29 April 2019
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Marit McMurran Elijah McMurran John Crowley

Marit: Are you stupid or something? Leans on Elijah's door frame.
Elijah: Looks up from the book he was studying. Huh? Oh, um… No.
Marit: Rolls his eyes. Then why're you walking down the halls smiling at all the gangsta kids?
Elijah: Just trying to be friendly.
Marit: Man, that's not being friendly… That's being gay.
Elijah: Gay?
Marit: Gay. That's not going to make you any friends… That's going to get you beaten up.
Elijah: Oh…
Marit: So what're you supposed to be anyway?
Elijah: I'm a… um… human being… Mostly.
Marit: Groans. You're so weird. Are you like… a goth? A jock? An anime geek? One of those nerds that plays card games? Top 10% cool smart guy? Skater punk? Hip hop gangsta? Complete socially inept outcast loser?
Elijah: Probably the last one.
Marit: …Look, I'm a year head of you, but… I'm pretty popular. And we have the same lunch period. You can sit with me and stuff. As long as you don't say retarded things like, "I'm a human being."
Elijah: Really?
Marit: Yeah, just… Try to be cool or something?
Elijah: Um, okay. Thanks.
Marit: Highly doubts Elijah possesses this ability, but supposes if he acts really stupid he can deny all claims that they're cousins. Well, see you around. Goes back to his bedroom.

Elijah: Cheered up a bit. Wonders if he should call Mr. John. Debates this… but hasn't spoken to him in awhile. After some struggle with the phone, and having to have Eric help him, manages to call him up!
J.N.: Answers. Hello Elijah. Has caller I.D.
Elijah: How did you know it was me? J.N. is psychic. He's so cool!
J.N.: Magic. What's going on?
Elijah: I didn't know magic worked here… Nothing much… I just finished studying. How are you?
J.N.: Doing well.
Elijah: That's good. What're you doing?
J.N.: Reading.
Elijah: Sorry I haven't visited you yet. I was still sick this weekend and I don't get home 'til late 'cause of school. I'll try to this weekend, if it's alright.
J.N.: That's fine.
Elijah: …Just say no if you don't want me to. I don't wanna be a bother.
J.N.: Stop by whenever you can.
Elijah: Smiles. You're so nice.
J.N.: Thanks. How's school?
Elijah: Still terrible… Though Marit invited me to sit with him at lunch.
J.N.: Who's Marit? Got a girlfriend already or something?
Elijah: Laughs. No… My cousin, Marit. You met him before… That time my uncle Eric visited?
J.N.: Oh. Him.
Elijah: Yeah… I told the guy behind me in World History to stop talking, but he just glared at me… And after that… He kicked the back of my seat the rest of the period. And… He told me to, "fuck off."
J.N.: I see. Did he shut up?
Elijah: No.
J.N.: Then say it again next time.
Elijah: He looked pretty mean.
J.N.: Why should that scare you? You were training to fight Demons or something.
Elijah: Yeah… But you don't exactly have to worry about what the Demons think about you.
J.N.: So? Why do you care what he thinks?
Elijah: 'Cause he'll tell everyone else I told him to shut up in class and then they won't like me.
J.N.: That's no the worst thing that can happen.
Elijah: What's the worst thing that can happen?
J.N.: In life or in high school? I think you already went through the worst. Now you're worried about what a bunch of stupid kids think of you?
Elijah: …What was the worst again? Telling him to shut up?
J.N.: Just tell him to shut up. Not, "be quiet."
Elijah: I wanna have friends, Mr. John. That's why I care what they think about me.
J.N.: I guess I couldn't help you there.
Elijah: You have friends… How did you make them?
J.N.: I worked with them. I wasn't really friends with Ernest back in high school.
Elijah: You knew each other in high school?
J.N.: Not really.
Elijah: You made friends just by working with them?
J.N.: Work environment and school environment are a bit different. Easier to know their real character when you have to cooperate or everyone suffers.
Elijah: Can you tell me how to be cool?
J.N.: No.
Elijah: But… You're so cool. Tries to discern what it is about John that makes him so cool. You don't… You don't care about anything.
J.N.: And you think that's cool?
Elijah: I-I don't know… I wish I was so assured and confident that I didn't care what people thought about me and whether they liked me or not… That it wouldn't bother me.
J.N.: Well, you're like your father.
Elijah: No, I'm not. If I was, I could make friends real easy.
J.N.: More like your father than like me. I don't know. Just be yourself or something.
Elijah: Myself is definitely not cool. Well, yeah… I'm related to him. I'll try. Though I'd rather face Lonan than some of the kids at my high school. Have you seen my mom at all?
J.N.: Not much. Saw Middler through. He says, "Hi."
Elijah: Disappointed and kind of homesick sounding. Oh… Well, she's probably forgotten about me already.
J.N.: You know she hasn't.
Elijah: Yeah… I know. What're you reading?
J.N.: The stuff you left on Demons.
Elijah: Smiles. Really?
J.N.: Yep.
Elijah: Is it terrible? Sounds happy saying this, oddly.
J.N.: I don't know. You tell me. I don't know anything about Demons except for what I read here.
Elijah: I did my best on it. I researched and everything. I don't know, though… The actual writing part might not be any good.
J.N.: You put down everything clearly, and it's not boring.
Elijah: Smiles. Thanks for reading it.
J.N.: Don't thank me. You wrote it.
Elijah: Yeah, but you didn't have to read it. I figured you'd just glance at it and maybe say, "Yeah, that's nice." Or something.
J.N.: That happen to you often?
Elijah: My mom usually does that and says she'll read it later… Um, yeah… and Katen.
J.N.: I see.
Elijah: They're usually busy, though. And my mom forgets and she doesn't like it when I nag her. But don't think bad about my mom 'cause of that.
J.N.: It happens.