Parlant, Durante

The avatar of the Ice Elemental. Notable for sealing Lonan away in Limbo with his fellow avatars. He was crowned King of Uray soon after. As King, he defied tradition, allowing Uray to marry and for their wives to live in the Cave of Crystals. This was in an effort to rebuild the dwindling Uray population. Dante and his wife Kathleen themselves had 20 children, the last being the first female Uray and future Queen of Atlantis, Annise Roselel.

Pixem, Firian (Pixin)

The wife of Mikian Pixem. Died during a plague that struck Fire Island.

Pixem, Ivian

The son of Miki and Firi Pixem. Married the daughter of his father's friend Arjuna, becoming King of Va'Eng.

Pixem, Mikian

The avatar of the Fire Elemental. Notable for sealing Lonan away in Limbo with his fellow avatars. He was crowned King of Pixei soon after.

Pixetti, Divian

A friend of Miki's.

Pixetti, Kirian (Pixem)

The daughter of Miki and Firi Pixem and Queen of Pixei.

Price, Aidae McMurran

The first natural-born Opposer. Unfortunately, it didn't take and she met an untimely end.

Price, Eeolmar

Well-known as Lucifiel's lacky/toadie in Heaven and the first to follow him into Hell. Eventually became Lucifer's general. He was imprisoned in Gaulsabis after Lucifer and Lonan were defeated but was released through the joint efforts of Elijah and Bara. Above all, Price desires power for himself, truly has loyalty to nothing and no one, and would back stab in a second if he thought he could get away with it. Perhaps more frightening than Lucifer or Lonan in that he is a true sociopath.

Price, Islywyn
(b. 2026)

A son of the notorious Eeolmar Price. Kidnapped by the spy Daphne Ngo at the age of six during a rescue mission for then prince Adam Crowley. She adopted the boy and tried to dispel some of the less savory notions he acquired from his fellow Demons. Daphne was rather too successful in this as Islywyn became a rigid pacifist.

Price, Sydney
(b. 2064)

A rather mischievous Opposer.

Price, Thomas
(b. 2041)

The only child of Islywyn and Aidae Price. Was aborted by his mother due to extenuating circumstances but he continued to grow in Hell, raised by his grandfather Eeolmar. Was rescued from Hell by his aunt/uncle Vladimer around the age of nine and was returned to his parents. Betrayed his family at 16 by setting fire to the castle and triggering his grandfather Elijah into being possessed by Lonan, causing mayhem. Thomas escaped after releasing the Shape-shifter Abigail from the dungeons. The pair ended up on an island off the coast of Arudis which they made their base for criminal operations. He eventually reformed and helped win the war against the Demons, but has yet to darken the door of the castle again.

Pritchard, Arwan

A very loquacious Demon researcher and part-time Infirmary worker.