Marsetti Family

Mattan, Danielle Crowley
(b. 2024)

A mad… alchemist. Famous for creating a formula for hair growth.

Mattan, Mikhael
(b. 2024)

Quint's avatar. Accidentally killed his parents as a child after letting his magic get out of control. He has kept a very tight reign on his emotions since. His feelings are barely perceptible even to those who know him well. His uncle Asa was made his guardian after the incident, but being fearful of the child, sent him to the nearby Daland Academy to learn to control his magic. There he met Danielle Crowley who he eventually married. After graduation, they began working at the excavation site in Sibia.

Mattan, Victor
(b. 2047)

Son of Mikhael and Danielle Mattan.

McMurran Family


The first Angel created. Archangel of War and brother/other half of Gabriel(le).

Mizitas, Arjuna

Past King of Va'Eng and avatar to the Earth Elemental.

Mizitas, Yuri

Past prince of Va'Eng and avatar to the Water Elemental. Died during the sealing away of Lonan, after which he became the reaper of Limbo.

Molyneaux, Klair (Berrel)
(1603-1644 )

The last Queen of Sibia before the Riser genocide. Cousin of High Riser Eden Elwood.

Monday, Zachary
(2001- )

Wealthy producer of most of the major theater productions in Atlantis.

Moore, Tiffany Marin
(b. 2001)

Nick's old flame. Had a falling out after he "sold out to the man".