The Larson Family

The known Larson family, in chronological order

Gwendolyn (Wardale) Larson (Feb. 14, 1907 - Dec. 23, 2023)

The first child of James and Angelina Wardale. She grew up in a patriarchal Fae tribe where women were treated little better than the dirt on men's shoes. In adulthood, she soon sickened of this poor treatment and took the unprecedented step of leaving the Forest for good. She worked odd jobs and traveled around Atlantis for many years, finding herself to be something of a misfit in most societies. Often, she landed in jail. However, her Fae nature made her more than adept at escaping. Eventually, she found herself in the Castle of Atlantis' dungeons. Her stay was voluntarily brief. To make a vengeful point, she sneaked into the High King's bedchambers to palm some valuables before leaving. Here, she was caught in the act by Katen Tanek. Aware of her infamous history, Katen saw little use in sending her to the high security prison in Gaulsabis. Instead, he brought her into his employ as a spy and, surprising many, she served him faithfully. It was during one reconnaissance mission that she discovered the displaced Julius Larson and Daniel McMurran in the woods outside the Castle. She took them into custody and brought them before Katen, who was alarmed by the information that they had encountered Lonan, who was thought to be dead. When Julius and Daniel resolved to save Julius' captured twin Alex from the clutches of Lonan, Katen assigned Gwen to facilitate them. During their time together, Gwen fell in love with Julius, who treated her gently and sensitively, unlike any man she had encountered before. Unfortunately, Julius did not return her affections, being too consumed in his quest to save his brother to think much of romance. When Julius decided to take up Dubbiel's Sword in an attempt to reseal Lonan away, a decision that could very well end his life, Gwen convinced him to bed her the night prior. Ultimately, Julius was successful in sealing Lonan away for a time, but the party could not save Alex's life. In the aftermath, an unexpected Choosing was proclaimed and Gwendolyn became Queen of Arudis and Julius, High King of Atlantis. It was during this time that Gwen discovered that her previous encounter with Julius had resulted in a pregnancy, which she confessed to him. Julius proposed marriage to her and they were soon wed.

Johnathan Larson (Mar. 4, 1950 - Apr. 21, 2023)

The third child of Catherine and Joseph Larson. Father of Julius Larson. Visited Limbo in his dreams during Erik McMurran's coma. He took the form of a Half-Elven warrior while there.

Alexandra (Harding) Larson (Aug. 5, 1950 - Sep. 20, 2046)

The fourth child of Robert and Sarah Harding. Mother of Julius Larson. Visited Limbo in her dreams during Erik McMurran's coma. She took on the form of an Elven ranger while there. After Erik awoke, he was adopted by her parents, becoming her brother.

Mark Larson (Jan. 21, 1972 - Jul. 21, 2056)

The first child of Johnathan and Alexandra Larson.

Shawn Larson (May 19, 1975 - Sep. 17, 2063)

The second child of Johnathan and Alexandra Larson. Shawn raised Julius' son Demitrius from the ages of one to eleven.

Alexander Larson (March 21, 1980 - April 21, 2003)

The third child of Johnathan and Alexandra Larson. Julius' identical twin brother. Due to their similar appearance, Lonan was unable to tell which of the twins was Gabriel and mistakenly kidnapped Alex. Julius set out to rescue his brother from the Demon, but was sadly unsuccessful.

Julius Larson (b. March 21, 1980)

The fourth child of Johnathan and Alexandra Larson. In actuality, he is the reincarnation of the Archangel Gabriel. When Lonan discovered his location, he appeared before Julius in an attempt to retrieve Gabriel. Mistakenly, he took Julius' identical twin brother, Alex, instead. Inadvertently, Julius and his friends Daniel and Jessica were included in the transport magic Lonan used to return to Atlantis, though deposited in different locations. Not long after waking up in Atlantis, Julius and Daniel were kidnapped by the Faerie spy, Gwen and brought to the Castle of Atlantis.

Sandra Larson (Jan. 30, 1987 - Sep. 22, 2079)

Demitrius Larson (June 24, 2003 - )

Rosemary (Crowley) Larson (b. March 6, 2024)

Othello Larson (Aug. 27, 2027 - )

Eponine Larson (b. July 23, 2032)

Ariel Larson (b. Jan. 7, 2045)

Aphrodite Larson (b. June 5, )