Christina Lisa Benton


Birth name: Christina Lisa Tillerman
First name: Means "a Christian" in Medieval Latin. Pronounced kris-TEEN-a.
Middle name: Means "my God is an oath" in Hebrew. Pronounced LEE-sa.
Last names:

  • Tillerman: After a person who operates the tiller of a boat. Pronounced TIL-er-muhn.
  • Benton: Means "town near bent grass" in Old English. Pronounced BEN-tan.

Nickname: Teena


Birth date: November 21, 1951
Death date: March 26, 2033
Race: Human
Mother: Victoria (Brayden) Tillerman
Father: Herbert Tillerman
Maternal grandparents: Timothy & Alissa Brayden
Paternal grandparents: Steven & Kaitlin Tillerman
Aunts & Uncles:

  • Tillerman: Blythe
  • Brayden: Janine and Mandi

Cousins: Carson and Lindsey (from Janine)
Siblings: Milo, Anna, and Jane
Birth place: England
Husband: Erik McMurran (widowed); Jarrod Benton
Children: Rebecca, Eric, and Daniel



Eye color: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown, straight
Skin: Pale
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136 lbs.


Weapon: Staff in Limbo
Magic: Healing in Limbo
Career: Priestess in Limbo, surgeon