26 July 2023
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Jessica McMurran Feemerson McMurran Adam McMurran Fate

Daniel: I got John in trouuble big time. Ha.
J.N: Oh yeah.
Daniel: Sorry aboot that.
J.N: Not your fault.
Daniel: It's Lonan's.
J.N: It is.
Daniel: Poor John.
J.N: Poor Elijah.
Daniel: Having to hang out with Demi… Man.
J.N: At least he does get to be with his friend.
Daniel: Don't beat yourself up about it.
J.N: I'm surprised the others didn't do that for me.
Daniel: They love you.
J.N: I was trying to prepare myself for being banished from the castle or something.
Daniel: You had good intentions… but if I were you, I would've punched Gabriel in the face, ha.
J.N: Nothing would have pleased me more. But that wouldn't have helped anything.
Daniel: I mean there wouldn't have been any of that putting Elijah in jail. Laughs.
J.N: …I was hoping that he wouldn't go to war either. That he would have been completely safe.
Daniel: Yeah… It's not like I like the idea, either but… It's probably something he needs to do to move on with his life.
J.N: Yeah… Just worried is all.
Daniel: Nods. Well you figured out that I was the one talking through Adam.
J.N: You made it pretty easy. You weren't cryptic or anything.
Daniel: Smiles. Should I have been?
J.N: Heh. I'm glad you weren't, honestly.
Daniel: Why…? Well this is kind of difficult since you have a different mindset here than you do awake.
J.N: Even though I did screw up… That screw up at least resulted in what Elijah is doing now. And I think that they were glad that you spoke out your concerns.
Daniel: …What?
J.N: Hard to explain.
Daniel: Laughs. I just told you to go see Gabriel.
J.N: It's the fact that you did… If that makes any sense.
Daniel: I guess. Well, I'll try not to speak through Adam anymore unless it's absolutely necessary.
J.N: That's good. No offense… but it doesn't seem fair to Adam if he can't control it consciously.
Daniel: Nods. Yeah, I don't like using my son as a puppet.

Jessica: Goes into her bedroom… their bedroom… where John is sleeping and gets on the bed with him.
J.N: Stirs slightly.
Jessica: Strokes John's cheek a bit. Not sure if she's wanting to wake him or not.
J.N: Smiles, consciously and subconsciously.

Daniel: …What?
J.N: …What?
Daniel: You're smiling.
J.N: I am. I just feel happy.
Daniel: …Okay…
J.N: I guess just suddenly being happy is a little weird.

Jessica: Puts an arm over his chest and snuggles into him a bit.
J.N: Stirs again, still not awakening.
Jessica: Strokes his hair a bit. …John…? Kinda softly said.
J.N: Not loud enough, Jess.
Jessica: Still wavering between wanting to wake him and not. Kisses him on the cheek… then on the lips.
J.N: That'll do it. Eyes open.
Jessica: Smiles sheepishly, half on top of him now.
J.N: Doesn't bother him at all. Hello Jess…
Jessica: Hey John. Gives him another soft kiss on the lips.
J.N: Meets her kiss this time and wraps his arms around her, as best as he can at least.
Jessica: Strokes his cheek and smiles at him lovingly. How're you doing?
J.N: I'm doing well. Still smiling happily, lovingly even. And you…?
Jessica: I'm fine. Smiles. Were you having a nice dream?
J.N: Thinks about what he was dreaming of… and just draws up a brief image of… Adam? Chuckles a bit. I don't know… I can't remember it.
Jessica: Smiles. Still… Sorry for waking you.
J.N: No… Not Adam. Now I can't even remember the face. No need to apologize, Jess. Whatever I was dreaming of couldn't come close to you.
Jessica: Smiles. Kisses him on the lips again. Did you talk to your mother?
J.N: Snuggles to her a little. I did and she said she'd love to help… She was ecstatic. She wanted to know if she could invite her parents to the wedding, though.
Jessica: Blinks. Of course, they're your family.
J.N: She just wanted to make sure, I suppose… I'd be a little careful, though. This seems like something that my mom could get carried away with.
Jessica: Laughs. Am I going to end up with a ceramic pig wedding?
J.N: Heh… I think that could be a distinct possibility. Said jokingly, of course.
Jessica: Smiles. As long as we get married, I'll be alright. I don't care if I have to wear three hoop skirts and then have a cake eating contest with you while wearing piggy ears. Laughs.
J.N: Laughs as well. I wouldn't care if I had to wear four of them instead. I too just want to get married to you. Though I would like a nice wedding, if not just for Jessica's sake, though she just mentioned that she didn't care what the ceremony was like.
Jessica: Well, it's your wedding, too. Smiles. I want you to enjoy it. And well, I trust your mother's taste and hope she'll ask for your opinion on things… Maybe even your father. Laughs. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a suit.
J.N: And I'm looking forward to seeing you in your wedding dress.
Jessica: Smiles and blushes. I made some progress with my paperwork and I was thinking of taking Feemy and Adam out to the lake and we could have a picnic. Would you like to come?
J.N: Of course… Do Feemy and Adam get along?
Jessica: I haven't noticed them arguing. That means they at least get along better than Celena and Feemy. I'm partially hoping this will help them get along. Adam keeps to himself in his room a lot. I imagine it's hard to get to know him and Adam gets jealous easily, so… Well, I dunno. I'm trying. Laughs a bit.
J.N: It'll take a bit of effort, but I think Adam and Feemy could be friends… If at least not at each other's throats all the time. Doesn't really know how bad it is between Feemy and Celena.
Jessica: Nods. They're both intelligent young boys. Adam's also not nearly as volatile as Celena.
J.N: Nods as well. And you could do with a break, Jess.
Jessica: Nods. So could you.
J.N: Frowns a little. I'm… going to be getting plenty of rest, I think. Soon, at least.
Jessica: What do you mean?
J.N: I've been missing work. Things here have been hectic… and… well… I didn't get fired, but my boss considered my absences as my resignation. I called and explained to him that there were problems I couldn't ignore and he said he understood, but still couldn't have me missing. So in a weeks time, I'll have 'officially quit' my job. Doesn't really seem bothered by it at all, truth be told!
Jessica: Frowns. I'm sorry, John.
J.N: It's alright, Jess. I was going to quit when the new guys were trained anyhow. Besides… my life is here now. Not there.
Jessica: Nods. But what about your house and… I'm sure you have bills to pay?
J.N: I'm hoping Ernest takes me up on my offer to live there. It may not be my home anymore, but I don't want that place to be condemned or taken over by the bank or anything like that.
Jessica: Nods. There were some happy memories there. Smiles. Sits up.
J.N: There were indeed… Smiles.
Jessica: Sighs. I checked on Elijah.
J.N: How is he?
Jessica: He's come down with a cold, which is no small wonder, but he seems alright… At least happy enough. So he'll be resting for awhile. I think he needs it, too.
J.N: That's good…
Jessica: Nods. Smiles at him and stands.
J.N: Now I have to get out of bed. Not lazy, but relaxing was nice.
Jessica: You sure you want to go? Smiles.
J.N: I'm sure. Sits up and then gets out of bed. Fresh air would be nice too.
Jessica: Runs a brush through her hair a couple times, then gets out the door.
J.N: Wake up ritual of brushing his hair, a futile endeavor, and all the other errata that entails good hygiene.
Jessica: Waits for him and takes his hand when he comes out and it's off to Feemy's manor!

Jessica: Knocks on the Feemy's door.
Feemy: Sets down his guitar and notes and goes to the door!
Jessica: Smiles. Hey sweety. What're you doing?
Feemy: I was just practicing. Smiles! Since Mom is here!
Jessica: That's good! My little boy's gonna be a musician. Would you like to go the lake with Adam and John and me?
Feemy: Okay! John coming with is just a small drawback.
Jessica: Well, I'll let you get ready if you'd like to put on your bathing suit or something.
Feemy: Okay! Leaves his stuff just lying out. At least it's not on the floor though! Goes to get changed!
Jessica: To John. Could you get Adam? Since his room is only down the hall a little.
J.N: Of course. And goes to do so!
Jessica: Waits for Feemy.
Feemy: Didn't take long to get changed and is soon wearing a bathing suit.

Adam: Laying on his floor amidst his block castles and action figures and junk sleeping.
J.N: On the floor? Steps carefully over the action figures and block castles. Kind of a strange scene, like some horrible giant doing his best not the trample the village underfoot. …Adam?
Adam: Snoring, laying on his half-finished 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
J.N: The kid keeps busy. That's my boy. Leans in and carefully shakes him very gently. …Adam?
Adam: Snerk. Awakens. Blinks. Sits up. Daddy?
J.N: Hey Adam. You want to come to the lake with Jessica, Feemy and I?
Adam: Stretches a bit. Okay.
J.N: Smiles. Great. You might want to get changed into a bathing suit. I'm going to step out so you can if you want, alright?
Adam: Okay… Smiles at him.
J.N: See you in a little bit. Still smiling, makes his careful way out!

Jessica: Standing near Adam's door, holding Feemy's hand.
J.N: Steps out! He just needs to get ready.
Jessica: Nods. Alright.
Adam: Comes out in a bit and blinks at them all.
Feemy: Hi Adam. All smiles.
Adam: Hi Feemy.
Feemy: At a loss for what else to say!
Adam: Is too!
Jessica: Smiles. I need to stop by the kitchen and get the picnic basket. Starts to head down the hall.
Adam: Runs up next to J.N. and takes his hand.
Feemy: I'll pass on that.

Jessica: Got her basket and a blanket and they are now… at the lake… through the magic of… magic.
J.N: At least it's nice outside!
Feemy: I kinda wish Ren were here too.
Adam: Sits next to J.N.
J.N: Scruffs up Adam's hair a bit. His own is not savable, even when brushed.
Adam: Look at my bruise! It looks… yellower… which is better, I guess.
J.N: Kinda gross still. It doesn't hurt, right? Is indeed looking at it!
Adam: Just when you poke it… It itches though. Frowns.
J.N: We should get more ice on that when we get home.
Adam: Okay. Looks at the big expanse of water. …Are you gonna swim?
J.N: I don't even think I brought swimwear. I might. If I want to, it doesn't matter if I'm wearing pants.
Adam: I can't swim.
Jessica: Arms around Feemy. Do you like playing your guitar, sweety?
Feemy: I don't make it sound good.
Jessica: You just need more practice. My son's gonna be a musician.
Adam: Scratches his bruise.
Feemy: I know. I like it when it sounds good. It does sometimes.
Jessica: I'd like to hear you play sometime.
Feemy: Smiles! Really?
Jessica: I certainly would! My son's gonna be a musician.
J.N: You shouldn't scratch it, Adam.
Adam: I know…
Feemy: Okay, but I'm bad at it. But I'll practice.
Jessica: Gives Feemy a big hug.
Feemy: Definitely going to practice much more now!
Adam: Lays on his stomach and picks at grass.
J.N: …Do you want to go into the water, Adam? I'll go with you.
Adam: Looks at the water. It looks pretty scary. Looks up at J.N.
J.N: You'll be safe. I wouldn't let anything happen to you.
Adam: Okay… Sits up and takes his shirt, shorts, and shoes off. Tiny pale kid.
J.N: Just takes his shirt and shoes off. Dreamy!
Jessica: Thinks it is.
J.N: Except for the big ugly scar on his side!? You two coming with?
Jessica: Um… I'm not. Not even wearing a bathing suit.
J.N: Alright. How about you, Feemy?
Adam: Scratches his bruise and stares at Feemy.
Feemy: Glances at his Mom.
Jessica: Looks at him. Smiles. What?
Feemy: You won't be bored if I go swimming?
Jessica: Smiles. Not at all. I wouldn't mind being bored, considering all that's been happening lately.
Feemy: Okay! Goes over to John! Doesn't take his hand though.
Adam: Clings to J.N. and scratches his bruise.

J.N: Leads them to the water!
Adam: Hesitating.
J.N: To show him it's safe, gets in first, without forcing him to get in.
Adam: Chickening out.
J.N: Holds out arms for him.
Feemy: Already got in!
Adam: Takes J.N.'s hands and closes his eyes tight.
J.N: Slowly brings him into the water.
Adam: Clings to J.N., actually trembling.
J.N: Hugs tight. You're safe, Adam.
Adam: Opens his eyes slowly and discovers he's not dying. Relaxes a bit. Is there a giant squid in the water?
J.N: No. …I hope not, anyway!
Adam: What about sharks?
J.N: They live in the ocean.
Adam: Leeches?
J.N: They like swamps.
Adam: Piranhas?
J.N: They only live in the Amazon.
Adam: Where's the Amazon?
J.N: Far away from Atlantis.
Adam: Lets one hand go of John to scratch his bruise.
Feemy: The water's not scary. Really! Can hardly believe that he's swimming too, though!
Adam: Stares at Feemy with big green eyes and scratches.
Feemy: Splashes a bit at the two!
Adam: Shuts his eyes and buries his face in J.N.'s chest.
J.N: Stop that, Feemy.
Feemy: Frowns. Okay… I got in trouble.
Adam: Getting you in trouble.
Feemy: Idea! Hey, remember when we all went and Celena helped me try to learn how to swim and you made sure I didn't sink?
Adam: Removes his face from J.N.'s chest and scratches his bruise more and resumes staring at Feemy.
J.N: I remember.
Feemy: We could do that with Adam! I learned to swim at Ren's, so I could tell him how.
Adam: Looks at John, unsure.
J.N: Do you want to try, Adam? I'll make sure nothing happens.
Adam: …I guess.
J.N: Squeezes him a bit. Alright.
Adam: Looks at Feemy. Lets go of John a bit. He trusts him.
J.N: Has a looser grip on him, but still keeps hold so he doesn't sink.
Adam: What do I do?
Feemy: Okay, you should probably just learn how to float. It's easy! Though I can't float well at all. Take deep breathes and relax like you're laying down on your back.
Adam: But I'm not laying on my back.
Feemy: Not yet. I'm just saying what you should try.
Adam: Okay.
J.N: And into the water with you, Adam. Easy does it though.
Adam: Tense, his muscles tighten up.
J.N: Relax, Adam. I'm here. You're not going to sink.
Adam: Trusts J.N. Relaxes. Takes deep breaths.
Feemy: You could put him on his back and just keep your hand under him so he doesn't sink even if he doesn't float! I'm smart.
Adam: Scratches his leg.
J.N: Adam, you shouldn't scratch at it.
Adam: It itches.
J.N: I know. Ready to try and float?
Adam: Nods.
J.N: Does as Feemy instructed!
Adam: Relaxes and takes big breathes.
J.N: Moves his hand slightly from his back, though not far. If he doesn't float, he'll catch him.
Feemy: Observes!
Adam: Closing his eyes tight. Is indeed floating.
Feemy: Smiles! You're floating! Unless John is cheating and keeping you up.
J.N: I'm not.
Adam: Opens his eyes. Blinks. Too scared to move.
J.N: Smiling a bit as well. See? Nothing to be afraid of.
Adam: Staying completely still, taking big breaths, trying to stay relaxed, eyes move around… My leg itches.
J.N: Just say when you want to stop floating.
Adam: Just blinks, seems distracted.
Feemy: You learn fast!
Adam: Snaps out of it and panics, beginning to sink.
J.N: Catches him. Didn't take his hand away, fortunately.
Adam: Sits up, if he can and clings around John's neck.
J.N: You did a good job, Adam.
Adam: …Really?
J.N: Nods. You floated on your first try.
Feemy: Yeah! I didn't float on my first try. I sank head first.
Adam: …I wanna get out…
J.N: Alright. And gets out, Adam in tow!
Feemy: Leaves the water, since he doesn't want to swim alone and since it's not allowed anyway.

Adam: Now that he's out, scratches.
Jessica: Are you hungry? Smiles at them.
Adam: Scratches like it's going out of style!
Feemy: I am!
J.N: Adam, please stop scratching.
Jessica: Serves everyone fried chicken, smiling. Pulls Feemy close to her.
J.N: I have to walk back in these wet clothes.
Feemy: Snuggles up to her happily. Total momma's boy.
Adam: Stops scratching for about ten seconds.
J.N: Good. I am kinda hungry too.
Adam: Picks at it!
J.N: Doesn't pick at it, just eats.
Adam: Eats half of a chicken leg, then goes to picking at grass. Can do monotonous things for hours on end! Sorts the blades of grass he picks in small, medium, and large piles.
Jessica: Sips lemonade.
Feemy: We taught Adam how to float…
Jessica: I saw. Smiles at him. You're a good big brother.
Feemy: Grins. Big brothers are supposed to do stuff like that. Proud!
Adam: Shapes the grass into letters… A… D… A… M.
Jessica: Nods and squeezes him tight.
Adam: D… A… D… Scratches his leg.
J.N: Looks over to Adam, checking up on him.
Feemy: As happy as a clam in deep sand!
Adam: Making shapes with his mouth, brow furrowed… Begins making an 'E'… L… I… Stops to think… G or J… Jah… Goes with J… A….. H.
J.N: …Feemy?
Feemy: Yes?
J.N: think Adam would like company?
Adam: L… E… G. H… A… N… D.
Feemy: Looks to his mom.
Jessica: Looks to Feemy… Looks at Adam… Shrugs.
Adam: Wishes he knew letters beyond 'O'.
Feemy: He doesn't like playing too much. Okay. I'll see if Adam wants to play.
Adam: M… O… M. F… E… E… N… G… E… R…? R makes that sound, right?
Feemy: Approaches Adam!
Adam: Rrr… Rrr… A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z… Are… Arrr… Srratches his leg. Feeenger. Looks satisfied.
Feemy: What're you spelling?
Adam: Looks up at Feemy. Finger. Shows him the grass. F-E-E-N-G-E-R.
Feemy: That's not how you spell it.
Adam: Why not?
Feemy: It's spelled "F-I-N-G-E-R."
Adam: Why "I"? Scratches his leg.
Feemy: Because it makes the right sound.
Adam: Two Es make the same sound.
Feemy: But it's spelled with an I. Katen taught me so.
Adam: Alright. F-I-M-I.
Feemy: My name is spelled F-E-E-M-Y… but my full name is F-E-E-M-E-R-S-O-N.
Adam: Does Y make an "Eee" sound, too? Frowns. Scratches his leg.
Feemy: Kinda. Well… it's better if Katen told you.
Adam: I guess. Lays down and scratches his leg.
Feemy: What's wrong with your leg?
Adam: It got hurt and now my bug likes it there.
Feemy: Bug?
Adam: I got a bug that lives inside me… Do you?
Feemy: N…No. Looks worried.
Adam: It's gonna make other bugs one day, that guy said. But it's better if you don't have bugs 'cause they iiitch. And you can feel 'em crawling around in you.
Feemy: Y…Yeah… um… Are you okay, Adam?
Adam: Yes… I'm not even crazy. Daddy said so. You've got horns. Do those hurt?
Feemy: No. But they make me look weird.
Adam: That's okay. It's probably better to not look like everyone else.
Feemy: Tugs on one of his horns. Why?
Adam: Because then you're the same… I wish I looked like you. You look more like Daddy than me.
Feemy: No I don't… Oh, you mean John? …Yeah, he's gonna be our Daddy when Mom marries him. I don't look like him though.
Adam: You look more like him than me. People might think you're really his son. Scratches his leg.
Feemy: I'd rather look like Mom…
Adam: You have curly hair like Mom. I just look like my real dad… It's not any fun looking like a dead person.
Feemy: You kinda do.
Adam: Where's your real parents?
Feemy: Shrugs.
Adam: Are they dead?
Feemy: I don't know.
Adam: Do you miss them? Scratches his leg and… feels relief and stops.
Feemy: Shrugs again. I don't remember them much.
Adam: Oh. Is only four and has little empathy.
Jessica: Boys… It's getting dark… We'd better go back inside. Gathering everything up.
J.N: Helps!
Jessica: The mess is quickly cleared away! Takes Feemy's hand and walks back to the castle.
Adam: Looks back at the woods.
J.N: Takes his hand. C'mon Adam.
Adam: Blinks. Okay. Goes with J.N.

Feemy: …Do I have a bug in me Mom?
Jessica: Checks Feemy front-and-back. Nope. Thought he said 'on'.
Feemy: Good enough search for him! Looks relieved. Thanks Mommy.
Jessica: Smiles. Of course, Feemy. Makes it back to the castle! Sighs. Well, that was fun.
Feemy: I had fun! Smiles!
Jessica: Smiles. I'm glad you did… and guess what?
Feemy: What? Excited!
Jessica: I invited Thanasi and Renasi to come over, so they might be visiting soon.
Feemy: Beams! Actually becomes a little squirmy and energetic.
Jessica: Happy to see him happy. Smiles at John.
J.N: Smiles as well. It was a nice day today!
Adam: Leans against John's leg.
J.N: Sighs happily.
Jessica: …Are you sleepy, Feemy?
Feemy: Nuh-uh! Quite the opposite!
Jessica: Oh! We should… Looks at Adam. …Honey, you're bleeding. Kneels down next to him.
Adam: Yeah.
Jessica: We told you not to scratch it!
Adam: It doesn't itch anymore.
J.N: Frowns. We should get that cleaned up and bandaged.
Jessica: That was bad of you, Adam. Looks at Adam… Looks at John… Looks at Feemy. …Could you, John?
J.N: Of course.
Jessica: Smiles. Um… Let me hear you play the guitar, then, Feemy.
Feemy: Brightens! Um… tonight? Really?
Jessica: Smiles. Nods. Yep!
Adam: Stands with blood running down his leg. Looks at J.N.
J.N: Leans down and scoops him up. Let's get you fixed up.
Adam: Proceeds to bleed all over John.
J.N: I don't care. To the infirmary!

Adam: D-A-D.
J.N: Spells "Dad".
Adam: A-D-A-M. …K… R… O… Has to think now. Wuh… W? L… E… E… Or I? Or Y?
J.N: That C-R-O-W-L-E-Y.
Adam: Not really… I can't tell where there should be Cs or Ks or Is or Es or Ys.
J.N: You'll get better. Checks the bleeding.
Adam: Still bleeding. Not profusely, but there is a steady trickle of blood. Katen said I should start reading and that would help me spell.
J.N: You should.
Adam: He gave me a book, but I can't even read the second word in the title.
J.N: I could read to you, if you'd like.
Adam: Really? Smiles. It's like… "booogt". That's not a word, is it?
J.N: How is it spelled?
Adam: Thinks. B… O… Thinks. U… G… H… T…
J.N: Hm. I can read that book to you at your bedtime. Finally arrives!

Adam: But what word is it?
J.N: It's "bought".
Adam: Bought. …They should've left out the U-G-H. Sits on the infirmary bed!
J.N: Unless there are professionals there to help him, he bandages it himself!
Adam: Did you figure out who talked in me?
J.N: Yeah.
Adam: Who was it?
J.N: We think it was Daniel.
Adam: …My father?
J.N: It's not really fair of you to let me say that I'm your real father if you're gonna say that! Yes.
Adam: Why do you think it was him?
J.N: No one else would have known to talk to Elijah or that Gabriel would know anything about the situation.
Adam: Well he should stop 'cause I don't like people talking in me. You wouldn't do that, would you?
J.N: I wouldn't.
Adam: That's why you're better. Likes Daniel less. Hugs J.N. and kisses him on the cheek.

Feemy: Playing guitar!
Jessica: Enjoying it, even if it's terrible.
Feemy: Can actually play a few chords, but not close to a song. It's evident he's been practicing for awhile, but he has short arms and stubby fingers and it's hard to play. Overall, it is pretty bad!
Jessica: To her… It's a symphony! Enjoying every second of it… My son's gonna be a musician.
Feemy: He's doing better than normal, just because she's there and he's trying his hardest.
Jessica: This is the best guitar solo I've ever heard.

J.N: Scruffs up Adam's hair.
Adam: That guy said I was… A summoner? What does that mean?
J.N: Hana mentioned that you might be able to summon up your ancestors. I'm guessing that's what it means to be a summoner.
Adam: …Do you think I could?
J.N: He said the ability could be lost… but I think you could learn.
Adam: Do you think I could do it right now?
J.N: I don't know. You could try, I think.
Adam: Looks at John, then reaches out tentatively to the stand beside the bed and… Picks something up. As he touches it, a book becomes visible.
J.N: …I guess… that answers our question. Surprised, but trying to hide that.
Adam: Opens the book a crack… then seems to zone-out completely.
J.N: …Adam?
Adam: Doesn't speak… Doesn't seem to be "there". Just stares blankly.
J.N: Adam? Reaches out and lightly shakes him by the shoulder.
A Figure: Appears between John and Adam. A man in red robes with white hair. Rather ghost-like, doesn't seem to be tangible… his color seems to be… grayer.
J.N: …Hello? Growing concern.
Fate: Stares at him with big green eyes.
J.N: Those eyes…
Fate: Flickers a bit. His face seems to change subtly, morphing and molding back to it's original form, as well as his clothes… even his height.
J.N: …You can hear me?
Fate: Looks at him curiously and reaches out a white-gloved hand to touch him. Does not, though… Lets John make that move.
J.N: Though it's more than a little weird, he reaches out and meets him half way. He is curious and he has a feeling, even if it is a bit strange, that whoever this is, he doesn't mean him harm.
Fate: Smiles. Visage changes… to Daniel's.
J.N: …Daniel?
Daniel: Flickering a bit. Their hands still together… His mobility seems to be limited. Hey John. This is sure to make him pass out.
J.N: Just goes white and sits down/falls onto his butt on the nearest surface.
Daniel: Arm falls. You don't need to look so surprised. I was just talking to you this morning. Of course, you don't remember. Voice sounds very far away.
J.N: …What? When? Shakily stands back up. Feels more comfortable standing.
Daniel: We see each other all the time when you're asleep.
J.N: You watch me while I sleep?
Daniel: Smirks. I watch you all the time.
J.N: Frowns deeply.
Daniel: Well not all the time.
J.N: Not worried about that at the moment. Just the past few days.
Daniel: …What can I do for you? Calling me out of my eternal rest.
J.N: I didn't call for you… Adam did. …It's really you, isn't it?
Daniel: Yes. Well, he doesn't seem to be all there. But I wouldn't worry. You're the one that touched Fate, that's probably why I'm here.
J.N: Why did he want to touch me? …And is Adam alright? Is this hurting him?
Daniel: He's perfectly fine. I even healed his leg for you.
J.N: You… did? …I… Thank you… Still can't believe what he's seeing, even after all he's seen.
Daniel: No problem. Well, I haven't got much longer. Sorry for telling you to do that with Elijah. Even though I already apologized while you're asleep, I should apologize to your conscious self, too. Thank you for taking care of my wife and kids. Please keep doing so or I'll haunt you.
J.N: I… you're… welcome…
Daniel: Oh and "Rosemary Anne Crowley" is a beautiful name for a daughter. Waves goodbye and fades away. The book Adam's holding snaps closed and disappears.
Adam: Blinks. Looks at his hands where the book was.
J.N: Looks like he just saw a ghost.
Adam: Looks up. What happened?
J.N: …You… summoned Daniel… I think. …Are you alright, Adam?
Adam: Nods. Doesn't remember a thing between opening the book and it disappearing. My father…?
J.N: Yes…
Adam: Frowns. Maybe you're crazy, too.
J.N: Chuckles weakly. No, Adam. Hana said it was… possible for you to summon your ancestors, the other High Risers.
Adam: Nods. …My leg feels better.
J.N: …He healed it.
Adam: Picks at the bandage to look. 'Re you okay, Daddy?
J.N: …I'm fine, Adam… I just wasn't expecting that…
Adam: You don't look so good… Peels the bandage off. The abrasion and bruise are gone.

Jessica: That was beautiful, Feemy… but… it's past your bedtime.
Feemy: Glowing with pride. I'm gonna practice every day.
Jessica: That's great! Hugs him. My son's gonna be a musician!
Feemy: Hugs! Positive reinforcement! It does wonders!
Jessica: Kisses him on the cheek. Get some rest, baby.
Feemy: Yes Mom!
Jessica: Good night. Strokes his hair. I love you.
Feemy: I love you too. Absolutely glowing.
Jessica: Waves to him a bit, then leaves him to go to sleep. Then off to search for John.
Feemy: Waits for her footsteps to fade, then starts practicing again.

Adam: Looks at John, frowning.
J.N: …I just wasn't expecting that…
Adam: …I love you better. Thinks this is what's bothering John.
J.N: Smiles a bit, though still pale. It's… not that, Adam… I don't normally see the dead speaking to me again…
Adam: Oh. Were you scared?
J.N: Surprised… I could barely believe what I was seeing.
Adam: Are you gonna be okay? Frowns. I'm sorry if it made you sad. Actually showing empathy.
J.N: You didn't, Adam… I'm glad you're okay… Reaches out to stroke his cheek.
Adam: Smiles up at him and takes his other hand.
Jessica: Peeks in! Everything alright?
J.N: Squeezes the little hand. …Everything is fine.
Jessica: Walks in. How's your leg?
Adam: Better.
Jessica: Stares in disbelief at his healed leg. …You're a quick healer.
J.N: …It wasn't him, per se.
Jessica: Hm? Blinks at John.
J.N: Do you remember what Hana said about Adam being able to summon other High Risers?
Jessica: Nods.
J.N: …He summoned Daniel. Daniel healed his leg.
Jessica: Stares at John.
J.N: Looks her right in the eye.
Jessica: Disbelieving look. …Well, Adam… You should get to bed.
J.N: …Yeah… Let's get you to bed, Adam.
Adam: Okay… Will you carry me, Daddy? Holds his arms up.
J.N: Indeed picks him up and hugs him. I'll read that book to you too, if you want.
Adam: 'Kay. Smiles.
Jessica: Doesn't know if she's invited along. Doesn't look very happy, though.
J.N: Do you want to come with, Jessica? Does notice this not-very-happy look.
Jessica: Wondering if John's losing it and would like to question him further. Alright…
J.N: Offers a hand to Jessica. Carries Adam with one arm, since he usually hugs him around the neck.
Jessica: Takes it tentatively.
J.N: Squeezes her hand and off to Adam's room it is.
Jessica: Squeezes back. John is the most honest person she knows and he also… usually seems pretty mentally sound, so decides she'll have faith in him.

Adam: Gets changed into his pajamas and brushes his teeth, then gets into bed. Hands J.N. a very thin book called "I Bought Me A Cat" with all manner of farm animals upon the cover.
J.N: Reads it! …And tries to get Jessica to help him do it!
Jessica: Helps. Since the book is in verses, does every other one.
J.N: And it is probably the strangest sounding bedtime story ever. …Katen gave you this book?
Adam: Nods. Yes.
J.N: Chuckles a little at the thought.
Adam: So the guy got a lot of animals.
J.N: …Yep.
Adam: Elijah read me this book onetime… Thinks. This kid lived on an island… He was stuck on it with an evil guy. But the evil guy got off the island by digging a hole with zombies. So the kid did too.
J.N: Blinks.
Adam: He had friends who had a cruise boat and lived in the past. And he had another friend who lived in the future and who had the statue of liberty's head in his backyard. And he had another friend who was a knight and tried to blow up a nuclear bomb. There was this sick kid and the evil guy gave him a ring to make him better. Then the kid became evil. The kid decides that everyone who's stupid should die. So the boy and his friends go to the present to stop him. But they all die and so do all the stupid people and that was the end of the book.
J.N: Stares a bit.
Adam: I thought it was pretty good.
J.N: It sounds interesting…
Adam: It was in a series. There was another book after it.
J.N: What was it called?
Adam: …I forget.
J.N: Oh well.
Jessica: …Well it's time for you to go to bed. Kisses Adam on the forehead. Good night, sweetheart. Sleep well.
Adam: You too, Mommy… Night… Love you… You too Daddy.
J.N: Love you, Adam. Kisses his forehead too.
Jessica: Leaves the room and turns out the light… Then it's off to her room!
J.N: Follows.

Jessica: Once in the privacy of their room. …You saw Daniel?
J.N: Yes.
Jessica: …Could you elaborate a bit?
J.N: …Adam grabbed a book out of nowhere and when he opened it, a man appeared. Like the one from Hana's book…
Jessica: Blinks. …The one he's been seeing?
J.N: I think so… This is the first time I've seen him… and he reached out to touch me… and… I had this feeling he didn't mean me harm… so I reached out as well… and when I did, he changed… and spoke to me and it was Daniel's voice.
Jessica: …Did it look like Daniel?
J.N: Yes.
Jessica: …Did he say anything?
J.N: …Yes.
Jessica: This is like pulling teeth. …Can you tell me what he said?
J.N: That he's been watching over us, always.
Jessica: Blinks. Is that all?
J.N: No… He also thanked me for watching after the kids and you… and… he said he was sorry for telling me to do what I did with Elijah… though he said he apologized to me while I was asleep. He also said if I didn't take care of you all, he'd haunt me… and that "Rosemary Anne Crowley" is a beautiful name for a daughter.
Jessica: Was looking skeptical before, but what J.N. reiterated… well, sounded like Daniel…
J.N: …I barely would have believed it… but he even mentioned healing Adam's leg… and it is healed… Physical evidence… so at least I'm not going crazy…
Jessica: Walks over to John and puts a hand on his chest. …You talk to him while you're asleep?
J.N: I… Heart beats against her hand. I didn't know I did… but…
Jessica: Smiles up at him. …Well, it's nice to know that he's watching over us.
J.N: Smiles back to her. It is.
Jessica: Though rather strange knowing your current relationship has your dead husband's seal of approval. And "Rosemary Anne Crowley" is a pretty name.
J.N: I like it too…
Jessica: …Was it your idea?
J.N: …It might have been. He didn't say that he came up with it… He just said it was a lovely name…
Jessica: …In your dream perhaps?
J.N: Perhaps… I'd think Daniel would have better things to do than talk to me in my dreams… What a week… and there's still one day left…
Jessica: Isn't Sunday the start of the next week? Well it is on the calendar…
J.N: Good. Then the week is over.
Jessica: Good… We should have a celebration.
J.N: We should.
Jessica: Hand moves down rather low.
J.N: Cups her cheek.
Jessica: Closes her eyes and tilts her head to be kissed.
J.N: Leans in and does so, with what could be surprising passion.
Jessica: Kisses back. Both of her hands don't go to very appropriate places.
J.N: The same could easily be said about his own.
Jessica: Then you might want to say good-bye to your clothes, J.N. Crowley.
J.N: Good-bye clothes. They're not lonely for long, though. Yours can keep them company.
Jessica: This would be a good time to lay down on my bed.
J.N: I agree.
Jessica: Kisses passionately! Copulation!!!
J.N: A lot of it?!
Jessica: Preferably.
J.N: And so it shall be.
Jessica: John makes her very happy.
J.N: Jessica makes him very happy too.
Jessica: Passionate moaning trails off into heavy breathing and holding John in her arms.
J.N: Sounds good.
Jessica: …It's over! Lays with her head on John's chest. Sighs contentedly…
J.N: Rapid heart beat eventually calms down.
Jessica: Listens to his heart beat. You make me so happy. Said softly.
J.N: Smiles and sighs in contentment. Speaks back just as softly. You make me happy as well, Jessica…
Jessica: Puts a hand to her stomach thoughtfully.
J.N: Looks down to her and trails his hand from her shoulder to over the hand on her stomach.
Jessica: …I know it was a bit of a surprise and unexpected and we're probably not ready for it… but… well… I'm still sort of glad it's happening…
J.N: …I'm looking forward to being a father.
Jessica: Smiles. Really?
J.N: Nods. Really.
Jessica: Well, you already are a father to Adam.
J.N: Smiles. It… feels wonderful. It really does…
Jessica: Smiles and laughs a bit.
J.N: Chuckles a bit as well, but it's more from just being happy, content, than finding any real humor.
Jessica: You're quite a surprising man John, compared to four years ago.
J.N: Four years seems almost like a lifetime ago.
Jessica: Nods. You're a very different person.
J.N: …And I'm glad for that. I hate who I used to be.
Jessica: …Well… maybe you had to go through that to become the person you are now…? Our bad experiences and our good shape who we are.
J.N: …That is probably true. But I do not have to like who I used to be, do I? Chuckles a little at that.
Jessica: Nooo… Laughs a little. As long as you aren't hating yourself now.
J.N: I've never been happier, Jess. Even with all the commotion.
Jessica: "Jess"…
J.N: Seems a bit sheepish at that. ..I won't call you that, if you would prefer I don't.
Jessica: I don't mind… I just noticed you'd been calling me that lately.
John: I was going to call you 'honey', but I wasn't sure if you'd like that, either.
Jessica: Laughs and blushes. You can call me honey, dear.
J.N: Alright, then… Honey. Chuckles a little again. Honey sounds a bit weird coming out… but it's somewhat fitting in his mind. After all, she is sweet.
Jessica: Aww. I remember when we first met and I called you "Jonathan".
J.N: Heh… You do?
Jessica: Yep… I lit your cigarette. And I'm pretty sure you were hitting on me… and Daniel was looking aghast.
J.N: I was so charming back then, wasn't I? Grins, obviously joking.
Jessica: I dunno… You kinda were in a strange way. Laughs a little. Messes with his hair. Your hair's getting long.
J.N: I'm growing it out a little.
Jessica: That should be interesting… Thinks J.N.'s blonde hair is natural.
J.N: Heh… If the result isn't that good, at least I can always cut it.
Jessica: Do you know Demi very well?
J.N: I don't, truth be told.
Jessica: Well… It's kind of hard to know him well.
J.N: A bit of a recluse?
Jessica: Nods. He's very quiet and doesn't voice his opinions much… I'm sorry Julius is gone… He really understood Demi, even not having raised him or seen him for years… It's sad they only had each other for such a short time, only to be taken away again. Sighs.
J.N: It is sad. Demi shouldn't have the responsibility of raising his brother shoved on him at such an age either.
Jessica: He's had a lot of responsibility shoved on him… I guess since he was born and Dubbiel's Sword was his birthright. Elijah too since Daniel and I agreed that he should be trained with a blade and he turned out to do so well with it… I suppose that's why Elijah and Demi have an understanding with each other as well.
J.N: Nods, though really wished that Elijah wasn't going to be going out and fighting, even if he has confidence in his abilities.
Jessica: As much as I dislike it… Both of their fates seem to be tied to this war.
J.N: …It's a shame. It would have been nice if Elijah and Demi didn't have to get involved… but you probably understand that much more than I do. You agreed when he was four to have him train, after all. At least, he's been training with Katen since he was four.
Jessica: Nods. They're both intelligent and talented young men… It's a shame to see them just used as senseless weapons.
J.N: They can at least build a future for themselves after this war.
Jessica: I really hope so.
J.N: Snuggles up to her a bit. I don't have a doubt in mind. Kind of not allowing myself to think on the possibility that they could die in battle. If I did, it'd be hard not to dwell on it.