The Earth Elemental. Sent a lot of Demons six-feet-under.

Elwood, Eden

Considered for a long time to be the last Riser. Also famous for being the lead singer in The Matchbox Sticks.

(d. 1967)

One of the original members of the Angel's expedition to Earth as a soldier. Envied Gabriel's position as the leader of the expedition. Worked silently in the background over the centuries to gain more prestige for himself and discredit Gabriel. Eventually usurped Gabriel as leader, banished him from Die Insel Nahst zu Himmel, and crowned himself King of Angels. He was a tyrant king, segregating society into "low" and "high" Angels and systematically eliminating those he deemed "Low Angels".


The Healing Elemental and other half of Quint. Condescendingly loving.