25 July 2023
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Erik McMurran Adam McMurran Jessica McMurran Gabriel Teoan Genda Elijah McMurran Katen Tanek Demitrius Larson

Daniel: Long time no see.
J.N: Hello there.
Daniel: So.
J.N: Yeah?
Daniel: You knocked my wife up.
J.N: Yeah.
Erik: It happens.
J.N: It does. And I look forward to it.
Daniel: Hm. I at least married her first.
J.N: Marrying her in a month, too.
Daniel: You better take goood care of her or I'll haunt you.
J.N: You know… I think I can take good care of her too.
Daniel: Good. Do so. Or else.
J.N: I will.
Daniel: If I can't take care of her and my children, I guess you're a good enough substitute.
J.N: I'm not a substitute.
Daniel: No. But you are to me, if that makes sense.
J.N: Yeah, it kind of does.
Daniel: Sighs.
J.N: What?
Daniel: What do you think? I'll console myself that it probably sucks for you to have to dream about your fiance's dead husband.
J.N: I didn't know dead people needed consolation.
Daniel: Probably not. My feelings don't really matter since it's not like I can act on them.
J.N: You could give me horrible nightmares for the rest of my life. I still remember the last one.
Daniel: That'd be pretty low.
J.N: It would be.
Daniel: 'Course Elijah hit you below the belt a couple days ago.
J.N: Saw that one?
Daniel: Yep.
J.N: I'm not real good at this father thing.
Daniel: I didn't know you were trying to be Elijah's father.
J.N: I didn't know I was either. Apparently I've been father-like though.
Daniel: Well are you or aren't you?
J.N: Trying to be his father?
Daniel: Yes.
J.N: I didn't notice until I thought about it, but I guess I have been. Though it's not my place to.
Daniel: Unconsciously, then.
J.N: It's hard to explain. Shrugs.
Daniel: You've said before that Elijah was your best friend or something, but you don't exactly treat him like… Well, Ernest.
J.N: That's true. I'm more conscious of Elijah's safety for one.
Daniel: You worry about him and you love him and you yell at him when he acts stupid.
J.N: Yeah…
Daniel: Laughs. That's pretty much being Elijah's father, in my experience.
J.N: What would you have done these past days?
Daniel: Umm… Thinks. Concerning Elijah, probably cried. Grins.
J.N: Really? …Huh. I kept thinking that you'd have known exactly what to do.
Daniel: I didn't say I wouldn't have handled it. You have a disadvantage since you don't know as much about Atlantis… I would have asked Gabriel about it.
J.N: I see. That probably would have been best.
Daniel: You still could… If you could remember anything in your dreams… I just find it very painful to see the people I love in pain or unhappy. Especially my children, so I would've cried. It might be credit to you that you didn't because getting emotional about stuff doesn't really solve anything.
J.N: That's true… I mean, it was painful to even hear what Hana said about Adam and to listen to Elijah. I agree that it doesn't help
Daniel: I mostly cry when other people are unhappy. Laughs. But yeah…
J.N: I don't even think I can get that emotional, just to cry if someone is unhappy. I did cry when Jessica agreed to marry me, though.
Daniel: Well you were happy… It's just a feeling of futility, that you can't do anything to help them. It makes you feel sort of worthless, like you're a terrible father or friend or brother or son or husband or whatever. You just wish you could take all their misery away from them, so they could be happy, even if you aren't.
J.N: …I kind of think I know what you mean.
Daniel: Not going too awesome with Adam? Right when you decided to adopt him?
J.N: I wish he didn't have to deal with all of this… High Riser stuff. No offense.
Daniel: Shrugs. None taken.
J.N: Though I think you know what I mean.
Daniel: He is still a baby, even though he acts so grown up, so it's sad… Children shouldn't have to bear those kinds of things.
J.N: That's right.
Daniel: What happened to that one guy I met at the bus stop?
J.N: Who?
Daniel: Who said that he didn't care about anyone else but himself.
J.N: He grew up. Changed for the better. Moved on.
Daniel: That's good.
J.N: It is.
Daniel: Caring about people is painful.
J.N: More painful than I would have thought. If I even have a place to say that.
Daniel: Sure you do… but it's also nice.
J.N: Nods.
Daniel: So. I'm glad I cared about you, even if you were an asshole to me most of the time.
J.N: I'm glad you did, too. Even if I was an asshole to you most of the time.
Daniel: At least I got something out of it.
J.N: What did you get out of it?
Daniel: Some doof to look after my wife and kids.
J.N: Just as planned, eh?
Daniel: Say it was more serendipity. But if you believe in karma, then yeah.
J.N: I don't think anyone could have seen this turn of events happening at that time. If karma existed, I should have been hit by a bus. Or mauled by a tiger.
Daniel: Ha. Well, not like I was never an asshole to you.
Erik: It happens.
Daniel: Thanks, Dad. I don't even need John here, do I?
J.N: What do you mean?
Daniel: I was just joking.
J.N: About what?
Daniel: He said that thing you always say so… yeah.
J.N: …I do not say that all the time.
Daniel: You say it a lot.
J.N: That is true. …Not that much…
Daniel: Like every time I talk about some turn of events that you don't really care about.
J.N: It's not that I don't care about it. It's just that I don't have any way to comment and if I don't say anything, you'd probably think I ignored it.
Daniel: Because I'm reaaally annoying? Smiles.
J.N: You certainly can be.
Daniel: Tell me how I'm reaaally annoying, so I can change and improve myself as well, even though I'm dead.
J.N: I like you just the way you are.
Daniel: If I wasn't annoying, I wouldn't be Daniel.
J.N: In a way, that's true.
Daniel: Laughs. Gee.
J.N: If you weren't yourself, you wouldn't be you.
Daniel: Oh, burned.
J.N: I didn't mean it like that.
Daniel: Yeah, okay.
J.N: You know that if I thought you were annoying, I'd just out and say that you're annoying.
Daniel: Yeah. And you have before.
J.N: I have. Did you hug me in the lingerie section just to humiliate me or did you really just want a hug?
Daniel: I really wanted a hug.
J.N: That's so sweet.
Daniel: It was my Christmas present from you.
J.N: I know. All you asked for was a hug. I would have gotten you a really good sweatshirt.
Daniel: Heh, couldn't have taken it to the afterlife with me.
J.N: Good point. But you can take the memory of hugging a guy there.
Daniel: Unless I died in it, like this lovely red dress.
J.N: Yeah. Why were you wearing that?
Daniel: Lonan put it on me.
J.N: Why?
Daniel: You heard the man. They're Riser ceremonial robes.
J.N: Hana did say that. How did he even manage to? Were you at the castle? …Actually. Never mind.
Daniel: What're you talking about? I was at Lucifer's Tomb.
J.N: That's all I need to know. I just realized that I don't want the details of how you died, is all.
Daniel: Oh. Shrugs.
J.N: Maybe it wasn't much, but I did care about you when you died and it was depressing to know that it happened.
Daniel: Aww… You felt a little saaad?
J.N: Yeah. Also guilty.
Daniel: Guilty? I thought you'd feel so crappy about the lung surgery, you'd just be like 'meh'.
J.N: I was an asshole to you for the majority of the time I knew you. And when it looked like we could have been better friends, you were killed. Except it was you making all the efforts. And I think I missed your funeral.
Daniel: I was really annoying to you, so I wouldn't feel so bad about it.
J.N: I still did though and I still do.
Daniel: I'd say I forgive you for it, though it sounds kind of high-and-mighty of me because by no means was I like a saint back then or anything, but… You wouldn't remember when you woke up. So I'm just going to have to feel guilty about making you feel guilty, heh.
J.N: Sorry about that.
Daniel: I always kind of knew you weren't such a bad guy underneath it all.
J.N: I didn't.
Daniel: All you needed was someone to care about you and get you out of your house sometimes instead of sitting in there and smoking and feeling sorry for yourself.
J.N: True.
Daniel: I dunno why Ernest couldn't do it.
J.N: He's not very empathetic.
Daniel: Well, Ernest also didn't have a beautiful wife to cook you delicious meals.
J.N: Wasn't she brought to be a mother figure for Feemy? I don't see why you and Julius couldn't pull that off… Grins.
Daniel: You're a bastard. Smiling though. But I guess you needed Julius to… argue intellectually with and Feemy to um… live in your vents and act adorable and represent the childlike wonder you were missing… Thanasi to bring some culture into the mix and Elijah to hero worship you. And Gwen to just um… give you an adrenaline spike every now and then.
J.N: I don't know why Elijah did that. You're a much better role model.
Daniel: Because I told him you were a secret agent. And he probably thought you were cooler than me because you were silent and mysterious.
J.N: Gwen put me in the hospital. I should have washed off that bite anyhow though.
Daniel: Ew yeah, I'm surprised you didn't get rabies.
J.N: Just an infection. And a fever.
Daniel: …And you needed Middler… uh… um…
J.N: Don't. …Though he's not all bad. He's still worrisome.
Daniel: Yeah… I'm sorry Julius is gone. I don't expect you to share the sentiment 'cause you hated him, but he was my best mate.
J.N: I didn't hate him.
Daniel: Strongly disliked him.
J.N: He did compare me to your killer.
Daniel: He's a sweetheart. Julius… Is Julius. Actually, he's Gabriel.
J.N: That's true.
Daniel: But I liked him 'cause he was fun to talk to.
J.N: I respected him. And I did accept his apology.
Daniel: …And had similar senses of humor. And that was nice of you John. I mean J.N.
J.N: Could you just call me John?
Daniel: Why?
J.N: It's my name. You don't want me to call you "D.M.", do you?
Daniel: I don't particularly like being called Dan, but I live with it. And you would call me "D.J.", but please don't.
J.N: I won't.
Daniel: I'm not a disc jockey.
J.N: I've been called a D.J.
Daniel: Do I want to know?
J.N: Dysfunctional Jerk. Real clever.
Daniel: Heh, well alright then, John.
J.N: Thanks, Daniel.
Daniel: It just sounds weird.
J.N: Calling me "John"?
Daniel: Yeah, like I'm being formal or something.
J.N: …Hah!
Daniel: What? If I wanted to be really formal, I'd call you "Mr. John". Does a fairly good impersonation of Elijah's voice.
J.N: Laughs heartily!
Daniel: Whaaat?
J.N: Heh…
Daniel: What's so funny?
J.N: I don't even know why I thought it was so funny.
Daniel: What was funny?
J.N: that was a good impression.
Daniel: Oh. I'm good at mimicking sounds.
J.N: Kind of like a hyena.
Daniel: A hyena?
J.N: Yeah. It was once believed that a hyena would stalk groups of people for days and listen. And when night came and everyone was asleep, they would call out the name of one of the travelers. Just the name, but to lure them out and eat the one fooled.
Daniel: I'm not Middler.
J.N: …Middler eats people?
Daniel: He's, uh… alluded to it before.
J.N: …Oh…
Daniel: But he was, 'just joking'.
J.N: Do you believe him?
Daniel: Shrugs. You know Middler sort of squicks me.
J.N: I didn't ask if he squicked you. I asked if you thought he was a crazy bird cannibal.
Daniel: Well, he hasn't eaten anyone yet, so…
J.N: That we know.
Daniel: Well, as far as we know… He could be picking off the maids one-by-one and stashing their bones somewhere.
J.N: I should ask Jessica to do a staff check
Daniel: Great minds think alike.
J.N: Yeah.
Daniel: I guess that includes Middler. He could be some sort of horrible evil mastermind. Sighs. Like I thought there was some good beneath your jerk-ass exterior, I think there's some bad under Middler's goody-goody exterior.
J.N: That only makes sense.
Daniel: I could be entirely wrong and just a big jerk for thinking so, like everyone thought I was.
J.N: I believe you. But at the time, that didn't help your case.
Daniel: Yeah, I know. He's nice, but like they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
J.N: He has absolute power?
Daniel: He can look like anything he wants.
J.N: To what extent?
Daniel: Not sure… I dunno if he can turn into inanimate objects. But he also has other powers… Like pulling humongous rabbits out of hats.
J.N: I should ask Gabriel about that too.
Daniel: If you remember. You remember dreams best within the first couple minutes of waking, then you rapidly forget them, so if you want to remember them, you're supposed to keep a book by your bed and write them down.
J.N: I should do that.
Daniel: If you remember to. Laughs. So what're you going to name your precious bundle of joy?
J.N: Rosemary, if I can.
Daniel: After your mom? Aww.
J.N: I think she'd like that. Though it doesn't make up for what I put her through.
Daniel: Heh, your mom's pretty sweet. I'm sorry we lied to her.
J.N: I bet she'd forgive you. She thought you were a saint.
Daniel: Laughs. Your dad's the one who told me what-for.
J.N: He did?
Daniel: Yeah, I went outside cause I was mad at Jessica acting like your wife. Laughs a bit. And he went outside, too and said that I needed to tell your mother the truth. He saw through our ruse.
J.N: Oh. He's hard to lie to. And it's not because his physique reminds you of Santa either. 'You'… meaning everyone. It's hard to explain. It was a joke. Sorry.
Daniel: He looks like he could probably still beat me up pretty good if he wanted to… If I wasn't dead. How tall is your dad?
J.N: I don't know.
Daniel: Shrugs. What if your precious little one is a boy?
J.N: Maybe name him after my father. Maybe Jessica will have an idea though.
Daniel: What about middle names?
J.N: …I hadn't thought of them.
Daniel: Shrugs. If you like names like "Celena Lani" and "Adam Fletcher".
J.N: Rosemary Anne Crowley?
Daniel: Yes!!!
J.N: You think so?
Daniel: Yes! That!!!
J.N: Stares. You really feel that strongly about the name?
Daniel: Coughs. I think it's pretty.
J.N: …Now… If only I could remember it.
Daniel: Yeah. Oh. I'll get Adam to tell you.
J.N: What?
Daniel: I can talk through Adam.
J.N: Does it hurt him?
Daniel: I don't think so, but I don't like to do it 'cause… It's not very nice.
J.N: Hm…
Daniel: Well, I only will if you want me to… and that you need to talk to Gabriel.
J.N: …Only… Only tell me that I need to talk to Gabriel. I don't like the thought either… but I should talk to Gabriel. Frowns.
Daniel: Alright. Being Adam's fathers, I'm sure we just want what's best for him.
J.N: Yeah… Though that sounds weird.
Daniel: I guess you're more his father than I am anyway.
J.N: Hm. I don't think so. You care about his well-being just like I do. …Even if you're dead.
Daniel: Laughs.
J.N: Sorry, I still find it strange that you exist as an entity away from your body. And you can feel. Are you a soul or something?
Daniel: I don't blame you. And yeah… I guess I'm a soul… I can't feel… I don't need to eat or drink and I don't seem to change. But I am tangible. Pokes J.N.
J.N: So, you don't have feelings anymore? You can't be sad or happy?
Daniel: Uh, yeah, I have feelings, since I still seem to have a mind… or something… but I can't feel pain.
J.N: So you don't have tactile sensation.
Daniel: Yes.
J.N: I see.
Daniel: It might be different in Heaven or Hell.
J.N: I'd imagine Hell would be very different from this. Unless your hell is talking with me periodically.
Daniel: No… though this kinda sucks… It is better than being in Hell.
J.N: I would have gone insane, I think. But that's just me.
Daniel: Here?
J.N: I wouldn't have anyone to keep me company.
Daniel: I do get to watch you guys on the telly and I have my dad to keep me company. And you visit sometimes.
J.N: That's a good thing?
Daniel: It's better than like… burning eternally or something. But it kinda sucks… I tried to be a good person and I still ended up here. Sighs.
J.N: Sorry about that, Daniel.
Daniel: Though knowing why I'm here, I'd rather be here than in Heaven, I guess.
J.N: Why are you here?
Daniel: I gave Elijah part of my soul when he was four so he wouldn't die.
J.N: Then it is a good thing… er… sorry. I'm glad Elijah is alive.
Daniel: Me too. If Elijah had died… I don't think I would've had anymore kids.
J.N: I couldn't even imagine.
Daniel: Well, I can't go to Heaven 'til Elijah dies, so that's that.
J.N: No offense, but I hope you're here awhile.
Daniel: Laughs. Yeah… There's a kid on your lap.
J.N: Adam's there?
Daniel: Yep-o.
J.N: Well. I'll try to wake up then.
Daniel: I'll try to fill you in about Gabe-Gabe.
J.N: Thanks, Dan…iel.
Daniel: Laughs. You can call me "Dan" if you want.
J.N: Heh… Stirs.
Daniel: See ya, John.
Erik: Frankenstein.

Adam: Blinks.
J.N: Opens his eyes.
Adam: Daddy…?
J.N: Hugs. …Hey Adam. A bit sleepily.
Adam: Hugs back. I didn't wake you up this time.
J.N: That's right… How're you feeling?
Adam: Not any different than I have. Shrugs.
J.N: How have you been feeling lately? Elaborate. I can't read your mind.
Adam: Shrugs. I dunno. It's normal for me. I dunno what normal for you feels like. Stares a bit. I don't hurt or anything. Well my leg does when you poke it. And sometimes my bug stays in one spot and gets itchy. But… you know… Some people are leopards and I don't feel as bad as they do, probably.
J.N: We could put something cold on your leg. It might help.
Adam: That's okay, it doesn't hurt. Shows him a big black and blue and yellow and bruise.
J.N: Frowns. That was my fault. …We should anyway. Even if it doesn't get hurt, we don't want it getting worse. Doesn't know how a bruise could get worse, but that just looks downright painful.
Adam: I guess. My bug likes it there, so it is kinda itchy.
J.N: That bug… Alright… Let's put something on it then.
Adam: Slides off his lap. It hurt when that guy poked it.
J.N: I know, Adam… I'm sorry that we woke you up and made you go through that.
Adam: I don't think I ever hurt like that in my entire life. Doesn't seem particularly disturbed or upset, just states it factually. And it's okay. I guess you were worried about me 'cause you love me, right? Smiles.
J.N: That isn't reassuring. That's right, Adam. I love you a lot.
Adam: Big genuine smile!
J.N: Smiles back, since it's kind of infectious, at least to him it is.
Adam: Takes John's hand. You're the best daddy in the entire world. Has heard Jennifer say this to Eric! And I think you could be a contender! …I wish I looked more like you.
J.N: I like the way you look now.
Adam: But I don't look like your son… I don't even look that much like Mommy…

J.N: Leads him to the kitchen to prepare some semi-crushed ice for a makeshift ice pack. Your mother and I love you the same, regardless of how you look. Feemy has horns for crying out loud.
Adam: But everyone'll know I'm not really your son. Frowns.
J.N: Then they would be wrong.
Adam: They all say I look like my real daddy.
J.N: You do look like Daniel, Adam.
Adam: I don't like him.
J.N: Why don't you like Daniel?
Adam: Because he's dead.
J.N: People don't get to choose that, Adam. Bad subject. Thinks. You know, if months from now, people told me you weren't my real son because we don't look similar, I'd tell them they were mistaken.
Adam: Smiles a bit. Really?
J.N: Really.
Adam: Smiles.
J.N: Prepares the ice for Adam's leg. It's nice to see Adam smile.
Adam: You'll still want me, even when your real baby's born, right?
J.N: Of course. You'll always be my son.
Adam: You won't love it better than me?
J.N: I'd love you both equally.
Adam: Even though I'm not your real son and I don't look like you?
J.N: …I'd consider you my real son, Adam.
Adam: If it's possible for a four-year-old to look touched, he does.
J.N: The truth will set you free. If there was some sort of rag nearby, now has a handy-dandy, but somewhat shoddy, ice pack! Until it melts, then it's a wet rag.
Adam: Then I'd consider you my real daddy. Already does, really.
J.N: I'm happy to hear that, Adam. Smiles, touched too.
Adam: Smiles back. Sits at the kitchen table and puts his leg out.
J.N: Tries to affix the pack to his leg without pressing on the bruise too much, though it has to be a tight enough to keep it in place.
Adam: Winces a bit, but doesn't make a sound or seem too bothered.
J.N: Finishes. Here… How does that feel?
Adam: Wiggles his toes. Okay… The bug doesn't like it though.
J.N: Frowns a bit. Is it hurting you?
Adam: Nope, it left. Which is better, 'cause it was itchy.
J.N: Looks a little relieved, though wishes he meant the bug left forever. Good.
Adam: Looks up at John and goes a bit glassy-eyed. …You should go see Gabriel. Blinks and looks normal again, though bemused.
J.N: …What? Go see Gabriel?
Adam: Just shrugs.
J.N: …Did you know you just told me to see Gabriel?
Adam: Yes, but I dunno why. That's happened before. But not in awhile.
J.N: Nods a bit. The idea seems like a good one for some reason. One that he can't put his finger on… Which is more than a little bothersome. …I should then.
Adam: What're you going to see him about?
J.N: …I don't know. I don't even know where he is.
Adam: Opens his mouth as though he's about to say something, but stops. Glassy-eyed again. You should see him about Elijah. Blinks.
J.N: It clicks. Not from his subconscious, but now the good idea has a reason. A very good one. About Elijah.
Adam: Um… Just looks confused.
J.N: I should see Gabriel about Elijah.
Adam: …I guess.
J.N: Bad things have happened to Elijah, Adam. Maybe Gabriel can help.
Adam: …Do you think God is talking through me to give you that idea?
J.N: Blinks. That is a possibility? Hana mentioned yesterday that you're connected to your ancestors. Maybe it's one of them? Confusing stuff about being a summoner.
Adam: Nods.
J.N: Kind of does wonder what ancestor would know about the situation or if all the ancestors just watch out for Adam like guardian angels. …Let's find your mother. I should see Gabriel now.
Adam: Alright. Gets up carefully.
J.N: Do you want me to carry you, Adam? That bruise was godawful.
Adam: Since the bruise was on the inside of his leg, would have some trouble walking with the ice pack. Yes, please.
J.N: Scoops him up.
Adam: Wraps his arms around J.N.'s neck.
J.N: And it's off to Jessica's office.

Jessica: Trying to catch up on paperwork.
J.N: …Jessica?
Jessica: Looks up. Smiles. Two of my favorite boys. What can I do for you?
J.N: Smiles a little. …I was going to ask if you could keep an eye on Adam while I talk with Gabriel, but you look kind of busy.
Jessica: Stands to take Adam. No, it's fine… Adam's not a bother at all, are you, sweetie? Kisses his cheek.
Adam: …I try not to be…
J.N: You're not at all, Adam. Hands him to Jessica.
Jessica: Smiles up at John. Magic lessons today?
J.N: I'm afraid not…
Jessica: Something wrong? Doesn't think she can deal with anything more wrong.
J.N: I just need to ask Gabriel a few questions is all. It's not lying even if I'm not being specific.
Jessica: Looks at him oddly, since it's not really like John to be secretive. Alright then…
J.N: Leans in and kisses her forehead. Take care, Jessica. You too, Adam.
Jessica: You too, John. I love you.
J.N: I love you both. And… now for the search for Gabriel.
Adam: Bye-bye, Daddy.

Gabriel: Just in his study writing.
J.N: Knocks on the door!
Gabriel: Sighs. Gets up and answers the door. Looks up at John. Yes?
J.N: Gabriel. I'd like to speak with you, if you have time. More respectful than he was to Hana, for sure.
Gabriel: …I suppose so. What do you want to speak with me about?
J.N: Elijah.
Gabriel: Who?
J.N: Elijah. Jessica and Daniel's son.
Gabriel: Tries to put a face on the name but draws a blank. I'm afraid I don't know that person.
J.N: …He lives in this castle. Trained under Katen.
Gabriel: …Could you describe his physical attributes?
J.N: And does so, keeping his patience as best as he can.
Gabriel: Oh. That young man. What about him?
J.N: He thinks he's being controlled by Lonan. Or that it's possible that he will be.
Gabriel: Sighs. Please come into my study, I don't like standing here talking. Goes back into his study and clears off a chair stacked with books for J.N. to sit. It is indeed quite cramped up here. Books fill two walls, another wall is filled with drawings. There is also a desk with many drawings and books stacked high on it as well as sheets of manuscript. His sword leans up against his desk and a lantern hangs from the ceiling. The rest of the light is provided by magic and a small window during the day.
J.N: Takes a seat and realizes why he doesn't instruct up here at all. Would probably be interested in what the books titles are, but there are more pressing matters on his mind.
Gabriel: Why does he think he is being controlled by Lonan?
J.N: He told me that he was experimented on by Lonan. He wasn't specific about why he thought he was being controlled.
Gabriel: Experimented on?
J.N: Yes. He was taken by Lonan at one point and tortured. The entire back side of him is covered in scars. Though he told me that Lonan was experimenting on him. Trying to make him a weapon… or something like that.
Gabriel: He was trying to make Elijah a weapon?
J.N: He gave Elijah the ability to control shadows and light. He even showed me.
Gabriel: Mulls this over. It's not surprising.
J.N: Why is that?
Gabriel: Lonan was a… Well I guess you would call it a scientist. Long before you were born, when the world was still new and we resided in Heaven. You might say he was fascinated with, well, biology. And why not? Earth was certainly a breeding ground for it. Unfortunately, his fascination was twisted by his brother, Lucifer… or Lucifiel as he was known then. Lonan was made to believe he could do better than what God did when he created the creatures of the Earth… Specifically Humans.
J.N: Nods in understanding, at least as much understanding as he could have for this.
Gabriel: Anyway, he Fell and is not the man he once was.
J.N: Now he's a murderer.
Gabriel: Quite.
J.N: Elijah wants to kill Lonan. He thinks that will stop him… Though I don't see why it shouldn't.
Gabriel: Dying usually does tend to stop one.
J.N: Yeah, but I've had a lot of things disproved since I've gotten here.
Gabriel: He's going to kill Lonan with what? A sword?
J.N: Will that not work?
Gabriel: From what I've heard, he's poor with magic and his sword is nothing special. He may be talented, but I'm afraid Lonan has more than that on his side. Many men have tried to kill Lonan with swords. Obviously they all failed. I don't believe one man can kill him alone with no magical skill and an average weapon. Of course, if he's looking for death, he's sure to find it that way. Should do the world a favor.
J.N: Grits his teeth a bit. Is that so?
Gabriel: Um. I don't know about you, but if Lonan's experiments were successful with that boy, then I don't believe that's a good thing.
J.N: If he has to kill Lonan to shake off his influence, then maybe you could suggest how to do that, if it's not possible with a sword.
Gabriel: I wouldn't bring him anywhere near Lonan in the first place.
J.N: Then what the hell can be done?
Gabriel: He should either be killed or restrained until the war is over. Let someone else kill Lonan, it should have the same effect.
J.N: Restrained sounds… good, since then he couldn't hurt himself. Who else could?
Gabriel: Demitrius, I hope. He has Dubbiel's Sword and that's what I made it for.
J.N: I see.
Gabriel: And when I say "restrained", I mean locked in a jail cell.
J.N: I figured as much.
Gabriel: Possibly tied down.
J.N: He's already done harm to himself. It could be plausible to have him tied down.
Gabriel: He's very dangerous. If Lonan can control him and he can use light and dark magic, then he could easily tip the tide in the Demon's favor by killing us all in our rabbit hole.
J.N: I understand.
Gabriel: I don't even know why they're letting him wander around freely right as we speak. Might as well have a lit fuse and some explosives beneath us.
J.N: I don't think many else know what you do now.
Gabriel: Well do not tell him you're having him restrained. As far as you know, Lonan's able to see and hear everything Elijah does.
J.N: …Very well. Looks… pained. We should have him restrained immediately, then?
Gabriel: Yes!
J.N: Where he will be safe. More said to himself than Gabriel. Though still said aloud.
Gabriel: In the dungeon, tied up.
J.N: More firmly. If he is safe there.
Gabriel: With several armed guards. Frankly, I'm more worried about our safety.
J.N: Frankly, I'm more worried about his. Even though, logically speaking, I shouldn't be.
Gabriel: Rolls his eyes. Well time is wasting as we sit around here. Gets up and leaves his office.
J.N: Follows him out.

Gabriel: Walking to the guard's quarters!
J.N: Following, looking miserable.
Teoan: Chatting with one of the guards. Hey there!
J.N: Just gives a small nod of acknowledgement.
Gabriel: Hello. I'm requesting orders concerning Elijah McMurran. If you can, please render him unconscious harmlessly… use chloroform, perhaps…? Then restrain him, especially his hands, and put him in a cell in the dungeon and make sure he is completely restrained. I would like the number of guards watching over him to be at least four and they should be armed. A mage should be included as well. There should never be a moment when he is not guarded. I would like these orders carried out immediately, your lives and the lives of your family and friends and the outcome of this war lie in balance here.
J.N: …At least it's being done harmlessly.
Teoan: Stares. Blinks. …Elijah McMurran?
Gabriel: Correct. Don't stand there looking like a fool. Do it.
Teoan: Looks to John.
J.N: Just looking guilty, though does meet Teoan's eyes at least.
Gabriel: Precious time is wasting.
J.N: …Gabriel is right.
Teoan: …Um… Very well. Looks to the guards. You heard him. Nods to them and takes his own sword as the guards make preparations, then they all file out.
J.N: …They shouldn't need their swords.
Gabriel: Sure. Let them battle Lonan's puppet unarmed.
J.N: They're not battling Elijah, Gabriel.
Gabriel: If Lonan catches on to this and begins to control him, they very well may be. I for one, am concerned for the safety of more than one person with a family and loved ones.
J.N: Clenches his fists tightly, setting his jaw at his words… The worst part being that Gabriel is, logically speaking, correct.
Gabriel: Thank you for informing me, John. You may have saved us all. Nods to him and goes to oversee what's going on with Elijah.
J.N: Doesn't feel any better with those words. Just follows along, as he wants to make sure Elijah is safe.

Gabriel: At Elijah's room. Elijah is being held limply by Teoan with a guard binding his hands.
J.N: Just looks to the ground at that sight.
Teoan: When his hands are securely bound, carries Elijah down to the dungeon with guards on all sides of him.

The Dungeon: Not a particularly pretty place.
J.N: Feels that he should probably tell Jessica and probably be cast out as a traitor… and the marriage would be cancelled… and everything would fall apart. But at least they'd be safe.
Teoan: Lays Elijah on a cot.
Gabriel: He needs to be restrained…
Elijah: Hands are soon up against the wall and each separately locked with fingers separated in iron. Chains are clamped around his ankles as well and Gabriel deems that sufficient.
J.N: Just looks aghast. …Is that all necessary…?
Gabriel: His hands are what he'd be using to work magic. Each finger must not be able to move an inch. He should probably be restrained further, but that's enough for now. Would you like to stay with him?
J.N: If that is possible.
Gabriel: Certainly. Turns to one of the guards. Work out a schedule for shifts. Four guards, one must be a mage. He must be watched 24/7.
Teoan: Doesn't look happy about this either. Has known Elijah since he was a baby and he used to give him glinter rides and stuff.
J.N: …Teoan. If you could, please tell Elijah when he wakes that I am coming back. I need to inform Jessica about this.
Teoan: …He should wake up soon… Why don't you stay with him? I'll tell Jessica.
J.N: Thank you…
Teoan: Nods and leaves, as does Gabriel after a bit.
J.N: Loathes himself in silence, just watching Elijah.
Elijah: Slowly begins to wake up within a couple minutes. Looks around quite blearily.
J.N: …Hello Elijah.
Elijah: Looks really confused.
J.N: Just miserable. …You can hate me now, if you want to.
Elijah: …What's going on?
J.N: You've been… restrained, Elijah…
Elijah: Why?
J.N: …I spoke to Gabriel.
Elijah: Brain begins to put two-and-two together. …Oh.
J.N: I'm sorry, Elijah…
Elijah: Why did you tell Gabriel?
J.N: …It is a long story… One I can barely understand myself. Adam… has a strong connection to his ancestors. At least, Hana told me this. …I was putting an ice pack on his leg and out of nowhere, he said 'You should talk to Gabriel about Elijah' … and… can you think of an ancestor that would know you, Elijah?
Elijah: …A High Riser?
J.N: A High Riser.
Elijah: My grandfather died a long time before I was born… My dad's not really my ancestor…
J.N: Adam is a High Riser. Hana said that Adam had a strong connection to the other High Risers… and… the only High Riser that would have known you is your father. At least as far as my assumptions go.
Elijah: Okay?
J.N: Through Adam, I believed your father told me to talk to Gabriel… so I did…
Elijah: You did it because you were worried about me? Concerned? You wanted to help me?
J.N: Yes Elijah.
Elijah: Nods. Thank you, Mr. John.
J.N: Was not prepared for that. …Don't you hate me?
Elijah: No. This isn't your fault.
J.N: This somehow would have been so much easier if he was angry. I wouldn't blame you…
Elijah: It's my fault, I guess.
J.N: It's not your fault, Elijah.
Elijah: It's my fault for disobeying my father and going to war and getting captured. It's my fault because I told you what was going on with me. It's my fault because I didn't kill myself properly a few days ago.
J.N: None of this is your fault, Elijah…
Elijah: I don't really know whose fault it is.
J.N: It's Lonan's… and he's going to be taken care of.
Elijah: Nods.
J.N: …When he's dead… this will be over, Elijah.
Elijah: Could they just kill me instead of this? It's a lot of trouble.
J.N: Over my dead body.
Elijah: Sighs.
J.N: …You'll be safe here, Elijah.
Elijah: It's real comfy, too.
J.N: …I had no idea that Gabriel was going to lock you up like… that.
Elijah: I don't mind that you told him. It's right that you did. I am dangerous. And you were just worried about me. I'd just rather be dead.
J.N: Don't… say that near Gabriel, Elijah…
Elijah: This seems kind of worse than being dead.
J.N: Death is permanent. This is only for awhile.
Jessica: Enters, looking pale, with Katen!
J.N: Looks at the two briefly… then to the floor.
Jessica: Tears. Baby… Goes over to Elijah and puts her hand on his cheek.
Katen: Frowning very deeply.
Elijah: Hi Mom…
Jessica: Just hugs Elijah.
Katen: Looks at J.N. This isn't exactly what I meant by, "getting Elijah help".
J.N: …I tried to. Talking to Gabriel resulted in this.
Katen: If I'd have known…
J.N: What would you have done?
Katen: Not this. Gabriel's not interested in helping Elijah.
J.N: I am, Katen… I just want Elijah to be safe.
Katen: Sighs. It's a shame to see a young man wasted like this.
J.N: He's not staying here permanently.
Katen: You don't mind this?
J.N: Yes, I do… I had no idea that this was going to be the result.
Katen: Jessica, it's within your power to release him.
Jessica: Bites her lip. Looks at John.
J.N: …Jess… I don't deserve to have a hand in this further. Look what I've done now… You're more fit to decide than I ever would be.
Jessica: Doesn't look angry at J.N., just looks worried and very unhappy.
J.N: Once again… this would be easier if they just yelled at him. Were angry.
Elijah: Gabriel was right in doing this, Mom… I am dangerous.
J.N: …He said that in this state, it would be unwise for Elijah to confront Lonan.
Katen: …If he had gotten two… or even less, weeks of training more, he would have become a master with a blade! Up to the level I am now with far less years of experience. Elijah is a prodigy and an asset to us.
J.N: He also mentioned that a sword isn't going to be able to do it. At least, a normal one.
Katen: Which is why he'd be paired with Demitrius, who, while he has the proper blade, is far less skilled.
J.N: Would rather just not have Elijah go into battle at all. …You have a better understanding of the real situation than I do, Katen. All I've done is run my mouth and get Elijah locked up.
Katen: For one so serious and reserved, his chill seems to be broken. If anyone could defeat Lonan, it would be those two together. That's what I've had my hopes set on. And he's not going to fit for battle if he sits with his muscles atrophying in a cell for months.
Elijah: If I'm not a weapon for one team, I am for the other.
J.N: I… don't think Elijah deserves to be locked up like this. He's not a monster. I have as much faith in him as you do, if that's at all possible.
Katen: Regains his composure a bit. Well why am I running my mouth with you when I could be with Gabriel? Nods to them and leaves.
Elijah: Looks a bit dumbfounded.
Jessica: Looks at John.
J.N: Looks back to her.
Jessica: Arms around Elijah's neck, stroking his hair. This isn't your fault, John.
J.N: Would like to be to be at Elijah's side… but just settles for Jessica's. …I just wanted to help.
Jessica: Smiles at him. I know you did.
J.N: Doesn't smile back at all. Just looks even more miserable. …Is he going to be let out?
Jessica: Sighs. I'd like him to this instant but… I guess Katen should speak with Gabriel. …What would Daniel do? Mostly to herself.
J.N: At least she doesn't have to watch him look just a little worse.
Elijah: Mom… Mr. John said… that… Tries to get this straight in his mind. Dad said through Adam that he should talk to Gabriel. So then… Dad would've done what Mr. John did.
Jessica: Blinks and looks to John.
J.N: Hana said that Adam had a strong connection to the High Risers before him. That he could summon them for… wisdom and strength… and when I was putting ice on Adam's leg, he got a strange look on his face and told me that I should talk to Gabriel about Elijah… and… I appreciate you saying that Elijah, but I don't think your dad would have had a hand in locking you up.
Jessica: …Why do you think it was Daniel talking through him?
J.N: What other High Riser knows Elijah? Much less that Gabriel would have an opinion on them.
Jessica: Shakes her head. Listen, John, I'm sorry I said that… Daniel's dead, it doesn't matter. You're here right now and you made your decision because you love and care about Elijah's safety. You aren't Daniel, but that doesn't mean your decisions are any worse than his would be.
J.N: It's alright, Jessica… I understand… as best as I can, at least.
Jessica: Stops hugging Elijah and hugs John, who looks like he needs it more right now.
J.N: Which is kind of pathetic… Hugs her tightly though… as he really did need it.
Jessica: It's going to be okay… This'll all work out somehow.
J.N: Nods. It will…
Jessica: If it doesn't, I'm going to have a miscarriage from all this stress.
J.N: Lets go of Jessica, though he doesn't want to.
Katen: Reenters after a bit. Gabriel and I have come to an agreement.
J.N: Pays attention.
Katen: He is to be released under the condition that he is kept with Demitrius at all times. He is not to have any weapons except during sword training.
Elijah: Stares. Can hardly believe this.
Jessica: …Well… Have him released, then!
Katen: …We have to get Demi first.
J.N: Just a little longer then…
Jessica: …How did you get Gabriel to agree to that?
J.N: …That's an excellent question that I had overlooked.
Katen: Gabriel's an intelligent man. I simply argued my position and we came to an agreement.
Elijah: …How did Gabriel go from wanting me to never see the light of day or have any privacy until the war was over to letting me hang out all the time with my best friend?
J.N: Does seem like kind of a leap…
Katen: That even I am uncertain of… Unless he knows something of Demitrius that we don't.
J.N: …Will Demi be here soon then?
Demi: Enters with Teoan.
Katen: Speak of the devil.
Demi: Just sort of stares at them all.
Elijah: My hero…
Demi: Half-smile.
Teoan: Frees Elijah.
J.N: Glad to see that, at least.
Teoan: Sorry about that, kid. No hard feelings, eh?
Elijah: Flexes his arms and fingers. You were just doing your job.
J.N: Looks to Elijah.
Elijah: Looks up at John. Smiles. No harm done.
J.N: Looks like he's ready to cry, but doesn't have tears in his eyes at least.
Elijah: Stands and hugs him.
J.N: Hugs him back tightly. …I'm sorry… so sorry.
Elijah: It's alright… You're wonderful, Mr. John… Really.
J.N: Just hugs tighter. It just makes him feel worse that he'd still say that after what he just did.
Elijah: Hugs back tightly. I still love you, okay?
J.N: …I love you too. And I'm glad you don't hate me.
Jessica: Very, very relieved… and dreading tomorrow. I want this week to be over.
Katen: …Shall we get out of this dungeon?
J.N: Sorry, my hugging isn't expediting this.
Elijah: Um… Yeah.
J.N: Lets go, of course.
Everyone: Exits the dungeon!

Katen & Teoan: Drift off together.
J.N: Looks tired… but not miserable.
Elijah: Looks at Demi. Are they gonna handcuff us together?
J.N: Wouldn't that be romantic…? Is a joke, but sounds a bit too down to make it proper.
Elijah: Laughs a bit, for John's benefit.
Demi: …I don't want to take a shower with you.
J.N: Just stays close to Jessica and Elijah.
Demi: Gabriel's taking care of Nathaniel now… At least until the war is over.
Jessica: Should've been taking care of his son in the first place.
J.N: …I wouldn't want him to.
Jessica: Looks to John.
J.N: Looks back to her. …Julius was Nathaniel's father. Gabriel isn't a thing like Julius. I'd be surprised if he even really knew his son's name. Just a bit resentful of Gabriel.
Jessica: Are you not going to be practicing magic with him anymore?
J.N: I doubt he'll have me as a student, but if he will, then I will.
Jessica: Why wouldn't he have you as a student?
J.N: I don't know for sure… I was just saying that if he's still willing to take me on as a pupil, then I'll still receive instruction from him.
Jessica: Nods and pats John on the arm, smiling up at him. I'm glad everything's worked out… You did the right thing. This matter needed to be dealt with John…
Demi: Feeling a bit awkward since this seems to be family talk and he's not really family… at least to John he's not.
J.N: I'm glad it did too… We have you and Katen to thank for that, though.
Jessica: Stares. I didn't do a thing.
J.N: You brought Katen with you, didn't you?
Jessica: I was talking with him when Teoan came and got me and he came along too.
Elijah: Still kind of shocked that Katen not only lost his cool but complimented him… Turns to Demi. Secret handshake! It's very involved… and devolves into them doing patty-cake with each other. Okay, let's stop.
J.N: Stares.
Elijah: Stares back.
J.N: Stares more.
Elijah: …
J.N: …Cool handshake.
Elijah: Laughs. Thanks… I'm going to bed… If you see Adam, tell him to say 'hi' to Dad for me, huh? Grins. Thanks Mr. John… Love ya. See you tomorrow. Walks off with Demi.
J.N: I will. Bye Elijah.
Elijah: He'll just say 'hi' to you. Laughs a bit… Turns a corner, out of sight!
J.N: If only he knew. If only I knew.
Jessica: Sighs and puts a hand on her stomach. I need a vacation.
J.N: You deserve one… Would you want to go out tomorrow?
Jessica: Sighs. I need to do paperwork and plan the wedding… and… Sighs. I'm surprised my hair isn't turning gray as we speak.
J.N: I might have a few gray hairs, but not a copious amount. There is a lot to do… but if I can help with anything, tell me.
Jessica: I'm just a bit worried about my pregnancy at this point. Sighs and moves closer to him.
J.N: Puts an arm around her shoulders. That's why I want you to take it easy…
Jessica: …This is sort of a big favor…
J.N: Listens.
Jessica: …Do you think it's at all possible that your… mother could, well… help plan the wedding? It's really something I'd need to do in the U.S., but I can't be two places at once and I'd ask my own mother to do it but she's much older and… I dunno I kind of thought maybe your mother might enjoy it? But I dunno… Is she real busy? I'd trust her judgment…
J.N: I think she'd be delighted to… She's probably been waiting for this moment for who knows how long… but I'll ask to make sure.
Jessica: Thank you, John… I feel really bad for asking but… It just seems a little overwhelming right now and it'd be okay if I wasn't pregnant and everything else going on but… I'm worried about my health if I take on too much.
J.N: It's no worry, Jessica… I've been concerned about your health, too.
Jessica: I'm sorry for worrying you, I know you've had a lot to worry about, too.
J.N: No need for apologies… Let's just get some rest and I'll visit my mother in the morning, alright? …Or when I wake up, I should say.