The ornery guardian angel of District D in Heaven.

Akasama Family

Alcott, Johnathan

John's grumpy grandfather.

Alexander, Eugene

John's charming Greek actor friend. Plays the villain in the Atlantis movie series.

Alexialis Family

Amandus, Cicero

The father of Durante Parlant. Was sold to Demons by his brother and made a slave of Lonan. Prophesied in a state maddened by age of Daniel's death at the hands of Lonan to revive Lucifer and Elijah defeating Lonan.

Anheles, Azarel

The son of Eriel and Metaron and a past prince of the Angels.

Anheles, Metaron

A unique Angel in that she was created in the form of a child to serve Eriel. The jewel on her forehead forced her to follow his commands. Eriel took her with him when he joined the Earth expedition. Metaron befriended Gabriel during this time, who took her as a student in their spare time. When Eriel became King of Angels and his wife Angela died, Eriel took Metaron as a wife and she grew to her adult form. She became Queen of Angels after Eriel died, but abdicated the throne in favor of Shateiel, serving under him as a general.

Arwell, Clive
(b. 2011)

Former band member of The Hungry Ghosts.

Asaria, Eleanor

A Fae Queen who put a curse on the Romolos when one of them spurned her in love.