29 May 2023
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Elijah McMurran Adam McMurran Ernest Randall Eric McMurran Peter Crowley Rosemary Crowley

Daniel: You taking Elijah and Adam to visit your mommy?
J.N: Yeah.
Daniel: Get on with it then, you lazy bum.
J.N: You're not the boss of me.
Daniel: No ambition. Just a dead weight on the world's society.
J.N: You're literally a dead weight on the world.
Daniel: What are you doing with yourself? You're worth less than the scum on my ethereal shoes.
J.N: You must not be taking very good care of your shoes if they have ethereal scum on them.
Daniel: I'm not even wearing shoes. When I go to Heaven, I'll get to wear pants and shoes. Isn't that great? Get a haircut, too.
J.N: Tell me you're not naked. Please, tell me I'm not dreaming and seeing you naked.
Daniel: I'm wearing this dress thing. Are you blind?
J.N: No, but considering that my lung has popped out of my chest and started talking, I'm sure stranger things could have happened. Pinches himself hard.
Daniel: Grins.

J.N: Snrk… ow. Rubs his arm. Checks the clock, and does remember Daniel getting on his case. Will probably forget in a few minutes or an hour, but with the dream fresh in mind, he uses his home phone to call Elijah!
Elijah: Takes him awhile to answer cause he was sleeping. H-Hello?
J.N: Hello Elijah.
Elijah: Hey Mr. John. How are you?
J.N: Doing well. Are you and Adam busy?
Elijah: No, not at all.
J.N: I was wondering if the two of you would like to come with me to visit my mother.
Elijah: …You think she'd want to see us?
J.N: She asks about you and your family almost every time I visit.
Elijah: Really? Well, I'd be happy to go with you. Could you just give me 10 minutes to get ready, please?
J.N: Yeah. You want me to pick you up or drive over?
Elijah: Uh, pick me up if it's convenient for you. I don't know where she lives.
J.N: Alright. I'll see you in a bit then.
Elijah: Alright. See ya. Bye!
J.N: Bye.

Elijah: Gets in J.N.'s car with Adam!
J.N: Drives. How've you two been?
Elijah: Dressed nicely, sans hair. Alright, how have you been, Mr. John?
J.N: Been well. Dressed kinda sorta nicely. A little like the way he dressed for Elijah's graduation.
Elijah: You look good.
J.N: Thanks. You look popular.
Elijah: Pop-u-lar? Flat voice.
J.N: Heh… How about you, Adam?
Adam: 'Lijah never plays with me anymore… Frowns.
J.N: Why's that?
Adam: He's either sleeping, or 'busy', or with Marit.
Elijah: Sighs.
J.N: Elijah has a lot ahead of him, Adam. Don't you have other friends to invite over?
Adam: No… I don't like other kids.

Ernest: Calling Elijah's house. Thank you, John, for the number!
Eric: Hello?
Ernest: Hey! This Eric?
Eric: Yes, this is Eric McMurran. Who is this? The voice sounds familiar, but I can't place it.
Ernest: This is Ernest. You know, I was at Elijah's graduation with John.
Eric: Um… Yes? What can I do for you, Ernest?
Ernest: Talking to Eric as if he'd known him for longer than an evening. Well, I was just wonderin' if you had any plans. Figured if you felt like going to O'Grady's I could buy you a drink.
Eric: Eh…. Um…. No thank you, Ernest… I don't really drink.
Ernest: Frowns, though that can't really be conveyed over the phone. Ah… I see. Well, just figured I'd offer. Take it easy, Eric!
Eric: You too, Ernest… Thank you for the offer, sorry I can't go. Have a good evening. Be safe, don't drink and drive.

Elijah: That's because you hold them all up to such high standards.
J.N: Hm. Like what?
Adam: Some of them are bossy and pushy.
J.N: Kids can be like that.
Adam: Plus, I wanna do things my own way.
J.N: Sounds good.
Elijah: You might find, Adam, that somebody else could think of something you never dreamed of. That's what teamwork and communication is all about. No man is an island.
J.N: …There's still something to be said of individuality and striking out alone. Said under his breath, since that kind of behavior probably isn't good for someone Adam's age, regardless of what he thinks.
Adam: I wanna do it by myself.
Elijah: Then why are you bugging me about spending time with you?
Adam: You're my brother… And you're bigger. That means…. you know better things.
J.N: It's the kids his age he has problems with, apparently.
Adam: We don't do anything in preschool… It's so boring. We just take naps and draw pictures and stuff… I wanna learn how to read and write and count and stuff.
J.N: …Real go-getter.
Elijah: When we go to Atlantis, I'm sure Katen will be more than happy to fill your little brain with knowledge.
J.N: That'll be fun.
Elijah: Then you'll be wishing you could take naps and make pictures out of macaroni. You'll have Feemy, too. He's your big brother and he's closer to your age than me.
J.N: Didn't he used to eat grass? Takes a turn.
Adam: …He has horns.
J.N: Because he is a friendly little demon.
Elijah: So? He's a sweet kid.
Adam: …Did Dad have horns?
Elijah: Sighs. No… Feemy is adopted.
J.N: You look a lot like your dad. From what I can tell, and what I've been told by Jessica.
Adam: Despite what J.N. said, has to know. Am I adopted?
Elijah: No.
Adam: Are you?
Elijah: I don't think so.
J.N: Would it matter if you were?
Adam: Yes. 'Cause then I'd have other parents.
J.N: Good point. Would Elijah be any less your brother?
Adam: …No.
J.N: More interested in how Adam will answer than the real subject matter. I see.
Elijah: That doesn't mean Feemy is any less your brother, either.
Adam: He's older than me.
Elijah: Yes…
Adam: I thought you only adopted when you couldn't get babies yourself.
Elijah: There are other reasons than that.
Elijah: Like wanting to give a child a good home where they're loved.
Adam: Thinks about this. When did Dad die?
Elijah: Before you were born.
Adam: …So he never even knew me?
Elijah: Well… no.
Adam: So he didn't love me?
J.N: Oh boy.
Elijah: He did love you, Adam… I'm sure he would love you very much if he was alive now.
Adam: …How can you love someone who isn't alive?
Elijah: …Well, I love Dad and he's dead. You were alive enough, just in mom's stomach. You certainly kicked a lot.
Adam: I mean, how can you love someone you don't know?
Elijah: Sighs. It's instinctual.
Adam: What's that?
J.N: I kind of had that same problem too, Adam. You're just having it way sooner than I did.
Elijah: Instinct… Like bees like honey.
Adam: Thinks about this. Well, you're making it sound like he just had to. He didn't have any choice about it.
Elijah: I don't think parents really do… Well, you do… But… If you don't love your kids, then that's pretty bad.
Adam: What about adopted kids? Do they love them… in-stink-shoo-lee too?
Elijah: This is why I don't hang out with you. There are a lot of different kinds of love, Adam. Aunt Bridget doesn't love you the same way she loves Uncle Eric.
Adam: She doesn't love me the same way she loves Marit, either.
Elijah: Ugh.
J.N: Yeah, that's true Adam.
Elijah: It doesn't mean she loves you less. Just different.
Adam: Yes she does love me less. Just like Dad would love me less than you.
Elijah: Aunt Bridget is a bad example.
J.N: Yeah, she is. She doesn't like me.
Elijah: I think I would know better than you, Adam. Dad didn't love you less than me or Celena or Feemy. End of story.
Adam: That's a big. Fat. Lie.
Elijah: Oh man…
J.N: It's not a lie.
Adam: How do you know?
J.N: I knew your dad. Besides. When you doubted Elijah and myself about your mother and Atlantis, we showed you that it was real and she did exist. Why would we lie to you?
Adam: 'Cause grown ups are always telling fibs to kids cause they think they're stupid and'll believe em.
J.N: True enough. How many times have I lied to you so far?
Adam: I dunno… I'm not smart enough to know yet. Frowns.
J.N: I wasn't lying about Atlantis or your mother. I think it would make sense to trust me until I did lie.
Elijah: Mr. John doesn't lie.
Adam: That's impossible. Everyone does.
J.N: That's true.
Elijah: Sighs.
J.N: Everyone does lie at times. So far, I haven't lied to you though. I don't have a reason to.
Elijah: Precocious, aren't you? And you look so cute, too.
Adam: What does that mean?
Elijah: You act too much like an adult. Act like a four-year-old.
Adam: You want me to act dumb so you can tell lies to me.
J.N: Think Adam should skip a grade? Kind of grinning.
Elijah: …I don't know why you're so mistrustful. You should be a lawyer. He's not even in school yet…
J.N: I figure his mother can straighten him out when he goes back to Atlantis.
Elijah: How so?
J.N: If a kid can't trust his own mother, who can he trust?
Elijah: True… I'm trying to say you're not having any fun, Adam… Take life too seriously… It's short enough as it is. You're only four… You'll be an adult for a looong time.
Adam: Then maybe people'll take me seriously. And I would have more fun if you'd take me places. Marit never wants to bring me along.
Elijah: Probably because he knows you'll ask 2,000,000 questions.
Adam: You're always doing "big kid" stuff. What's big kid stuff?
Elijah: Kissing girls. You don't want to do that.
Adam: Makes a face.
Elijah: I prooomise I'll take you places from now on.
Adam: 'Stead of writing?
Elijah: Yes. I promise.
J.N: Writing?
Elijah: Blushes. Yeah…
J.N: What about?
Elijah: I dunno… It's mostly bad… short stories and stuff. My English teacher liked a short story I wrote and I thought I might expand on it a bit… Shrugs. That's all.
J.N: Mind if I see it sometime?
Elijah: Um… Blushes. Sure. It's pretty bad, though… So don't laugh too much, okay? Smiles.
J.N: I won't. I don't think you're bad at it. I still have that Demon survival guide.
Elijah: Laughs. I'm sure that's terrible…
J.N: I thought it was pretty well done! Your handwriting was pretty neat for your age. Pulls into his parent's driveway.
Elijah: Laughs. That's just 'cause Katen drilled it into me.
J.N: Hey, Adam. You're going to see where I get my height from.
Adam: Stares. J.N.'s kinda scary, so maybe his parents are too?
Elijah: Actually sort of nervous about seeing J.N.'s dad.

J.N: And I didn't even call to tell them I was bringing guests! Gets out of the car and leads them to the door!
Elijah: Follows him, holding Adam's hand.
J.N: Knocks!
Elijah: Makes sure he looks extra presentable.
John's Father: Opens the door! …Elijah may be a bit taller than him now.
Elijah: Hello Mr. Crowley. Offers him his hand instead of bowing.
Dad: Takes his hand and firmly shakes it. Hello Elijah. Yeah, I remembered your name. What're you going to do about it?
Elijah: Surprised he did! This is my little brother, Adam. Pushes him forward.
Adam: …Hello… Stares up at him.
Dad: Kneels down a bit to look at Adam eye-to-eye. There is a slight resemblance with J.N, but it's mostly in his demeanor. Hello there, Adam. I'm Peter, John's Father. Also his manner of speaking quite flatly.
Adam: Stares at him with big green eyes. Nice to meet you… Softly.
Peter: Nods and steps back. Come on in.
Elijah: Thank you, Sir. Enters.

Rose: Pokes her head out kitchen. Peter? Who is at the do… John! Steps out of the kitchen! …And is almost as tall as John. It is very plain to see that John takes after his mother quite strongly.
Adam: Has never seen such a tall lady… Didn't know women could get that tall.
Rose: And who is this with you? …John! You didn't tell us you were bringing company! The house is a mess! It isn't. And I didn't get out the good china. Sounds quite angry at John! But when she turns to face Elijah, she looks absolutely jovial. Is that really you, Elijah? Yes, I ask about you. Your father gave my son a lung and turned his life around.
Elijah: Smiles. Yes, it is, Mrs. Crowley. It's so nice to see you.
Adam: Hides behind Elijah's legs… he can talk the talk, but he can't walk the walk.
Rose: You've grown into such a handsome young man! I bet you have a hard time getting the girls away from you. Smiles happily!
J.N: Just exchanged nods with his father.
Elijah: Grins and blushes. Thank you… You have a… Really nice home.
House: It is clean… but kind of filled with tacky stuff. Like a book shelf with small, ornate clocks and porcelain elephants. Also, the infamous picture of a young, smiling John Nathan Crowley with his two front teeth missing.
J.N: I wish they'd burn that.
Elijah: Kinda grins at that a bit, it's hard to imagine J.N. being a kid. Finds Adam and pushes him forward again. Say 'hi'.
Adam: …Hi… She's a giant.
Rose: Has much further to go down than Peter did! Why hello there! What's your name?
Adam: …Adam… She has a nice face, though.
Rose: Smiles a lot. That might do it! Adam? That's a nice name. I'm Rosemary, and I'm pleased to meet you.
Adam: …Hello Mrs. Rosemary. Stares.
Elijah: He's kinda shy.
Rose: That's alright. Just speak up whenever you'd like to, Adam.
Adam: Nods a bit.
Elijah: Sorry if you weren't expecting us. Feeling sort of awkward since J.N. isn't saying anything…
Rose: Oh, no need to apologize! John should have told us beforehand, but do sit down! Are any of you hungry?
J.N: …A little.
Elijah: Um… Yes.
Adam: Nods.
Elijah: Sits politely.
Adam: Climbs into Elijah's lap where it's safe.
J.N: Sits as well.
Peter: Sat down in wooden rocking chair.
Adam: That guy smokes a pipe. Stares at him. Never saw a real guy smoking a pipe.
Elijah: Sorry if we're inconveniencing you or anything.
Rose: Not at all! I wonder what I could cook at this time… Wonder if they'd like snacks.
Elijah: Are you doing well… Mr. and Mrs. Crowley?
Peter: Nods.
Rose: We're doing fine! How are you? And your mother? All John told me was… Deepens her voice and frowns. "She's been busy with work. He's been busy with school."
Elijah: Grins. My mom's fine… She has been busy, though. I'm good too, I just graduated from high school.
J.N: She just made fun of me. My own mom.
Rose: Oh! Congratulations, honey! Peter, congratulate Elijah.
Peter: Congratulations.
Elijah: Smiles. Thank you…
J.N: He was also the top of his class.
Elijah: Top ten percent… I wasn't valedictorian or anything.
Rose: That's still quite an achievement! Jessica certainly did a job raising you. Paws through the fridge for something for them to eat since it might be a bit late to be cooking, even if she doesn't want to be a bad host by not cooking. And what to cook? What do they like?! Flustered.
Elijah: Nods. Mr. John, too! He's been looking out for me.
Peter: Looks at Elijah and then J.N with a raised brow. Is that so?
J.N: Yeah.
Elijah: Nods. Smiles at J.N. with that look J.N. hates.
Peter: Good. Nods approvingly. Now get your own damn kids. I want a grandchild.
Adam: Slides out of Elijah's lap and goes over to Peter. The power of pipes is as compelling as chin hair.
Peter: Eyes Adam. Hello there.
Adam: …Hello… you have a pipe.
Peter: Plucks the pipe out of his mouth and looks at it appraisingly. Hm. Now that you mention it, I do. As if he hadn't noticed it before. Unlike John's sarcasm, his is said with a bit more playfulness.
Adam: Smiles a bit looking up at him with big green eyes.
Peter: You've got big eyes. Where have you seen a pipe before, Adam?
Adam: Books… Picture books… I can't read… yet… Can I see? I won't break it.
Rose: Comes back and sets three bottles of what looks like beer… but is just root beer on the coffee table.
Peter: Yes, you may. Knocks the ash and burning cherry out of the pipe first, before handing it carefully to Adam.
Root Beer: I am Rose's guilty pleasure. A woman her age drinking root beer? A travesty.
Elijah: …I don't drink… Anymore. Besides that I'm too young to drink anyway.
J.N: Points to the label of the drink. While the text claiming it's root beer is small, it's still there. Caffeine junky.
Adam: Inspects the pipe. Sniffs the inside! Coughs.
Peter: Chuckles a bit.
Adam: Wrinkles his nose and hands it back.
Elijah: Oh. Sorry… Takes one!
Peter: I hope I don't hear about you touching this stuff.
Adam: Oh… I'm too young. Frowns.
Elijah: Looks at J.N.
Peter: Nods
J.N: Looked at.
Elijah: Not sure what to say to J.N.'s parents.
Adam: Have you got toys?
Peter: I'm afraid not, Adam.
Rose: Returns with a platter with crackers and cheese and salami. Looks embarrassed by just offering that.
Adam: Blinks. Wonders why no one has toys.
Elijah: Smiles at Rose. Thank you so much.
Rose: You're welcome, Elijah! You three help yourselves, and John, don't give lip to Mom, I spent far too many hours in labor with you to be denied a few good things. The last bit said playfully, and for the explicit purpose of embarrassing, J.N.
Elijah: Made him feel awkward, too!
J.N: Puts his face in a hand for awhile.
Elijah: Kinda laughs at J.N.'s reaction.
Adam: Just sits next to Peter!
Peter: How old are you, Adam? Doesn't have much trouble talking to kids. Likes children!
Adam: …Four. How old are you?
Peter: I'm Forty-nine.
Adam: Nods. My mommy's 42.
J.N: Really now?
Adam: Yes. Are you still gonna marry her?
Elijah: Stares at Adam.
Peter: Stares as well.
J.N: I'll think about it.
Elijah: Stares at J.N.
Adam: Okay.
J.N: Turns and stares at Elijah.
Elijah: Looks kinda… confused and… funny looking.
J.N: Tries to decipher this.. Funny looking part of the confusion.
Elijah: Almost looks kinda hurt. Like he's been betrayed or something.
J.N: Well, that's confusing, since for all you know that was supposed to be a joke.
Elijah: Averts his stare from J.N. uncomfortably and drinks root beer.
Adam: Has no problem with this. J.N.'s a cool guy and I wouldn't mind him being my stepdad or something. Sleepy though.
Rose: Frowns a bit. Elijah, what are you going to do now that you're out of high school?
Elijah: H-Huh? I-I mean… Pardon?
Rose: Was only frowning because she noticed the look on his face and that people got kinda quiet for awhile. Smile soon returns. There are a lot of opportunities for a young man as smart as you, Elijah. I was wondering if you put any thought into what college you'd like to go to or what you'd like to major in. Somehow has no doubt that college is in Elijah's future.
Elijah: O-oh… I don't know… I'm thinking about joining the army…
Adam: Crawls into Pete's lap.
Peter: Aww.
Rose: Really? Looks concerned.
Elijah: Yeah… Serving my country. Smile, but not a very happy one.
Rose: That is very noble of you. Also doesn't sound very happy about this, but you're not my son and I guess I don't have much 'cause to worry about you.
Elijah: Nods and lapses back into silence.
Adam: Falls asleep on Peter.
Rose: But I do.
J.N: …Looks like Adam's passed out.
Elijah: Nods a bit, but doesn't look at J.N. Moody teenagers.
J.N: Ouch. Doesn't much like soda, so hasn't touched his root beer.
Elijah: Doesn't much like root beer, but drinking it to be polite.
J.N: Think we should head out so you can put Adam to sleep?
Elijah: If you'd like.
J.N: Not my call. I don't have to manage Adam's sleeping schedule.
Elijah: If you wouldn't mind, Mrs. Crowley… I should probably put Adam to bed. He has school tomorrow.
Rose: Of course! Feel free to stop by any time though! If you call ahead I can actually prepare something to eat.
Elijah: Laughs a bit, but again, not exactly mirthfully. Don't worry about it, Mrs. Crowley. This was fine. Smiles. Thank you so much. It was nice seeing you both again. Offers his hand to Mr. Crowley again.
Peter: Shakes his hand once again. Pleasure seeing you again.
Elijah: Takes Adam from him. Smiles at Mrs. Crowley. Good evening. Thank you, again. Heads for the door.
J.N: Lingers back, and is exchanging words with her.
Elijah: Waits at the door.
J.N: Hugs his mother briefly and soon departs for the door as well.

Elijah: Steps out and goes to the car after one last nod at the Crowleys.
J.N: Gets into the car.
Elijah: Puts the sleeping Adam in the back and buckles him up, then gets in the passenger's side. This is going to be an awkward drive.
J.N: Starts driving. So, enjoy that?
Elijah: …Yeah… Stares out the window.
J.N: What's eating you? Not empathetic, but he was a lot more cheerful on the way there, barring the conversation with Adam.
Elijah: …I wish you wouldn't joke around about stuff like that.
J.N: Oh. About marrying your mother? What bothers you about that?
Elijah: You told me you weren't interested in her. I'd appreciate it if you didn't toy with my feelings like that, okay?
J.N: How does it toy with your feelings?
Elijah: You said you weren't interested in her! Now you're talking about marrying her or whatever?! I'd appreciate it if you didn't toy with my mother's feelings, either!
J.N: …I'm not toying with anyone's emotions, Elijah. What I said in there was supposed to be a joke.
Elijah: I know you were joking… but don't joke about it… I don't need this. Sounds upset!
J.N: …Elijah.
Elijah: What?
J.N: I do have feelings for your mother. John Nathan is a man of social tact, easily and deftly using words to maneuver the subject like a flying ace and to cushion the impact of what could otherwise difficult words to hear.
Elijah: Just stares at him. …Like she's your friend.
J.N: No, that's not what I meant.
Elijah: You told me you weren't interested in her!
J.N: That was easier to say than what I just did.
Elijah: So you just lied to me?
J.N: I wasn't even sure myself at the time. I needed more time to think on it.
Elijah: Shakes his head. Not sure why he feels differently about this now as opposed to four years ago.
J.N: …You're the first person I've even breathed a word of this to.
Elijah: So you and my mom are getting married or what? You've been having a secret relationship behind my back?
J.N: …No. Your mom doesn't even know…
Elijah: Stares at him in disbelief.
J.N: A bit of role reversal here. John on the defense! I'm not in a relationship with your mother.
Elijah: You're just toying with her feelings.
J.N: I don't even know if she feels the same way. And it's not like I'm hitting on her. Who do you think I am, Ernest?
Elijah: Just looks upset. If his life wasn't already going topsy-turvy at the moment, he'd probably be cooler about this. As it is, says nothing and begins to feel bad since J.N.'s been so nice to him and he's jumping all over him for one little thing.
J.N: Looks quite downtrodden. Was kind of expecting/hoping for Elijah's support or at least disagreement on a more subtle scale, not being yelled at. Also learns that when you open up, it's a tad bit easier to be hurt, as cheesy as that may sound.
Elijah: Look, I'm sorry Mr. John… Just sounds miserable now. You know… how I am… I didn't mean to get on your case. You and my mom are both adults… you can make your own decisions…
J.N: I want to know what you think about it.
Elijah: I dunno… I got this one idea of you and I guess it just got stronger over four years and… now it's different and… now I don't know how I'd feel if you were going to be seeing my mom or being my dad or anything…
J.N: Shakes his head a bit. Even if something does happen between your mother and I… I doubt marriage is an option that's going to crop up any time soon..
Elijah: Still… I always kind of felt like you were on equal ground with me… you always made me feel like that… I don't know… Even if you were my mom's boyfriend or something… I don't know… I'm sorry… I'm sorry if I can't subtract my dad from this equation I just… It's been four years, too… I'm sorry…
J.N: I understand. I didn't want you to blindly agree. I wanted to know how you felt about it.
Elijah: …I guess it just felt easier to replace him earlier… You are kind of like a father to me… It's just… I mean… You've been so nice to me… and looked after me… I just….
J.N: I'm not trying to replace your father.
Elijah: I know you're not… I've just been thinking about him a lot lately… I'm so sorry… you've been so nice to me… I really love you… I just don't know.
J.N: Nods.
Elijah: Actual tears.
J.N: Kind of thought he could just ride the 'good' of being more open and kind of forgot about the downside.
Elijah: I'm sorry, Mr. John.
J.N: It's alright.
Elijah: I'm sorry…
J.N: Why do you keep on apologizing?
Elijah: I shouldn't have yelled at you… That was really ungrateful of me.
J.N: You don't owe me anything. I understand you have strong feelings on the subject… I told you first so you didn't feel like I was sneaking off with your mother behind your back, just to say that now.
Elijah: I owe you a lot… you know I'm not myself… I can't really think straight.
J.N: Well, let's get you and Adam home… might help you a bit to get some rest.
Elijah: Doesn't think he's going to be able to sleep now.
J.N: Not trying to make Elijah feel bad, but kind of has a resigned tone to his voice.
Elijah: Is probably just going to agonize for the rest of the night.
J.N: It'd have been easier to just never mention anything.
Elijah: Tries to calm down and stop crying 'cause it doesn't look manly in front of Aunt Bridget.
J.N: This is just a full circle 'making each other feel bad' contest festival, and it's difficult to tell who's winning. …I didn't mean to bring this up at this time.
Elijah: N-No… I'm glad you told me… I really appreciate you telling me… I'm glad you care about me enough… Thank you for asking my opinion first… You're really too nice to me.
J.N: Doesn't look too convinced about that last part.
Elijah: What do I do for you? Nothing…
J.N: I didn't become your friend so you would do things for me.
Elijah: I know… I know…
J.N: …I don't have it nearly as rough as you do, Elijah. I believe if I was in your position, you would have done for me all that I've ever done for you.
Elijah: …I know you're not like me, though… I know it's probably harder for you… It was probably hard for you to tell me that. I didn't mean to get mad at you… You know I'm just naturally very open and stuff.
J.N: …It is hard. I don't know how you do it.
Elijah: …It's just something I was born with, probably… I don't know… Everyone's different.
J.N: Yeah…
Elijah: …Are you mad at me?
J.N: I'm not, Elijah… Really, the reality of it is occurring to me.
Elijah: I don't mean to discourage you… I mean… I want you to be happy… I want my mom to be, too.
J.N: You didn't discourage me… I've just realized some things… Your mother and father knew each other since kindergarten, dated during college… Had kids together. He's open and kind to people even when they don't deserve it. I've known her for only a few years, I'm generally mean spirited and sarcastic to people who don't deserve it, and being open is… at best, difficult for me. Telling her about how I feel is not looking like a good idea, all things considered.
Elijah: Blinks. You don't think my mom would like you?
J.N: Put shortly, no.
Elijah: Shrugs. I don't think you're that much more of a terrible person than my dad or anything… You're just different.
J.N: Uses the rear view mirror to check on Adam quick. That'd be a way to put it.
Adam: Still snoring.
Elijah: It's not like my dad was perfect or anything…
J.N: I know. I'm just indulging in some self defeating logic.
Elijah: It's not like you have to live up to my father, or anything.
J.N: It's not living up to your father I'm worried about. I know I'm not Dan, I'm not going to try to be him, or like him either. What I'm saying is exactly what you said. I'm different.
Elijah: Well there's no one else in the world like my dad. You are really different, but I dunno… I guess you might as well give it a shot, if you want to. I don't want to stop you from doing it. I mean… I dunno…
J.N: …Let's stop talking about it. It didn't need to be getting any more awkward than getting a pep talk from Elijah on his chances of with his mother.
Elijah: Mostly just feels bad for getting mad at him first. Sorry…
J.N: It's alright.

J.N: Pulls in to Eric's driveway.
Elijah: Doesn't want to go in. Just sits there.
J.N: …Sit in here for as long as you'd like.
Elijah: Does so… If he goes in he'll have to think about it… and add it to his thinking about everything else. Sits there in silence for 15 minutes.
J.N: Doesn't mind at all. Does give his shoulder a squeeze, as if that'll actually help.
Eric: Heard them pull into the driveway 15 minutes ago and wonders what the heck they're doing out of there. Steps out onto the front porch.
J.N: …Are you alright?
Elijah: Yes… I guess I have to go. Good night, Mr. John… Love you… Gets out and opens the back seat door to get Adam out.
J.N: …Have a good night.
Eric: Waves to John in the driveway. Smiles.
J.N: Waves back, and soon drives away.