30 May 2023
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Katen Tanek Feemerson McMurran Jessica McMurran Thanasi Reium John Crowley Hana Tanek Renasi Reium Eric McMurran Elijah McMurran Ernest Randall Gabriel

Katen: …Thus twelve times twelve is…
Feemy: …One hundred and forty four.
Katen: Correct.
Feemy: …Sir?
Katen: Yes?
Feemy: May I be excused early so I can spend time with Renasi? I don't get to see him very often. Makes sure to say this very clearly and properly enunciate.

Jessica: Primps in the mirror.
Thanasi: …Seeing someone special?
Jessica: N-N-No! I just like to look nice, is all.
Thanasi: …Hm… Wonders who the mystery man is… He must be charming and dashingly handsome and impeccably dressed. Titters a bit.
Jessica: Wha-at?
Thanasi: No-othing… Leaves Jessica's office in search of Feemy because it is a beautiful day outside and beautiful days are for spending time with children.

J.N: ..No, we don't have goat meat. Sighs.
Customer: Oh I see.

Katen: Is Renasi going to teach you the lineage of King Cetius?
Feemy: …No, Sir. Thinks. …But I wouldn't want to be a rude host to a guest who came all this way to see me.
Katen: What is more important? Your education? Or throwing rocks at windows with your chum?
Feemy: …My education.
Katen: Correct. Moving on… King Cetius' children were…
Feemy: I didn't really think that was going to work anyway, but it was worth a shot. Listens.
Thanasi: Kayden!
Katen: …Aunt Thanasi. Good day.
Thanasi: You're not really keeping Feemy inside on a beautiful day like this.
Katen: I am… Feemy's education is more important. There will be other beautiful days. He'll have the whole weekend off.
Thanasi: Well…! Walks off.

Katen: Later, there is a knock on the door. Please, enter… Getting tired of being interrupted.
Hana: Enters! Good day, Father. Bows!
Katen: Subtle smile. …Good day, Hana. What can I do for you?
Feemy: The interruptions are a bit annoying since he figures that Katen will just lengthen the lesson to accommodate for the time lost.
Hana: Well, y'see, Father… Distressed face, twists a curl between his fingers. There was this auction going on in town and I bid for a set of ancient and rare texts on the history of the Risers… But there's too many books for me to carry back by myself and the man can only stay and watch them for another hour before he needs to move on and I'm afraid if I leave them there, they'll get stolen.
Katen: I see…
Hana: I was wondering, if maybe, you could help me? Smiles. Everyone else is too busy and I know you, more than anyone, would appreciate such a find.
Katen: Looks as though he's being convinced. Looks at Feemy. Well…
Feemy: Tries not to look hopeful.
Hana: Oh! Are you in the middle of tutoring Feemy? Such a sad disappointed voice.
Katen: Yes, I am…
Hana: Oh well… I understand that's important… These books are such a find, though… I'm afraid they won't be treated properly in the wrong hands… It just seems like… a once in a lifetime opportunity… But…
Katen: Sighs. Looks at Feemy. Very well, Hana. I'll lend a hand. I apologize for this, Feemy. You are dismissed. I expect you to know King Cetius' lineage by heart on Monday. Stands and bows to Feemy.
Feemy: Stands and bows as well. I understand, Sir.
Katen: Nods and heads out the door.
Hana: Smiles and winks at Feemy, then follows his father away.
Feemy: Oh, I see what you did there! Waits until they're out of sight to rapidly search the corridors for Ren!

Renasi: Hanging around the garden doing the she loves me, she loves me not deal.
Feemy: Eventually gets to the garden and upon spotting Ren, tries to sneak up on him without making a sound.
Renasi: Has good Elf hearing, but he's speaking aloud. She loves me… She loves me not…
Feemy: Blinks at those words. Who are you talking about?
Renasi: Jumps. N-N-Nobody!
Feemy: Grins. I heard you! C'mon, tell me!
Renasi: N-no-no! You didn't hear anything. Your ears're all clogged up… I was just mumbling to myself.
Feemy: My ears are not clogged up. I wash them every day. Nudges him. Come ooon.
Renasi: C-Celena.
Feemy: My sister? Makes a face. Why?
Renasi: Well, she's pretty… Doesn't have a better reason… shallow.
Feemy: She's my sister. Can't call her pretty. She has a lot of cats and likes Middler.
Renasi: …She's probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
Feemy: You don't see a lot of girls do you?
Renasi: I do so!
Feemy: Crinkles his nose, but makes no further argument of it! But she's into Middler.
Renasi: Frowns. Yeah.
Feemy: You could fight Middler in a duel.
Renasi: N-No way!
Feemy: Why not? I don't think Middler's very tough. You can sword fight, right?
Renasi: No. And he's a shapeshifter. I bet he can turn into all kinds of scary evil things.
Feemy: …Oh yeah. Like a giant spider.
Renasi: Or a big angry bull.
Feemy: Yeah… or a dragon.
Renasi: Nods.
Feemy: …Never mind. Middler is kind of scary.
Feemy: …There are prettier women who don't have scary doppelganger boyfriends. Since he's sure that Middler and Celena are an item due to his machinations.
Renasi: She's already his girlfriend?
Feemy: You remember what he said. That she was 'lovely' and such. I'm sure they are.
Renasi: Then I don't have a chance with her. How could I compete with an older man?
Feemy: Hey… You're way cooler than Middler, Ren!
Renasi: Middler could shapeshift into something cooler than me.
Feemy: Frowns. Yeah, but he'd still be dorky old Middler underneath…
Renasi: But she's in love with him… and she's not even interested in me.
Feemy: Well… she was talking about how she likes Middler because he's 'kind' and 'gentle' and maybe if you're kinder and gentler than him?
Renasi: I don't know how to be…
Feemy: Shrugs. I guess just being nice and letting people be mean to you is it.
Renasi: I do that… But she doesn't notice me at all.
Feemy: Do you do it in front of her?
Renasi: Even when I'm in front of her, she ignores me. She just thinks I'm your stupid friend.
Feemy: Seems to pointedly ignore the 'stupid friend' part. Well… I could act mean to you and you could act not bothered and nice about it while Celena's around? Maybe that'll work?
Renasi: …Maybe…
Feemy: Of course doesn't want to mention that maybe not being his friend could help his chances. Do you wanna talk to Celena? You could show her how kind you are then?
Renasi: Looks at Feemy and sighs. No… Let's go play together… I have to go home on Monday…
Feemy: Okay! What do you wanna do? Leans on him too.
Renasi: It's hot… Let's go swimming. Smiles.
Feemy: Alright! Stops leaning on Ren. Kind of glad that they're not talking about Celena and Middler anymore.
Renasi: Kind of glad, too! Too passive. I'll get changed and meet you at the front gate.
Feemy: Nods. Me too! …Oh, And I'm going to tell Mom where I am too. I'll see you there!
Renasi: Okay… Runs off.
Feemy: Flees to get prepared as well!

Eric: Are you sure you don't want me to call John?
Elijah: …Yes… please don't… I don't… want to worry him.
Eric: He just usually seems to be a comfort to you, is all…
Elijah: I-I'm not a comfort to him… Tears.
Eric: Sighs. You spend time with him a lot… I'm sure he likes having a friend.
Elijah: I'm a horrible friend. He's so nice to me and the first time he tells me something I get all mad at him and I'm horrible… horrible… Sobs.
Eric: Calm down. Strokes his sweaty forehead. You're going to start hyperventilating again. I think you're just blowing things out of proportion.
Elijah: Sobs.
Eric: Sighs. Wishes Elijah would let him call J.N. just so he could come over and say that to him. Well, maybe I can call J.N. and he can talk to you?
Elijah: Nooo!!! He'll know! He'll worry… Don't do it! Please….
Eric: Please let me call him… He might be able to reassure you.
Elijah: Why should he have to reassure me?! I never reassure him.
Eric: Sighs.
Nurse: Gives Elijah a sedative.
Elijah: Cries somewhat less hysterically.
Eric: Shakes his head. Opens his cell phone. So very tempted. Scrolls to J.N.'s number.

J.N: …Yes, I realize that I work in an establishment that profits from sale of meat.
Customer: That's murder.
J.N: Did you just come in here to tell me that? Stares.

Eric: Looks at Elijah. Sighs. Closes the phone.
Eric: …Maybe you'd like to talk to Ernest?
Elijah: …?
Eric: Thought Ernest was a friend of his.
Elijah: Stares at him through tear-filled eyes? Ernest? Well, sure… Loopy.
Eric: Calls Ernest up and hands the phone to Elijah.
Ernest: Socializing at O'Grady's! And not drunk either. So then I said… hey, I got a call. Excuse me a moment. Steps outside and flips open the cell phone. Hello?
Elijah: I told you I didn't want to talk to Mr. John… Oh… Ernest…
Ernest: Oookay… Uh… heheh, yeah, this is Ernest speakin'. Who the hell is this? How ya doin'?
Elijah: I don't know… I'm in the hospital… Wonders why he agreed to talking to Ernest, he barely knows him.
Ernest: …Hospital? …Are you okay? Were you in an accident? Does sound a bit concerned, but still not sure who this is.
Elijah: …I don't really know… what's the matter with me.
Ernest: I… see… Idea. Who got you to the hospital?
Elijah: The ambulance.
Ernest: That backfired. …Do you need some company?
Elijah: Some silence. …Is this Mr. John? I told Uncle Eric not to call you.
Ernest: No. This is Ernest. Only that weird kid calls John mister. Just concerned is all.
Elijah: Oh, hello Mr. Randall.
Ernest: Hello Elijah… Uh… why don't you want Eric to call John?
Elijah: I-I hurt his feelings. I-I'm a horrible friend. I don't want him to worry about me.
Ernest: …Uh… you hurt his feelings? What? This isn't making sense.
Elijah: I got mad at him 'cause he likes my mom.
Ernest: …Ah, I see. Your mom is a stone fox, kid.
Elijah: I shouldn't have, right? Sniffs. I shouldn't… He's always supported me and everything and this one time… I jump all over him.
Ernest: Ah… don't beat yourself up over it… I would have gotten a little mad too.
Elijah: But I love Mr. John.
Ernest: Er…
Elijah: Brain lapse. So you're coming over with Mr. John?
Ernest: Ee… yeah. If you want.
Elijah: See you soon. I'll get snacks ready… Hangs up.
Eric: Takes the phone and makes no comment for when Elijah regains his senses.
Elijah: …Please don't call Mr. John…
Eric: I won't.

Feemy: Knocks on the door of his mom's office.
Jessica: Thinks it's John. Come in… Fixes her hair a bit and tries to look casual.
Feemy: Steps in! Hi Mom! Cheery!
Jessica: Relaxes. Hello Feemy. Smiles. How are you sweety? Hugs and kisses him.
Feemy: Hugs! Doing well! Katen let me out early and I want to go swimming with Ren. Can I?
Jessica: …Do you have an adult to supervise you?
Feemy: …Nooo.
Jessica: Well… You need to find an adult to watch you.
Feemy: Who could watch us that isn't busy?
Jessica: How about Middler?
Feemy: Desperate at this point and knows Middler would agree! Okay! …Where is he?
Jessica: I… don't really know. Spots Gabriel walking by. Oh, Gabriel!
Gabriel: Stops and walks back. Yes…?
Feemy: Nooot hiiim…
Jessica: Do you know where Middler is?
Gabriel: No, I don't…
Jessica: …Maybe you could watch Feemy while he goes swimming?
Gabriel: Stares at Feemy.
Feemy: Desperate. ….Pleeeease?
Gabriel: …I… guess…
Jessica: You're lovely, Gabriel.
Feemy: That's what Middler said about Celena! I'm meeting Ren at the front gate, see you there Gabriel, love you Mom! And he's off!
Gabriel: Sighs and gets a book to read and drags his feet to the front gate.

Ernest: …Dammit. Sighs and calls John.
J.N: Called at work, answers Yes? …I see. Yeah. I'll get down there. I'll find someone to fill in… You're coming too? …Alright. Bye. Hangs up. Leaves a message on the manager's answering machine. Glad that all he had left of the day was register work. With new gray hairs in tow and a feeling of guilt the size of Norway, John Nathan Crowley is soon driving to the hospital.
Ernest: Leaves the bar and already on his way to the hospital. At least hopes it's the local one.

Feemy: Meets Ren there.
Feemy: Whispers to Ren. I had to find an adult to supervise.
Gabriel: Shows up.
Renasi: Stares at Gabriel. Oh…
Gabriel: …Hello…
Feemy: Thank you for supervising.
Gabriel: …My pleasure.
Renasi: Goes with Feemy to the old swimmin' hole.
Feemy: At least Gabriel isn't trying to chat us up! …Can you swim?
Renasi: Yeah! Can you?
Feemy: A little… I went to the beach once.
Renasi: Well, it's shallower over on this side…
Gabriel: Sighs and sits under a tree. Hopes he doesn't have to save anyone from drowning.

Ernest: Does indeed show up! …At the front desk first, that is. …Uh… Hi. I'm here to see Elijah.
Sexy Nurse: Oh, he's good looking. Gives Ernest the room number.
Ernest: Thanks. Smiles and winks and leaves for the room.
Sexy Nurse: Blushes.

Feemy: In the shallow end.
Renasi: Stays in the shallow end, too, floating on his back.
Gabriel: Looks up from his book at them every now and then.
Feemy: Does go a bit further from the shallow end. Can't float too well 'cause his head is too heavy. Does try to float on his back, but almost immediately sinks head first, legs kicking in the air.
Renasi: A-Are you okay?
Feemy: Surfaces and takes a gasp for breath. Y…Yes. I guess I can't float.
Renasi: …I guess horns have their downside… Smirks.
Feemy: Frooowns. Draws himself under water until only his eyes peek up over the surface.
Renasi: Sorry…
Feemy: Brrbleb blerb…
Renasi: Are you drowning?
Feemy: Thinks about some hats he could maybe wear. Pokes his head above the surface again. Nooo.
Renasi: Oh… You looked like you were…
Feemy: No I was just busy feeling bad. I can swim a little.
Renasi: Let's see.
Feemy: …N…Now?

Eric: Oh, hello Ernest. Smiles.
Elijah: Why… Did you tell Mr. John?
Ernest: …What?
Elijah: Blinks at him. Why're you here…? Are you visiting me?
Ernest: Er… Yeah, I'm visiting you. You called and I was concerned.
Elijah: Oh… So you're just coming? Smiles at him a bit.
Ernest: No. You asked if I was coming with John and I said only if you wanted me to… then you mumbled somethin' about snacks… What happened to you?
Elijah: …I don't know…
Eric: …He's sick.
Ernest: …With what?
Eric: …The doctors are still trying to make a diagnoses.
Ernest: It's not contagious is it?
Eric: No, I don't think so… They weren't able to find any virus or infection…
Ernest: Looks over to Elijah… He doesn't look so good. What with the sweat.
Elijah: Breathing is short. Thank you for coming to see me…?
Ernest: You're welcome… Ah, John will probably be here soon.
Elijah: Eyes widen. W-W-What?!
Ernest: Kind of jumps back. I thought you'd be glad to hear. Well… Yeah. You asked if he was coming along, and said okay when I asked if you wanted him here.
Elijah: Oh no… I'm so stupid…
Ernest: …I'm… uh… sorry?
Nurse: Not so sexy, but thinks Ernest is! Puts breathing tubes in Elijah's nose!
Ernest: Eeew!
Nurse: Sorry, kid needs O2. Smiiiles at Ernest.
Ernest: Smiles back at least politely and to mask the fact that the tubes are gross.
Nurse: You're a cutie… Winks at him.
Ernest: I know I am. Eheh… Thanks…
Nurse: I'm Veronica. You can call me Ronnie.
Ernest: …Hello Ronnie.
Nurse: What's your name?
Ernest: I'm Ernest Randall, pleased to meet you.
Nurse: I'm single! Giggles.
Ernest: A gal like you? No way… Eric, help me out here.
Eric: …Won't your boyfriend be here soon, Ernest? Smiles.
Ernest: God I hate you.
Ronnie: Backs off.
Ernest: Swallows his pride. Yeah, John is coming soon.
Ronnie: I knew he dressed too nice to be straight.
Elijah: Clutches the sheet.

J.N: Speak of the devil, at the front desk. I'm here to see Elijah McMurran.
Sexy Nurse: Oh, it's you. Gives him the room number.
J.N: Charming as usual. Heads that way.

Ronnie: Leaves the room.
Eric: …Sorry…
Ernest: Mumbles.
Eric: …You looked like you were in trouble there.
Elijah: Dread. Tears.
J.N: Enters.
Eric: Thank God! Hey John. Smiles.
J.N: Not even remotely close to smiling. Hello Eric.
Elijah: Dread. Shame.
J.N: …Hi Elijah.
Elijah: I'm sorry Mr. John…
J.N: There's nothing for you to be sorry for.
Ernest: Kind of meanders out of the room.
Eric: Leaves too. Getting a snack.
Ernest: Snacks may be tempting, but I have a nurse to chat up.
Elijah: Yes… You told me something really personal last night and I… I was so mean to you… I'm sorry… I didn't mean to tell Ernest to tell you to come… I didn't want you to have to worry about me… You always worry about me… It's not fair.
J.N: I'll always be concerned… Sits down, looks kind of tired.
Elijah: Frowns. You don't look good…
J.N: …I look a deal better than you right now. Didn't sleep well. What have the doctors said? Are you sick?
Elijah: …I think so… Uncle Eric said… they couldn't make a diagnoses?
J.N: I see… When did you get here?
Elijah: This morning, I think… Blinks up at him unhappily. I didn't want you to have to worry about me…
J.N: Nods a bit. Can understand the motive. I would have came sooner if I knew.

Renasi: Yeah…
Feemy: Tries to swim! …Kind of goes only a bit doing a messed up doggy paddle, then sinks… and resurfaces a bit away… Can tread water.
Renasi: Didn't think that was very impressive. That was good.
Feemy: …Thanks. Knows it wasn't very good.
Renasi: Just a little more practice and you'll be an expert!
Renasi: Gets on the bank. Just do like this! Pinwheels his arms. And kick a lot!
Feemy: Tries! Sinks! Mostly head first too!
Renasi: Pulls him back to the bank.
Feemy: Pulled back. I'm not very good at swimming.
Renasi: You just gotta practice.
Feemy: Yeah..

Elijah: …I know you would've. And I couldn't even support you last night… Reaches and takes J.N.'s hand.
J.N: Squeezes his hand.
Elijah: I thought about it… It's okay if you want to see my mom… I wouldn't even mind you being my dad someday… Really… Sounds sincere!
J.N: That's… nice of you to say.
Elijah: …Are you worried about me?
J.N: …Yeah.
Elijah: Frowns.
J.N: Elijah… you're in the hospital.
Elijah: …You don't have to worry about me… I'll get better…
J.N: I know you will.
Elijah: …You can go home and enjoy yourself and stuff…
J.N: …Do you want me to go?
Elijah: Tough question. Doesn't.
J.N: I don't want to smother you, since you didn't want me to be here in the first place.
Elijah: I just don't want your life to be consumed by worrying about me.
J.N: Nods, also a valid statement. I don't just sit around and worry about you, Elijah… I know you're an adult and can take care of yourself.
Elijah: I know… I just don't think it's fair to you…
Eric: Comes back with snacks. Would you like some, John?
J.N: That'd be nice. Stressed and hungry.
Eric: Hands him a bag. How are you feeling, Elijah?
Elijah: …Bad.
Eric: Sighs. Well, I don't blame Ernest for hitting the road.

Ernest: Try to flirt with sexy nurse.
Sexy Nurse: Flirts back, even though she's married.
Ernest: Doesn't know this! Thinks he's smooth. Is probably going to get an angry husband all over him.

Elijah: You should go have fun, Mr. John…
J.N: Yeah I could. All I've got to do today is to go to Atlantis…
Elijah: Oh… You should do that…. I'll be here…
J.N: …Are you sure you don't need me here…? Said very quietly. Doesn't want to embarrass Elijah.
Elijah: Be strong. Yes… You can see me some other time… Smiles a bit.
J.N: Looks hesitant, but doesn't want to nanny him. …Alright. Squeezes his hand and stands.
Elijah: Squeezes back weakly. Needs to rest anyway.
Eric: Are you going?
J.N: Yeah…
Eric: Smiles. Thanks for coming, John. I really appreciate it.
J.N: Nods… and musters a kind of forced smile, since Eric is turning out to be an alright guy.
Eric: See you soon.
J.N: Take care, Eric, Elijah…
Eric: Waves good-bye to J.N.
J.N: Waves back, and is on his way to his home.. so he can go to Atlantis. The more he thinks about it, the more of a hurry he's beginning to be in.

Feemy: Pruny fingers and toes.
Gabriel: Flips through his book and stretches. At least these kids aren't loud and obnoxious.
Feemy: How'd you get so good at swimming?
Renasi: My uncle Lupine taught me. You should come over sometime, I bet he could teach you, too.
Feemy: Okay! Tugs at one of his own horns a bit self-consciously now.
Renasi: I like your horns, Feemy. I think they're cool. Sorry… I wasn't making fun of them.
Feemy: Blinks. …Oh.
Renasi: Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Feemy: It's okay, since you didn't mean to.
Renasi: Shakes hands with him. You can make fun of my ears if you want to.
Feemy: Why? I don't think they look weird.
Renasi: Shrugs. Usually both Elves and Humans think my ears look weird.
Feemy: Why?
Renasi: Well, they're smaller than Elf ears and bigger than Human ears.
Feemy: Leans in to get a closer look!
Renasi: Pulls his hair away.
Feemy: Wow. They are pointy! But not as much as Thana's. Strange?

J.N: Makes it back to his house alive. And without causing any fatalities. Gets changed into some nice clothes. Some she bought him years ago… and takes a potion!
Jessica: Just about to head off to run a bath. Oh, John!
J.N: Hello Jessica.
Jessica: You look nice… Smiles.
J.N: You do too. …Kind of feels a little under-prepared.
Jessica: Um.. Are you hungry?
J.N: A little…
Jessica: Well, I think everyone's had dinner already… We can go to the dining room and I can get you something, though. Smiles.
J.N: Alright… Looks like he wants to say something.
Jessica: Does indeed get both of them hot plates of food from the kitchen.
J.N: Hot food sounds nice about now.
Jessica: Sits down across from him after giving him his glass of water. What's going on?
J.N: Elijah is in the hospital.
Jessica: Drops her fork. W-What?
J.N: Smooth opening line. He wasn't in an accident… the doctors are diagnosing him right now.
Jessica: Stares. Did he OD on drugs? Did he drink too much alcohol?
J.N: No…