Charlotte Heather Randall


Birth name: Charlotte Heather Randall
First name: Means "man" in German. Pronounced SHAHR-lat.
Middle name: From the English word for small shrubs with pink or white flowers which commonly grow in rocky areas. Pronounced HE-dhar.
Last name: Means "rim wolf" in German. Pronounced RAN-dal.
Nickname: Lottie


Birth date: July 3, 2072
Race: Half Demon
Mother: Vladimer (McMurran) Randall
Father: Lonan, Julien Randall (adoptive)
Maternal grandparents: Elijah McMurran & Bara Akasama/Fay McMurran (adoptive)
Paternal grandparents: Ernest & Sasha Randall (adoptive)
Aunts & Uncles:

Cousins: Thomas (from Aidae); Golde (from Oriel); Varian (from Taina); Mordecai (from Aria); Lucinda (from Wynne)
Siblings: Latimer, Acacia, Priscilla, Briar, Rosalind, Irving, Dolores, Sasha, Arona, and Remida
Birth place: The Kingdom of Atlantis
Child: Finch



Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Black, straight
Skin: Pale
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 129 lbs.


Magic: Dark
Career: Dancer