23 July 2023
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John Crowley Ernest Randall Adam McMurran Celena McMurran Teoan Genda Middler Blaydow Demitrius Larson Nathaniel Larson Katen Tanek Jessica McMurran Elijah McMurran

J.N: Walks into the bar and spots Ernest. …Do you ever leave?
Ernest: …What? It's a Wednesday, of course I'm here!
J.N: …That doesn't make any sense. Anyway… I have some news for you.
Ernest: Decide not to move? Pats the stool next to him!
J.N: Sits. No. I'm having a kid.
Ernest: …Oooh! More of an 'ouch' sound than anything, even winces.
J.N: …And Jessica and I are getting married.
Ernest: Oooh! Even more emphasized! Pats him on the back though!
J.N: Stares.
Ernest: I'm just teasin' ya. That's good news, ya know. You gettin' married and havin' a kid all in one month. Man… Boss was right about you. Ya don't do things half-assed.
J.N: More staring.
Ernest: …What!? I'm not insultin' you. I'm glad things're going so well with you'n Jessica.
J.N: Thanks.
Ernest: You're welcome, now when're you gettin' married? …I can come, right?
J.N: Yeah, of course.
Ernest: Cool, hey, I'm gonna tell the guys… but not right now. Buy ya a drink?
J.N: No.
Ernest: Why not?
J.N: I'm engaged, stop trying to get into my pants.
Ernest: I would never try that.
J.N: Glad that my marriage is already that important to you.
Ernest: …Well, no. I just have standards.
J.N: I'm sorry for not being around as much, Ernest. There's just been a lot going on.
Ernest: S'all cool. I understand, y'know. I mean… Damn! You're going to be a father!
J.N: Yeah…
Ernest: What're you gonna name the boy when he's born?
J.N: What makes you think it's a boy?
Ernest: It's gotta be. I can't imagine your genes being put in a girl… Well, I can… but… eh.
J.N: That so?
Ernest: Sorry man, but that's the truth.
J.N: Why don't you get a girlfriend, anyway?
Ernest: I dunno.
J.N: I don't think you're going to find a keeper at the bar.
Ernest: Not everyone can go to happy fantasy magic-land and find the perfect wife.
J.N: You can visit if you want. …I'd like it if you did.
Ernest: Why don't you visit here?
J.N: Because I want to be around Jessica and the children still.
Ernest: …Y'know what? Okay!
J.N: Well… that was easy…
Ernest: Just let me finish this drink, alright?
J.N: …I didn't mean right now…
Ernest: What, so now you don't want me to visit?
J.N: Sighs! …Alright. Yeah, you can visit now.
Ernest: Finishes his drink! Alright! Sandy, I'm headin' out… I need my keys.
Sandy: The bartender. You've had a few. I can't.
Ernest: Well, that's alright! John here's drivin'.
Sandy: Eyes the two of them. Alright then. You better not end up in the papers.
Ernest: John's my double D.
Sandy: You could at least leave a tip before you go… You've been here for hours.
Ernest: Leans over the bar and gives her a quick smooch on the lips. Keep the change. Let's go, John!
Sandy: He is kind of cute. Cheapskate. He's a regular, so I know he's like this. If I wanted a job where I got respect, I wouldn't have picked night shift bar tending.
J.N: Shakes his head.

J.N & Ernest: Soon driving!
Ernest: It's unfair. I'm not good to drive… but I am good to weld.
J.N: Sighs.
Ernest: Think Thanasi's gonna be there?
J.N: She lives in a different country.
Ernest: Oh.
J.N: And she's married.
Ernest: I knooow. Stiiill.
J.N: Still what?
Ernest: …Y'know.
J.N: I don't.
Ernest: Then never mind. …So. How was it?
J.N: How was what?
Ernest: Your 'time' with Jessica.
J.N: …
Ernest: C'mon.
J.N: You should say 'times' then.
Ernest: So how were 'they' then?
J.N: Just shut up.
Ernest: That bad, huh?
J.N: …I think there's something on the dashboard.
Ernest: What?
J.N: Brakes.
Ernest: Lurches forward. …Oh, ha ha ha.
J.N: Wear your seat belt.
Ernest: Yeah, 'Dad'.
J.N: Pulls up at his house.

Ernest: Wow, you got here fast.
J.N: I don't speed with Jessica in the car.
Ernest: Makes a whip-cracking sound.
J.N: …Yeah, I'm sorry your piece-of-crap isn't as fast.
Ernest & J.N: Enter the house and they take potions.

Adam: Sitting at the dining room table alone eating cookies and milk. Blinks as Ernest and John suddenly appear. Smiles a little, but doesn't look like he's going to get his hopes up.
J.N: Still in a good mood. Adam. Smiles and goes to him with arms spread out for a hug. Despite Ernest's words, that is.
Adam: Smiles and holds his arms up to be held.
J.N: Picks him up and hugs.
Ernest: That is just strange in so many ways.
Adam: …Daddy… Hugs.
J.N: Is gonna get married to Jessica, sooo… Kisses his forehead.
Adam: Kisses J.N.'s cheek.
J.N: Wonders if Adam knows and, if not, should he tell him. Adam, I have something to tell you.
Ernest: Kind of wanders out of the dining room. Figures John's doing father stuff, so he'll just step out so they can have privacy.
Adam: Watches Ernest go curiously. What?
J.N: …You remember when Jessica and I said that I would adopt you when we got married?
Adam: Nods. Yes.
J.N: …That's going to be very, very soon, Adam.
Adam: Smiles! Really?!
J.N: Yes, really. Smiles.
Adam: Hugs J.N. tight around the neck, smiling hard, and burying his head in J.N.'s shoulder lovingly. Looks a lot like his dad when he's genuinely happy.
J.N: It's uncanny, I tell you. You and your brother look so much like him. Smiles.
Adam: I'm gonna be your son?
J.N: That's right.
Adam: Whispers. I think that guy you brought is a robber 'cause he disappeared just now and he's probably gonna try to find the treasure room.
J.N: …What? Looks around and sees no Ernest. Sighs. He's not a robber. That's Ernest.
Adam: I saw him before. He sneaked out.
J.N: I don't know why he did… I have to find him, now.
Adam: Didn't you bring Mommy back?
J.N: Not this time. I think Jessica's here.
Adam: I haven't seen her.
J.N: …Well, I have to find Ernest, then you should help me find Jessica.
Adam: Okay, you better find Mr. Ernest first before he steals the big important thing and gives it to the "bad" guys.
J.N: I'll make sure to. Gives him a squeeze and sets him back down.

Adam: Follows him. Half-jogs to keep up.
J.N: Slow down so he can keep up.
Adam: Takes J.N.'s hand.
J.N: Leads him, in what could be a very unproductive search.

Ernest: Big place. Wonder if John's gonna be king. Talking aloud to himself. Peeks into rooms every now and again.
Celena: Shrieks.
Ernest: Oops. Sorry 'bout that.
Celena: Was undressing. Pervert! You pervert!!!
Ernest: Slammed the door in that case. No peeping for me. Sorry!
Celena: Continues to shriek. Guaaards!!!
Ernest: Guards? I didn't see any guards on the way here. Shrugs and keeps walking.
Teoan: Comes out of his room a bit down the hall and stops him. What's going on here?
Ernest: I opened up the wrong door.
Celena: Guards! A perveeert!
Ernest: I don't see where she goes calling me that. I'm just tryin' to find John's room.
Teoan: Who's John? Though he's not wearing armor, a big guy, 'bout as tall as John… Looks like he could do some damage.
Celena: Miiidleeer!!!!
Ernest: They make them big here. John. He brought me here. He's datin' Jessica.

Adam: Somebody's shouting.
J.N: Oh goody. Leans down to pick him up. Hustles to the screaming. Not running, but walking faster than Adam can.

Ernest: I didn't "middle" anyone either. Whatever that means.
Teoan: Do you have any identification?
Ernest: Sure I do. Takes out his wallet and gives him his I.D and, might I say, that they got my good side.
Teoan: Wonders what the heck you need a "driving license" for… Looks at the face on the picture and looks back at Ernest. Well I still have no idea who you are.
Ernest: It says on the card, really. It even says my weight, height, eye color and date of birth!
Celena: Miiiddler, a pervert tried to molest me!!!
Ernest: What?!
Teoan: Raises an eyebrow.
Middler: Does arrive, though he's panting by the time he does. Just had to run down stairs, poor him.
Ernest: I don't even know who the hell she is.
Teoan: You don't know John's girlfriend's daughter?
Ernest: No, I don't.
Teoan: You're mighty suspicious.
Ernest: But you didn' even know who John was anyway.
Teoan: …The guy… with the big nose and weird hair and really creepy pale eyes?
Middler: What's… Pants. Going… Pants. On…?
Ernest: …Yeah, that's pretty much him, but he's got a great personality too.
Celena: Hears Middler's voice from behind her door and rushes out into his arms in her dressing gown, weeping!
Ernest: While Teoan is big, Ernest isn't a slouch either… Though he doesn't want to fight a guy that big regardless.
Middler: Hugs. Caaalm down and tell me what happened. Soothingly.
Celena: Looks around through red eyes and spots the perpetrator. He's a pervert! Throw him in the dungeon, Sir Teoan!
Ernest: Well, I am a bit of a pervert, but not towards you.
Teoan: I'm sorry, Celena… In this country, he is innocent until proven guilty.
Middler: Blinks and squints at Ernest. I remember him!
Teoan: Looks at Middler. Do you?
Middler: I do. I don't think he comes here too often. I mean, this is only my second time seeing him. He's one of John's friends. His name is Ernie.
Ernest: Ernest, not Ernie.
Teoan: I see. So some facts hold up. Looks at Celena. Did he molest you?
Celena: He was peeking at me while I was undressing. If I hadn't noticed him and cried for help, he would have.
Ernest: I was just trying to find John's room and wait for him. He was talkin' with Adam and I didn' wanna bug him.
Teoan: I guess we need to ask John.
Ernest: I guess we do.
Celena: Who are you going to trust? Me or this pervert? You who held me in your arms while I was just a babe, Sir Teoan. Weeps and clings to Middler.
Middler: Is a bit torn. On one hand, he wants to give Ernest the benefit of the doubt, but on the other hand, he wants to trust Celena. She probably blows a lot of things out of proportion.
Teoan: …You don't think you're stretching the truth a bit? Looks at Ernest's clothes. I mean… He doesn't seem to be from around here.
Ernest: I'm from the U.S. This is my second time visiting Atlantis.
Celena: Oh… My most trusted knight betraying me.
Teoan: Doesn't like all this mushy girly crap.
Ernest: Look, how about we just find John and get this straightened out, then I can get the fuck out of here.
Celena: See?! He cursed… He's a scoundrel and a heathen.
Ernest: I'm not a heathen. I'm Christian.
Celena: Evil Jessica glare. So you say.
Teoan: Sighs.
Ernest: Yeah, I do. Sorry, still too young.
Teoan: Twists his finger around in his ear, looking bored… Thinks it's pretty obvious Celena's blowing things out of proportion now. I know it's been kind of a stressful day for you Celena… Why don't you go back to your room and calm down a bit and I'll sort things out with Ernest and John and if it turns out he's really a pervert, I'll be sure you're invited to his beheading.
Ernest: Doesn't look very happy right now.
Celena: That is satisfactory. Curtsies to Teoan. Scowls at Ernest. Turns on her heel and goes to her room, dragging Middler in with her.

Middler: …Are you alright, Celena?
Celena: No. I could have been… raped. Sobs.
Middler: Pets her hair. Celeeena, I don't think Ernest would have done that. Don't you think you should give people the benefit of the doubt?
Celena: You're on his side?! He was looking at me naked!
Middler: I don't think there are sides, Celena… Please consider that Ernest did just mistakenly open your door. Trying to say this as gently as possible.
Celena: I-I can't believe you'd just allow me to be raped by him… when I was wanting to remain pure for you.
Middler: Celena, please… Oh great I'm gonna pull this card. …If you love me, you'll at least take my words into consideration. Try to see the good in people. Trust that they're not bad just because of circumstances… Mistakes do happen, you know?
Celena: Looks up at him. Weeps. I-I-I-I'm… not good enough for your pure soul. Drops to Middler's feet.
Middler: Oh dear.

Teoan: Let's find John then… What a day…
Ernest: Tell me about it. Does she always do that?
Teoan: She's kind a drama queen… Or princess.
Ernest: So John's marrying into royalty? Huh… weird. Ha, let it slip. I wasn't told to keep it secret.
Teoan: Hm? She's marrying him now? I'll have to tell Katen.
Ernest: Oh yeah, he told me that. They're havin' a kid too.
Teoan: Stares. Weird.
Ernest: Yeah, John doesn' strike me as the type, y'know what I mean? Probably wouldn't have been so talkative if he was more sober.
Teoan: Don't know him that well. Passes by a portrait. Sorry Dan.
Ernest: Wut?
Teoan: Talking to the portrait.
Ernest: Do they talk back? Not even a sarcastic question either.
Teoan: Um… No… Do they in your country?
Ernest: Yeah. We call that a television.
Teoan: That sounds interesting.
Ernest: I like wrestling. On the T.V. Kind of hard to keep in mind that these people don't have T.V. Doesn't even know that though.
Teoan: Should run into John… any day now.
J.N: Does. Hello Teoan. Ernest.
Teoan: Just the man I wanted to see.
J.N: I'm happy to see you too.
Teoan: Is this man named Ernest and is he not from around here? And is he your friend?
J.N: …Yes, he's Ernest. I just called him that and no, he's not from around here. And I did bring him here just a bit ago. Why do you ask?
Teoan: He apparently walked in on Celena while she was undressing and she had a fit about it and called him a pervert and said that he was going to molest her.
J.N: Raises an eyebrow. …Yeah, that's what happens when you don't knock, Ernest.
Ernest: Mouths 'screw you'.
Teoan: Well uh… I guess you're innocent.
Ernest: Thanks. Now you can tell whats-her-face that I'm not gonna be beheaded.
Teoan: I'll tell her later.
Adam: Buries his face in J.N.'s shoulder. Doesn't like Teoan.
Teoan: Anything else I can do for you fine gentlemen?
Ernest: No.
J.N: Shrugs.
Teoan: Well I'll be seeing you then. To J.N. Congratulations. Walks away.
J.N: Congratulations…?
Teoan: Turns. You're marrying Jessica, aren't you?
J.N: …Yeah, I am.
Teoan: And having a kid? Yeah… Congrats, then.
J.N: Though he wasn't supposed to know. Thanks.
Teoan: Continues his walking away.
J.N: …Dammit, Ernest. Walks after him. Teoan.
Teoan: Turns. Yeees?
J.N: Jessica wants a small ceremony. Can you keep the news quiet?
Teoan: You mean to Katen?
J.N: Specifically.
Teoan: Sure thing. Anything else?
J.N: No. Thank you, though.
Teoan: Good-bye again. Walks away.
Adam: Are we gonna find Mommy?
Ernest: Can I get the hell out of here now?
J.N: Yeah, after we're done finding Jessica.
Adam: Let's look in her office.

Jessica: Not in her office, though there is a huge stack of papers on her desk.
Adam: Looks under her desk, the sofa, and in the closet. She's not here…
J.N: Hm… That's strange.
Ernest: Mumble grumble.
Adam: Let's look in her room.
J.N: Alright.

Jessica: Not in her bedroom.
J.N: Where else could she be?
Adam: Looking under her bed, in her closet, and in her bathroom, the shower, and big tub. Looks stumped. Let's ask Elijah.
J.N: Alright. Lead the way.

Elijah's Room: Empty!
Adam: Looks under Elijah's bed, desk, closet, and bathroom. 'Lijah's not here either… Now really stumped.
J.N: Maybe he's training?
Adam: It's kinda late, but we can look.

Training Hall: Dark and empty.
J.N: …Where else would she be?
Adam: We can ask Katen?
Ernest: Trudging along all grumpy-like.
J.N: Sure.

Adam: Goes to Katen's office… Which is empty. Goes to Katen's room… Which is empty. Looks up at J.N. Is it your birthday?
J.N: Why do you ask?
Adam: Maybe they're throwing a surprise party and when we go in the right room, they'll jump out and yell surprise!
J.N: This is an entire castle filled with rooms…
Adam: …We should ask Demi.
J.N: Alright.
Ernest: Mumbles.

Adam: Goes to Demi's room and knocks. About to open the door when Demi answers.
Demi: Holding Nathaniel. Looks at J.N. and Ernest, then Adam. Yes?
Adam: Do you know where my mommy is?
Demi: Blinks. She's in the infirmary, isn't she?
Adam: …I dunno… Is she?
Demi: …I think so… Looks tired.
J.N: Thanks. Going to make conversation. How is everything going?
Demi: Alright, I'm a bit tired… How are you? Looks at him a bit oddly.
J.N: Doing well. Kind of guesses that he didn't expect me to care enough to ask.
Demi: I'm glad to hear… Just sorta stares at them all. About as much of a conversationalist as his dad.
J.N: We're going to have something in common. That being that we're fathers before we're ready.
Nathaniel: Sleeping on Demi's shoulder.
J.N: Has actually been thinking about talking to Demi about that. Needs all the help he can get. Is Nathaniel doing well?
Demi: Hm…? Yeah… He's been doing great. Looking at him very oddly now.
Ernest: …Shuffles his feet a bit. Waiting for an intro, man. Decides to introduce himself. Hi, I'm Ernest… and you look familiar. No, you really do.
Demi: Smiles a little. I don't believe I've met you before, Sir, but I'm Demitrius Larson.
Ernest: Ha, Larson! I thought you looked familiar. You're Julius's kid, aren't you?
Demi: Nods. Yes Sir… This is my brother, Nathaniel. Nods to the sleeping kid in his arms.
Ernest: Charmed. You don't gotta call me "Sir" though. Ernest, you know. I'm not that old yet.
Demi: Um… Sorry… Ernest.
Ernest: Already seems to be recovering from the Celena debacle.
Demi: Looks at J.N. oddly. Almost as though J.N.'s supposed to be doing something and he's not.
J.N: …Something wrong? Callin' you out.
Demi: Um… No… Do you know where the infirmary is?
J.N: I do.
Demi: Shrugs. Alright then. Is there anything else I can help you with?
J.N: Getting the hint. No. We should be going.
Demi: Good night. Gives J.N. a small, almost reassuring smile.
J.N: Gets this feeling that Demi might know. Good night.
Demi: It was a pleasure meeting you, Ernest. Nods to Adam, too. Good night.
Adam: 'Night. Thanks.

J.N: To the infirmary!
Adam: What's an in firm are ree?
J.N: It's kind of like a hospital
Adam: Frowns. Is Mommy sick?
J.N: No, just being pregnant can be… difficult.
Adam: …How come?
J.N: The body has to adapt to supporting another person.
Adam: Nods. Why can't boys make babies?
J.N: They don't have the parts for it.
Adam: Thinks about this.
Ernest: This place wouldn't be so bad if your daughter wasn't psycho.
J.N: Don't say that in front of her. That "daughter" part would really upset her. But seriously. Don't insult Celena.
Ernest: Fine. Mumbles. Take her side… Grumbles.
Adam: …What've girls got that boy's don't?
J.N: Ovaries for one.
Ernest: …You sure you should be tellin' him this? He's kinda young… Whispers. Shouldn' you make up some story about a big-ass bird bringin' babies?
Adam: What's over rees?
J.N: Something only girls have. Your mom could tell you better than I could.
Adam: But what do they do?
J.N: Combs his brain, since anatomy was long ago. They release eggs. Called periods. Learn to fear this time.
Adam: …Like birds?
J.N: …I guess the concept is kind of similar. But without the nest. Mammals don't 'lay' eggs like a bird or a lizard would. Please don't ask me for the technical information. I'm not a doctor.
Adam: And that's when you have sex?
J.N: Sighs a bit. I don't know as well as your uncle Eric would.
Adam: But you made a baby.
J.N: I helped.
Adam: So you've gotta know how to do it.
Ernest: Snickers. Throws a bone. The guy normally doesn't have to do as much. Really the woman does almost all the work. More like trying to tease Adam a little and get him to ask strange questions.
Adam: But why can't the guy have the baby inside of him?
J.N: Their bodies aren't built to support life. We don't have a womb.
Ernest: Or a va-
J.N: Shoots him a look.
Ernest: Laughs.
Adam: Why don't we have a womb?
J.N: We just weren't created that way.
Adam: Aren't there organs in you? How come the baby doesn't squash them all?
Ernest: That sounds like why the girl gets sick.
Adam: Mommy's organs are being squashed?
Ernest: Juuust a little, I bet. It gets crowded.
Adam: But… she was okay with me and Elijah and Celena. Stands outside the door of the infirmary.
J.N: And she'll be okay with our child too. Enters the infirmary.

Infirmary: Jessica is sleeping in a chair, Elijah is sleeping in a bed, and Katen is sitting in a chair awake and looks up at them as they come in.
J.N: Frowns. Seeing Elijah in a bed just brings back memories of him in the hospital. …Is Elijah alright? Quietly, to Katen.
Katen: Opens his mouth, sees Adam, and looks like he changes his mind about what he's going to say. He's very ill.
J.N: Frowns even deeper. How long has he been here?
Katen: Early this morning…
J.N: Feels guilty for not being here now. I see.
Adam: …Is Mommy okay? Thrown for a loop.
Katen: Your mother is fine.
J.N: Kind of thought Jessica was fine, since she was sitting and Elijah was laying down.
Katen: Looks at Ernest.
Ernest: Kind of lost here. Was hoping for a happy reunion, not a hospital visit.
Elijah: Laying in bed, looking very pale.
Jessica: Shifts a bit in her sleep.
J.N: …What's wrong with Elijah?
Katen: …He's ill. Eyes Adam, who he doesn't seem to want to indulge information around.
J.N: Follows Katen's look, which leads to Adam. …Alright. Takes a seat.
Jessica: Wakes up. Mm? Then jerks into full consciousness. Is he alright?
Katen: He still seems to be.
Jessica: I didn't mean to go to sleep.
Katen: Perhaps you should. I'll watch over him.
J.N: That might be for the best… Though I want to stay here with him.
Jessica: Jumps. J-John! I didn't know you were here.
Adam: Crawls into his mother's lap.
J.N: I just got here. I'm sorry I wasn't sooner.
Jessica: I-It's fine… Sees Ernest. Hello. Pats Adam a bit.
Ernest: …Hi. Awkward.
Jessica: Y-You need to go to bed, Adam. Stands. Sees Elijah… Looks to Katen. Ernest's here too.
J.N: Ernest, I'll take you home. Stands.
Ernest: Yeah, I should get going. Thank God.
Jessica: Are you coming back, John? Do you have work in the morning? Holding Adam.
J.N: I'm coming back. Does have work in the morning, but feels this is more important.
Jessica: Nods. I'll um… see you in the… dining room. Heads off to put Adam to bed.
J.N: Heads off to drop Ernest off.
Jessica: After putting Adam to bed, goes to the dining room.

J.N: Goes back to the U.S. and has a short, silent drive with Ernest.
Ernest: I'm never visiting again.

Jessica: Makes herself a cup of tea.
J.N: Is soon back, at least.
Jessica: Smiles a bit at him, though very weakly.
J.N: Smiles a bit, but it's not very convincing. Goes over to hug her and then interrogate her.
Jessica: Hugs him back, thankfully. Goes to make J.N. tea.
J.N: Tea would be nice, but follows! …What's going on, Jessica?
Jessica: Elijah apparently ODed sometime this morning. Hands shake as she makes the tea.
J.N: …ODed? On what?
Jessica: We don't know, that's the problem.
J.N: Sighs. …I would have never thought it.
Jessica: Blinks at him.
J.N: Blinks as well.
Jessica: Sighs and goes back to making tea. We don't know if he was intending to commit suicide, either.
J.N: …We could ask him when he wakes up.
Jessica: There wasn't a note or anything. Looks upset. Why would he do that? He was acting entirely normal yesterday.
J.N: Lightly puts his hands on her shoulders… Trying to be comforting.
Jessica: Wipes away tears. Not that it's much better if he's just been doing drugs, period.
J.N: Massages her shoulder gently. Probably not very good at it though. I know… but… things will be clear when he's awake…
Jessica: Sighs. At least he's stabilized now. What sort of terrible mother am I?
J.N: It's not your fault, Jessica.
Jessica: I should have noticed if he was doing drugs or if he was depressed!
J.N: Sometimes the signs aren't apparent… All you can do is your best, Jessica and you've been doing that.
Jessica: Sighs. And he had been having nightmares again recently.
J.N: He has been?
Jessica: I figured yes, since he was up late and drinking coffee last night… He only does that when he can't sleep and he only can't sleep when he has nightmares.
J.N: Frowns. …I see.
Jessica: …Do you know anything? I mean… I dunno. Has he confided anything like this in you?
J.N: He… thinks the nightmares are connected to Lonan and he wants to kill him. He did confide that in me.
Jessica: Well I thought the nightmares were about Lonan torturing him.
J.N: I wouldn't doubt it… He mentioned something about Lonan controlling or being able to… or trying to.
Jessica: Controlling?
Katen: Enters the dining room. Elijah's awake…
J.N: Looks to Jessica.
Jessica: Looks to John. …Will you go and talk to him first?
J.N: …Are you sure? I know you're worried… I am too, but…
Jessica: I think you might know more about what's going on than I do. And I'd like to hear the truth. I, of course, wish my son trusted me enough to tell me what was going on in his life… Trails off.
J.N: Kisses her on the forehead… but doesn't know what to say to her… so says the obvious. I'll talk to him…
Jessica: Thank you, John. Hugs him.
J.N: Hugs her back and goes to talk to Elijah.

Elijah: Looks barely awake until he notices him.
J.N: Hey Elijah…
Elijah: Weakly. Mr. John…?
J.N: Gets closer. I'm here, Elijah. If he has to, pulls a chair over by his bed to sit.
Elijah: Stays silent as he's still trying to get his bearings.
J.N: Is patient. Not going to rush him.
Elijah: Closes his eyes. Softly. …I'm still alive.
J.N: Thankfully, Elijah… What happened?
Elijah: Closes his eyes tightly and stays silent for a bit before opening them again. …Lonan…
J.N: …What about Lonan? Jessica told me that you OD'ed.
Elijah: …I felt like he was trying to control me again.
J.N: …You tried to commit suicide. Kind of a question… but mostly statement.
Elijah: Yes… I couldn't stop it…
J.N: …He made you? …Or you felt like you couldn't stop him from controlling you?
Elijah: I felt like I couldn't stop him from controlling me.
J.N: …I see. Reaches out and lightly squeezes his shoulder.
Elijah: Takes John's hand very weakly.
J.N: Squeezes his hand, too… though very gently.
Elijah: …The drugs were ones I'd been holding for Isaac. Sighs.
J.N: Nods. …Everyone is just concerned, Elijah.
Elijah: I didn't mean to concern you all. I know you've had enough to worry about lately, Mr. John.
J.N: I'm sorry that I didn't notice… and that I wasn't here in the morning for you…
Elijah: Don't worry about it, Mr. John… I'm glad I'm still alive.
J.N: I am, too…
Elijah: Looks up at him and laughs a little.
J.N: …I don't think it's funny…
Elijah: I'm such a nuisance.
J.N: That's not true.
Elijah: You should be worrying about your own child and your future wife… Not me.
J.N: But I do worry about you, Elijah.
Elijah: Heh… You have more important things to worry about now. Doesn't say this bitterly/meanly.
J.N: You're important to me too, Elijah.
Elijah: Looks at John sadly.
J.N: Nothing is going to change that too.
Elijah: You know this might happen again…
J.N: If I can help it, it won't.
Elijah: Smiles. How are you going to prevent it?
J.N: I'm moving here, you know. I'll keep an eye on you.
Elijah: Heh…
J.N: Think I'm kidding? Smiles a little.
Elijah: I love you, Mr. John… Laughs. But I'm probably not going to live much longer.
J.N: Frowns at his words, at least the last part. Elijah… Let us help you.
Elijah: How?
J.N: We'll find a way.
Elijah: Just smiles at him sadly. Okay.
J.N: We can find a way to help…
Elijah: Nods, but doesn't look like he believes him. Doing it for J.N.'s benefit.
J.N: If you let us help… Doesn't even know how to help, but wants to.
Elijah: Sighs. Please don't tell my mom, Mr. John.
J.N: Elijah, I have to. She deserves to know.
Elijah: Holds his hand more tightly. Please don't.
J.N: Holds it tightly as well. We love you, Elijah… She wants to help. She's worried about you…
Elijah: Kindly. I don't think she can help me… I don't think you can, either… Why worry her more about this? I don't want my mother to… to think I'm some sort of monster. Please, Mr. John. I just want things to be normal.
J.N: Isn't buying it. There has to be something that we can do… that someone can do. She's not going to think you're a monster, Elijah… You're her son, her flesh and blood.
Elijah: And I'm being controlled by the man who killed her husband… my father…
J.N: …Frowns deeply.
Elijah: I just want to kill him… If he controls me… I'll have to kill myself… I can't allow myself to hurt or betray my family.
J.N: You're not going to kill yourself, Elijah. We're not going to let you.
Elijah: …Would you rather I killed you?
J.N: …Yeah.
Elijah: And my mother…? Your unborn child? I couldn't live with myself after that.
J.N: Then kill Lonan… Then he can't control you. Now getting a little desperate.
Elijah: Nods. I'll try.
J.N: But you have to stop hurting yourself.
Elijah: I'm only doing it so I won't hurt all of you. Mom has you now. You'll take care of her. Smiles.
J.N: …Damn it, Elijah.
Elijah: I'm sorry.
J.N: I can't even protect Jessica. I'm just a… guy.
Elijah: You have the will to, I think that's enough. And if the war starts anytime soon… She can't go to battle if she's pregnant.
J.N: Sighs, looks quite defeated.
Elijah: You'll be alright. You have a happy future ahead of you. Smiles at him.
J.N: Looks at his smiling face and soon looks kind of angry.
Elijah: That makes the smile fade, since angry John's probably pretty damn scary.
J.N: Looks pretty severe. Maybe not the scariest you've ever seen, though. If you think any of us are going to stand by and let you hurt yourself, you're sadly mistaken, Elijah. You're still young, you have a future if you make yourself one. Trying to sound reassuring, but kind of botches that effort by sounding… angry.
Elijah: Calmly. It would be selfish to try to preserve my own life at the cost of others.
J.N: And I don't think you would hurt any of us. Even with Lonan trying to get you to. You're too… strong. He can't. You wouldn't let him. Fumbling a bit now.
Elijah: Heh.
J.N: It's not funny! Yelled quite loudly, too.
Elijah: You're really angry.
J.N: Looks very angry… but there's no real angry retort to make at that obvious statement.
Elijah: I don't want to die, Mr. John. What is it you say? …I'm trying to be… realistic.
J.N: Yeah, well I think trying to kill yourself seriously undermines that effort! Not as loudly yelled, but still kind of loud.
Elijah: I'm not depressed. I don't want to die… Most people don't. But I'm not going to be in denial, either.
J.N: Then don't be in denial! Kill Lonan! The world could do with getting rid of that bastard, if it means you don't die.
Elijah: That's what I want to do, Mr. John.
J.N: Then you know you're not going to do it from the hospital bed and you're not going to do it from a coffin either.
Elijah: You're saying I should just be stronger so Lonan doesn't overtake me?
J.N: I think you're strong enough as it is, Elijah… Losing steam at least, isn't yelling anymore.
Elijah: You're life probably won't be all that bad without me in it.
J.N: Damn it, Elijah! What don't you understand!? I don't want to lose you! Yelling, once again.
Elijah: Just sounds very nonchalant. Your life got a lot better after my dad died.
J.N: Doesn't look angry at that. Just looks like he was shot….
Elijah: …
J.N: That shut him up fast. Doesn't look angry, either.
Elijah: So… Dying's not always a bad thing.
J.N: Just in utter disbelief. …That you would say that…
Elijah: Do you hate me now?
J.N: No. Because you're right. I guess I did inherit all of this, didn't I?
Elijah: Yes.
J.N: There's only one person to hate here, Elijah. And it isn't you. And I don't blame you for it, either.
Elijah: Who is it? Lonan?
J.N: It's Mr. John.
Elijah: Looks really surprised, when he'd looked mellow throughout most of the talk.
J.N: It seemed confusing, but it makes a lot more sense now.
Elijah: Do you care to fill me in as well?
J.N: I don't deserve this. Any of it.
Elijah: Why not?
J.N: Because the only reason I have it, as you put, is because Daniel was murdered.
Elijah: That's just fate.
J.N: Call it that if you want. I love all of you and maybe someday I'll deserve to, too
Elijah: I don't really get where you're going with this.
J.N: That's not important right now, Elijah. You're what's important… A little incoherent. As if his mind is jumping from thought to thought much too quickly to keep up.
Elijah: It's not like it's your fault. You didn't kill my dad to make it happen.
J.N: That's besides the point. Runs his hands through his hair and halfway through, grips it tightly, though not to yank it out.
Elijah: …Would you like to see something?
J.N: …Alright.
Elijah: Sits up a bit weakly. Motions his hand to a vase and a glass on the stand beside him. With a lot less effort than he seemed to have lighting a candle, removes the shadow from the vase and the highlights from the glass, creating an orb of light and dark matter.
J.N: …I don't understand.
Elijah: …Lonan gave me the ability to manipulate light and shadows.
J.N: What does that mean?
Elijah: It's a very powerful… and dangerous magic.
J.N: And you can control it…?
Elijah: Yes. I don't think even Gabriel is willing to try it.
J.N: …If it's powerful, why don't you just use it against him?
Elijah: Laughs a bit. Because this is the most I've been able to do with it yet. I could use it, but it might also destroy me. Or Lonan… Knowing more about it, could control me and decimate the people in the castle.
J.N: …It's beyond me, Elijah… all of this is. Sounds and looks defeated once again. Doesn't look like he's coming back from this one, either.
Elijah: And his experiments with me aren't through… He wants me to be a weapon for him. Something worse even than Demons…
J.N: Looks at him a bit helplessly.
Elijah: Lets the orb of light and dark go and they sink harmlessly back into their respective objects.
J.N: …What do you need to do, then…?
Elijah: Kill Lonan.
J.N: …Then do that… and come back to us.
Elijah: I'd like to… I'm not trying to ruin your day, Mr. John.
J.N: I know… You're an adult… I should treat you like one.
Elijah: Smiles. I love you, Mr. John.
J.N: I love you too, Elijah… Not smiling, though.
Elijah: And you earned my love for yourself.
J.N: Nods a bit numbly. …Did you mean what you said, earlier… or were you just trying to get me out of that door?
Elijah: What?
J.N: …About death.
Elijah: What about it?
J.N: Stares… Can't really bring himself to mention it, though looks hurt just remembering it.
Elijah: Stares back amiably.
J.N: I… Never mind…
Elijah: What is it? Takes his arm.
J.N: …About only benefiting from… Isn't going to finish the rest of it. It still stings to know that it came from Elijah.
Elijah: My dad dying?
J.N: …Yes.
Elijah: I don't see how you couldn't have had a happy life even without my dad dying. A different life than the one you have now… but still a happy one. It would have happened anyway, so it's better if someone benefited from it.
J.N: Nods a bit, not at all comforted by that. …You're mother wanted to talk to you, too…
Elijah: Please don't tell her, Mr. John.
J.N: About everything?
Elijah: Yes.
J.N: She would never forgive me, Elijah.
Elijah: What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
J.N: That's not true in the least. She's hurt that you didn't tell her anything… and she thinks you trust me more than her… When really, it seems more likely that you think I'll take this news better, for some reason.
Elijah: She's my mother, Mr. John… I don't want her to see me as a monster… I wouldn't have wanted to tell my father, either… They're the people who raised me. I'm afraid her unconditional love will be conditional.
J.N: I don't think you're a monster and neither will she…
Elijah: How do you know?
J.N: Because you're her son.
Elijah: Sighs. I don't think I can stop you from telling her if you're so dead set on it.
J.N: She won't hate you, Elijah. She can help you far more than I could ever.
Elijah: I don't see how.
J.N: Sighs. …What shouldn't I tell her…?
J.N: All of your problems stem from what you don't want me to tell her… and she wants to know and she has a right to know, too.
Elijah: Sighs. That I said you were only happy now because my dad died.
J.N: …I won't tell her that, Elijah… This isn't about me.
Elijah: …I may keep saying I don't want you to be my father, but you sure do keep acting like one.
J.N: Looks at him strangely, as he doesn't know how to take those words. It's hard to be hurt, then complimented, and hurt and complimented so much in one sitting. …I have to tell your mother everything else, though…
Elijah: Yes. Your head is just rock solid.
J.N: See? Again with the insults. Leans over to give Elijah a hug.
Elijah: Hugs quite tightly.
J.N: Doesn't mind the tightness, though Elijah is pretty strong. Maybe not right now, but normally… I'll come back to keep you company, if you want.
Elijah: Thanks… If you were a bit older, I wouldn't mind calling you 'Father'.
J.N: I'll always remember that.