Griffen Roselel


Birth name: Griffen Roselel
First name: Latinized form of Gruffydd, from Old Welsh Grippiud. The second element of the name derives from Welsh iud "lord, prince" but the first element is unknown. Pronounced GRIF-in.
Nickname: Griff


Birth date: July 25, 1969
Race: Uray
Mother: Kathleen Roselel
Father: Durante Parlant
Maternal grandparents: Devin & Colleen Roselel
Paternal grandparents: Cicero Amandus & Irina O'Conner
Aunts & Uncles:

  • O'Conner: Dennis and Sander

Siblings: Emil, Lorimer, Armin, Marcel, Sol, Fabian, Felice, Fidel, Justus, Lenci, Martyn Illario, Dominic, Jereme, Romain, Remus, Silas, Quintin, and Annise
Birth place: The Kingdom of Lousmon
Wife: Leone Dax
Sons: Lilos, Ellis, and Moss



Eye color: Yellow
Hair: White, straight
Skin: White
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 148 lbs.


Weapon: Wand
Magic: Ice
Career: King of Uray