Ability, The
The term the Uray use for their power to see the future. It is usually gained at, after, or near puberty.
Elemental Avatars
The essence of an Elemental contained in a human. It is rare for one to be born and rarer still for all to be alive at the same time. A notable occurrence of this took place in the late 1900s. The exception being Quintessence, whose avatar is rarer still. The allowance of these beings is seen as an act of good-will towards humanity by the normally neutral Elementals. A human who is an avatar will have power over their respective element that far exceeds a normal human's.
Expedition to Earth, The
A group of Angel's exodus to Earth. Led by Gabriel. The majority of this group later became known as the Earth Angels.
When not capitalized, refers to all humanoid beings equally.
Kings and Queens of Atlantis
Monarchs chosen by Fate and Seen by the Uray who serve as a check and balance in order to maintain peaceful relations between the countries and kingdoms of Atlantis. There are two kings and two queens, one for each of the countries that make up Atlantis. Traditionally, Kings will rule Atlantis and Gaulsabis and Queens, Malais and Arudis. The King of Atlantis is known as the High King, and will oversee the other king and the queens. This system of government was set up by Gabriel.
Low Angels
Angels considered by Eriel to be inferior due to either their appearance or their actions during the Second Fall. They were made to live in the Fallen Lands.
Second Fall, The
The divide between two factions of Angels: Those who wished to live peacefully with the humans, led by Dubbiel, and those who wished to rule the humans, led by Raziel. This disagreement eventually led to a civil war and resulted in a stalemate when Dubbiel and Raziel defeated each other concurrently. Albeit, it is not the skirmish that makes the event memorable, but that when the Angels were distracted, the Demons were allowed to creep out of Hell and onto Earth.
A Uray under employment of a human in hopes of aiding in a quest through their powers of foresight. Generally considered a degrading job by the Uray.