Detailed Timeline





  • Tensions between the Elves and the Risers, who both inhabit the forests of Sibia are rising (haw). The Elven royalty, influenced and pressured by the Demons, invade the Riser's kingdom to seize power.
  • During the invasion, the High Riser Reid Berrel, ruler of the peoples of Sibia, is killed. His eldest son, Chane, agrees to cooperate with the Elves. D'Arcy, the younger son and next High Riser, refuses and is imprisoned. Chane takes the throne as King of Sibia.
  • Just prior to this, Maida Berrel nee Elwood, D'Arcy's wife, left him, escaping to the slums. Several months later, she gives birth to D'Arcy's third child and names him Eden Elwood.
  • Maida, who had a weak mind, eventually abandoned Eden whom she never paid much attention to in the first place. Eden was taken in by an orphanage.
  • A man named Yance Zias adopts Eden to work as his apprentice while providing for his basic needs and education.
  • Eden, along with Yance's daughter Riordana (Dani) and his schoolmates Sascha Ulrich and Leesaveta (Leesa) Valery, start a rock band called The Matchbox Sticks. They become rather famous.
  • King Chane gives his eldest daughter and heir to the throne, Klair, in marriage to Reeve Molyneaux, a part of the Elven royal family.
  • Eden marries Dani, albeit in secret to avoid publicity. Dani is eventually forced to leave the band when she becomes pregnant. She is replaced by Jeremiah Fisher, Eden's friend from the orphanage and boyfriend to Klair's sister, Estelle.
  • Meanwhile, Ethan, D'Arcy's eldest son, uncovers through some sleuthing that the High Riser line didn't end with his father and Eden Elwood is his younger brother. When King Chane discovers this information, he has Eden kidnapped and imprisoned with D'Arcy.
  • With the sudden disappearance of Eden, The Matchbox Sticks inevitably breaks up. During Eden's imprisonment, the Elves' military grasp on the Risers continues to tighten.
  • King Chane eventually dies of natural causes and Klair takes the throne and discovers what really happened to the High Risers. Estelle cajoles her sister to free D'Arcy and Eden which angers the Elves.
  • Not only are the Elves angered, but so are the peoples of Sibia for being lied to about the High Risers. Their discontent with the Elves already at a peak, they revolt.
  • Eden finally returns to his wife and two children, though they are not fated to be together for long. Tensions with the Elves are at their breaking point.
  • The Elves, both those occupying the kingdom of Sibia and those in Elf Haven, are afraid the Risers will uh… rise up against them and strike back. The Demons suggest getting rid of the problem entirely, by wiping out the Risers for good.
  • Despite the pacifistic Risers finally fighting back, between the militarily superior Elves and Demons, they don't stand a chance. It is genocide.
  • Eamon and Talulla McMurran, an Irish couple who washed ashore of Atlantis during a shipwreck, are now returning to their homeland, frightened off by the warring in Sibia. They are approached by Dani, who has recently had her third child, Drake. She begs them to take the baby with them on their voyage. Eamon and Talulla don't need much convincing, they always wanted a child.
  • Eden is taken to Elf Haven where he is burned at the stake as the last Riser.


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