22 July 2023
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Jessica McMurran John Crowley Rosemary Crowley Peter Crowley Elijah McMurran

Jessica: On her way to J.N.'s parents' house.
J.N: Seems much less stressed out! The plus side to having your husband to talk to in his sleep. Most of his stress and fears are subconscious.
Jessica: Thankfully dressed like a normal person! Now that J.N.'s… calmed down somewhat, all she has to worry about now is Peter.
J.N: Isn't white-knuckled holding the steering wheel either. For the most part, seems normal! My parents are going to be thrilled.
Jessica: Thinks he's being sarcastic. Yeah… Doesn't make much further conversation, just waits 'til they get to his 'rents' house.
J.N: Parks and gets out of the car.
Jessica: Gets out as well, too nervous for small talk.
J.N: Walks to her side!
Jessica: Looks up at him, smiling a bit. Lets him lead the way to the door.
J.N: Smiles back, trying to be reassuring and leads her to the door and knocks once!
Rosemary: Opens the door. Saw the car pull up. Loves company!
Jessica: Smiles. Hello Mrs. Crowley.
Rose: Smiles! It's good to see you, Jessica, Son! Come in! Steps aside, so they may enter the Crowley domain!
Peter: Gets up to greet them. Already got the talk about being polite when John and Jessica come to visit.

Jessica: Enters after John.
J.N: Leads the way! Frowns when he sees they still haven't taken down that one embarrassing picture of him as a kid.
Jessica: Walks after him… Stops a couple feet behind him… wavers a bit… and faints.
Rose: Gasps. Peter! Come in here, Jessica just fell!
J.N: Tries to pick up the dead weight of Jessica. She doesn't look that heavy… I think I can manage getting you to the couch, at the very least. I carry heavy things at work a lot.
Peter & Rose: Give a hand anyway, just to be on the safe side!
Jessica: After a minute, awakens! Sits up.
Rose: Are you okay, dear? You had a fall.
Jessica: Oh, that explains how I mysteriously got to the couch from the hallway without remembering it. I-I'm alright. Looks a bit shaken.
J.N: Lightly presses down on her shoulders, trying to get her to lay back down. The faint worried him, as it should. Father's getting you something to drink… Just relax, Jessica.
Jessica: Instead of laying down like she should, clings to him.
J.N: Hugs her a bit loosely, not wanting to hug her too tightly.
Jessica: Leans on him. I-I'm sorry.
J.N: It's alright, Jessica… Nothing to be sorry for.
Rose: Aww. I've never seen my son like that.
Jessica: I'm just a bit tired and I haven't eaten much today. I apologize Mrs. Crowley… Mr. Crowley.
Peter: Even looks a bit concerned, but stayed calmer than his wife. Has a glass of water in hand too and offers it up!
Rose: It's no problem at all, Jessica! I have a ham in the oven and we'd be delighted if you ate dinner with us. You need to eat, you know.
Jessica: Takes the glass from Peter. Thank you. Smiles at him and Mrs. Crowley, too. I'd love to have dinner with you.
Rose: Wonderful. We're so happy to hear, aren't we Peter? Beams.
Peter: Delighted. I'll set the plates.
Jessica: Has calmed down and stopped shaking. Leans against John and sips her water.
J.N: Keeps an arm around her for support, the literal and emotional kind.
Peter: You two just stay put. If you need anything, just say so. Alright?
Jessica: Nods. Thank you, Mr. Crowley.
Peter: You're welcome. Joins his wife in the kitchen, helping things get prepared.
Jessica: Lays her head on John's shoulder and feels bad for worrying him more.
J.N: Just keeps supporting her. …You must be really nervous about telling them.
Jessica: Just sighs.
J.N: Takes that as a "yes". …Don't worry. I'm here for you. As much of a consolation that is.
Jessica: Thank you, John. Keeps very close to him, though she wouldn't normally be so intimate around her boyfriend's parents.
J.N: This is a special case, I think. I normally wouldn't either.
Jessica: Just stays in his arms not saying much. Would normally offer to help with dinner. Feels too tired.
J.N: Whispers in her ear. We'll leave a little after you eat… Kind of gets the feeling that she doesn't want to be here.
Jessica: Frowns and whispers. Why?
J.N: Blinks… Kind of surprised by that. Whispers back. We can stay if you'd like… I just thought you might like to get back to Atlantis.
Jessica: Shrugs. I don't mind. I just feel very tired. If you'd like to go… Whispering.
J.N: Doesn't want to go in particular. Whispers as well. We should… You should get rest and Mother and Father will understand completely.
Jessica: If you say so… I'm sorry for worrying you, John.
J.N: There's nothing for you to be sorry for… Hugs her a bit tighter.
Jessica: Hugs him back. Hopes John will be the one to break the news since she doesn't think she'll be able to.

Rosemary: From the kitchen. I'll go check on her quick.
Peter: Oh, just leave her be.
Rosemary: I'm worried about her.
Peter: John's right there. Just give them space. Stops talking when he sets plates and errata on the table.
Rosemary: Denied her meddling. Contents herself with taking the ham out of the oven and cutting it into slices. The ham smells good. If you like ham, that is.

Jessica: Thankfully is not yet suffering from morning sickness! It's nice to feel comforted and loved.
J.N: I know and it actually feels nice to comfort, too.
Jessica: Very near falling asleep in J.N.'s arms.
J.N: That's right. Be lulled to sleep by my heartbeat.
Jessica: Is indeed! Drifting away.
J.N: Doesn't mind her going to sleep. She said she was tired, after all.
Jessica: Exhausted. Didn't get much sleep last night, hasn't eaten much today, and her body's trying to nourish and develop two other people right now.
Rosemary: Peeks into the living room… and rummages through the junk drawer in the kitchen!
Peter: Just gets done setting up plates, glasses, and silverware.
Rosemary: Catches their moment with a flashless, dinky throwaway camera. Click. It's just so sweet. Even though Jessica did faint.
Peter: Looks at her and shakes his head.
Jessica: Sleeping.
J.N: Unaware of the picture taken. Could go to sleep himself if he wanted to. Not tired… but comfortable.
Jessica: Looks peaceful, breathing softly.
Rosemary: Peeks in again. Nosey and meddlesome. Now she doesn't want to go in there and bother them… but peeking is allowed.
Jessica: Mmm… Shifts a bit in her sleep and snuggles more into him.
J.N: Holds her a bit closer and closes his eyes. Kind of forgetting that he's at his parents'.
Rosemary: Whispers. Honey, look in the living room.
Peter: Peeks. They're asleep. Not so amazed. Dinner's done, anyway. Starts to walk toward the couch.
Rosemary: Grabs his arm. Don't bother theeem. She said she was tired, we can just put the food away and wait until they wake up. Whispering.
J.N: I'm not asleep though.
Peter: And I'm hungry…
J.N: I wanna stay where I am though.
Peter: …But she should have something to eat.
Rosemary: After she wakes up. Firmly.
Peter: Defeated. …Yeah.
Jessica: Sleeps on then!
Peter: A lesson that I will pass onto you one day, is that sometimes you can win an argument, but sometimes, most times, it's best not to have one to begin with. I can wait a few hours to eat, but your mom would stew for days about this. Think of it as a math problem if you have to.
Jessica: Finally stirs in her sleep and her eyes open. Blinks. Sits up away from J.N. since she feels a bit stiff. John…?
J.N: Opens his eyes. Wasn't sleeping, just relaxing. Have a good rest, Jessica?
Jessica: Nods. Is dinner ready? Stretches a bit.
J.N: I don't know. I'll check.
Rosemary: Overhears, since they're not whispering. Peeks in. Oh, dinner is ready!
Jessica: Smooths her hair down a bit. How convenient, just when I woke up. Smiles.
Peter: Dinner has been ready! But you're not going to hear me make any comment.
Rosemary: Takes the ham back out of the oven, was keeping it warm for when Jessica woke up.
Jessica: Stands up and takes John's hand to head to the table.
J.N: Follows!
Jessica: Sits next to him. Hopes her makeup isn't all smeared and her hair isn't doing something weird. Thank you so much for making dinner, Mrs. Crowley. I really appreciate it.
Rosemary: We're glad you decided to eat with us, Jessica! Smiling even more, the picture she took still fresh in her mind.
Jessica: Of course. You're a very good cook, Mrs. Crowley. Enjoying herself until her mind starts coming back together and she realizes… J.N. still needs to tell them.
J.N: Does remember he needs to tell them, but he wants to wait until after dinner.
Jessica: How have you been, Mrs. Crowley?
Rosemary: Oh, I've been fine! I chose a color for the walls of the house and it's just going to be plain old white unfortunately. It'll look clean, at least.
Jessica: Aww, why just white?
Rosemary: Well, white is easy to paint over, at least! That way, if we come to a different decision, we can paint over that too.
Jessica: Nods. I guess that makes sense. Smiles.
Rosemary: Any renovations to your house you're thinking of making? Smiles as well, since Peter doesn't like talking about this.
Jessica: Um… No, I don't think so… It's sort of a historical house, so… We're very limited in what we can do with it.
Rosemary: Oooh… That's a shame, but older houses are beautiful at least!
Jessica: Nods! It is very beautiful, but I don't want to live there forever… When I retire, I think I'd like to live somewhere more comfortable. But that'll probably be quite a long while from now. Laughs a bit.
Rosemary: Nods as well! It's never too late to plan ahead. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do for a living, Jessica?
Jessica: That's a tough one! Um… I'm sort of like an… ambassador. Nods.
Rosemary: Really? Wow… I bet it's exciting!
Jessica: Nods. It is exciting! I enjoy it… but the workload can be tough, so it can be sort of tiring.
Rosemary: A bit envious. Not in the angry way, but a bit wistful. I bet it can be… but you shouldn't overwork yourself… but I guess you have others depending on you, so it's not always possible.
Jessica: Yes… an entire continent. Thank you for your concern, Mrs. Crowley. I'm really flattered.
Rosemary: Please, call me "Rose". Smiles. "Mrs. Crowley" makes me feel old.
Jessica: Really? Okay… Rose. Smiles.
Rosemary: Thank you. I'm glad you and John decided to stop by. Happy.
Jessica: It was our pleasure… I really enjoy seeing you two. I'm sure John does too. Used to John hardly speaking when he's seeing his parents by now.
J.N: I do. Smiles a little bit. It's hard to have a conversation with Peter and you were talking to Rosemary, so I didn't want to butt in.
Jessica: The food was really delicious, Mrs. Crowley.
Rosemary: Thank you!
Jessica: I'm feeling much better. Sorry for worrying you all.
Rosemary: We're just glad you're alright, aren't we, Peter?
Peter: Yeah. You had us worried there for a moment.
Jessica: Smiles at Peter, genuinely. Seems less nervous around him, at least.
Peter: I don't hate you, I'm just not a very sociable person.
Jessica: Sighs.
J.N: I actually have something to tell you, Mom, Dad.
Jessica: Looks at John. Now the nerves set back in!
J.N: Seems oddly calm. Has no doubt in mind that his parents are going to love this.
Jessica: Has lots of doubt in her mind!
J.N: Jessica and I are having a child. Well, Jessica is giving birth to the child, but I'll be with her!
Peter: Stares.
Rosemary: Stares.
Jessica: Blushes and smiles awkwardly.
Rosemary: That's wonderful news! All smiles.
Jessica: Smiles. I-I'm glad you think so… Blushing.
Rosemary: I'm gonna have grandchildren!!! Well, more, since I doubt Jessica's kids think of me as "Grandma".
Jessica: Peter hasn't said anything.
Peter: …Congratulations, you two. Cracks a smile.
Jessica: He's still pretty scary. Smiles at Peter. Thank you. Hopes they aren't mad that they aren't married yet.
Rosemary: If I'd have known, I would have bought wine for the occasion.
Jessica: …You can't drink when you're pregnant…
J.N: And I don't drink.
Rosemary: …Oops… Sorry…
Jessica: Smiles. It's fine. I'm glad the both of you are so accepting. And… John and I will try to visit more often.
J.N: Nods in agreement!
Rosemary: Smiles. Is a bit bleary-eyed, but not crying yet from joy. That would be great.
Jessica: Takes J.N.'s hand and squeezes it.
J.N: Squeezes her hand in return.
Peter: You're welcome any time. Isn't that right, Rose?
Rosemary: Nods! Calms herself down. Of course they are.
Jessica: H-Have we upset you Mrs-Rose?
Rose: No, no! Not at all… I just get a little emotional. Blushes, embarrassed.
Jessica: O-Oh… No idea what to say anymore.
Peter: Pats his wife's hand lightly.
Rosemary: Calms down much more. If you need anything, just ask.
Jessica: You're wonderful Mrs
-Rose. God, I sound like Elijah.
J.N: You do.
Rosemary: Just aglow with happiness. This has been a good day.
Jessica: Looks to John.
J.N: Actually smiling. Looks over to her when he catches her looking at him out of the corner of his eye.
Jessica: Looks so happy that he's smiling that now she looks like she wants to cry. Well… I'd like John and my child to have a close relationship with it's grandparents.
J.N: I would like that, too. I mean your parents too, Jessica.
Jessica: So we'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on everything that's been happening.
Rosemary: We really appreciate it, Jessica.
J.N: Especially since we're visiting from another country.
Jessica: Well you've been so kind in accepting me as your son's… partner and welcoming me into your home. I really truly feel grateful.
Rose: We were glad to!
Jessica: Smiles. Wishes J.N. would say something. Looks at him. Besides that she… thinks she needs to talk to J.N. about some stuff now that he's in a better mood.
J.N: …Thank you for your support, Mom, Dad.
Jessica: Nods. And thank you for the wonderful meal. Trying to wrap things up.
J.N: I did say we should leave early, so you could get some rest! I think we should head back home, though. Jessica should rest, after all.
Jessica: Nods. Thank you so much for having me.
Rosemary: Nods to J.N.! It was no trouble at all. Thank you for stopping by!
Jessica: Stands. It was a pleasure!
J.N: Stands as well.
Jessica: Waits to see if Rosemary or Peter will stand.
Peter & Rosemary: Do stand!
Peter: And shakes his son's hand!
Jessica: Hugs Rosemary.
Rosemary: Wasn't expecting a hug, but certainly isn't shy about hugging her back.
Jessica: I hope we can see each other again soon, Rose.
Rosemary: I hope so, too. Smiles! And also hugs her son!
Jessica: Very shyly gives Peter a hug.
Peter: Appreciates the gesture and hugs back, though the hug is most likely brief.
Jessica: Thank you, Mr. Crowley. Not sure what she's thanking him for… not killing her, I guess.
Peter: Not sure either. You're welcome.
Jessica: Blushes. He's so scary.
J.N: I'll give you a call when we're around again. Speaking to his mom.
Jessica: Thank you so much for dinner. I hope to see you both soon. You're both wonderful. Smiles. Thank you for having me. I hope you have a good night.
Rosemary: Hope to see you too!
Peter: Don't be strangers.
Jessica: Resists the temptation to curtsy. Waves and makes her way out of the house, holding J.N.'s hand.
J.N: Waves as well and is soon out of the house!

Jessica: When they get outside, kisses J.N. on the lips and gets in the car.
J.N: Gets in the car as well and buckles up. Smiles a bit. I knew they would be happy to hear…
Jessica: You did? I was surprised.
J.N: My parents have really taken a shine to you.
Jessica: Smiles. I'm really glad… I dunno about your dad, though.
J.N: Starts the car and gets driving. Hm? What do you mean?
Jessica: He's always so serious looking. I can never tell what he's thinking. I can't tell if he likes me at all.
J.N: That is true… He seemed pretty pleased to hear the news, though.
Jessica: Well, I'm sure you know him better than I do. I guess you seemed kind of grumpy and serious at first, too.
J.N: I was serious and grumpy back then… Chuckles a bit. It seems like so long ago.
Jessica: Smiles at him. Have you talked to Ernest lately?
J.N: Not yet… I want to tell him in person, if that's alright.
Jessica: Nods. I understand why you want to.
J.N: That can wait for another day… Let's go home.
Jessica: Nods. The last thing John needs is for him and Ernest to get into a shouting match.
J.N: In much better spirits, too!
Jessica: Um…. About Adam…?
J.N: Yes…? Not trying to sound flippant, but thinks she wants to say something.
Jessica: Do you still want to wait until… we're um… if we're um… uh… um… married. T-To adopt him, I mean.
J.N: Furrows his brow in thought! …What are your thoughts on it?
Jessica: Well… the fact that I'm having a baby now changes things a bit… though of course, nothing's set in stone now… I-I just don't want you to feel… stuck with me or obligated to me or anything like that.
J.N: Nods his head, as he thinks he understands what she means. I don't feel obligated, Jessica… I said I want a future with you and I meant it… The future is just coming a bit faster than either of us could have predicted.
Jessica: …I feel very strongly about you, John. I love you very much… I'd like to have a future with you. I want to be with you… For a long time. Not just because of the baby, but because of… everything. I've thought about it and… I feel very certain about you, I suppose.
J.N: Smiles hearing that. Would like to turn to look at her, but would also like to avoid a major traffic accident. I feel the same way, Jessica… I'm… looking forward to being the father of our child and Adam… and… well… someday… maybe your husband. We did talk about it.
Jessica: Looks at him quickly. Smiles. That's what I was wanting to hear.
J.N: Glances to her for a small moment, even then it's mostly out of the corner of his eye. Damn driving.
Jessica: Quickly realizes that he said "someday" and "maybe" and wasn't about to give a proposal. Looks horribly embarrassed and turns her head around to the window.
J.N: Glances to her out of the corner of his eye. Trying to be subtle, so she she doesn't catch him trying to look at her.
Jessica: Realizes that she's supposed to say something and not stare out of window gloomily right now… but can't remember what he said exactly, just that he wasn't planning on proposing to her anytime soon. My selective hearing has failed me.
J.N: Kind of feels like something has gone awry, since she's not saying anything… or even looking at him. …Jessica?
Jessica: Yes? Tries not to sound unhappy. What the heck had we been talking about… Adam? Um… Are you still worried about being a father? He just answered that in the last thing he said.
J.N: Well… I'm always going to be worried a little… but, well… you have faith in me and even Elijah does… and I know you two wouldn't flatter me or lie to me about something this important… I'm more worried about how your children would react to… well… hearing that you're getting married.
Jessica: Now utterly confused. Huh?
J.N: I mean… when we do plan on getting married.
Jessica: Oh… Thought for a second he proposed to her while she was daydreaming and then she said yes. Silence again when she should be commenting on what he said.
J.N: Now knows something is amiss. She's way too quiet…
Jessica: Ack, I'm supposed to say something! What the heck were we talking about?! I think I hit my head a little too hard in that fall.
J.N: …Jessica, what's wrong?
Jessica: Truthfully. I uh… don't know. Um… sorry… Really… I can't very well tell him that if he proposed to me right now I'd say 'yes'… I don't want him to feel rushed into it or anything. He has to come to the decision on his own… If he does at all. Maybe he just wants a non-traditional relationship or something. I guess it's too soon, we haven't been dating very long, but now I'm pregnant and that pretty much sticks us together anyway. I really do love him… I don't feel like I'd be making the wrong choice if I decided to marry him. He's… different but he's very trustworthy, I feel like I can depend on him and that we'd be able to work our issues out. While I'm having this internal monologue I am not saying anything to J.N.
J.N: Funny how while I think it's too soon now, I see the near future being the right time and yet I'm worried that you'll think it's moving too fast and that it'll upset your children, especially Celena. I have no doubts at all about your side of the relationship, as I find you trustworthy and supportive. Really, I'm worried that maybe you'll realize you've made a mistake or that if I do propose too soon it'll ruin everything. Also silent, brows are furrowed even more in thought, but at least he doesn't look stressed out… Just thoughtful. Maybe I need to learn how to tell her what I'm thinking and maybe I wouldn't have these problems.
Jessica: So, um… Did you say whether or not you wanted to still wait until… if we are married to adopt Adam?
J.N: …We never got that far, since you got silent. I… think we should wait until we are married… us being married… it's not a question of if to me. It's a question of when. Keeps noticing the 'if' and has decided. Right now, he's decided that he does want to marry her.
Jessica: Blushes. O-Oh…
J.N: I can't propose right now anyway. I have to have a ring to propose.
Jessica: Goes silent again like the last few times he talked about marriage. Did actually listen to what he said fully, though! Um… I guess that would be for the best. I-I-I mean…
J.N: If you feel differently, you can say so. Not said meanly, actually trying to sound reassuring. Honesty means a lot to him.
Jessica: Um… Blushes. When you think the time is right, I will too.
J.N: Believes that she's being completely honest! …Thank you, Jessica.
Jessica: I don't want you to feel rushed into anything.
J.N: Nods. …I don't want you to feel rushed either. Didn't quite catch the drift on that.
Jessica: Decides to be truthful and stop acting stupid. I don't actually feel rushed, honestly. I mean, I do… but about the baby. Now would not have been the time I would have chosen for this to happen. But it did and… I think we can work through it and it'll turn out fine. I know that because I love you and I trust you. Getting pregnant has made me realize… I don't just want to be with you… I need you.
J.N: Takes this all in without a word, since he's listening and digesting her words. It might be a relief that he doesn't look horrified or even stressed. That's… how you really feel…? As if he has to hear it again or it just caught him so completely by surprise that he didn't even have the chance to look shocked at the admittance.
Jessica: Yes, that's really how I feel. I wouldn't lie to you about that, John. Please don't drive off the road and kill us.
J.N: Nods. I know you wouldn't lie to me… Just needed to hear it again, to make sure he didn't mishear, even if he was listening.
Jessica: …Are you alright? I mean… Like I said, I don't want to rush you into anything.
J.N: I'm alright, Jessica. I really am. At the house now!
Jessica: A-Are you sure? Doesn't get out of the car.
J.N: Turns to look at her. Doesn't look like he's going crazy with stress. I am.
Jessica: O-Okay… Gets out of the car nervously.
J.N: Gets out as well.

Jessica: Goes inside his house.
J.N: Goes inside as well.
Jessica: Stares at him.
J.N: Does look like he wants to say something.
Jessica: Waits nervously for him to say something… Thinks he's mad at her now.
J.N: Reaches out and tries to take her left hand, with both of his.
Jessica: He's going to break my fingers.
J.N: Brings her hand up to his face and lightly kisses her third finger. …I don't… have a ring.
Jessica: Catches on… Blushes. Softly. You don't need one, John.
J.N: I think I am rushing into things, but I trust Jessica more than I trust my own head. If she says we can work through this… Now he's nervous. …You're sure?
Jessica: Smiles at him reassuringly. I'm positive. I just want… you….
J.N: Wishes he did have a ring… but certainly didn't plan this. It's become quite obvious to him though that life doesn't always go as planned and that isn't always a bad thing.
Jessica: Looking at him straight in the eyes. Still blushing very much, though.
J.N: Looking right back into her eyes. Steels himself, as he realizes that this is a big decision, one that affects his life from now and on. It's that realization that helps him shake off being nervous, oddly enough. After everything he's said to her about loving her and wanting a future with her, this very decision strikes him as the culmination of his words. If he meant them, then he shouldn't sound reserved or unsure. Jessica, will you marry me? …Though he's confident in his words, his knees feel kind of weak and his words are extremely soft, since they're only meant for her, even though there's no one else but them.
Jessica: Tears up. I will, John. If possible, her blush deepens, but continues to look him in the eyes quite lovingly. Resists temptation to ask if he's sure. Figures if he asked her, then he is most likely sure.
J.N: Brings up his other hand to stroke her cheek and to wipe away tears if they should fall. And he is sure!
Jessica: The tears are indeed falling, though she looks very happy.
J.N: Brushes away the tears. His own eyes are welling up… but he's trying not to get overwhelmed.
Jessica: Laughs a bit. This has been the strangest week I've ever had and it's only just begun. Smiles up at him and hugs him.
J.N: Hugs her tight. It's kind of a relief, since now tears are rolling down his cheeks. At least you don't see them right now! It has been…
Jessica: I've made John cry. Hugs back tightly. I love you, John.
J.N: They're happy tears. I love you too, Jessica.
Jessica: Turns her head up to be kissed.
J.N: Leans down and kisses. Sorry about any tears that fall on your face.
Jessica: Quite surprised, since this is the first time she's seen him cry. Pulls herself closer to him and kisses him deeply.
J.N: Hugs her closer and kisses back, actually feeling quite happy despite his crying.
Jessica: Feels quite happy too… Kind of surprised at how much misery they were in just yesterday. Breaks the kiss after a bit, though she is certainly enjoying it. Are you alright?
J.N: I was enjoying it, too. Nods… smiling, though it probably looks weird with the tears. I am…
Jessica: Laughs a bit, affectionately. You're crying… Though she is too.
J.N: I'm happy… Chuckles as well, not amused… but just, as he said, happy. You're crying too…
Jessica: I'm happy too… Stands on her tiptoes and kisses him again, but less deeply, so it's a shorter kiss.
J.N: A small kiss still feels nice. Briefly wonders how people are going to take the sudden news of their engagement.
Jessica: Would you like to go back to Atlantis?
J.N: Nods. I'd like to go home. Quickly dries his eyes, since he's fine with Jessica seeing him cry, but no one else apparently.
Jessica: Smiles when he says "home". Finds some potions and… takes one.
J.N: Takes one as well.

Elijah: Sitting at the dining room table, drinking coffee. Hey…
Jessica: Hey.
Elijah: How's it going?
Jessica: Gooood. Smiles. Looks at John questioningly.
J.N: Smiling, though still has kinda puffy eyes. It's going great… Looks back to her, then to Elijah. …There's something I'd like to tell you.
Elijah: Wonders if J.N. has allergies. What's up?
J.N: Jessica and I have decided to get engaged. Figures it's best to just out and say it. He's smiling quite happily though.
Jessica: Smiles too!
Elijah: Smiles. That's great. Congratulations.
J.N: Thank you, Elijah. Was kind of worried he wouldn't take it well, but is more worried about Celena. …And thank you for saying what you did yesterday.
Elijah: Hm? No problem… I figured you'd get engaged eventually… What with you moving here and all… Didn't know you were going to have a kid, but that's alright, too. I mean… I didn't know you wanted to have a kid.
J.N: I did… Eventually, but this happened sooner than I had thought.
Elijah: Well uh… Looks like you and Mom're having a really good week, huh? Smiles.
Jessica: Sometimes I love you a lot, Elijah. Wants to smother him with love for being so accepting and good-natured.
J.N: And it's only the beginning of the week, too. Leans in and actually gives Elijah a hug. Is appreciative too.
Elijah: Hugs back. I thought you didn't like hugs.
J.N: A weird time to bring that up… Would you rather I just mess up your hair?
Elijah: Shrugs. I like hugs. When're you getting married?
Jessica: We don't know yet. He only proposed to me like… half an hour ago.
Elijah: Well, I'd keep it a secret from Katen.
J.N: Why is that?
Elijah: He'll turn it into some big official event. Unless you want it to be a big official event.
J.N: Looks to Jessica on that one!
Jessica: Shakes her head 'no'.
J.N: Then I'll keep it under wraps.
Jessica: I'd like a small quiet wedding… Well, I don't know what you want, John… If you want a large wedding, that's fine with me, as well.
J.N: A small wedding sounds nice. That way at least only people we're close to are involved in the ceremony.
Jessica: I just want to make sure your parents are able to attend.
Elijah: Are they gonna come to Atlantis?
Jessica: Umm…
Elijah: 'Cause Adam can't go to the U.S. anymore.
J.N: I guess they are then.
Jessica: Your parents will have heart attacks.
J.N: I don't know what else to do. I don't want to exclude anyone from the ceremony.
Elijah: I don't see why Adam can't go to the U.S., just this once…
Jessica: I don't know…
Elijah: I'll be his bodyguard.
Jessica: Sighs. I'll have to think about it… I see you're drinking coffee.
Elijah: I am.
Jessica: I guess you're having nightmares again.
Elijah: It happens.
Jessica: Stares at him. You've been spending too much time with John.
J.N: Gives kind of a playful smile. Is that a bad thing?
Jessica: I don't know, if conversations with him turn into some sort of unholy combination of talking to you and Daniel. Playfully back.
J.N: Chuckles a little. …Yeah, I don't think I could handle that either.
Jessica: Laughs.
Elijah: Doesn't know what's so bad about that! His two male role models rolled into one, yeah! Do you know when the baby's gonna be born?
Jessica: Um… not yet. Thinks she conceived the first time she and John had sex. Which was… either Daniel's birthday or the day after. Pretty certain it was then… That would explain why the birth control didn't work… It probably hadn't kicked in fully yet. Just needs to do some math and she can figure out when the baby'll be due. I should probably go to the doctor's for an ultrasound sometime. I think it's too soon, though.
J.N: Nods. Hoping for a girl?
Jessica: Smiles. How did you know?
J.N: You have three boys already. Smiles. Just a guess…
Elijah: Laughs. Same thought as J.N.
Jessica: Well, I'm sure you want a boy.
J.N: Doesn't really have a preference. It'd be nice… Don't you think, Elijah?
Elijah: A boy? I dunno… I'd say a girl too, but eh… Celena.
Jessica: Elijah!
Elijah: Laughs.
J.N: Laughs too! Just in a great mood.
Elijah: Tries to imagine what a kid of his mom's and J.N.'s would look like… Just gets a funny look on his face. So what're you going to name your son, Mr. John? Grins.
J.N: I was thinking "Bert". That's a tough name, isn't it? Playing along, of course!
Elijah: Sounds like the Sesame Street.
J.N: Hm… You're right. How about "Clive" then?
Elijah: I dunno… How about "Ernest"?
Jessica: It's going to be a girl.
J.N: Sesame Street again. You know, "Ernie"?
Elijah: Laughs. If it's a girl it can be "Ernesta".
J.N: Actually thinks! The last thing I want to think about when I look at my kid is a connection with Ernest or Ernie.
Elijah: Laughs.
Jessica: I agree. Not that Ernest isn't nice.
J.N: I'll relay that to Ernest. Grins.
Jessica: Frowns. Well he'd probably be quite honored to have your child named after him.
J.N: I suppose… Hm… How does the name "Rosemary" sound, Jessica? Half jokingly, half not.
Jessica: After your mom? That's sweet.
J.N: If it's a boy, we'll just call him "Rosemary" to toughen him up anyway.
Jessica: Laughs. That would be pretty unfortunate.
J.N: So would "Sue".
Jessica: You can name the child, John, but I'll have to approve it.
J.N: Agreed.
Elijah: Rosemary's cuuute, do that.
Jessica: What if it's a boy?
Elijah: Elisha.
J.N: Alright. If it's a boy, I'll name him after you.
Elijah: That would be pretty confusing.
J.N: …Good point. How about "Johnathan"?
Elijah: All-together Johnathan?
J.N: Yes. I wouldn't torture my son like that.
Elijah: Would you call him Johnathan?
J.N: It's not a bad name? I'd call him John normally and Johnathan when I'm being stern.
Elijah: Laughs. Sounds like that could get confusing too.
J.N: My mother had it down pat.
Elijah: Your dad's name isn't 'John'.
J.N: What, am I supposed to name the kid after one of my parents, depending on it's gender?
Elijah: I dunno, you can name your kid whatever you want… within Mom's reason. Or you could throw them for a loop and name a girl after your dad… "Petra".
J.N: I don't think Jessica would go for that one though.
Jessica: Shrugs. Petra's a fine name. Sorta reminds me of this weird girl I knew in elementary school named "Petree" though.
Elijah: You could name a girl 'Joan' like John… or a boy uh… Jesse.
J.N: Nods and actually considers Jesse.
Elijah: Though I guess those could also be confusing. Though no one really calls Mom "Jessie" anymore… since my dad…
J.N: Was actually thinking about calling her "Jess" or "Jessie" to shorten it, but for that reason I didn't. I might go with "Jess" though.
Jessica: Ah… I sorta miss being calling 'Jessie May'. Laughs a little.
J.N: I sort of miss being called "J.N". Looks dead serious. Part of the joke though, since he doesn't.
Jessica: Laughs. Really? I thought it sounded kinda childish.
J.N: Made me feel like a young man again. Grins a bit.
Jessica: Rolls her eyes, able to tell now that he's joking. I just felt like I'd be talking down to you or something
J.N: Leans in and kisses her on the temple. You're sweet.
Jessica: Smiles and blushes.
Elijah: So you're gonna be "Jessica Crowley" now?
Jessica: I guess so.
J.N: It's not such a bad last name, I think.
Elijah: Weeeiiird
Jessica: No, it's not.
Elijah: Then we won't be related anymore.
Jessica: We'll always be related.
J.N: She's right.
Elijah: Well if we're gonna have three McMurrans and three Crowleys, then I guess we'll be pretty evenly matched.
J.N: Evenly matched?
Jessica: Yes. Evenly matched in what?
Elijah: I dunno… Trivia game teams?
J.N: Yeah, but what about when Celena marries Middler? As much as the thought creeps me out.
Elijah: She'll be "Celena X" since Middler doesn't have a last name. You'd outmatch us anyway… You're really smart and Adam's some sort of genius kid.
Jessica: What about me?
Elijah: Dunno where Adam got his genes from. Grins.
J.N: Our team would win and because of Jessica, we'd look good winning too.
Jessica: Sighs. At least I have beauty, if not brains…
J.N: Puts an arm around her shoulders. You've got both, Jess.
Jessica: Smiles. And I'm sure Adam got his intelligence from your father's side of the family, since it seems to have three people with medical degrees in it. And my brother plays with Pokemon cards.
Elijah: For a living?
Jessica: No, he does computer science or something. And you're all prettier than his children.
Elijah: Gee, is it a contest?
J.N: We're going to have to visit again to tell them the news, you know.
Jessica: Nods. How do you want to tell your parents that we're engaged?
J.N: I could call them… I mean, I would like to say it in person, but we told them that you live far away. It'd seem odd being able drive back without a problem the very next day to tell them.
Jessica: Nods. Yeah… I guess so. I should've called my parents while we were at your house.
J.N: We can visit my house to call our parents, if you'd like.
Jessica: Um… If that's alright with you. Looks to Elijah. Is Adam alright?
Elijah: Um… Sleeping the last time I looked at him.
Jessica: How about Feemy and Celena?
Elijah: Probably the same. Did you know Celena's wearing make up?
Jessica: Nooo… but she's not allowed to until she's 13.
J.N: If I have a daughter, I have to worry about them falling in love with strange bird people!
Elijah: Why?
Jessica: Because twelve-year-olds don't need makeup. They don't have any wrinkles.
Elijah: I thought make-up was for attracting men.
Jessica: She doesn't need to be doing that, either.
J.N: Agreed.
Elijah: So it's okay for her to attract men when she's thirteen, even when she can't date a guy until like three years after that?
Jessica: No. It's because all the other little girls will be wearing makeup and if she isn't allowed, she'll pitch a fit and do it anyway. I was there once.
J.N: Oh boy, raising a daughter is going to be fun.
Elijah: I'm glad I'm not a girl.
J.N: You can't tell from a distance, anyhow.
Elijah: Huh?
J.N: Grins.
Elijah: Mr. Jooohn.
J.N: Scruffs up his hair to say, "I'm just kidding".
Elijah: You're gonna make me have to shave my head again. I was just liking my hair again, too.
J.N: Your hair looks fine. Your "Aunt Bridget" cut didn't though. Even though it was kind of like my hair.
Elijah: Well thanks for telling me now. I thought I looked popular.
J.N: She would have done it anyway. I doubt she would give you a concession just because I mentioned something. Your hair cut looked like mine. I wasn't popular when I was a kid. It was kind of a personal joke.
Elijah: Shrugs.
Jessica: You're not shaving your head again. Your hair is beautiful.
Elijah: That's the point…
J.N: You don't really look like a girl from afar. I was just ribbing you.
Jessica: You're very handsome like your father.
J.N: Nods. You look fine the way you are.
Elijah: Thaaanks.
J.N: Leans a bit on Jessica.
Jessica: I feel terrible for being gone so much, but can you babysit your younger siblings, Elijah? I need to go back to John's to call my parents and I'll probably stay there so we can visit them tomorrow, then I should be back. I'm going to have a pile of work on my desk, but these things need to be dealt with.
Elijah: Nods. No problem… and don't work yourself so hard, Mom. You're not Super Woman, take it easy. Smiles at her and looks kinda worried.
Jessica: Smiles. I'll be fine and you're a sweetheart. Hugs Elijah and kisses him on the cheek. Thank you, baby.
J.N: Offers Elijah a handshake, which hopefully he won't question like his hug!
Elijah: Hugs J.N. instead of shaking hands.
J.N: Hugs back.
Elijah: You don't shake hands with your step dad. Be safe, both of you. J.N. probably shakes hands with his dad, but thinking of shaking hands with his own father, to him, is kinda laughable.
Jessica: Thank you, honey… You too.
J.N: Take care, Elijah.
Jessica: Bye bye, sweety. Takes potion!
Elijah: Byeee.
J.N: Bye. Follows!

Jessica: Smiles at John a bit strangely when they arrive and picks up the phone.
J.N: Smiles back, though not strangely. Just happily.
Jessica: Thought Elijah was getting on J.N.'s nerves. Calls her parents. Hi Daddy. It's me again… How are you doing? That's good! Um… I know it's really soon after our last visit but… John and I would like to come over again… Maybe tomorrow? Would that be alright? Um… That's great… I'd love to see Josh again. Sure… Well, it's late… I'll let you get to bed then, Daddy. Good night. I love you. Bye… Hangs up and smiles at John.
J.N: Chuckles a bit. …Josh isn't so bad.
Jessica: Sighs. I know… He just annoyed me a lot when we were younger. He always acted out in school and got into fights and got in trouble and stuff, so he always got attention for being bad.
J.N: Josh got into fights? …He got beat up a lot I bet.
Jessica: He got picked on a lot, but he really brought it on himself. He just acts really annoying. Well, he's mellowed out a lot now, but when he was a kid, he had a lot of behavioral problems.
J.N: Nods, not going to judge further!
Jessica: I know what you're thinking. I'm a bad sister. I think I am too sometimes. I should have stood up for him and been supportive, but I was just as bad as the rest of them. I do love Josh… but he could be just as bad with me and I guess there's some resentment there. Sighs.
J.N: Leans in and kisses her forehead. That's in the past, Jess…
Jessica: Sighs.
J.N: …It's probably not that comforting… but I wouldn't know. I never had siblings.