Risers are one of the races original to Atlantis, having been present before Atlantis was discovered by the Angels and Demons. They are the product of reproduction between Fate and Human females during the time he lived in what is now Sibia. The first Risers were named Patton, Marlena, Elwood, Tisha, and Lowell. The first three were born to a woman named Sarah, with Elwood as the first High Riser. The last two were the children of women named Alannah and Vicky respectively. All Risers descended from these five, though only descendants of Elwood remain in the present day. Because Uray are also children of Fate, Risers are considered ‘cousins’ to the Uray.

Because the genetic information of Risers today is not dominant when passed on to the next generation and with the proportion of Humans to the original five Risers living in Sibia it is questioned if all living in Sibia were in fact Risers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what, in fact, were the extent of the powers of the original five Risers. It is theorized that their powers were diluted throughout the population until there were enough individuals with the Riser power to mate and thus these diluted powers remained constant. Some even say that just the presence of Fate had a "Riser Effect" on surrounding citizens. Because the Risers lacked a caste system and the 'purity' prejudice of the Elves and Angels it is hard to say whether all who lived in Sibia were truly Risers or not.


During the time when Elementals and Entities still roamed freely throughout Atlantis, the Human population was small, made up primarily of travelers who lost their way in the sea and their descendants. The largest colony of these Humans lived in the forests of present-day Sibia. They were a diverse people who brought with them the knowledge of their homelands and the community was large and prosperous as well as friendly with the Elves whom they traded with. Fate was drawn to these people out of curiosity and a thirst to share knowledge and learn from them. He spent a great deal of time with them and and as time wore on, the first Risers were produced. As both Risers and Humans grew in number, the community turned into a sprawling city and more towns began to spring up in the surrounding area and the Kingdom of Sibia was eventually born.

System of Government

During Fate's lengthy stay in Sibia, he became looked upon by the people as a leader as he was wise and just and, above all, peaceful, making a point of solving conflicts without bloodshed. When the population of Sibia grew and Fate retreated with the Elementals to The Island, the reincarnation of Fate, a High Riser, was chosen as King of Sibia and each High Riser after inherited the throne. When Sibia became too expansive and problems with the Elves were beginning to stir, the rule was split. The first child of the current High Riser inherited the throne and a traditional monarchy ensued, with the High Risers sharing power. As the years wore on, tension with the Elves escalated and so too between the High Riser and the ruling monarch in differences of opinion on how to deal with the Elven threat. The Council taking the monarch's side, the High Riser's power dwindled to little more than that of a figurehead. In this way stood the government of Sibia until its destruction.


Similar to the variety of Humans brought to Atlantis by Gabriel, the Humans who settled in Sibia were also diverse, thus the Risers were as well. The predominant similarity between most, but not all, Risers were green eyes. This is thought to be the difference between the Risers and Humans living in Sibia, but this is not certain as green is neither an impossible nor unusual eye color for Humans and High Risers today have a variety of eye colors.