Jose Luis Bates


Birth name: Jose Luis Bates
First name: Means "he will add" in Hebrew. Pronounced ho-SE.
Middle name: Means" famous warrior" in German. Pronounced LWEES.
Last name: Means "son of Batte."


Birth date: November 13, 1950
Death date: March 22, 2031
Race: Human
Mother: Alicia (Martinez) Bates
Father: Xavier Bates
Maternal grandparents: Lorenzo & Isabela Martinez
Paternal grandparents: Arthur & Eveleen Bates
Aunts & Uncles:

  • Bates: Maude
  • Martinez: Abigail, David, Vito, Jacinto

Cousins: Patty and Josiah (from Maude); Teodora and Dania (from Abigail); Agata, Alejo, and Paloma (from David); Raul and Blas (from Vito); Cande, Tatiana, Rafael, Cristian, Berta, and Maximo (from Jacinto)
Brothers: Jesus and Mario
Birth place: Mexico
Wife: Maria Longoria
Children: Jessica and Joshua



Eye color: Dark green
Hair: Dark brown, wavy
Skin: Pale brown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 174 lbs.


Career: Prince of Astohnika in Limbo; mayor