Lil' Nick and Joel.
Flashbacks to when Daniel and John were beginning to get to know each other.
The aftermath of John's lung surgery and Daniel's death. Elijah and Adam are sent to live with their aunt and uncle.
Julius goes Gabriel permanently. Elijah and Adam return to Atlantis. John and Jessica begin a relationship, Jessica gets pregnant, and they get engaged.
Celena and Middler get engaged. Elijah returns to the castle with his spurious wife and legitimate daughter. Feemy and Renasi begin dating. Adam dies and returns to life for the first time and is kidnapped and rescued from Price.
Katen, Hana, and Thanasi die. Adam becomes regent and dies and returns to life for the second time. He begins a relationship with Trajedie, she gets pregnant, and they get engaged. Jessica is mortally wounded by Demons and John manipulates the Elementals into agreeing to heal her. Vladora is exchanged for Elijah, who was kidnapped by Price. Renasi becomes the King of the Elves, forcing Feemy to abandon his music career.
Trajedie attempts suicide. The new Kings and Queens of Atlantis are chosen.