Estelle Lenore Berrel


Birth name: Estelle Lenore Berrel
First name: From an Old French name which was derived from Latin stella, meaning "star". Pronounced es-TEL.
Middle name: Short form of Eleanor, from the Old French form of the Provencal name Alienor. It was first borne by the influential Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was the queen of Louis VII, the king of France, and later Henry II, the king of England. She was named Aenor after her mother and was called by the Provencal phrase alia Aenor "the other Aenor" in order to distinguish her from her mother. Pronounced la-NOR.
Last name: From the English word for the precious stone. Pronounced BER-al.


Birth date: May 21, 1606
Death date: October 1, 1627
Race: Riser
Mother: Priscille (Osment) Berrel
Father: Chane Berrel
Maternal grandparents: Ernest & Tayler Osment
Paternal grandparents: Reid & Amelia Berrel
Aunts & Uncles:

  • Berrel: Shayla and D'Arcy

Cousins: Raven, Levi, and Kisha (from Shayla); Ethan, Joanna, and Eden (from D'Arcy)
Sister: Klair
Birth place: The Kingdom of Sibia



Eye color: Green
Hair: Dark brown, straight
Skin: Pale
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139 lbs.


Career: Fashion designer