Othello Dmitri Larson


Birth name: Othello Dmitri Larson
First name: Perhaps an Italian diminutive of Otho, a Roman cognomen of unknown meaning. Pronounced o-THEHL-o.
Middle name: Alternate transcription of Russian Dmitriy, Russian form of Demetrius, Latinized form of the Greek name Demetrios, which was derived from the name of the Greek goddess Demeter, possibly meaning "earth mother", derived from Greek da meaning "earth" and meter meaning "mother". Pronounced DMEE-tree.
Last name: Means "son of Lar", where Lar is a medieval diminutive of Laurence, from the Roman cognomen Laurentius, which meant "from Laurentum."


Birth date: August 27, 2027
Death date:
Race: Keeper
Mother: Anastasia (Bion) Larson
Father: Demitrius Larson
Maternal grandparents: Rosendo & Desideria Bion
Paternal grandparents: Julius & Gwendolyn Larson

Cousin: Ariel
Siblings: Eponine, Luke, Dianne, and Glenn
Birth place: The Kingdom of Atlantis
Wife: Cornelia Gerrit
Daughter: Aphrodite



Eye color: Light blue
Hair: Black, curly
Skin: Pale
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 151 lbs.


Weapon: Dual short swords
Magic: Time
Career: Keeper of Time