleanor Asaria
Father: Teddy Romolo
Maternal grandparents: Neo Asaria & Rena Cisse
Paternal grandparents: Nicholas & Anita Romolo
Aunts & Uncles:

Cousins: Euric, Petra, and Joey (from Joel); Lia and Tristan (from Reece); Lucinda (from Christopher); Desire and Horace (from Jelani); Jean and Nicholas (from Tau); Annabelle (from Naru); and Catherine (from Asha)
Siblings: Isandro, Atropos, Igone, Esdras, Elfa, Agathon, Allon, Melete, Salacia, Eleanor, Portia, Leos, Blythe, Elva, Desta, and Themba
Birth place: The Kingdom of Arudis
Husband: Azriel Marsetti



Eye color: Dark brown
Hair: Black, curly
Skin: Light brown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 111 lbs.