The Crowley Family

The known Crowley family, in chronological order

Gabrielle Crowley

The Archangel of the Annunciation. Was Lonan's lover before the Fall. She fell into a deep depression afterwards and her brother Michael volunteered her to lead the Angel's Earth expedition. To make a clean break from her past life, Gabrielle switched to her male form. On Earth, Gabriel forged Dubbiel's Sword and Raziel's Staff, discovered Atlantis, began it's colonization by Humans, helped raise Die Insel Himmel out of the ocean, and created the Kings and Queens of Atlantis. By this point, Eriel had usurped leadership over the Angels and banished Gabriel from Die Insel Himmel. Utterly in defeat, Gabriel exiled himself to Limbo. There he changed back into his female form and married Lonan in exchange for Lonan helping a lost soul named Erik McMurran to return to Life. Gabrielle became pregnant and, being very ill due to the draining effects of Limbo, assumed she would not survive the birth and began planning her reincarnation. She was successful in this, reincarnating into one Julius Larson. Eventually, Gabriel resumed full control over his new body. He was not longer after taken to trial for his illegal reincarnation by Eriel, forced to change back into a woman, and have a child with Michael to serve as a weapon against the Demons. After that debacle, Gabrielle lived relatively peacefully in the Castle of Atlantis. She married Noah Crowley and together they have six children.

Peter Crowley (Sep. 12, 1969 - )

The husband of Rosemary and father of John. A man of few words who lived out his final days in the Castle of Atlantis, tending the gardens.

Rosemary (Alcott) Crowley (Feb. 1, 1970 - Feb. 3, 2035)

The wife of Peter and mother of John. A kindhearted and loving woman who passed away too soon from pneumonia.

Jessica (Bates) Crowley (b. Aug. 15, 1980)

A past Queen of Malais. Born in the United States, she was accidentally taken along by Lonan back to Atlantis during an attempt to kidnap Gabriel's reincarnation. She ended up in the Kingdom of Malais where she met an Elven bard by the name of Blaise Chantal. He took her to the Castle of Atlantis where she was reunited with her ex-boyfriend Daniel and her friend Julius. There she became embroiled in their attempt to rescue Julius' twin brother Alex from Lonan's clutches. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful in saving Alex but managed to strike a blow against Lonan. Afterwards, she, Daniel, Julius, and Gwen were chosen as Kings and Queens of Atlantis. Jessica married Daniel and had two children with him: Elijah and Celena. When Daniel began visiting John's house, Jessica followed him along, albeit reluctantly. There, she fell in love with an orphaned sheepy boy named Feemy who she and Daniel eventually adopted. When Daniel was killed by Lonan, she gave birth to their third child, Adam. Fearing for her new son's safety, she sent him to live in the United States with her brother- and sister-in-law along with Elijah. No longer able to visit so as not give away Adam's location, she received news on her sons from John. Slowly, the two fell in love and began a relationship. Jessica discovered she was pregnant with John's child not long after and the two were soon married, John adopting her and Daniel's children. Being the only Queen left at this point, Jessica stepped down from her throne and let Adam become regent when he came of age. She began working in the kitchens as the Castle chef. John became King of Gaulsabis and he and Jessica had six children together, in all. When her husband Daniel was reincarnated into a woman, she remarried her as well. After John stepped down as King, the pair moved to the Kingdom of Dahlia, where they live on a small farm by the sea.

John Crowley (b. Dec. 18, 1995)

A past King of Gaulsabis. Born in England as the only child of Rosemary and Peter Crowley. His family immigrated to the United States when he was a child. He met Daniel McMurran one day at a bus stop after the man invited him to a pool party. John decided to go and gave Daniel his address before leaving the two-person party. Thus Daniel began visiting him with regularity, bringing along his wife, children, extended family, and other strange personages. Aware that he was prophesied to be killed by Lonan, Daniel gave John one of his lungs, a car, and paid off his mortgage before dying. His one request was that John look after his children. John was true to his word and watched over Elijah and Adam when they were sent to live in the United States by their mother Jessica. He would often visit Jessica to give her news of her children and the pair slowly fell in love. John ultimately decided to leave his life in America behind and immigrate to Atlantis. He married Jessica after discovering she was pregnant and adopted her and Daniel's children. From Katen and Gabriel, he learned sword fighting and magic and began working in the Castle as a janitor and guard. John rose through the military ranks quickly, eventually becoming General. He did not stay that way long as he was crowned a King at the next Choosing. Throughout all the time following Daniel's death, John visited Daniel in Limbo while asleep due to a connection between their souls created during his lung transplant. Accidentally, the two fell in love. Daniel was reincarnated into a female form by Fate and she, John, and Jessica married once Dana reached adulthood and regained her memories. When new Kings and Queens of Atlantis were chosen, John stepped down from the throne and moved to the Kingdom of Dahlia. He currently lives on a small farm by the sea with his two wives, his twin children, and a multitude of goats. Altogether, he and Jessica had six children together and he and Dana had nine.

Celena Crowley (Feb. 27, 2011 - Feb. 15, 2063)

The second child of Daniel and Jessica McMurran. She met Middler Blaydow during a visit with her father to John's house and immediately fell in love with the strange man. When John moved to Atlantis and married her mother, he adopted Celena along with her younger brothers Feemy and Adam. Celena eventually married Middler and moved away from the Castle of Atlantis with him. Unfortunately, something between her and Middler rendered birth control ineffective, causing their family to see rapid exponential growth. Although the couple attempted to live independently, the growing number of mouths they had to feed found them in poverty. They were forced to admit defeat and move back to the Castle of Atlantis where Celena got a job in the academy her brother had recently opened. She died young, while giving birth to her 17th child, who also did not survive the process.

Renasi (Reium) Crowley (b. Feb. 15, 2012)

The child of Rekia and Thanasi Reium. As heir to the throne of Elf Haven, he was raised in a manor suiting a future king. Brought along by his mother during one of her visits to John's house, he met and befriended a sheepy boy named Feemy there. When Feemy moved to Atlantis after his father's death, he and Renasi became best friends. During their teenage years, they fell in love with one another. Musically gifted, Feemy joined a band and traveled around Atlantis with them, Renasi following along. However, Renasi couldn't handle the stress of the nomadic living situation and was forced to separate from his, now fiance Feemy, and return to Elf Haven. He reunited with Feemy during a visit to the Castle of Atlantis, during which Elf Haven was attacked by Demons and his mother was killed. Renasi became King of the Elves sooner than expected and was immediately thrust into leading his people, who were now refugees. When Elf Haven was again restored, Feemy left his band and he and Renasi married. However, Renasi was now struggling with gender dysphoria and desperately wanted to be female. Strangely enough, Feemy was able to help with this, using his unicorn powers to change Renasi into a woman. After that, she and Feemy have been living happily together with their three children: Renee, Junia, and Katen.

Feemerson Crowley (b. Aug. 3, 2014)

A sheep boy discovered seemingly abandoned by Julius Larson in a shopping cart at a grocery store. He was taken to John's house by the man. There, Feemy thrived living in John's vents. He was eventually adopted by Daniel and Jessica McMurran who took a shine to the strange child. When Daniel died, he left John's house to live in Castle of Atlantis with his mother and sister. He was adopted by John Crowley along with his siblings when Jessica married the man. As a teenager, he fell in love and began a relationship with his longtime friend Renasi Reium. Gifted a guitar and encouraged in music by his mother, Feemy joined a band called The Hungry Ghosts. Unfortunately, he was unable to live out his dream of becoming a musician, as Renasi was both unable to handle the lifestyle and had to take the throne after his mother's untimely death. Feemy moved to Elf Haven with Renasi once it was restored and the pair were married. When Renasi began to suffer from gender dysphoria, Feemy discovered he could change people's gender with his unicorn magic. Now married to a woman and able to procreate, he and Renasi had three children together: Renee, Junia, and Katen. Feemy currently works as a music professor at the Elves' Academy and can change someone's gender for a fee.

Lucia (Alexialis) Crowley (b. Apr. 1, 2015)

The only child of Shateiel and Zanthiel Alexialis. She was born in captivity, as her mother was discovered and imprisoned for poisoning the king. Zanthiel was executed not long after Lucia's birth. Like her grandfather, Lucia was born a Death Siren. Fortunately, her grandfather's necklace had been passed down to her. Lucia was brought up by her aunt Belial and trained by Metaron to become Queen of Angels upon her coming-of-age. She met Jericho Crowley, a son of the High King of Atlantis, during one of his trips to Die Insel Himmel. Lucia was delighted to learn that Jericho knew sign language and had someone she could freely communicate with. She eventually fell in love with the handsome, intelligent, and ambitious prince. The pair married and have four children together: Sarai, Micah, Seth, and Ziva.

Adam Crowley (Jan. 19, 2019 - March 9, 2122)

A past High King of Atlantis. The third child of Daniel and Jessica Crowley and, as such, a High Riser. He was sent to live with his aunt, uncle, and older brother Elijah in the United States not long after his birth to keep him safe from the Demons who had killed his father. When Adam was four, Elijah began bringing him over to visit John's house and Adam began grow affectionate for the ornery man who bought him ice cream and took him seriously. Not long after, Adam and his brother were allowed to return to the Castle of Atlantis and reunited with their mother and siblings. Desperate for a father, when John and his mother began dating, Adam begged for John to adopt him, which the man eventually agreed to after discovering Jessica was pregnant and proposing to her. With the remaining Kings and Queens of Atlantis now dwindled down to just his mother, Adam was chosen to become regent and began training for the position. Unfortunately, Adam never coming into contact with his father after his birth meant his powers were never correctly passed on, causing bugs to form in his system. These bugs multiplied and fed on his blood, the only way to cure them being for Adam to hold his own third child, the next High Riser, which would repair the broken connections. By the time Adam became Regent at 18, he was desperately ill, though granted a reprieve from his bugs due to dying and being resurrected for the second time. Fortuitously, he met and fell in love with the new nurse at the infirmary, Trajedie Remourna. When Trajedie learned of Adam's illness, she stopped taking birth control in an attempt to save him and became pregnant. She and Adam married soon after that and had their first child: Jericho. After much coercion due to Trajedie barely surviving her first pregnancy, she and Adam had two more children together, twins Petra and Everette. Holding Everette finally cured Adam. Not long after, Adam was chosen as High King of Atlantis. He was a good king and well-loved by his people. Adam did not live long enough to retire from his position, dying due to too many High Risers being alive at one time. He and Trajedie ultimately had six children together.

Trajedie (Remourna) Crowley (b. Oct. 31, 2020)

Hired by Joel Marsetti as a new nurse at the Castle of Atlantis Infirmary. She met Adam Crowley her first night at the Castle. He invited her to a ball the following night. The two very quickly fell in love with one another. When Adam confessed to her his bleeding illness caused by the bugs in his system, Trajedie took it upon herself to save Adam and stopped taking birth control. She became pregnant, Adam proposed soon after, and the pair were married. Trajedie found her first pregnancy very difficult and nearly died while giving birth to their first child, Jericho Crowley. Due to this, it took much convincing for Adam to agree to have more children with her. Eventually he relented and, with the help of fertility drugs, she gave birth to twins, Petra and Everette, saving Adam's life. In the meantime, Trajedie was pursuing her medical degree, becoming the infirmary's first pediatrician. She and Adam had three more children together before his untimely death: Evan, Jeanette, and Quartz. When Adam died, Trajedie attempted suicide but was unsuccessful. She continues to live in the castle and work at the infirmary.

Rosemary Crowley (b. March 6, 2024)

The first child of John and Jessica Crowley and twin to Danielle. After the death of Katen, she was sent to the Daland Academy to receive an education and learn magic. She married her boyfriend, Nathaniel Larson, after graduation and moved with him to Die Insel Himmel. They have one daughter together named Ariel. A sweet natured woman, she works as a craftswoman.

Danielle Crowley (b. March 6, 2024)

The second child of John and Jessica Crowley and twin to Rosemary. After the death of Katen, she was sent to the Daland Academy to receive an education and learn magic. She met Mikhael "Angelo" Mattan there and began a relationship with him. The two married after graduation and moved to Sibia to excavate the Riser society. With the excavation complete and the Kingdom of Sibia restored, Dani works as an alchemist and is rather famous for inventing a potion for hair growth. She and Angelo had two children together, twins named Victor and Lilavati.

Noah Crowley (b. May 5, 2038)

The third child of John and Jessica Crowley. His mother was slowly dying of a Demon wound while she was pregnant with him. When the Elementals visited the Castle in order to save their son Fate from dying, John asked the Elemental Essence to heal his wife. Essence could not then without terminating the pregnancy, but agreed to return when Jessica gave birth and heal her then. She was true to her word and saved Jessica's life. Noah was held by QuintEssence after his birth and thus blessed with exceptional health and strong magical ability. This was beneficial as the boy grew like a weed, eventually soaring to the height of 7'4" in adulthood. Noah fell in love with his magic tutor Gabrielle and the two began a relationship in his late teens. The pair married and had six children together: Marietta, Thaddeus, Michael, Chloe, Alexander, and Madison. Starting out in the Atlantian army as a squire, Noah is now a knight and commander of a troop. He is working to become a sword master and will not claim the title until he defeats his brother-in-law Michael in a duel.

Jericho Crowley (b. June 4, 2038)

The first child of Adam and Trajedie Crowley. An intelligent and ambitious man, he sought to become a king like his father. He met the Queen of Angels, Lucia Alexialis, during a trip to Die Insel Himmel and the pair bonded over their common knowledge of sign language. They married and Jericho became King of Angels, though he feels the position is mostly figurative. He and Lucia have four children together: Sarai, Micah, Seth, and Ziva. Jericho is now dedicated to what he feels is his duty to raise the heir to throne into a good King or Queen.

Petra Crowley (b. May 16, 2041)

The second child of Adam and Trajedie Crowley and twin to Everette. Works as a gardener for the Castle of Atlantis. Married her longtime friend, Joel Romolo, who finally managed to confess his feelings for her. The pair have four children: Euric, Patricia, Joey, and Jerusha.

Everette Crowley (b. May 16, 2041)

The third child of Adam and Trajedie Crowley and twin to Petra. As a High Riser, he cured his father of his bugs the first time Adam held him. Everette's powers of fate manifested more intensely in him, causing him physical and mental frailty. When Everette began altering the Book of Fate to disastrous effects, Fate himself took Everette as an apprentice to prevent future mishaps. Everette married a Half Elf named Delia Elias and the couple have three children: Terry, Argus, and Ares. Everette and his family made the Kingdom of Sibia their home after its restoration.

Asher Crowley (b. Sep. 4, 2043)

The fourth child of John and Jessica Crowley. Not long after his birth, he was hit with a series of serious ear infections which rendered him profoundly deaf. Once she learned of this, his mother was highly proactive, learning sign language to be able to communicate with her child and entering him into speech therapy. Asher could sign, speak, and lip read, but still struggled throughout his schooling at the Atlantis Academy. As a child, Asher met and befriended Nicholas Marsetti after the boy showed him some kindness. This developed into a kind of obsession and puppy love for Asher, who went so far as to get into the same premed program as Nick. When he discovered Nick probably would not reciprocate his feelings after a year in the program, Asher left school and returned to the Castle of Atlantis. There he began an apprenticeship under his mother as a chef and discovered a new love in cooking. Asher also developed schizophrenia during this time and was in-and-out of mental hospitals for treatment. Nick returned to the Castle as a doctor after graduating from his program and he and Asher rekindled their friendship which developed into a romantic relationship. The two were then married. Wanting biological children, Asher went to Feemy to have his gender changed and became a woman. She became pregnant with identical triplets, giving birth to Abaddon, Azriel, and Astaroth. Nick and Asher had 10 more children after the triplets, including a set of twins and quintuplets, after which they decided to stop. When her mother retired as castle chef and her father stepped down as King, Asher and Nick left the castle as well, moving to the Kingdom of Malais where Asher began franchising the bakery she had opened in Atlantis Town. So far, living with in the city is not agreeing with Asher, causing recurrences of her ear infections and leaving her often feeling ill.

Evan Crowley (Feb. 4, 2044 - )

The fourth child of Adam and Trajedie Crowley. Has had an abandonment complex ever since his mother traveled to the Kingdom of Malais to seek treatment for his older brother Everette who had leukemia. Since then, Evan became something of the black sheep of his family and distant towards his parents and siblings. He moved away from the Castle as soon as he could, visited, and wrote very infrequently. After his mother attempted suicide, Evan returned to the castle to care for her, but was by then in poor health himself. He passed away a few years later.

Caroline Crowley (b. Nov. 21, 2051)

The fifth child of John and Jessica Crowley and twin to Cherie. Like her father, she is rather reserved, but has a love for acting. Fell in love with Isabelle Romolo, a fellow actress, and the two are now married.

Cherie Crowley (b. Nov. 21, 2051)

The fourth child of Daniel McMurran and Jessica Crowley and twin to Caroline. When John confessed to Jessica that he had feelings for Daniel, she began lucid dreaming with them occasionally. Daniel, being a Riser, was able to impregnate Jessica despite being dead, doing so simultaneously with John apparently, thus resulting in Carrie and Cherie. Cherie was unaware of her exceptional parentage until it was discovered her friend and fellow Early Riser band member, Dana Marsetti, was actually the reincarnation of her father Daniel. This caused something of a rift between the two for some time. Cherie married another friend and band mate of hers, Jeremiah Fisher, a rather mysterious Riser. They have one son together named Elliot.

Daniella (Marsetti) Crowley (July 8, 2052 - March 9, 2122)

The adopted daughter of Joel and Jill Marsetti. In reality, she is the reincarnation of Daniel McMurran, found as a child with amnesia in Sibia by Danielle and Angelo. Her memories were restored at the age of 17 and she rekindled her relationship with John and Jessica, causing a bit of an upheaval in the Crowley and Marsetti families. She and John had seven children together. Dana died simultaneously with Adam due to too many Risers being alive at the same time when her daughter Emma gave birth to twin High Risers. While in Heaven, some Life was restored to her by Nicola Carolus who was being experimented on by the Elementals. This plus her nature as a Riser allowed her to become pregnant by John Crowley, who she was still seeing in her dreams. The Archangel Michael tied her soul to John's so she could return to Life on Earth and give birth. Dana became a resident of John and Jessica's seaside cottage and bore John's last two children, a pair of twins named Jared and Starla. She worked a wedding singer for some time until she was drugged and raped by three male wedding guests. Dana now mostly stays on the farm, helping her wife and husband with their tasks and caring for her children.

Marietta Crowley (b. March 19, 2064)

The first child of Noah and Gabrielle Crowley. She works as a Glinter mechanic and pilot.

Thaddeus Crowley (b. Nov. 7, 2069)

The second child of Noah and Gabrielle Crowley. Interested in law enforcement, he joined the Atlantis Police Department as an adult. A new Healer at the infirmary, Crescenzo Claeys developed a crush on him, going so far as to change into a female to be more appealing to him. The pair eventually married and had three children together: Ward, Dante, and Ingrid.

Josephine Crowley (b. Nov. 12, 2071)

The first child of John and Daniella Crowley. Not having many other ambitions, she joined the knight as a teenager and has stuck with it since. She met Dove McMurran while on patrol one night and two began a friendship which developed into a friend with benefits situation. When Dove returned to Die Insel Himmel to continue his service for Jericho Crowley, Josie discovered how keenly she missed him and realized she was in love. Dove began to visit more frequently and eventually left Jericho's service to marry Josie. Due to Dove being half Opposer, half Dark Elemental, carrying Dove's child proved to be life threatening for Josie. She managed to give him a daughter named Lilly but was rendered infertile from the pregnancy. Dove and Josie live happily together with their small family.

Jonathan Crowley (b. August 8, 2072)

The second child of John and Daniella Crowley. A reserved type, like his father, with a love for carving. He is now serving as the Castle's sculptor. Married to Ana Romolo, a nurse at the Castle infirmary.

Jeanette Crowley (b. Aug. 2, 2078)

The fifth child of Adam and Trajedie Crowley. Being more than 30 years apart from her older brother Evan, she was raised more like an only child. Attended the Atlantis Academy where she was friends with Reece Romolo and the Marsetti triplets. She and Reece began dating in their teen years and eventually married. The couple moved to the Kingdom of Malais while Reece attended an atelier there, then moved back to the Castle when Reece was apprenticed to the court artist. They have two children together named Lia and Tristan.

Emma Crowley (Aug. 29, 2084 - March 9, 2122)

The third child of John and Daniella Crowley and, as such, a High Riser. Emma married her fellow High Riser, Ares Crowley, and ruled with him as the Queen of Sibia. The pair had four children together: Constantine, Lysistra, Christos, and Ioanna. The last two were twin High Risers themselves, causing too many High Risers to be alive at once and killing Adam, Dana, and Emma simultaneously.

Ares Crowley (b. Nov. 2, 2084)

The third child of Everette and Delia Crowley and, as such, a High Riser. With the Kingdom of Sibia restored, he was raised to one day become the king. He ascended to the throne when he came of age and married his fellow High Riser, Emma Crowley. The pair had four children together: Constantine, Lysistra, Christos, and Ioanna.

Isabelle (Romolo) Crowley (b. April 23, 2086)

The fourth child and first daughter of Nicholas and Anita Romolo. Shared in her father's passion for theater and worked to become an actress herself. Met Caroline Crowley while engaged in this pursuit and fell in love. The pair eventually married and both work as actresses in the same troupe.

Joseph Crowley (b. 2088)

The fourth child of John and Daniella Crowley. Became fascinated with Keepers after befriending Aphrodite Larson. The pair eventually married and he serves Aphrodite as an orderly.

Aphrodite (Larson) Crowley (b. June 5, 2088)

The only child of Othello and Cornelia Larson. As a Keeper, was trained from an early age to take part in their sacred duty to protect the Earth. Was raped during a mission and became pregnant, eventually giving birth to her only child, Eros. Married her longtime friend, Joseph Crowley who adopted her child. She is notable among Keepers for inheriting her grandfather Demitrius' sword after his death, effectively making her their new leader.

Crescenzo (Claeys) Crowley (b. July 15, 2088)

The second child of Rhodri Emyr and Liese Claeys. His parents were killed and he suffered a head injury during a cave-in that caused lasting trauma. Crescenzo spent many months in the Uray's infirmary where he became close to his grandfather, Martyn Roselel and began training as a Healer. After his grandfather's death, he was inspired to follow in his footsteps and work at the Castle of Atlantis infirmary. He was hired by Joel Marsetti as a Healer. The same man performed an operation on Crescenzo's skull, relieving him of some built-up pressure that was causing him discomfort and memory problems. This allowed Crescenzo to begin further training as a nurse. While living in the castle, Crescenzo fell in love with Thaddeus Crowley but his affections were often rebuffed. Crescenzo went so far as to go to Feemy Crowley and have his gender changed to female. This done, she and Thaddeus began a relationship and eventually married. The pair have three children: Ward, Dante, and Ingrid.

Ana (Romolo) Crowley (b. May 19, 2089)

The sixth child of Nicholas and Anita Romolo and twin to David. Ana followed in her mother's footsteps and became a nurse at the Castle of Atlantis infirmary. She is married to the Castle's sculptor, Jonathan Crowley.

Caleb Crowley (b. April 24, 2090)

The seventh child of John and Jessica Crowley. Born intersex, was raised as a boy until she reached puberty and began to develop female secondary sex characteristics. Having little direction in life, she worked as model for erotic magazines. Eventually, she married a soldier in the Atlantian army, Sima Yeung. Being sterile, she had Feemy change her gender to female in order to have a child with Sima. They have one son they named James. She now cares for, breeds, shows, and sells rabbits as pets.

Lenore Crowley (b. June 20, 2091)

The fifth child of John and Daniella Crowley. Perhaps the most wayward of the Crowley children. Became addicted to drugs and alcohol and dated a series of bad men. She cleaned up a bit when she became pregnant with her daughter Eileen and left her abusive boyfriend. Moved back to the Castle of Atlantis where she now works as a maid. Still a semi-functioning alcoholic, she has mostly left her daughter in the communal care of the castle.

Gideon Crowley (b. Dec. 7, 2094)

The sixth child of John and Daniella Crowley and considered "twin" to his half-brother Judah, as they were born on the same day and within a similar time frame. As a teenager, he was briefly expelled from the Atlantis Academy for fighting with and severely injuring fellow student Joey Romolo. His father thought it best that he attend Atlantis Town's public schools for a time. However, this had the opposite effect on Gideon as he fell in with a bad crowd there, soon becoming their leader by befriending a thug named Olly. The pair's friendship endured and upon coming of age, they took to the seas of Atlantis by ship as partners. Gideon again utilized his natural leadership to take over a large portion of Arudian criminal element. His family is largely aware of his dubious activities and he prefers that it stay that way.

Judah Crowley (b. Dec. 7, 2094)

The fifth child of Daniel McMurran and Jessica Crowley and considered "twin" to his half-brother Gideon, as they were born on the same day and within a similar time frame. Like his elder sister Cherie, Judah was conceived while his parents were in a dream state in Limbo. However, he is unaware of this and assumes that John Crowley is his biological father. Nobody has ever corrected him on this. Judah inherited Daniel's easy-going nature, along with Jessica's sensible temperament. As an adult, he moved to Malais and became an actor in a musical theatre. He and Gideon maintained a close relationship until Judah and his pregnant fiance, Amy, were accosted by some of Gideon's "business" rivals. The stress of the encounter caused Amy to enter into premature labor and she passed away in childbirth. This resulted in Judah harboring a great deal of resentment towards his brother. While raising his fragile baby daughter, Amelia, he was assisted by the nun Briar Randall, who was an experienced adoptive parent. The two fell in love and Briar chose to leave her order to marry Judah. Gideon and Judah's relationship is now mostly repaired, although Judah still has not fully forgiven his brother.

Alexander Crowley (b. )

The fifth child of Noah and Gabrielle Crowley. A rather hopeless romantic, he works as a guard in the Castle of Atlantis.

Madison Crowley (b. )

The sixth child of Noah and Gabrielle Crowley. Madison inherited her father's extraordinary height, reaching a full 7'2" by adulthood. She also shares her father's military passions, working as a Knight of Atlantis. Madison and Arona Randall began courting in their late teens and married as adults. They had one daughter together before Arona's untimely death due to his heart condition.

Israel Crowley (b. )

The seventh child of John and Daniella Crowley. His biological mother died when he was a young and his parents' wife, Jessica Crowley, became his primary mother. Soon after Dana's death, there was a Choosing, causing his father to step down from the throne. He and his parents moved to a seaside cottage in Dahlia where they built a homestead. There, he also befriended a stray child named Ria, who stayed at the Crowleys more often than not due to her abusive home life. He and Ria were fascinated by the sea and spent the majority of the time at the shore, swimming and building rafts. Once they reached adulthood, he and Ria sailed off together as a married pair on their own boat. Israel took odd jobs aboard various vessels, and has worked his way up to First Mate. He hopes to purchase a ship and hire his own crew as Captain one day.