Langdon, Jade

The first child of Eden and Dani. His father disappeared when he was two. He was adopted by Reynard Langdon at the age of five. Jade died young during the Riser genocide.

Langdon, Riordana (Zias)

Guitarist of The Matchbox Sticks. Married Eden Elwood in secret and had two children with him. When Eden disappeared, she remarried a man named Reynard. He died during the final years of the Riser's genocide. Dani went to Eden, who was by then acting High Riser, and asked to have his third child to keep the Riser race alive. Once she became pregnant, she boarded a ship to Ireland that had been repaired after wrecking in Sibia. She died on the seas after giving birth to Drake.

Langdon, Tobit

The second child of Eden and Dani. His father disappeared before she was born. She was adopted by Reynard Langdon at the age of two. Began a relationship in secret with an Elven soldier and gave birth to a Half Elf child. Tobit died young during the Riser genocide, but her child survived.

Larson Family

Latham, Acacia (Randall)
(b. 2051)

The first child of Julien and Vladora Randall. Fell in love with Latimer while on a rescue mission for her mother. Joined him in sailing the seas of Atlantis.

Latham, Latimer
(b. 1967)

Happy-go-lucky sailor. Was surprised to find out he was really the son of Gabrielle and Lonan.

Leach, Harold

Formerly a doctor in the Atlantis Infirmary. Has a great love for leeches.

Lexington, Darrel
(b. 2012)

Former band member of The Hungry Ghosts


The Light Elemental.


Previously an Archangel and Gabrielle's lover, fell from Heaven with his brother Lucifer. His twisted fascination with biology eventually led to his creation of the Opposers. Led the Demons in war against Atlantis and caused a lot of headaches.


Previously an Archangel. He rebelled against Heaven and was cast into Hell which became his domain. The main instigator of war in Atlantis for centuries.