Silver Ariane Vitor


Birth name: Silver Ariane Quickleaf
First name: From the English word for the precious metal or the color, ultimately derived from Old English seolfor. Pronounced SIL-var.
Middle name: French form of Ariadne, meaning "most holy", composed of the Cretan Greek elements ari "most" and adnos "holy". Pronounced a-ree-AN.
Last names:

  • Vitor: Galician form of Victor, a Roman name meaning "victor" in Latin. Pronounced bee-TAWR.


Birth date: May 3, 2100
Race: Half Elf descendant
Mother: Petrina (Curren) Quickleaf
Father: Amos Quickleaf
Maternal grandparents: Adan & Mirele Curren
Paternal grandparents: Lior & Luc Quickleaf
Aunts & Uncles:

  • Curren: Kerry and Everard

Cousins: Russel and Mandy (from Kerry); Leander, Tessa, and Ikaros (from Everard)
Siblings: Lucille and Reshmi
Birth place: The Kingdom of Arudis
Husband: Imeda Vitor
Daughter: Iria



Eye color: Green
Hair: Silver, wavy
Skin: Pale
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs.


Career: Queen of Arudis