The lowest order of Heavenly beings created by God. Their history begins with the Fall, when the Archangel Lucifer rebelled against God and he and his followers were cast out of Heaven and into Hell.

Sometime after the Fall, the Angels began to organize an expedition to Earth. The purpose was to live among Humans and guard the gates of Hell. Prominent members included Raziel, Dubbiel, Eriel, and Metaron, with the Archangel Gabriel leading the expedition.

As time passed, Dubbiel and Raziel began to argue. Dubbiel wanted to help humanity as equals and brothers while Raziel thought the best way to help Humans was to rule over them. This progressed into a war among Angels as members of the expedition took sides. Gabriel remained neutral. While they were fighting, the gates of Hell were forgotten and the Demons broke out onto Earth. Dubbiel and Raziel both killed each other and the war ended in a stalemate as the Angel's attention shifted to the Demon threat. This later became known as the Second Fall.

In searching for a good place to hide and base of operations, the Demons discovered Atlantis. A remote series of islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with a sparse population and great magical influence. The Angels followed the Demons there and beat them back to an small island to the West of Atlantis, which later became known as Die Insel Nahst zu Holle.

Gabriel was impressed by Atlantis and invited Humans he had befriended throughout his travels around Earth to immigrate there. This eventually led to a population surge, with many of the magical entities original to Atlantis retreating to Arudis and, in the case of the Elementals, to their Island. The Angels served as the Humans protectors against the Demons and advisors. However, the Humans eventually grew tired of the Angel's oversight and began to ignore their counsel. Offended, the Angels retreated to an island on the East of Atlantian continent, even using magic to raise it up into the air so it could not be visited by Humans. This became known as Die Insel Nahst zu Himmel.

As time passed, chaos and war consumed Atlantis as the various kingdoms that had developed fought over land and resources. Weary of fighting, a few of the kingdom's rulers requested an audience with Gabriel who they asked to rule over the continent and bring peace to Atlantis. Gabriel refused to rule himself, but brought the kingdoms of Atlantis into agreement in establishing a continent-wide government. Thus the four Kings and Queens of Atlantis were created, one to rule over each country. Their purpose was to act as mediators between the kingdoms therein.

Meanwhile, Eriel, who desired power, was turning the Angels against Gabriel as their leader. He convinced them to make him king and cast Gabriel out. When he learned of this, Gabriel left willingly and was not seen again on Earth for centuries.


Angels in Heaven have a complex order and hierarchy known only to themselves and which will not discussed here. The Angels who participated in the expedition to Earth began to adopt Human customs as their stay lengthened. They began to take surnames, marry, and live in family groups; although some Angels resisted this assimilation into Human culture.

Much later a monarchy was established by Eriel after overthrowing Gabriel as the leader of the expedition. During his rule, Eriel established a caste system over the Angels. This was originally based on whether the Angels followed Dubbiel or Raziel during the Second Fall. Those who followed Dubbiel were the "High Angels" and those who followed Raziel were "Low Angels". He also arbitrarily chose who was "High" or "Low" based on appearance, preferring Angels who looked like him, with light hair and eyes and dark skin. Low Angels were progressively forced to live in slums, which Eriel eventually ordered burned, killing many of the Low Angels.

There was no heir after Eriel's death and his second wife, Metaron, abdicated the throne in favor of an Angel named Shateiel Alexialis. King Shateiel, a Low Angel who had himself narrowly escaped death as a child when the slums were burned, did much to abolish Eriel's caste system during his time as ruler. After his death, his daughter Lucia continues his work.

Serving so long as defenders of humanity against Demons, the Angels have always had a large military, including an army and air force using Glinters.



Angels exhibit the full range of skin, hair, and eye colors. The combination of dark skin and light hair and eyes is much more common in Angels than Humans, and was considered ideal for sometime. Both males and females keep their hair long, often down to their lower backs, if not longer. Angels are generally taller than Humans, with finer, more symmetrical features. White wings extend from their backs, each wing being about as long as the Angel is tall. The wings are seemingly retractable and it's rare for an Angel to have their wings out when not in flight. Angels do not age, though they can die from physical wounds or occasionally disease. Due to being essentially immortal, Angels do not tend to have many children.


The Angel's source of magical power is from Heaven, meaning that they can perform magic outside of Atlantis, away from the Elementals. Angels also have a greater affinity to Light magic than Humans, though it is still considered dangerous to use without much training and precaution.



There are few Archangels and most reside in Heaven, the exception being Gabriel and sometimes Michael. It appears Archangels are even larger than life than Angels, being more powerful physically or magically. Their wings are also larger, being twice as long as they are tall.

Half Angel

The child of an Angel and a human. Is often indistinguishable from a Human, with the exception of possessing wings. These wings are considered vestigial due to only being half as long as the person is tall. This results in Half Angels being unable to use their wings to fly. The child of a Half Angel and a human will not have wings at all. Interestingly, the child between an Archangel and a human is indistinguishable from a full-blooded Angel.