28 June 2023
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Elijah McMurran John Crowley Adam McMurran

Elijah: Oh hey, Mr. John.
J.N: Hey there.
Elijah: I missed you. How've you been? Bandaged-up arm.
J.N: Been well. Working. You?
Elijah: Um… I've been banned from sword practice… Until I can sleep.
J.N: I thought you might have been banned because it seems like you got maimed.
Elijah: That's because I can't sleep, so I passed out during sword practice and fell on my sword. I've been drinking a lot of coffee. Grins.
J.N: You'll never grow as tall as I am if you drink coffee. Gee, I'm such a kidder.
Elijah: I can't sleep. Not cause of the coffee… Nightmares… Sorta different. Um… but I can't concentrate unless I drink coffee… I think I'm done growing. Uncle Eric said I was done growing. Would you like to get some coffee?!
J.N: Sure.
Elijah: More jittery than usual. Thinks about where the kitchen is, then goes!
J.N: Follows!
Elijah: Sets a very brisk pace. H-How's Ernest?!
J.N: A bit hard to keep up with him. Doing well. He's not as freaked out anymore.
Elijah: T-T-That's good!!!
J.N: …You think maybe you should cut back on the coffee?
Elijah: Sits down at the kitchen table, then promptly gets up and gets two mugs and pours them each an overflowing cup. Curses and wipes it up, then sits down again and drinks. It's a vicious cycle, Mr. John.
J.N: You can't get back to practice until you sleep. But you drink coffee to focus, but it'll keep you from sleeping. And you can't sleep because you have nightmares and too much coffee. Yeah… that's a vicious cycle.
Elijah: You're so smart, Mr. John. Smiles. We probably don't even have to talk, we can just read each other's minds, but I'm not that smart, so I guess you're gonna have to keep talking.
J.N: You're plenty smart.
Elijah: Blushes. Anyways… Adam was practically in tears he missed you so bad.
J.N: …Really?
Elijah: Yep… Haven't seen him in a couple days… Maybe? I'm really hazy about that… Shrugs. I think he's in his room reenacting World War 2. You should see it, it's pretty amazing.
J.N: That does sound kind of out there.
Elijah: He is kind of out there. And he loves you. Does that bother you? He's really clingy about you. Like you're his dad or something. He's practically convinced that you are. Do you find that kind of creepy? But I feel bad. He just wants parents or something, y'know? But I feel bad for you, too 'cause…. Yeah.
J.N: I don't mind. It feels kind of nice, honestly.
Elijah: Really? You should go see him… because I have to go to the bathroom.
J.N: He's awake?
Elijah: Yeah, I'm sure. He doesn't have a bed time cause it's summer… That's probably bad… I-I have to go. Runs to the bathroom.
J.N: Stares, but then departs for Adam's room on Elijah's suggestion.

Adam: Inside his secret base… or bedroom.
J.N: Knocks on Adam's door.
Adam: Come in…
J.N: Enters.
Adam: Looks up… His floor is covered in tiny little army men in simulated battles with each other all over fortresses of blocks and small cities of blocks and who knows what. There are a few toy cars mixed in along with regular-sized action figures. Smiles. Mr. John! Picks his way through the battlefield over to him.
J.N: Hello Adam… Observes the chaos. Elijah was right… Looks like you have a war going on.
Adam: I do. Hugs his legs.
J.N: Kneels down to hug Adam in return. When and if he ever releases his legs that is.
Adam: Does so! And wraps his arms around J.N.'s neck and gives him a kiss on the cheek. I missed you.
J.N: I missed you too, Adam.
Adam: Smiles at him. …You probably came to see Mommy, though.
J.N: I came here to see all of you. Well, you, your mom, Elijah and Celena. Feemy, if he's around.
Adam: He's still in Elf Haven… We're supposed to come and get him when we go to… Thinks of the name of the place, but can't remember. My father's grave.
J.N: I see… What have you been doing while I was away?
Adam: Mommy said there was gonna be a war. So I was trying it out to see what'd it be like… The Demons are winning right now, but they don't know that the "good" guys've got these horses and wizards. They're keeping them secret. See? The Demons've got lots of people, but the "good" guys've got more powerful fighters. I dunno who's gonna win yet.
J.N: I'd say the smarter team would win. I should find it creepy that he states them as 'good' guys with the quotes and everything.
Adam: I'm not really sure yet… The Demons haven't been able to get inside the castle walls yet…. The "good" guys are holdin' em off. But it could happen soon… That's why they've gotta call in the wizards and horses. …I wish someone would win soon, cause it's hard to get around in my room.
J.N: You don't know who is going to win?
Adam: No. The Demons could always just capture me and suck all my blood out like vampires. Then it wouldn't matter.
J.N: Hm. Are you talking about the war in your bedroom, or the one your mother told you about?
Adam: Well, it couldn't really happen here… 'cause it's not real. But the real one, yes. If we don't have enough wizards an' horses.
J.N: I hope we do, then.
Adam: I feel safer 'cause you're here.
J.N: Why?
Adam: …'Lijah and Mommy said I shouldn't talk about it to you.
J.N: I see. Well… I'm glad I make you feel safer.
Adam: 'Cause… Takes his hand. …Daddys're suppos'd to do that, right? Said softly. Leans.
J.N: …Yeah. They are. Squeezes the hand lightly.
Adam: But I'm not supposed to say that. Sorry.
J.N: It's alright… I don't mind when you say it. I can't speak for Jessica or Elijah, though.
Adam: They just don't like me making you feel uncomfortable.
J.N: Did they say that?
Adam: Yes. Mostly. I think Mommy likes you enough to marry you… Elijah doesn't want you to be his daddy cause he likes our father better. But he says you're like an older brother to him.
J.N: Nods. I don't blame Elijah for feeling that way.
Adam: I think you're better.
J.N: Thank you, Adam.
Adam: Smiles at him.
J.N: Smiles a bit back. It is kind of nice to hear that, though he knows that comparing Daniel and himself would be pretty pointless.
Adam: Are you gonna grow your chin hair back?
J.N: Maybe. I usually just don't get around to shaving.
Adam: How come? Uncle Eric and Elijah always shave.
J.N: My appearance didn't matter much where I worked.
Adam: Uncle Eric and Elijah would look better with chin hair. All Elijah does anymore is drink coffee and talk.
J.N: He's having trouble with nightmares.
Adam: Nods. He won't tell me what his nightmares are about even though I tell him what mine are about.
J.N: They're probably pretty personal.
Adam: …Did something bad happen to him?
J.N: It's not my place to say.
Adam: No one tells me anything 'cause I'm just a kid.
J.N: That's not the reason I'm not saying anything. It's just something that Elijah has to tell you himself.
Adam: Nods. But that's the reason he won't tell me anything.
J.N: Could be. Or maybe he thinks you're better off not knowing.
Adam: I'd always love Elijah no matter what.
J.N: I'm sure he knows that.
Adam: Sighs.
J.N: …Is something wrong?
Adam: Shakes his head "no". This guy cut me, then cut himself and put my blood on him and his cut was better and it's cause of that the Demons would want to take all my blood.
J.N: …One of your dreams?
Adam: No. It really happened. Shows him where he got cut.
J.N: Observes! Who cut you?
Adam: I dunno his name… But he was an old guy… With glasses… And gray hair… But it was sorta brownish too. That was the only time I ever saw him.
J.N: I see. Your dad could do that, too.
Adam: …Do what?
J.N: Make people's cuts better with his blood.
Adam: …Is that how come he's dead?
J.N: I don't know.
Adam: You don't know how he died?
J.N: No. I wasn't there when it happened.
Adam: Frowns. I don't wanna ask Mommy or 'Lijah about it.
J.N: They'd know more than I do.
Elijah: Ax me about what? Picks Adam up. Hey again Mr. John?
J.N: Hello Elijah.
Adam: …How our father died…
Elijah: Frowns. Why do you want to know about that?
Adam: Because. Mr. John doesn't know either.
J.N: Looks to Elijah to see if he'll answer.
Elijah: Looks a little uncomfortable, but is also hyped-up on caffeine. Lonan killed him.
Adam: Who's Lonan?
Elijah: A bad Demon… He leads all the other Demons…
Adam: …So he killed our father just because?
Elijah: No. He used his blood to revive Lucifer, Lonan's brother… Dad bled to death… That's how he died. Tears up a bit.
J.N: That was blunt.
Adam: How can blood revive someone?
Elijah: Dad was the High Riser… Which means his blood had healing properties… and because he was the High Riser, he could bring someone back to life at the cost of his own life like that. You're the same as him. That's why the Demons want you. That's why we have to protect you.
J.N: At least it makes sense as to why they were sent to the U.S.
Elijah: Bites his lip. Tears… Holds Adam close.
J.N: Doesn't know what to say or do in this case.
Adam: Don't worry… Mr. John'll keep me safe…
Elijah: Looks at J.N.
J.N: Yeah, I'll make a great human shield. I'm pretty tall, after all.
Elijah: Smiles at J.N. a bit.
J.N: Looks back at Elijah. I will. Kind of didn't even realize that was going to slip out.
Elijah: Smiles more and tears clear up a bit. Looks like you're in good hands, then.
J.N: Hefty statement for me to make though.
Elijah: Gives Adam to J.N. to hold.
J.N: Holds him. Now kind of wondering if he should maybe undergo some sort of martial training. Isn't of much use now as is.
Elijah: Wipes away his tears. Sorry…
J.N: Nothing to be sorry for, Elijah. Hands are kind of full, so he just offers him the same small smile he showed Adam.
Elijah: Smiles back. I think it's your bed time, Adam.
Adam: …Alright…
J.N: Sets Adam down. I'd carry you to your bed, but I'd disrupt your formations.
Adam: Good night, Mr. John… Good night, Elijah… I love you both… Smiles.
Elijah: Have sweet dreams. Hugs and kisses Adam. Leaves the room.
J.N: Good night, Adam. Hugs and leaves afterwards.

Elijah: Sighs. Wish I could sleep. I need to get back to training.
J.N: I'm sorry you can't.
Elijah: But I could've killed myself falling on my sword like that.
J.N: That you could have.
Elijah: And Katen's not happy that I keep losing weight.
J.N: Getting in the way of training?
Elijah: No… I'm just so skinny… But I can't help it if I have a high metabolism, right?
J.N: You could eat more.
Elijah: I just eat normal. I get full and stuff.
J.N: I don't know what else you could do.
Elijah: I don't know what the matter with me is… I just kind of scare myself sometimes… Do I ever scare you?
J.N: No.
Elijah: Lonan did things to me. Like he did to Elaric. I could just be his puppet you know…?
J.N: Elaric?
Elijah: Elaric was Katen's brother… His name used to be Nekka Tanek. Lonan did things to him and now he's Lonan's slave. Lonan can control him whenever he wants.
J.N: And you think Lonan controls you?
Elijah: …I think he did… That time before I was in the hospital. I told you… I just sort of shut myself down. Frowns.
J.N: What can be done?
Elijah: I don't know. I kind of wish I did fall on my sword lethally sometimes… Please don't tell anyone.
J.N: Frowns. I won't… but you should.
Elijah: Why? Everyone would hate me… Mistrust me… Fear me.
J.N: You told me and I don't hate, fear, or mistrust you.
Elijah: You're different…
J.N: Really? Doesn't sound like he's buying it.
Elijah: Really. I don't think I could even tell my dad this.
J.N: That does change things a bit. Sighs. …Elijah, I don't think it would hurt to tell your mother… or maybe even Gabriel. Not to sound like Middler, but it means a lot that you would say what you did to me. That you trust me that much… but there are people here who could help you much more than I could.
Elijah: I have to help myself… I have to kill Lonan. And I can't do training because I can't sleep. And I can't sleep because I'm having nightmares… Sighs. I don't want to cause my mother anymore pain and worry.
J.N: Does she know you're gunning for Lonan?
Elijah: …What does that mean?
J.N: Going out of your way to make sure that he meets his demise by your hand.
Elijah: Yes. She knows that. It's probably even expected of me.
J.N: Frowns a bit more.
Elijah: What's the matter?
J.N: I'm worried.
Elijah: I'll be alright, Mr. John… and if I'm not… Well, hopefully the world will be a better place, right? I sometimes feel like this was all I'm good for, anyway.
J.N: It's not all you're good for.
Elijah: That wasn't much good for comforting, was it? I have to be there for you, too, huh? Smiles at him a bit. Just like you're there for me.
J.N: Tries to force a smile back onto his face, but ends up just looking 'neutral' again. Of course.
Elijah: Smiles. I think I finally understand that. Though it's a bit odd… The thought of you needing me, heh… I'm not really sad anymore… I've accepted what I have to do… I just need the tools to do it… I just need to overcome this. I don't mean to sound like Adam, but after the war's over… I look forward to us being a family.
J.N: I look forward to it too… but I guess it's one step at a time. The war is first.