Anita Isabella Romolo


Birth name: Anita Isabella Valerio
First Name: Means "favor" in Hebrew. Pronounced ah-NEE-tah.
Middle name: Means "my God is an oath" in Hebrew. Pronounced ee-zah-BEL-lah.
Last names:

  • Valerio: Means "to be strong" in Latin. Pronounced bah-LE-ryo.
  • Romolo: Means "of Rome" in Latin.


Birth date: June 13, 2009
Death date: May 15, 2115
Race: Human
Mother: Alita (Baulduino) Valerio
Father: Reinaldo Valerio
Maternal grandparents: David & Rominda Baulduino
Paternal grandparents: Marco & Fidela Valerio
Aunts & Uncles:

  • Valerio: Enrique, Tito, and Efrain
  • Baulduino: Jovita and Sofia

Cousins: Lucio and Carlito (from Enrique); Brigida, Piedad, Claista, Raul, and Telmo (from Tito); Marisela (from Sofia)
Siblings: Evangelina, Adrian, Amanda, Marco, Dolores, and Gloria
Birth place: The Kingdom of Paldicia
Husband: Nicholas Romolo
Children: Joel, Teddy, Reece, Isabelle, David, Ana, and Christopher



Eye color: Dark brown
Hair: Black, curly
Skin: Tan
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 140 lbs.


Career: Nurse