Drake Shell McMurran


Birth name: Drake Shell McMurran
First name: Means "dragon" in Old English and Old Norse. Pronounced DRAYK.
Middle name: From the English word shell. Pronounced SHEL.


Birth date: January 14, 1632
Death date: November 8, 1711
Race: High Riser
Mother: Riordana (Zias) Langdon; Talulla (McOwen) McMurran (adoptive)
Father: Eden Elwood; Eamon McMurran (adoptive)
Maternal grandparents: Yance & Deanna Zias; Murphy & Maurine McOwen
Paternal grandparents: D'Arcy & Maida Berrel; Cillin & Noreen McMurran
Aunts & Uncles:

  • Elwood: Ethan and Joanna
  • McMurran (adoptive): Shay and Shevon
  • McOwen (adoptive): Cathal, Norah, and Sorcha

Cousins: Dell, Talon, and Mora (from Joanna); Orrin and Myrna (from Shay); Mannix, Killian, and Flann (from Shevon); Colm (from Cathal); Maura (from Sorcha)
Siblings: Jade and Tobit
Birth place: The Kingdom of Sibia
Wife: Moreen Tierney
Children: Caitlin, Nolan, and Fionn



Eye color: Dark green
Hair: Black, wavy
Skin: Dark brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148 lbs.


Magic: Healing
Career: Composer