Eeolmar Llewellyn Price


Name at creation: Eeolmar
Middle name: Variant of Llewelyn, a variant of Llywelyn, Welsh form of the old Celtic name Lugubelenus, a combination of the names of the gods Lug, god of the sun and craftsmanship whose name means "shining one" in Old Irish (ultimately from the Indo-European root leuk "light, brightness") and Belenus, an elaborated form of Bel, a solar god, which probably meant "bright, brilliant"; influenced by the Welsh word llew "lion".
Last name: Derived from Welsh ap Rhys, which means "son of Rhys".


Race: Demon
Brother: Caerwyn
Place of creation: Heaven
Children: Enfys, Vaughan, Islywyn, Aled, and Nesta



Eye color: Blue
Hair: Black, straight
Skin: Pale brown
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 187 lbs.


Weapon: Broadsword
Career: General