29 July 2032
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Jessica Crowley Ernest Randall Adam Crowley Celena Crowley John Crowley Feemerson Crowley Rosemary Crowley (jr) Danielle Crowley Sasha Hailie-Johnson Rosemary Crowley (sr)
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Peter Crowley Elijah McMurran Aidae McMurran Renasi Reium Nicholas Romolo

Jessica: Nice to see you, Ernest.
Ernest: Has obviously aged, of course. Nice to see you too, Jessica!
Jessica: Gives him a hug. You're looking well!
Ernest: Hugs! Thanks, you are too.
Adam: Bows to Ernest. Sir.
Ernest: Hey Adam. No hugs for dudes of course, but offers a hand for a hand shake!
Adam: Shakes hands.
Celena: Smiles at Ernest politely. Did not bring Middler, unfortunately. It would be too hard to explain.
Ernest: Where's your boyfriend? Said jokingly. Still tries to be charismatic.
Celena: Back at home… and he's my fiancee now. Shows him the engagement ring.
Ernest: Hey, congratulations!
Celena: Thank you! I'll be sure to invite you to our wedding.
Ernest: Wouldn't miss it. Should ask the little lady though.
Celena: …Little lady?
Ernest: Yeah, Sasha. My girlfriend.
Celena: Oh! Your girlfriend?
Ernest: Yep! I'm sure she won't mind though.
Celena: I'd love to meet her sometime.
Ernest: Well, she's just in the garage right now. She'll be out in a little bit, I'm sure.
Celena: Wrinkles her nose a little. Remembers her daddy saying that place was full of dead animals.
John: It's pretty bad that you'd get your girlfriend to work on your car.
Ernest: Grins. John! Looks at him and frowns. Oh, that is just not fair…
Jessica: Subtly looks at the time… They are due for dinner at the Crowley's, but guesses they have enough time to meet his girlfriend. They are a bit early.
John: What isn't fair? Doesn't realize he just looks a lot better than he ever has.
Jessica: Keeps an eye on the girls to make sure they aren't breaking anything.
Ernest: Never mind.
Jessica: The house looks nice, Ernest.
Ernest: Thanks! Has been majorly redecorated. More organized and with a better sense of decoration and arrangement.
Feemy: Hey Ernest.
Ernest: Hey Feemz! …Um… Staring at the horns.
Adam: Leans against his dad a bit.
John: Strokes his hair a little. Doubts Adam wants to hang out with Ernest for very long.
Rose: …When are we gonna see Gran'ma? Tugs a little on Jessica's hand.
Jessica: In a liiittle bit, be patient, sweety.
Rose: Oookay. Quiets down, though a little antsy.
Jessica: Strokes her hair a bit and looks around for Danielle to make sure she's not breaking stuff.
Dani: Wandering around, but not straying far.
Jessica: Keeps an eye on her.
Ernest: You a rock star yet, Feemz?
Feemy: Nooo. Stop staring at my horns.
Ernest: How the hell am I supposed to explain that to Sachi? I bet you've played the field quite a bit with that thing, eh?
Adam: Begins to lean more heavily on John as he starts to fall asleep.
Feemy: Grins impishly. Nooo… As if to imply that he really has played the field, which he hasn't sadly! But he just wants to disturb his family and not look like a loser in front of Ernest.
Jessica: Shoots Feemy a look.
John: Also gives him a look.
Ernest: Aw, c'mon John, Jessica. He's a young man, what'd you expect?
Jessica: Not to use you as a role model.
Ernest: Frowns a little. Hey, low blow.
Jessica: Sighs. Sorry… You've been doing much better recently, I know. We're all proud of you.
Ernest: Slight forgiven. Hey, thanks. I really owe it to my better half though.
Jessica: Smiles. Well, I can't wait to meet her.
John: Not really looking forward to it.
Adam: Asleep.
John: Picks him up. That's what you get for sleeping.
Adam: Wakes up. Daaad… Struggles to get down.
John: Stop squirming, I'll set you down. You fell asleep though.
Adam: Stops squirming. You didn't have to pick me up.
John: I wasn't going to let you fall over.
Adam: Glowers a bit and straightens his clothes once John sets him down.
Jessica: Looks for Dani.
John: I got a glare for not wanting my kid to be hurt. Sighs.
Dani: Nowhere to be seen.
Jessica: Sighs. Transfers Rose's hand to Feemy and goes to search for Dani.
Adam: Goes back to leaning on his dad within minutes.

Dani: Not hard to find, it's not a huge house. Looking for something of interest in Ernest's room! Already has one of his drawers pulled open and some of his clothes strewn out.
Jessica: Danielle Mae Crowley! Just what do you think you're doing?
Dani: Jumps a little! Knows she's not doing what she's supposed to. I was looking for toys. I'm bored.
Jessica: Mr. Randall doesn't have any children. I'm sure he doesn't have any toys little girls would like to play with. That was bad of you to go snooping through people's things. You don't do that. Sets Ernest's drawer right and starts folding clothes back into them.
Clothes: Weren't that well folded to begin with.
Jessica: Go back into the front room with Daddy and be good or you won't be getting any dessert at Grandma's.
Dani: Hustles!
Jessica: Folds the clothes back and, with some difficulty, puts the drawer back on its runners and returns to the front room.

Adam: Puts an arm around his dad. Wishes Sachi would show up, tired of standing and wants to see his grandparents.
Door: Soon there is stomping heard outside.
Ernest: Sounds like she's done!
Sachi: Getting crud off of her boots.
Adam: Stops leaning and straightens himself up again.
Sachi: Steps in! Dark skinned and not very tall, only 5'5 or so, and she's wearing a tank top with gross oil stains and such on it, which shows off the bunch of tattoos she has. Even has two going along her face of the tribal variety. Has brown eyes and short brown hair. Wipes her hands off on a rag, which is soon gross with stains. Kind of built. You don't take care of your car for crap Ernie.
Jessica: What a strange looking woman. But smiles. I'm sure she's very nice!
Sachi: Has flowers tattooed on her arms. She's so tough.
John: Worst part about being tall is you can't shrink out of sight.
Sachi: It's a shame, it's a damn good car too. Isn't used to watching her mouth in front of kids.
Ernest: …Eh… heh… Ah, Sasha… there are kids in the room.
Sasha: …Oh. Sorry. That's a lot of guests. And Kids. Counts Celena as one too. Doesn't look at all happy when she sees John. I thought you said he moved.
Ernest: He did. I live here now. I said my friends were visiting.
Dani: Tugs on her mom's hand.
Jessica: Yes sweety?
Dani: What's wrong with that lady's face?
Jessica: Hisses. Dani!
Dani: What? Pouts. Thinks this is a valid question.
Jessica: Glares. Whispers. That's not polite.
Sasha: Glares at Ernest, as if this is his fault.
Jessica: Um… Laughs nervously. I'm really sorry… Sachi, is it?
Sachi: Has some manners. Steps forward and offers a hand. Yeah, I'm Sachi. Ernie already introduced me, I see.
Ernest: I hate it when she calls me that.
Jessica: Nods. I'm Jessica. Smiles. Shakes her hand.
Sachi: Light grip. Not a hand-crusher like Curt.
Jessica: Um… This is my family… My daughters Celena… Points her children out. Danielle and Rosemary and my sons Feemerson and Adam and this is my husband, John.
Sachi: Nods and looks like she's about to greet them until she gets to John, wherein she just grins as if Jessica had said something pretty funny. Pleased to meet all of you. Adam, Danielle, Rose, Feemerson, Celena, Johnathan.
Jessica: Looks sorta confused but keeps smiling.
John: It'll take more than that to faze me. I'm sure. Ernest, it's been really nice seeing you, but I don't want to run late meeting my parents. Is the minivan still here?
Ernest: Finally realizes that Sachi and John talking isn't a good idea. Yeah, been nice seein' ya! It's in the garage. Kept it around in case you flew in to visit. You just gotta pay for the gas, not me.
Jessica: Smiles. Thank you, Ernest! Takes John's hand.
Dani & Rose: Look confused at the whole 'flying in' thing.
Adam: Bows to Sachi politely. A pleasure to meet you Ma'am. Follows his parents out.
Sachi: Weird kid. Doesn't even look like John either. Nods in return. Looks to Feemy and his horns. …Huh. Nice headgear.
Feemy: Gratefully leaves. Now he's all self-conscious.
John: Happy to be leaving too.
Celena: Nice to meet you, Ma'am. Nods her head, but refrains from curtsying.
Sachi: Nice meetin' ya.
Jessica: Makes sure the girls are following!
Dani & Rose: Indeed are! We're bored.
Ernest: Waves after them!

Jessica: Guesses they're big enough to ride without a child safety seat, I did when I was that age. Sits up front with John.
John: Seat belts, everyone.
Adam: Sits in between Celena and Feemy.
Feemy: Window seat!
Jessica: …This brings back memories.
John: Oh? Starts the van and gets to driving.
Jessica: Turns around. Do you remember, Feemy? Smiles.
Feemy: Blinks and looks like he's thinking. Is trying really hard to remember. Face lights up! We went skating once!
Jessica: Yep! Remembers John got hurt while skating.
John: Frowns a little. Doing the splits.
Jessica: And we went to the zoo and the movies and the beach and the pool…
John: It was fun.
Feemy: Can't remember well a lot of those times, except for the beach. Gwen tried to bury me alive.
John: She bit me.
Jessica: Maybe not all happy… What was Ernest's girlfriend's problem with you?
John: I knew her from high school.
Jessica: Oh, really?
John: Yeah.
Jessica: …I guess you didn't leave a very good impression on her.
John: Didn't leave a good one on me either.
Jessica: Hm? Is she not very nice?
John: Shrugs his shoulders a bit. She goes from being nice to being psychotic.
Adam: Fell asleep on Feemy's shoulder.
Feemy: It's cool, Bro.
Jessica: Nods. I guess you knew her pretty well.
John: I did for awhile.
Celena: I don't think it was worth it waiting around for her just so she could laugh at Father.
John: Aw, she's sticking up for me.
Dani: Are we almost there?
Jessica: Soon, honey. Has forgiven her for saying un-polite things since Sachi didn't turn out to be very nice.
Feemy: …Um… Sorry for what I said back there.
Jessica: Well I hope you were joking.
Feemy: No answer. Kind of wondering if he should tell the truth, that he didn't want to look like a loser.
Jessica: Turns around at his silence. Frowns.
Feemy: Looks down at his feet. Maybe I'll just talk to Mom later. She'd understand!
Jessica: Looks kinda confused and turns back around. Everything all right, Feemy?
Feemy: Yes, Mom. I don't like lying to my family, even if it is about that. Though I wouldn't be announcing it either. This is tricky.
Jessica: …Is Adam asleep back there? Thinks it's best to change the subject.
Feemy: Yep! Sounds happy to have the subject changed and decides to talk to Mom later.
Jessica: Would you check his forehead?
Feemy: Does so!
Adam: Still warm.
Feemy: Frowns. He's warm.
Jessica: Frowns. Debates whether or not she should have let him come.
John: Hm… We shouldn't have wasted so much time at Ernest's. We're not going to stay long with Adam sick.
Jessica: Sighs. Looks behind to see how the girls are doing!
Rose: Leaning on Dani a bit, eyelids drooping.
Dani: Wide awake.
Jessica: Hopes Rose isn't sick too.
Feemy: Tugs a little on one of his horns. Wonders how hard it would be to cut it off.
Jessica: Waits for them to get there. Looking forward to seeing her in-laws.
John: And pulls up in their driveway!
Jessica: Gets out!
Feemy, Rose, Dani, and John: All pile out.
Adam: Sleeps.
Celena: Shakes him.
Adam: Gets out with Celena.

John: Knocks on the door!
Adam: Straightens his clothes and hair up again!
Rosemary: Opens the door! Delighted. John! Jessica! You're all here, come in! Peter, they're here!
Jessica: It's so good to see you, Rose.
Rosemary: Jessica gets a quick hug. Would give John a hug, but thinks she should let them in and moves aside to do so!
Jessica: Walks in after John.
Celena: Gives Grandma a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Rosemary: She gets one in kind. You've grown so pretty. Full of compliments.
Celena: Thank you, Nana. Goes inside.
Rosemary: The horns are a little weird now that you're a young man, Feemy, but I'm just glad you're here. Hugs Feemy as he passes! No getting in without Grandma knowing. Hugs the twins at the same time. I'm so glad you all made it. Smiles, getting too old to be constantly chipper.
Adam: Waits patiently for his turn.
Rosemary: Would never forget Adam. Hugs him too. You look so handsome.
Adam: Hugs back, lovingly. Thank you. Blushes. How are you, Grandma?
Rosemary: I'm doing alright, dear, thank you for asking.
Adam: Gives her a kiss on the cheek and goes inside.
Rosemary: Closes the door after them.
Jessica: Sorry if we're a bit late.
Rosemary: It's no trouble at all! Peter! They're here!
Adam: Looks for Peter. Still has a soft spot for Gramps.
Peter: Is going to the sound of his wife's voice, just moves a little slowly, but meets Adam halfway there.
Adam: Hugs. I still think you're real cool.
Peter: Hugs. Hey Adam.
Adam: Hi Grandpa.
Peter: Smiles. I was just on my way to Grandma.
Adam: Smiles. Sorry…
Peter: No apologies needed. Makes his way to Rosemary, hopefully with Adam coming with.
Adam: Follows closely. Loves his grandpa.
Jessica: Hello Mr. Crowley.
Peter: Nods and smiles a little. Jessica. Good to see you. Has softened up a little over the years. It's probably obvious that he doesn't mean to come off as mean, he's just not very emotive. Even John is more expressive than him.
Jessica: Smiles. Good to see you, too. How're you doing?
Peter: Just getting old. Smile turns a bit wry, but doesn't seem down about it.
Jessica: You're still looking good.
Celena: Hi Grandpa.
Peter: Hello Celena. Stopped calling her "princess" a long time ago.
John: Not being silent on purpose, just standing back and letting his parents be with his kids.
Adam: Proceeds to become Peter's second shadow, but won't lean on him 'cause he's old.
Rosemary: Being overwhelmed by the twins.
Rose: Holding her arms out to be hugged!
Dani: Also doing so. Granma!
Rosemary: I just got done hugging you two, but… Hugs more. You two got so big.
Dani: How'd you get so tall?
Rose: Shh! That's impolite, Mom said so.
Jessica: Indeed shooting Dani a look.
Dani: Sooorry Granma.
Adam: Stands next to Peter quietly.
Peter: Puts a hand on his shoulder.
Adam: Smiles.
Rosemary: It's alright, Dani. I just grew this tall. Maybe you will too!
Dani: I hope not.
Jessica: Danielle!
Rosemary: Just laughs. Oh I love these kids so much.
Jessica: Gives her the, "You're not going to get dessert if you keep that up" look.
Dani: That shuts her up right quick.
Feemy: Kind of standing off to the side.
Jessica: Looks at Adam. Why don't you sit down, honey? Don't want you wearing yourself out and you look pale.
Adam: Yes Ma'am. Goes to sit.
Jessica: Looks at Feemy oddly.
Feemy: I'm not used to people looking at my horns so much in one day. I'm probably making a mountain out of an anthill though. Just self-conscious.
Jessica: Pats his arm and smiles at him. It's difficult keeping my eyes in six places.
Rose & Dani: Eventually swarm their poor grandfather.
Adam: Fell asleep on the couch within minutes.
Dani: Grandad, pick me up!
Rose: Me too! Smiles!
Dani: Wants to sit on his shoulders.
Celena: Can I help you with anything in the kitchen, Nana?
Rosemary: Oh, you're such a lamb, but you shouldn't bother yourself. Just have a seat, sweety. So well-behaved and groomed. But first… Approaches Feemy! And pets his pretty hair. How're you doing, sweety? You're so quiet, is something wrong?
Celena: Goes to have a seat in the living room.
Rosemary: Feemerson, you can tell Grandma.
Feemy: It's nothing, really. Hugs her with one arm, since the other has his guitar case, then hurries away to have a seat to avoid further questioning!
Jessica: Sits down next to Adam.
Rosemary: Frowns.
Peter: You're looking better, Son.
John: It's what marriage does, right?
Peter: Raises a brow.
Jessica: Smiles a little.
Peter: You need a haircut. And what are you growing there? Motions to his chin.
Jessica: Smiles more.
Rosemary: Deaaar! Hustles over and gives Peter a playful punch/slap on the shoulder. Don't pick on John, he looks just fine.
Dani: Wandering around the house now!
Rose: Sitting on the floor in front of the couch. In front of Adam specifically.
Jessica: Keeps an eye on Dani.
Adam: Drooped over the arm of the couch.
Feemy: You guys are hogging the couch.
Celena: There's another over here, smarty.
Feemy: What if I wanted to sit there though? Teasingly. Has a history of baiting his sister.
Celena: Mommy might let you sit in her lap if you ask niiicely.
Feemy: Oh, low blow. I shall return it in kind. I'm sure you'd make room for a certain bird…
Celena: Oh, well certainly. Keeping one hand firmly planted over her engagement ring.
Jessica: Feels Adam's cheek and wipes sweat from his brow. Sighs.
Feemy: I bet you're looking forward to sitting on that big egg.
Celena: Face goes red.
Feemy: That's what I like to see.
Celena: Silently hopes that she doesn't lay an egg.
Feemy: Grins.
Jessica: Rose, would you like to sit on Daddy's lap?
Rose: Nods!
Jessica: Sets her purse down and looks to John. Smiles.
John: Smiles. Not as pensive as he was earlier, what with the trip on his mind.
Rose: Sits on her dad's lap and looks like she thinks it's the coziest place ever.
Jessica: Gives Rose a kiss on the cheek and smooths her tangled curls a bit.
Rose: Center of attention. Feels nice to be without having to break something, right Dani?
Dani: Looking in the silverware drawer.
John: Leans his head against Jessica's head.
Dani: Not pulling a bunch of stuff out, at least. Closes that drawer and opens a few of the lower cabinets. Bunches of bottles. Nothing interesting. Closes and frowns. Grandma's house is kind of boring too.
Jessica: …Adam… Pokes him a bit.
Adam: Sleeps on.
Jessica: Shakes her head and gives up.
John: Says quietly. …If Adam is sick, we shouldn't be here for too long.
Jessica: …I don't see much difference between him being sick here and at home…
John: My old, feeble, weak immune system'd parents being sick too? Sighs. Not angry or frustrated from her comment, just worried about Adam.
Rose: Right in his lap. I don't want to go yet…
Dani: Looking up at Peter. …Can I ask you something?
Peter: Of course, Princess.
Dani: Mom will yell at me if I ask.
Peter: Don't worry about that. What do you want to know?
Dani: How'd you get so big?
Peter: Chuckles. I like my wife's cooking.
Dani: Nods. Oooh.
Adam: Snerk! Awakes with a start. Looks around. Straightens his hair.
Feemy: Welcome back, Adam. Grins from the other couch. Has his"baby" out, tuning it.
Jessica: Glad you could join us.
Adam: Mumbles. Sorry…
Dani: Makes her way to Feemy.
Feemy: Sighs. …No Jellyman song.
Dani: Frowns. Pouts.
Adam: …How have you been doing, Grandpa?
Peter: Been getting by. How about you, Adam? Are you feeling alright?
Adam: I've been a bit ill, but I'm okay. Just a little tired. I'm sorry for falling asleep. It was rude of me.
Peter: That's okay. We have a bed you can use.
Dani: How come you have horns and I don't? Not as inquisitive as Adam. More just likes being nosey.
Adam: …That's okay… I'd like to visit with you all. Thank you, though.
John: Danielle. Enough.
Feemy: Frowning. It's a disease. And it's contagious. Reaches out to touch her.
Dani: Shrieks and runs to her mother, father, and sister.
John: You go over there and apologize to your brother.
Dani: I don't want horns.
John: …Now. Serious tone.
Dani: Looks to Mom.
Jessica: Severe look. Do as your father says.
Dani: Sulks over. Sorry. Doesn't sound so apologetic.
Feemy: No more jelly songs for you.
Dani: What?! I apologized!
Feemy: Too bad.
Dani: I'm telling. Marches right to Mom! Feemy said he's not going to do the jelly song anymore.
Jessica: That's Feemy's decision then.
Dani: Completely expecting outrage and Mom fixing this problem by making Feemy. …What? That's not fair.
Jessica: It's not very fair to him to have to play the same song over-and-over again if he doesn't like doing it. I think you need to start considering other people's feelings before your own, Danielle.
Dani: Pouts and sits down sullenly on the ground.
Rosemary: Peeks her head from the kitchen. Dinner is ready! Set down the silverware and glasses and plates… and now she's having a seat because she's tired.

Celena: Goes to the table… Hoping there won't be eggs.
Food: No, but it is chicken.
Feemy: My favorite. Grins. It actually is though. I don't even make the Middler connection… at first.
Jessica: Goes to the table, offering her hand to Dani as she passes by.
Dani: Refuses and gets up herself. Still throwing a bit of a stink.
John: Takes a seat. When either of the twins throw a fit, I let them stew.
Adam: Stands, holding his chest, and goes to the table.
Peter: Sits down and looks at Adam. Are you alright, big guy?
Adam: I'm okay… Paled a bit. Thanks…
Peter: Hm. You look pale, Adam. It doesn't take a discerning eye for that masterful observation.
Adam: Blinks. Doesn't know what to say, so just smiles.
Jessica: Looks around the table at her mostly sullen family. Sighs.
John: The chicken tastes good.
Feemy: Not so sullen. Yep, I think I'll have seconds. Glances at Celena from the corner of his eye. Gonna try some? It's really goood.
Celena: Has eaten little of the chicken now that I think my children may be poultry themselves.
Feemy: Now to tell Middler.
Rose: Perfectly cheery. I reap the rewards of good behavior.
Adam: Doesn't pick at his food since he wants to be polite.
Dani: Would just refuse to eat, but hasn't eaten yet and is pretty hungry.
John: I'm getting old. Out of nowhere.
Jessica: Blinks and stares at J.N.
Rosemary: Blinks as well. Nonsense, John! You look just fine.
John: I'm already a grandfather though. Smooth. That's called a set-up.
Adam: Looks at Celena.
Feemy: Looks to Celena as well.
Celena: Shakes her head 'no'!
John: Elijah has a kid. Straight to the point now.
Feemy: Just stares at his plate.
Rosemary: That's great news!
Celena: Just looks surprised.
Dani: Who's Elijah?
Jessica: Looks to John to see if he wants to answer.
John: He's your oldest brother.
Dani: No. Adam is.
Rose: No, Feemy is.
Dani: Mad at Feemy still. Ignoring him.
Jessica: …I have a picture in my purse, if you'd all like to see…
Peter: Grinning. Grandfather! Now I'm a great-grandfather. I can die happy.
Jessica: Gets up and goes to her purse. Hands the picture to Rosemary first and she can pass it around.
Rosemary: Aww… She's so pretty! Absolutely darling.
Dani: Prettier than me? Frowns.
Jessica: Of course not, baby.
Dani: All is forgiven. Smiles at her mom.
Jessica: Smiles back.
Rosemary: Glad she fielded that one and does pass it to the one beside her, which is Pete.
Peter: Takes a good look at it and passes it to Adam.
Adam: Does not look at it. Passes it to Celena.
Celena: Aww… Makes her feel a bit sad seeing her doofy older brother. Hands it to Feemy.
Feemy: Stares at it quietly. Furrows his brow and hands it to the one next to him.
Dani: Mine. Not too interesting though, so pass.
Rose: Unfortunately, not too interested either. Sorry I'm not perfect. Hands it off.
Jessica: Takes it. Reaches for her purse to put it back up.
Rosemary: I'm sorry he couldn't make it out. Frowns. I would have liked to see both of them. What's her name?
Jessica: …
Rosemary: Blinks. Senses that something is wrong.
Jessica: Hates lying to them. Well, the thing is, Elijah's been out of the country for awhile… You know he's in the army. He went to war and has been missing for a very long time. We weren't aware he had a child at all until another soldier sent us this picture. But we know of his location now and he's free to come back home, so John will be leaving to pick him up tomorrow. So we hope you can see him again very soon.
Rosemary: Nods. I'm so glad to hear that he's alright! Aren't we Peter? Smiles at him.
Peter: Nods. We are.
Jessica: Looks to John.
John: We hope to bring him back soon.
Jessica: Nods. Then we'll all try to visit you as soon as we can.
Rosemary: I look forward to it!
Feemy: Just pokes at his food now. Not hungry.
Jessica: Smiles. Wouldn't you like to meet your older brother, girls?
Rose: Nods. Uh-huh!
Dani: Also nods! Actually likes meeting new people though.
Jessica: And your little niece?
Rose: Nods again! Uh-huh.
Dani: Shrugs. Hates competition.

Elijah: Eating stew.
Aidae: Eats hungrily, munching bread. Never know where your next meal'll be! Can I have more?
Elijah: I wish I could but this needs to last until tomorrow. We have to watch our pennies until your mother comes home. Frowns. Getting tired of seeing his daughter starve.
Aidae: Sighs and licks the last drops from her spoon.
Elijah: Slides his bowl of half-eaten soup over to her.
Aidae: You need'ta eat too, Daddy.
Elijah: I'm not all that hungry. You're a growing girl… We'll go fishing tomorrow at the river, okay?
Aidae: 'Kay! We'll catch so many fish that we won't be able ta eat 'em all! An' we'll be so full our bellies'll burst!
Elijah: Smiles. Yep! I wonder who can catch more?
Aidae: Me, me, me!!!
Elijah: Grins and leans back in his chair.
Aidae: We'll have fish pie and fish stew an' fish soup an' fish grilleded and fish frye-ed and fish sammiches an' fish cake!
Elijah: Fish cake? Laughs and makes a face.
Aidae: Better'n no cakes at all! Can I stay up with you a bit, Daddy?
Elijah: Mm-hm. Stands and goes to the chair near the window. Holds his arms out to her.
Aidae: Comes into her father's arms and curls up.
Elijah: Holds her close and rocks her, humming a bit.
Aidae: Relaxes in his arms, snuggling up.

Jessica: The food is delicious, Rose.
Rosemary: Thank you, Jessica. Smiles.
Jessica: Is everyone through? Stands. Has a mind to help Mrs. Crowley clear off the table so they can bring out the dessert.
Feemy: Yeah…
Dani: I'm done!
Rose: Me too!
Celena & Adam: Yes Ma'am.
John: You three might consider taking a lesson in manners from Celena and Adam.
Jessica: Smiles at John and helps clear the table off.
Celena: Stands to help her mom and Nana.
Feemy: Glowers a bit.
Rose: Helps! …By putting her silverware on her plate.
Adam: Tries to give Feemy a smile. A comforting one, mind you.
Feemy: Smiles a little back. It's not his fault, after all.
Dani: Not to be outdone, also tries to help!
Rose & Dani: We're being polite too, see!?
Rosemary: I'm sorry to say, but I didn't make dessert. I completely forgot.
Jessica: Whoops. Looks over at the girls.
Dani & Rose: Aghast!
Jessica: …Do you have ice cream?
Rosemary: Of course and pie to go with it. Laughs. Do you think Grandma would really forget?
Jessica: …Laughs.
John: Supports his face with his hand. Just to hide that he was actually fooled by it too and that he's grinning over it.
Rose & Dani: Relieved.
Rosemary: Serves apple pie. It's not too fancy, but not even I want to give the children too much chocolate. It's bad for them and it's too sugary for this late in the day.
Feemy: I'm not hungry. Returns his pie to the tin from whence it came.
Jessica: Frowns at Feemy.
Rosemary: Just looks concerned. Are you sure you're feeling alright, Feemerson?
Feemy: Nods.
Jessica: …Would you like to play your guitar for your grandpa and grandma?
Feemy: Okay.
Rosemary: I'd love to hear it! Not oblivious to the fact that Feemy seems a little unenthusiastic, but trying to encourage him.
Jessica: Nods. He's very talented!
Adam: Eats pie.
Feemy: Mom would say that even if my playing was horrible. Can't help but be cheered up a little by it, though.
Jessica: My son's gonna be a musician.
Feemy: Takes out his guitar and just sits on the couch, so people can continue eating. Dinner with music. I'll refrain from singing. I bet replacing plates and windows is expensive. Looking at Celena with that comment.
Celena: Rolls her eyes.
Jessica: You have a perfectly fine voice, Feemy.
Feemy: Glances at Adam. Kind of has an idea.
Adam: Looking like he's going to go to sleep.
Feemy: Aw, he's going to nod off. We should play together sometime, Adam. And with that, just starts to play, though no singing at the moment.
Adam: Wakes up a little. Smiles and nods. I'd like that.
Feemy: Playing is actually pretty good! Has been working his butt off on being good at something.
John: Eating pie.
Jessica: Enjoys it thoroughly.
Feemy: Even does play and sing one song, though it's the song that Ernest said was a 'sure fire' method of landing a girl.
Adam: Wants to enjoy it thoroughly but his cold isn't getting better and nods off.
Rosemary: Likes it too.
Celena: Has to admit he's pretty good.
Feemy: Finishes and notices Adam's asleep. Frowns.
John: That was really good, Feemy.
Jessica: Nods! Couldn't be prouder! Claps even!
Feemy: …Thanks Mom, Dad.
Rosemary: Joins in the clapping! You've got a very beautiful voice!
Celena: Even I've got admit it was good, little brother.
Feemy: Smiles.
Rose: I like that song.
Dani: Mutters something about the jelly song.
Rose: You sound sad in that song though.
Feemy: It has a different feel to it than the jelly song.
Peter: Glances at John.
John: Shrugs. I don't know who taught him it. I don't even know the song, period.
Celena: Puts the hood on Adam's jacket over his head.
Adam: Continues to snooze.
Feemy: Finishes packing up his instrument. Wants to kind of hurry back to the castle so he can show Ren the surprise.
John: I think it's about time we head out.
Jessica: Nods. It's been great seeing you Rose, Mr. Crowley.
Rosemary: Nods. It's been a pleasure seeing all of you.
Peter: Don't be strangers.
Jessica: Hugs Rosemary. We'll come visit soon and we'll bring Elijah and his daughter.
Rosemary: Hugs back. I'll make sure to cook more then.
Jessica: Smiles. Hugs Peter.
Peter: Hugs back and slowly gets out of his chair. Getting old.
Celena: Bye Grandpa, Nana. Hugs them both.
Peter: Hugs. Bye Celena.
Rosemary: Hugs.
Celena: Gets sorta teary 'cause she wishes she could invite them to her wedding and they probably won't love their bird great-grandchildren.
Rosemary: Blissfully unaware! Hugs Feemy. I loved the song, Feemy.
Feemy: Hugs.
Rosemary: Ow, your horns.
Adam: Sleeps.
John: Lightly shakes Adam.
Dani & Rose: Both hug Peter.
Dani: I'll miss you Granpa!
Adam: Sleeps.
John: A more firm shake, but not too hard. If you don't get up, I'll carry you out.
Adam: Moves a bit but continues to sleep.
John: That was your warning. Picks him up gingerly from his seat.
Adam: Sleeps on.
John: Checks his forehead with his cheek while he's at it.
Adam: Hot.
John: Frowns. Jessica, please get the twins. I'll wait for you out in the car. Exits to the car! Thinks getting him back to Atlantis would be the best course of action and doing it fast preferably.
Jessica: Giiirls… Come on… Smiles at Mr. and Mrs. Crowley. Thank you again for having us. Love you both.
Celena: Waves and heads to the car.
Twins: Cooperate!
Feemy: Does too!

Celena & Jessica: Get in the car.
Twins, Feemy, and John: Get in the car. John gently places Adam next to Celena, with Feemy sitting on his other side.
Adam: Head lolls on Celena's shoulder.
Feemy: Adam? Lightly shakes him.
Adam: Continues to sleep. Gotta be louder/rougher than that.
Celena: He's all hot and gross.
Feemy: Hey, Dani, Rose?
Rose & Dani: To attention!
Feemy: Help me wake up Adam?
Dani & Rose: It's something we enjoy!
John: No.
Twins: Groan.
Celena: Ugh. Works with sick people but can't stand the hot sweatiness actually on her. Pushes Adam off of her and onto Feemy.
Feemy: It's alright, I don't mind.
Adam: Mm. Stirs a bit but doesn't wake up, trembling.
John: Whispers to Jessica. He was burning up at Mom and Dad's.
Jessica: Frowns. Looks back at Adam.
Feemy: …Mom. Adam's shivering. Sounds worried.
Jessica: Frowns more. Worried as well. Well, um… We're getting home as fast as we can.
John: Driving pretty fast, though not over the speed limit.
Jessica: …What if Sachi is still there?
John: She can deal with it.
Jessica: That's not very kind, John.
John: Our son is more important than how she copes right now.
Jessica: I know… I just don't want to invade someone's privacy or… well… Show them there's an Atlantis and blow their minds.
John: Nods. I know… I don't mean to sound insensitive to Ernest's plight. Just worried.
Jessica: Nods. Pats his arm.
John: And soon, is there!

Ernest: Actually stepped outside by the time they finished pulling up.
Jessica & Celena: Get out.
John, Twins, and Feemy: All get out, John going around to get Adam.
Adam: Wakes up as John picks him up.
John: Now he's going to be mad at me. Oh well. To the front door.
Adam: Doesn't struggle, surprisingly.
John: That's a relief.
Ernest: Steps inside, quietly opening the door. Keep quiet. She's asleep. From the doorway.
Jessica: Smiles at Ernest, holding both girl's hands.
Ernest: Doesn't look like he's been asleep. I got couched.
John: Comes in with Adam and Feemy. Thanks, Ernest. Quietly.
Celena: Curtsies to him.
Ernest: Gives a strained smile. Not your fault, but if she catches you guys here, she's going to throw a conniption.
John: Bye Ernest, thanks for everything.
Jessica: Nods. Whispers. We can't thank you enough, Ernest.
Ernest: It's nothin', really. Whispering too.
Jessica: Pats him on the arm.
Ernest: Smiles and has a seat on the couch. Figures they're about to vanish anyhow.
Jessica: Digs up the potions, handing one to everyone.
John, Twins, and Feemy: Takes theirs. John helps Adam take his.
Jessica: Makes a mental note to make a cake or cookies or bring some nice wine or some sort of gift the next time they drop by Ernest's house.
Celena: Takes her potion.
John: Takes his own potion quickly.

Celena: Goes to bed.
Jessica: Looks at the girls. Ah… It's your bedtime girls…
Twins: But Mooom…
Jessica: No 'buts'. It's late.
Dani: Alright… Hugs. I'm sorry for getting in so much trouble. Sincere.
Jessica: Smiles. Hugs her back. As long as you learned something from your actions and will try harder to be polite next time, hm? I'll take you both to bed.
Rose: Is Adam alright? Why is Dad carrying him?
Jessica: Hugs Rose, too. He's not feeling very well, honey.
Rose: I hope he feels better. Hugs back.
Jessica: I do too. Kisses her forehead. Stands and takes both their hands to take them to bed.

John: Heading to the infirmary.
Adam: Keeps his arms around J.N.'s neck.
John: Holds him close and secure. Reminds him of old times.
Adam: …Sorry, Dad.
John: You have nothing to apologize for, Adam.
Adam: …I had a good time at Grandma's…
John: I'm glad you did, Adam… They love you very much.
Adam: …I love you, too.
John: Holds him tighter, wishing that he could just make Adam's problems disappear.
Adam: Softly. I'm sorry, Dad.
John: Don't apologize, Adam… This isn't your fault.
Adam: Stays quiet.

Feemy: Remembers something and heads to his bedroom, but just to put away his guitar and grab something. When he grabs it, it's off to Ren's room, to see if he's even awake at this hour.
Renasi: Just getting ready for bed.
Feemy: Knocks on his door.
Renasi: Answers, shirtless.
Feemy: Hey Ren… Ah, sorry for bothering you this late.
Renasi: Smiles. Hey Feemy. It's cool.
Feemy: I won't bother you for too long. Unless you have a girl in there with you… then I can come back another time.
Renasi: Heh, I wish…
Feemy: Yeah, who am I kidding? I'm the one with the guitar. Grins.
Renasi: Yeah, guess so.
Feemy: I'm just kidding with you, of course… Though I don't think you'll ever live this down. Holds out the surprise in question.
Renasi: Looks at it.
Surprise: It's the best story ever told. A completely made up one, that is. Written by Ren and illustrated by him too. Back during their first Christmas as friends.
Feemy: I keep everything I've even been given. I put way too much emotional attachment to things.
Renasi: Laughs a bit, looking through it. Should'a been an artist.
Feemy: Grinning, but that thing you hold there actually means quite a bit to him. I agree.
Renasi: I was a crazy kid. Grins and hands it back to him. I'll try to top myself for your birthday. Gonna be 18?
Feemy: Takes it back quite carefully. Yep, 18! I don't think you can top this though.
Renasi: Oh no?
Feemy: I dare ya to top that.
Renasi: It's a bet.
Feemy: Heh… Anyhow, I should let you get some sleep.
Renasi: Yeah… I'll see you tomorrow, huh?
Feemy: 'Course. Pats his shoulder.
Renasi: Grins.
Feemy: A little disappointed that he couldn't hang out with Ren, but leaves to his room.

John: Finally arrives at the infirmary and gently places Adam in a bed.
Adam: Scratches his chest. Needs his bandages changed. Sits up and takes off his jacket. …Dad?
John: …Yes, Adam?
Adam: Feeling hot now. Are there clean bandages?
John: Yes. Understands what he needs now. Stands to get clean ones. Shortly back at his side with the bandages.
Adam: …Can we go to a bathroom?
John: Of course… If you need privacy, I can wait outside.
Adam: It's okay… Stands, leaning on John.
John: Supports him and helps him to the bathroom. Already knows that he doesn't like being carried.

Adam: Sits at the tub and runs some water. Takes off a shirt and puts a towel on his lap, then takes off one of the bandages on his arm. Washes the blood off and puts another bandage on with some difficulty.
John: Helps to the extent that he can and is allowed.
Adam: Lets him help a lot. Can't really tighten the bandages enough to get any sort of relief himself right now.
John: There's a lot of blood. It wouldn't bother him if it wasn't his son's.
Adam: Gotten cold again by the time they're through and puts on his shirt again.
John: Wants to ask him if that's better and tries to hide that he's looking at him with sad eyes.
Adam: Thank you, Dad. Stands shakily, going into his arms.
John: Hugs him very gently. I'm glad I could help. Though I really can't, when one thinks about it.
Adam: Returns to the infirmary with him.
John: Gives him his support all the way to the infirmary if need be.
Adam: Definitely needs it.

Jessica: Sitting inside with the doctor.
Nick: Back again, Adam? I just saw you a couple weeks ago. Checks Adam out and gives him medicine, then looks to Jessica and John.
John: Don't we just look thrilled?
Nick: Bed rest… He needs lots of bed rest… He needs to put on a couple pounds with a nutritious well-balanced diet and he needs to recharge. Preferably no hard work of the physical or mental kind, though he should get fresh air. Even when he's recovered, limit him to school work for awhile and light physical activity. I'll be honest with you, if he keeps pushing himself like this, he probably won't live much longer. I'm not just trying to cure him of the flu he's got right now, I'm trying to make him all-around healthier.
John: Nods in understanding, his hand searching for Jessica's as the doctor gave his report. He may have felt frustrated and powerless, but could imagine that Jessica was going through what he was, if not worse… and Adam himself has it worse than both of them. He simply tried not to seem despaired, wanting to be strong for his son and his wife. Thank you, Doctor.
Jessica: Takes John's hand and squeezes. Feeling like a bad parent. We'll take care of him.
Nick: Nods. He can return to his room. Returns to work.
Adam: Doesn't look happy about his activities being shut down.
John: …Let's get you to bed, Adam.
Adam: Nods and stands, leaning heavily on him.
Jessica: Picks up Adam's medicine.
John: Puts a hand on his shoulder and squeezes gently.
Adam: …Do I really have to quit everything?
John: Yes, Adam.
Adam: Sighs. I'm going to get stupid.
John: No you're not… You need a break, Adam.
Adam: …You're leaving tomorrow?
John: Nods. I am.
Adam: Please, don't.
John: Blinks. …What?
Adam: You'll get hurt… I don't know what I'd do without you.
John: I'll be fine. I won't get hurt, Adam.
Adam: How do you know?
John: Your dad knows how to protect himself.
Adam: Hugs his father tightly.
John: Hugs him tight as well. Don't worry about me, Adam. I'll be back as soon as I can.
Adam: It's not worth dying for.
John: Just looks surprised. …Adam, I'm going on this trip to bring Elijah back…
Adam: I know…
John: …I'm not going to be dying, either.
Adam: What if he kills you?
John: Your brother is not going to kill me.
Adam: You don't know that.
John: I do know that, Adam.
Adam: How?! Seems upset.
John: …I know Elijah. Weak reason. More confused as to why he's getting so upset.
Adam: Do you? He betrayed us…
John: …That wasn't Elijah. Even if I don't know for sure that Lonan used his influence, I'd just assume it anyway to avoid the possibility that Elijah would or did.
Adam: If you want to leave all this behind for him.
Jessica: Adam.
John: I'm not leaving anyone behind… I'm bringing back my son… your brother and his daughter.
Adam: Sinks to his knees.
John: Kneels down quickly.
Adam: …If you don't come home, I'll hate you.
John: I'll come home, Adam. I promise.
Adam: …I love you. Hugs. Too weak to get back up.
John: Hugs him back. I love you too, Adam. I wouldn't dream of leaving any of you for good so soon. When he doesn't stand up after a little bit, offers his hand, since he knows he doesn't like being carried.
Adam: Takes his hand and stands with difficulty, leaning on him heavily.
John: Doesn't have any problems supporting him, making sure that he doesn't fall.
Jessica: Helps them both make it to Adam's room.

Adam: Happily lays down.
John: Glad to see him resting at least.
Adam: Holds out his arms for one last hug.
John: Happily gives him one, too.
Adam: Gives John a kiss on the cheek.
John: Kisses his forehead.
Adam: Be safe… Lays back down. Good night…
John: Good night, Adam.