Julius Robert Larson


Birth name: Julius Robert Larson
First Name: Means "downy-bearded" in Greek. Pronounced JOO-lee-as.
Middle name: Means "bright fame" in German. Pronounced RAH-bart.
Last name: Means "son of Lars."


Birth date: March 21, 1980
Race: Angel
Mother: Alexandra (Harding) Larson
Father: Johnathan Larson
Maternal grandparents: Robert & Sarah Harding
Paternal grandparents: Joseph & Catherine Larson
Aunts & Uncles:

  • Larson: Charlotte, Jack, and Jane
  • Harding: Jamie, Robert, Alexis, Erik, Elizabeth, James, and Eugene

Cousins: Terrence and Jimmy (from Charlotte); Ken, Jannah, and Audrey (from Jack); Derrick, Charlie, and Raymond (from Jane); Devon, Delia, and Herman (from Jamie); Cate (from Robert); John, Eustace, Dphne, Franklin, and Wayne (from Alexis); Rebecca, Eric, and Daniel (from Erik); Nolan and Lucy (from Elizabeth); Keeley and Leo (from William); Dane and Sherry (from James)
Siblings: Mark, Shawn, Alexander, and Sandra
Birth place: United States
Wife: Gwendolyn Wardale
Children: Demitrius and Nathaniel



Eye color: Brown
Hair: Golden-blonde, curly
Skin: Tan
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 lbs.


Weapon: Sword
Magic: Competent with most elements
Career: High King of Atlantis