Jezebel Citaus Alexialis


Birth name: Jezebel
First name: From the Hebrew 'Izevel which meant "not exalted". Pronounced JEZ-a-bel.
Last name: Form of the Greek name Alexandros, which meant "defending men" from Greek alexo "to defend, help" and aner "man"


Death date: August 6, 1956
Race: Death Siren
Mother: Brama
Father: Michael
Maternal grandparents: Joeri & Chetana
Aunts & Uncles:

  • Michael: Gabrielle
  • Maternal: Tjaard, Jaya, Archana, Sunil, Ludo, and Vasanti

Cousins: Latimer, Demitrius, Nathaniel, Tobias, Marietta, Thaddeus, Michael, Chloe, Alexander, and Madison (from Gabrielle); Kalpana and Margriet (from Tjaard); Neelam, Sima, and Lisanne (from Jaya); Emmy and Tinj (from Archana); Akash (from Sunil); Nagendra, Rama, and Sankar (from Ludo); Harinder and Mira (from Vasanti)
Half-Brother: Tobias
Birth place: The Kingdom of Haliah
Spouse/Partner: Livia Levonian
Children: Raphael, Shateiel, and Belial



Eye color: Blue
Hair: Golden blonde braided, black loose; straight
Skin: Pale brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 155 lbs.


Weapon: Long sword, voice
Career: Soldier