28 July 2032
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Renasi Reium Elijah McMurran Aidae McMurran Daniel McMurran

Katen: Hello, John.
John: Hello Katen.
Katen: How are you doing?
John: I'm well and yourself?
Katen: Fine. Demi just got in today. I have something you might like to see.
John: Nods. Very well.
Katen: Hands him a photograph.
John: Studies the photo as if he's trying to stare a hole through it.
Katen: Wonders briefly if John really does have laser vision.
John: …Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Katen.
Katen: You're welcome. I heard from Jessica that you were going with Demitrius to find Elijah.
John: Nods. Which is true. I don't think everything will break in the time of my departure. Small joke, though he doesn't really think this is much of a joking matter.
Katen: Crosses his arms. I should hope not. Well, you may keep the picture. It seems there's little doubt that that is indeed his daughter.
John: Indeed.
Katen: Looks at the time. Dinner should be starting soon. I will see you there. Nods to him, turns, and walks away.
John: Nods in return and goes to put this in his room first.

Adam: Sits at the dining room table, thoroughly exhausted.
John: Arrives there soon. Also took the time to look at a very nice painting in his room.
Jessica: Sits across from John and smiles at him.
John: Smiles back.
Celena: Enters with Middler.
Jessica: Looks at the both of them suspiciously, sipping water.
Thanasi: Sits near Renasi.
Middler: Returns Jessica's suspicious look with a smile!
Jessica: Can't help but smile back. Middler is infectious.
Gabriel: Enters with Nathan and sits.
Feemy: Looks a bit overextended. Holding Dani and Rose's hands. No more Jellyman Kelly…
Demi: Enters, looking tired, with his wife and small son.
Jessica: Everyone is here now, so the food is served!
Adam: Stifles a yawn, eyelids drooping… Picks at his food.
Feemy: Digs in.
John: Doesn't pick at his food, but doesn't eat very much.
Celena: …Um… Mom… Father?
John: Yes Celena?
Jessica: Looks over at her. Smiles.
Celena: Takes Middler's hand. Smiles. Middler and I are getting married!
Jessica: Tries to look surprised. That's great! Congratulations. Smiles at both of them.
John: On the other hand, looks genuinely surprised.
Jessica: It will be nice to have you as part of our family, Middler.
Middler: I really look forward to it!
John: Looks to Jessica. Looks like he might protest, but stays quiet.
Jessica: Looks back at John. Hm?
John: Oh. Nothing. Congratulations, Celena.
Celena: Thank you, Father A bit stiffly said since he doesn't look all that overjoyed at the news.
John: You're just so young. When is the marriage? Trying to not sound like a complete downer.
Celena: In the spring.
Adam: Thinks Middler's kinda weird but… She loves him. Congratulations, Celena.
Celena: Thank you, Adam.
Demi: Nods. Congratulations.
Middler: Thank you all! Smile threatens to split his face in half.
Celena: Thank you, Demi… I hope you can come to our wedding.
Demi: I'll try my best to make it. Smiles.
Gabriel: Mostly to Middler since he knows Celena little. Congratulations on your engagement.
Nathaniel: Congrats! Likes Middler a lot.
Middler: Thank you both and I hope to see both of you at the wedding.
Jessica: Um… Demitrius…? When are you planning on leaving again?
John: Listens closely to this.
Demi: Looks to his wife, a bit regrettably. Tomorrow, I think. It'd be better to leave soon. I've heard Bara hasn't been seen at the cabin recently, so it would be better to go there before she returns.
Jessica: Frowns. …You couldn't just hold off for a day…?
Anastasia: Oh, she's on my side. Looks at Demi and smiles.
John: Probably going to regret saying anything but… Do you really think it would be a good idea to wait another day?
Jessica & Anastasia: Frown.
Demi: …Um… Tries to avoid eye contact with his wife. As I said, it'd be better to leave sooner rather than later.
Jessica: But Demi… You just got back and you need to rest.
Demi: Still avoiding his wife's gaze. I plan on going to bed right after dinner.
Anastasia: But Demitrius, look at Othello… He's grown up so much and you're missing it.
Demi: Frowns.
Othello: Just meets his dad's gaze and giggles.
John: Feels a little guilty about the fact that he hadn't really thought about Demi's life. He just backed him up because he wants to see Elijah.
Demi: Sighs.
Gabriel: Rolls his eyes. They know how to lather on the pathos, don't they?
Middler: Frowns a little at Gabriel!
Demi: Also glares at him.
Gabriel: Either go or don't. Don't wallow in self doubt.
Demi: Sighs. Looks at the people around him. …I suppose one day couldn't hurt.
Jessica: Smiles.
John: Frowns a little, but says nothing.
Anastasia: All smiles.
Gabriel: Rolls his eyes.
Demi: Smiles at his wife sadly. It's kind of depressing how happy she gets over me being home just one more day.
Adam: Thinking about his nice soft warm bed… and the hour he's going to have to spend after this practicing the piano.
Jessica: Looks at Adam and frowns… He's sleeping sitting up. Adam… Adam?
Adam: Snoozes.
John: Blinks and looks to Adam. Wouldn't know if Adam was sleeping unless he snored. Adam is usually quiet anyhow!
Jessica: Feemy, would you poke him?
Feemy: Lightly nudges Adam. Hey, Adam.
Adam: Begins to tip sideways.
Feemy: Reaches out and grabs him gently. Don't make me sic the twins on you.
Adam: Eyes open. Mm?
Feemy: Grins. Works every time.
Jessica: Adam, dinner is eating time, not sleeping time. And you haven't finished half of what's on your plate. Eat.
Adam: Goes back to picking at his food.
Jessica: Eat!
Adam: Eats.
John: Doesn't look happy about that either.
Adam: With some difficulty, eats most of what's on his plate. You always give me too much. When dinner is over, excuses himself and goes to practice the piano!
Celena: Excuses herself. Let's go see that new play in town, Middler.
Rose and Dani: Getting restless. They finished their food already.
Demi, Othello, Anastasia, Gabriel, and Nathaniel: All excuse themselves and go on about their business.
Feemy: Sighs.
Renasi: Looks to Feemy. His mother's already left.
Feemy: Hey, Ren. You wanna get out of here?
Renasi: You don't have to ask me twice. Gets up.
Feemy: Stands as well.
Jessica: Be careful. Don't do anything stupid. Gives them both a look.
Feemy: Of course not, Mooom.
Renasi: Yes Ma'am. Bows.
Dani: I wanna hear the Jelly Song!
Rose: Me too!
Feemy: Laaater
Jessica: Nods to them and goes back to sipping tea. Girls, let your brother be.
Feemy: Gives his mom a look of adoration. She's the best.
Rose & Dani: Aww…
Jessica: Good things are best in moderation.
Dani and Rose: We don't know what that means, really. Both pouting and giving their mom the, 'Pleaaase' look.
Feemy: Already making for the exit. Toodles.
Jessica: Mouths 'no'. Sighs and looks to John now they're alone at the table besides the girls. I guess you're upset with me.
John: Shakes his head a little. No. I understand why you said what you did. Not nearly to the extent that he thinks he does, though.
Jessica: Smiles a little. I'm sorry… I know how much you want to see him… Sighs a little. Did you see the picture Demi brought?
John: It's in our room right now.
Jessica: …She's a very pretty little girl… Looks at her own daughters.
Dani & Rose: Staring contest. At least they're in an obedient mood today.
John: …She is.
Jessica: Pats John's arm.
John: Looks to his daughters for a moment, then back to Jessica. …Not as pretty as our darlings, though. Smiles a slight bit. Very rarely calls them stuff like that.
Jessica: Mock shocked face. Well, I would say just as pretty. Laughs a little.
John: Just keeps smiling. He really does love his family. Would just like Elijah to be a part of it.
Jessica: …You be careful, okay?
John: I will be, I promise. It'd be hard to be a guard if I couldn't protect myself.
Jessica: I know… Leans against him. I don't want to lose you.
John: You won't, Jessica. I promise that I'll be back, safe and sound.
Jessica: Wordlessly hopes he'll come back safe and sound with Elijah and their granddaughter. …I'm worried about Adam, too.
John: …I think too much responsibility is being placed on him.
Jessica: He asks for it. According to Katen, he's studying things Elijah and Celena weren't until they were 15 or 16.
John: Frowns. He's definitely being stretched too thin.
Jessica: It's not like Katen's pushing him to do so, he's pushing himself and apparently, he's smart enough to succeed. Sighs.
John: I know he's a smart kid, but he's falling asleep at the dinner table. He's pushing himself too hard, and we should make that known to him.
Jessica: Nods. He's not gonna like it.
John: I know. Hopefully he uses that brain of his to at least understand what we're saying to him.
Jessica: Nods. He should be out of piano practice by now if you'd like to talk to him… Looks at the girls.
Dani & Rose: Calmed down considerably. Seem a little tired.
Jessica: It's two little girl's bed times…
Dani & Rose: Groan, even if they are a little tired.
Jessica: Come on… I'll put you to bed. Stands.
Dani & Rose: Well, more than a little tired. We got to bed later than usual.
Jessica: Looks to John to see if he's coming.
John: Indeed, standing.
Dani & Rose: Grab each other's hands.
John: Offers his hand to one of them.
Jessica: Offers her hand, as well taking John's. Ms. Danielle.
Dani & Rose: Reluctantly separate.
Dani: Takes her mother's free hand.
Rose: Takes her father's. It's not as soft and pleasant as Mom's though.

Feemy: Sighs in relief. I hate that song so muuuch… A little exaggerated!
Renasi: Just stop singing it to them. Picks up a rock and throws it. Well, let's do some drugs and pick up some hookers.
Feemy: Yeah, but the other songs I know aren't really appropriate… Now, about those drugs and hookers…
Renasi: Well first we have to get reaaally drunk and probably break something or set something on fire.
Feemy: And we have to stay out all night, too.
Renasi: So we can sneak back in in the wee hours of the morning.
Feemy: And lie about it to our parents. Sounds like a night.
Renasi: Yep…
Feemy: Snickers.
Renasi: Yeah, we're not cool enough to pull it off, huh?
Feemy: …Well, I don't know about youuu…
Renasi: Maman would kill me.
Feemy: …Yeah, Mom and Dad would kill me too. Slowly.
Renasi: My limbs would be scattered across Atlantis.
Feemy: You'd be lucky to find enough remains of me to even fill a small coffin.
Renasi: Nods. …Be kinda hypocritical of Maman.
Feemy: Shrugs. Well… We don't have to do all of that, but we should do something.
Renasi: What?
Feemy: You know. Find something to do.
Renasi: A couple of young and handsome boys like ourselves… Fun should just come to us.
Feemy: We're such losers that I don't even know if that was sarcasm. Laughs.
Renasi: …Me neither.
Feemy: Well, you're not a loser. You're a prince, y'know?

Jessica: Walks them to their room.
John: Of course, follows.
Dani: Wonders if Mom and Dad would sing the Jelly Song.
Jessica: Puts them to bed, making sure they have glasses of water.
Dani & Rose: Settle down. Usually put up more of a fuss.
John: Maybe we should put them to bed later all the time.
Jessica: Kisses them both on the forehead. I love you two… Sweet dreams. Danielle, Rosemary…
Rose: Love you, Mommy.
Danielle: Love you too, Mom.
Jessica: Smiles at her two little angels.
John: Smiles as well. Happiest surprise of his life. You two know where we are if you need anything. I love you two.
Dani & Rose: Love you, Dad! Simultaneously.
Jessica: Smiles. Leans against John. Whispers. Let's go, "Dad". Smiles at the girls and heads out the door, turning the lights off.
John: Leaves with his lovely wife.

Jessica: Reluctantly goes to Adam's room to have a serious talk.
Adam: Answers. Uh oh… It's both of them.
John: Looks serious too.
Jessica: Hi honey. Tries not to look serious.
Adam: Hi.
Jessica: …What're you doing?
Adam: …Studying…
Jessica: …What're you studying…?
Adam: …French…
Jessica: ….French…?
Adam: Mais oui.
John: So, about you falling asleep at the table…
Adam: …I apologize for that, it was rude of me.
John: Glances at Jessica.
Jessica: Looks at John and gives him an encouraging nod.
John: Your mother and I would like to talk about your new responsibilities. Always has to be the bad guy.
Adam: Blinks. What about them?
Jessica: Don't you think you're taking on a little too much at once, honey?
Adam: …I'm just trying to be useful.
John: I understand, Adam. But we feel you're taking on far too much.
Adam: I like being challenged.
John: There's a difference between being challenged and being overwhelmed. Fainting and falling asleep sitting up falls into the latter category.
Adam: I just get sick a lot. The two aren't necessarily correlated.
John: Gives him a look. May not be as good as Jessica's though.
Adam: Meets his gaze steadily.
John: Just keeps his eyes locked onto Adam's. Is that what you really think, Adam?
Adam: Thinks about it. …Yes.
John: Crosses his arms.
Jessica: We're just worried about you, Adam.
John: Nods.
Adam: …I'm sorry… I know you both have a lot to worry about besides me, but I'm trying to help you, Mom. It's not fair for you to have to do all that work by yourself.
Jessica: You're only 13 Adam.
John: We just think you should slow down and let your health catch up with you.
Jessica: Nods. You won't be young forever. In fact, you'll be an adult for a very long time… Just relax, you don't need to take on all this responsibility. You don't even seem to have any friends. …I think we should cut your… 'culture' lessons until you're feeling healthier and cut in half the time you spend with me in the office unless I'm gone.
John: That sounds reasonable.
Adam: …But what will I do?
Jessica: Do things you enjoy.
John: Nods in agreement.
Adam: Sighs and frowns. Getting a headache and needs to change his bandages and doesn't feel like arguing with his parents. Yes Ma'am.
Jessica: …Are you looking forward to seeing your grandparents tomorrow?
Adam: Yes Ma'am. Scratches his arm.
John: Uncrosses his arms and doesn't look so serious now.
Adam: …May I return to studying…?
Jessica: Looks to John.
John: …Yes, you may.
Jessica: Adam moves to close his door but she gives him a hug.
John: Frowns. Do not study too long. It's late.
Adam: Lays his head on his mother's shoulder. Very softly. Yes Sir.
Jessica: Strokes Adam's hair and kisses him on the forehead.
John: Feels like he was too hard on him now.
Jessica: Lets him go reluctantly. Sounds bad, but seeing Adam always makes her sad.
John: Lightly scruffs up his hair when she's finished hugging him.
Adam: Hugs his dad, too.
John: Hugs back very gently. My poor fragile son.
Adam: …I love you.
John: I love you too.
Adam: Stays in his father's arms for a bit and pulls away. I love you, too Mom… Good night.
Jessica: Good night, sweetheart.
John: Good night, Adam.
Adam: Nods to them and goes back into his room where they can presently hear a bath running.

Jessica: Sighs.
John: Puts an arm around her shoulders.
Jessica: Actually looks sorta upset.
John: …Honey?
Jessica: Sniffs. Blinks. I'm okay.
John: Kind of gets a feeling that she's not.
Jessica: …I don't want to lose him, either.
John: Frowns. He'll be alright, Jessica… He just needs to slow down a bit is all… Sounds sure, but inside he's kind of doubtful.
Jessica: I wish he'd just grind to a complete halt and rest for a week or two.
John: That would be best… but he's a very hard worker.
Jessica: Wouldn't be missing any school if he's three years ahead. And he's a very sick little boy.
John: I know… Said quite sadly.
Jessica: Sighs. But he seemed unhappy enough just taking a few things off his schedule… I don't want him to be miserable either.
John: We can't make him slow down, he has to want to… and I don't see that happening.
Jessica: He never learned how to be a kid. He's always been like this.
John: I know… Somehow blames himself for that.
Jessica: Looks up at John. Pats him on the arm.
John: Smiles down at her a little, just grateful that she's here with him.
Jessica: Well… I know he enjoys seeing your parents.
John: They enjoy seeing him, too.
Jessica: Begins walking to their room.
John: Follows.

Feemy: Ended up at the ice cream parlor. Snickers.
Renasi: What?
Feemy: Yeah. We're cool.
Renasi: Yep.
Feemy: Do you wanna go somewhere else?
Renasi: Nah… It's kinda late.
Feemy: We should probably get headed back.
Renasi: Yeah… Too many milkshakes.
Feemy: Didn't even drink any milkshakes. Stands! We could probably find something else to do, but… Shrugs. You're twenty, I don't imagine you have a curfew. Unless you have an idea.
Renasi: Nope.
Feemy: Then back to the castle?
Renasi: Yeah.
Feemy: Alright then. And it's back to the castle then!

Jessica: …Can I see that picture of Elijah again?
John: Nods and goes to retrieve it.
Jessica: Waits.
John: And after a short while, brings it to her.
Jessica: Looks at it and smiles. He looks happy, at least.
John: Smiles as well. He does… Seems a little unrealistic, that he's changed…
Jessica: If you do bring him back… When you do bring him back… Sighs. What will we tell the girls?
John: That Elijah is their brother and he's back.
Jessica: Nods.
John: Sighs.
Jessica: …What's wrong?
John: Nothing in particular, really. There's just a lot going on is all.
Jessica: Nods. Sets the picture on her nightstand, next to the one of Daniel holding Elijah.
John: That's a good place for it.
Jessica: Lays down on her bed. What do you think of Celena and Middler getting married?
John: I think… she's a little young for her to be getting married, but she's an adult that can make her own decisions.
Jessica: Sighs. She's certainly loved Middler for a long time.
John: Yeah… and to be completely honest, I know that at least she'll be taken care of. Doesn't think that Middler is hiding some horrid thing anymore.
Jessica: Nods and laughs a bit. Takes after her father that one.
John: Nods. Besides, I'm sure that it wouldn't matter if you or I had anything bad to say about the marriage, she'd probably just do it anyway.
Jessica: I think she's grown into a sensible young lady but… Well, she probably would.
John: Chuckles a little.
Jessica: …I probably shouldn't… but I'm actually getting a little excited about seeing Elijah.
John: I don't see how that's a bad thing.
Jessica: …Just don't want to get my hopes up.
John: I see…
Jessica: Smiles. Sorry, don't want to be getting your hopes down.
John: Leans in and kisses her forehead. You haven't gotten them down, Jessica.
Jessica: …Should we tell your parents they're great-grandparents? Smiles. Or would that just make your mother feel bad about her age?
John: Chuckles. I'll need to think on that one.
Jessica: Smiles. Well, I hope they're able to see their great-granddaughter someday soon.
John: I hope so too. Smiles. …She may not like getting old, but I think Mom would be thrilled to see her great-granddaughter.
Jessica: Laughs a little. Dunno about your dad.
John: Heh… Still worried about him?
Jessica: I can't ever tell what he's thinking.
John: That makes two of us.
Jessica: Your own father?
John: He never makes it easy to tell. Really, only my mom seems to know what's going on in his head all the time.
Jessica: Laughs a little. Wives do have their ways.
John: I've figured that one out, I bet. Care to share how you do it?
Jessica: Of course not. It's one of the best kept secrets of woman-kind.
John: Chuckles and scratches his chin a little. Alright, alright… I'll just have to wonder forever.
Jessica: Nods. Well, we can take along the picture and I'll let you decide if you'd like to tell them or not.
John: Alright. Actually mulling that over right now.
Jessica: …You think they'd like to meet Middler?
John: If he's getting married to Celena, I'd think so… They might want to attend the wedding though.
Jessica: Nods. And I'm pretty sure she'll be getting married in Atlantis. Well… they know we live far away… Well… we'd be nice enough to cover the travel expenses… Sighs.
John: Hm. Or we tell them not to tell my parents they're getting married?
Jessica: Well then why introduce Middler? Just as her boyfriend?
John: That's more if Celena decides to come with us. If she does, then I'm sure she just won't leave him behind anyhow.
Jessica: Nods. I wish we could tell your parents all of this… I feel bad lying to them but… I don't want them to have heart attacks.
John: Nods. I don't either… I would have told them a long time ago if I thought they could handle it.

Renasi: Walking back, hands shoved in his pockets.
Feemy: Ren seems a little off right now or maybe it's just me.
Renasi: Sighs. Kicks at the dirt.
Feemy: That does it. Alright Ren, what's wrong?
Renasi: …I know it's stupid and… well… stupider. But… I've just been thinking about my dad a lot lately.
Feemy: That's not stupid, Ren. It's not stupid at all.
Renasi: Yes it is… He left a long time ago.
Feemy: Puts a hand on his friend's shoulder. But still…
Renasi: Sighs. I've got a sister somewhere out there, too.
Feemy: Frowns, even though him and his sister didn't get along the greatest, he'd still miss her a lot if she were gone. He'd miss his dad if he suddenly left one day too. Well… if you want to talk about it, I'm all ears, Ren.
Renasi: I dunno… I just want to go and… find them, but… I couldn't leave Maman… She's been so strong about all of this. Not sure if 'strong' is the right word… 'delusional' is another good one. But… It'd probably break her heart if I left.
Feemy: Chews back what would be a kind of biting remark about the quality of parent it would take to leave him and his mother all alone, along with his sister. Squeezes his shoulder a little and doesn't make a remark, but just focuses on listening to his friend, since he's also kinda sure that Ren doesn't need advice about what to do, but needs someone to hear him out.
Renasi: Sighs.
Feemy: Takes the hand from his shoulder and puts it around his shoulders, giving him kind of a half-hug. Well… maybe someday you can go look for them?
Renasi: Nods. Yeah…
Feemy: His arm stays there for a little bit longer. Silent though, since he really doesn't know what else to say. He can't really know or understand how he feels.
Renasi: Stands still, hands in his pockets, bent over a bit staring at the ground.
Feemy: The silence just makes him think it's worse and it's disconcerting and a little painful to see his friend like this.
Renasi: Just trying not to cry.
Feemy: Not really sure of what to say or really do to help Renasi, he just brings his other arm around and hugs him and just hopes that him knowing that someone is here to listen might help, if not just a little bit.
Renasi: Hugs back lightly.
Feemy: Getting a little emotional himself. Doesn't like seeing Ren like this at all.
Renasi: Sniffs. Pulls away. Pulls a smile. Hey… It's cool. Punches his arm.
Feemy: Smiles a little back, eyes were beginning to look a little red. Heh… I need that arm you know? Rubs it a little.
Renasi: …Sorry. Half-smile. Starts walking again.
Feemy: Walks with him, of course.

Renasi: Back at the castle. Is this where we part ways?
Feemy: If you're going to bed, then I'd say so. We could hang out in the castle if you want, but not sure what we'd do.
Renasi: Sorry, Feemy… I'm kinda beat… but you're going to see your grandparents tomorrow, right? Guess I won't be seeing you.
Feemy: I'll be visiting them for awhile… but you'll be here when I get back, won't you?
Renasi: Nods. Yep, I'll be here awhile.
Feemy: Seems a bit relieved, as if somehow him mentioning the last part had implied a change of plans on him and his mother's behalf. Alright then. Heh, you could probably stand a break from me for a little bit anyhow. I've been hogging up all your time since you've got here.
Renasi: Shrugs. It's cool. I came to see you, after all.
Feemy: And I'm glad you did, Ren… Face lights up a little! Oh yeah, I forgot! Heh… I have something to show you sometime after I get back from Grandpa and Grandma's place.
Renasi: …What?
Feemy: Grins. Not sayin'.
Renasi: Rolls his eyes. Whatever. Smiles. I'll see you sometime tomorrow. G'night.
Feemy: 'Night
Renasi: Grins. Goes off to his room.
Feemy: Now he can't wait to show him. All smiles and goes to check on Adam.

Adam: Not in his room.
Feemy: Only peeked in the door, but when he sees no Adam at his desk working or slumped over it sleeping, he investigates and finds that out! Sighs and goes on a search for Adam, to make sure he's alright. Doesn't search individual rooms, but ends up wandering and searching through the castle that doesn't involve going up the stairs. Picking up speed as he gets more worried about Adam, who could have tripped and fell and now he's unconscious and no one is helping him. Before jumping to that conclusion, looks in the kitchen.
Adam: Sleeping with his head down on the kitchen table, a half-finished glass of milk beside him.
Feemy: Breathes a sigh of relief. Pours out the milk and puts the glass away, then lightly shakes Adam. Not sure if he could lift him all the way to his room. Isn't the strongest ever and doesn't work out beyond being particularly active when he's not practicing guitar or in this case, hanging out with Ren.
Adam: Twitches.
Feemy: Shakes again. Adam?
Adam: Snerk. Wakes up.
Feemy: …What're you doin' in the kitchen?
Adam: Winces, sits up, and blinks. …Um… Was just thirsty…
Feemy: Well… Oops. …I poured out your milk… Sorry about that. Want me to get you another one?
Adam: No, I'm alright… Thank you, though.
Feemy: Smiles. Then let's get you to bed, okay?
Adam: Nods and stands.
Feemy: You should really try to get a little more sleep, Adam. You look beat. At least to me you do.
Adam: Rubs his eyes and goes over to Feemy… Knees buckle a bit and takes his arm. Leans on him. I'm okay.
Feemy: Looks worried at the knee-buckling, supports Adam as best as he can.
Adam: Hugs Feemy.
Feemy: Hugs. I don't think Mom and Dad would like it if they found out you fell asleep in the kitchen.
Adam: …Why?
Feemy: Because you should be sleeping in your bed. I'm not going to tell them though.
Adam: I didn't intend to fall asleep in the kitchen.
Feemy: I figured and I don't think you tried to fall asleep at dinner either. Doesn't sound mad at all though. Just try to get a little more sleep. They don't need to know about this, okay?
Adam: I was asleep before I came here… But silently agrees… Doesn't like worrying his parents.
Feemy: Believes Adam on this. I'm sure you were. Starts to lead Adam back to his room.

Adam: Nods and follows him, keeping good posture even when he's not feeling well. Puts an arm around Feemy as he walks.
Feemy: It shouldn't be a wonder why I'm so affectionate with my friends. I grew up like this and I wouldn't have it any other way. Smiles.

Aidae: Pulls Elijah's ears.
Elijah: Softly. You're supposed to be sleeping. Removes her hands from his ears gently.
Aidae: You're not.
Elijah: I'm keeping watch.
Aidae: Fer what? Looks out the window.
Elijah: …Bad people.
Aidae: Leans against his leg and entwines her fingers in his. I dun wanna go back to the bad place.
Elijah: Stands and picks her up. That's why I'm making sure we're not. Hm? Carries her back to her room.
Aidae: Four eyes're better 'n two.
Elijah: Laughs gently, laying the squirming child in her bed. Two tired eyes aren't going to be good for much and're going to lead to a cranky little girl in the morning, hm? Kisses her forehead.
Aidae: No…
Elijah: …Sleeep.. Smiles.
Aidae: …'Night, Daddy. Smiles.
Elijah: That's a good girl. Leaves her bedroom and goes back to keeping watch.
Aidae: Keeps watch on her dad keeping watch through the open doorway until she nods off.

Daniel: Oh well hay there. Welcome to dream land. You win the thousandth prize.
John: Excellent.
Daniel: This brand new car!!!
John: Good, I need one since I gave mine to Ernest.
Daniel: That'd be funny, mowing down all the carriages.
John: It would be awesome.
Daniel: Stares a little.
John: Stares back.
Daniel: How's everything going? Not like I don't already know.
John: Things are going well. Going to be getting my… er… Elijah, back.
Daniel: Your Elijah?
John: I was going to say "son", but saying it to Elijah's paterfamilias seemed a little rude.
Daniel: Yeah, he has my gene sequencing buddy.
John: Even if you are dead and in Limbo, I don't think you need or want to hear me call him that.
Daniel: You can… Just not to my face.
John: We're grandfathers. Oops, huh? Crosses his arms. Yeah, I said it.
Daniel: I heard, but I didn't get to see the picture. Frowns.
John: His daughter is very pretty.
Daniel: What does she look like?
John: She's short, has small limbs, and stubby fingers… but really, she has short black hair.. and I don't remember the rest. If I were awake, I bet I could though… or it's really dark brown.
Daniel: Stares a bit.
John: …What?
Daniel: A stunning description. You are a man who notices the small details. How did Elijah look?
John: Like a tall dorky version of yourself. Flatly.
Daniel: Tall? Frowns.
John: In all seriousness… He looked happy. Maybe that's not the in depth description that you want, but it's the most prevalent detail, I think.
Daniel: Happy is good. Well, none of my children except for Elijah probably remember I existed anymore. Well…. I guess they can read about me in the history books! Adam can write a term paper… "Daniel McMurran was the worst King of Atlantis ever because… He died."
John: That's pretty bad.
Daniel: What will your little darlings think? Well, I hope things work out with you and Elijah.
John: I hope so too.
Daniel: And it's nice you consider that gay kid who wears an arm sleeve to the pool and dropped a whole box of lucky charms down your vent your son.
John: I'm great like that.
Daniel: I can't remember much else of your early interactions.
John: I can. I just don't want to.
Daniel: Saaad?
John: Borderline cruel. Calling him "Eli" being one of them.
Daniel: Oh yeah, forgot about that one. And he did too, consequently.
John: I'm glad he did.