21 July 2023
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Jessica McMurran John Crowley Daniel McMurran Erik McMurran Adam McMurran Feemerson McMurran Middler Blaydow Elijah McMurran Celena McMurran

Jessica: Freaking out?! Guesses she must face the music. Searches for J.N and finds him napping in the dining room. Sits in a chair across from him and bores holes into him with her eyes.
J.N: Looks so peaceful.
Jessica: Bites her fingernails.

Daniel: J.N… Touching my stuff.
J.N: Deal with it.
Daniel: Hope you had fun cleaning out my underwear drawer.
J.N: I could have just asked Middler to do it. I think he would have.
Daniel: O BLARGH.
J.N: I don't see why I'd be disturbed.
Daniel: About my underwear? I got some with the union jack on 'em.
J.N: Oh yeah, those. Just to help Jessica out, I took all of your things back to my place and burned them.
Daniel: You're a sweetheart.
J.N: I know.
Daniel: You act all nice around Jessica and Elijah and Adam and everyone, but you're still an asshole to me. I wouldn't have it any other way.
J.N: I'm just ribbing you jokingly. If you're offended by it, I'll stop.
Daniel: I'm dead, does it really matter?
J.N: Yeah.
Daniel: Shrugs.
J.N: Because you exist in some medium apparently.
Daniel: Okay. I guess moving all my crap out of my room was kind of tiring.
J.N: Not especially. I've just been under some stress.
Daniel: Would you like to talk about it? Switches chairs with Erik.
Erik: Strokes his nonexistent beard and gets out a clipboard. Serious expression.
J.N: …Are you a headshrinker?
Erik: I'm a shrink… but you don't seem to be a child.
J.N: You're a child psychiatrist?
Erik: Yes… or I was. So how do you feel?
J.N: Under pressure.
Erik: You feel that there are a lot of expectations placed upon you?
J.N: Yes and no.
Erik: You're conflicted?
J.N: I feel the pressure of work and… kind of trying to figure out how to be a father. I mean, I'm not planning to have kids any time soon… but Adam looks to me like a father and I don't want to disappoint him. I'm also… a bit over-extended maybe. All the things going on in Atlantis… and trying to keep in touch with my friends back in the U.S.
Erik: Feeling stretched a bit thin?
J.N: Yeah… but I can't stop either.
Erik: Are these expectations external, internal, or a mixture of both?
J.N: A mixture of both… I think. I really can't put words in other people's mouths, but it feels like a mixture of both.
Erik: Nods.
J.N: There's just a lot to do and I can't slow down or mess up…
Erik: Why do you think you can't mess up?
J.N: It might ruin everything.
Erik: You're afraid of failure?
J.N: I guess I am.
Erik: Nods.
Daniel: Sorry to interrupt your… Coughs. Really boring… Hack. Therapy session, but uh…
J.N: You're the one who traded seats with him to begin with.
Daniel: True… True… Did you notice he's just repeating everything you said but phrasing it differently?
J.N: Yeah, but it helps to reaffirm.
Daniel: Well my wife is like… staring you down.
J.N: What? Really?
Daniel: Yeah, maybe she's contemplating the best way to kill you.
J.N: Har-har, very funny.

J.N: Mrbmle. Mumbles.
Jessica: Sweat. Misery. Agony.
J.N: Sleeping sitting up. Totters forwards. Shifts in his sleep and totters forward more! If that keeps up he's probably going to meet the table face-to-face.
Jessica: Sighs. Stands up! Shakes him gently. John?
J.N: Jerks awake! Looks confused for a moment, but then frowns… I didn't mean to fall asleep.
Jessica: It's alright… You were busy all morning.
J.N: Shakes his head a bit and stands. Thanks for waking me up.
Jessica: Uh well… It looked like your head was going to fall on the table.
J.N: That would have done it too. Thanks again, then. Rubs his back a bit, since it's kinda sore.
Jessica: Hugs him gently. Thank you for helping out this morning. I really appreciate it. So far acting normally, but seem a bit distracted/distant.
J.N: Hugs back. Doesn't notice right away, since he's still not tuned into all of her nuances… and was never very empathetic to begin with. No need to thank me.
Jessica: Um… What if I gave you a shoulder rub?
J.N: …You don't have to if you don't want to. Though it does sound nice right about now.
Jessica: Um… No… Go ahead and sit down and I'll give you a shoulder rub and we can talk.
J.N: Alright… Thank you, Jessica. Sits!
Jessica: Starts to give him a shoulder rub. Isn't great at it, but I guess it's alright.
J.N: Very tense, but does relax after awhile.
Jessica: Once he's relaxed…! So um… I need to tell you something.
J.N: Sighs, not exasperatedly, but because his shoulders do feel better. A content sort of sigh. Nods his head as well. What do you need to tell me?
Jessica: Well, um… You might not want to be with me anymore…
J.N: Frowns and turns around in the chair to face her. I doubt that, Jessica. Don't you remember last night? I meant every word.
Jessica: Nods, though her lips tremble a little. Trying to keep a composed face and stay calm.
J.N: Reaches out to take her hand. He's learning to be supportive, even if he still isn't really good at it.
Jessica: Well um, I went to the doctor today.
J.N: Nods and squeezes her hand a bit.
Jessica: And um…
J.N: …And?
Jessica: Well, I'm pregnant.
J.N: Shocked. …Are you sure..?
Jessica: Yes… Well, I suppose it's not 100% certain… I should probably go to a doctor in the U.S. as well…
J.N: Nods a bit dumbly. Hasn't let go of her hand either.
Jessica: Um… If you don't want to be with me anymore… um…
J.N: …This… you being pregnant… doesn't change what I said.
Jessica: Sniffs. I'm sorry, John, this is my fault.
J.N: No, it's not, Jessica…
Jessica: Yes, it is… I was taking birth control… I guess I just messed up or something.
J.N: It's not your fault that it messed up… and… we both made the decision to be intimate.
Jessica: B-But… I've just ruined your life.
J.N: You didn't ruin my life, Jessica… Trying to keep very calm… and it's working, for the most part. Inside, he's panicking though. It helps that she's not hysterical.
Jessica: Sits down in a chair next to him. Do you want to go to the doctor's?
J.N: Nods. We should… Just to make sure… Being a pessimist at heart, he has no doubt that she's pregnant.
Jessica: Would you mind if we went right now?
J.N: I wouldn't at all. Can't really hide the fact that he looks very stressed.
Jessica: Wants peace of mind. Searches for a potion. Finds two, gives J.N. one and takes hers.
J.N: Takes his own!

Adam's Door: Knocking!
Adam: Gets up from laying on his bed and answers the door.
Feemy: At the door. Hi Adam.
Adam: Blinks. Hi Feemy.
Feemy: What're you doing?
Adam: Nothing…
Feemy: Wanna do something?
Adam: Stares at him a bit since he thought Feemy hates him. …Alright.
Feemy: …What do you want to do?
Adam: Stares. I don't know.
Feemy: …What do you like doing? By golly, I'm going to try.
Adam: Building things… Learning things…
Feemy: Well… Let's make a deal. We'll do what you want to do today and tomorrow we can try something I want to do, so it's fair, you know?
Adam: Can we do what you want to do today instead? Because if I had something to be doing, I would be doing it right now.
Feemy: Well, why couldn't we do it together?
Adam: I didn't say we couldn't… Just that I'm not doing anything right now. You want to do nothing with me?
Feemy: We could talk, since I like to play outside and it's too dark.
Adam: What do you want to talk about?
Feemy: Um… Thinks. What do you like building?
Adam: Cities and things… Shows him a pile of blocks in the corner of his room, indeed stacked in the shape that resembles a city.
Feemy: Neat. And it kinda is!
Adam: It's okay. There's lots of hospitals 'n stuff and there's no bad-looking houses 'cause there's no poor people and everyone's happy in my city.
Feemy: So you're the mayor? What'd you call the city?
Adam: Blinks. It's not a real city.
Feemy: I know. I name what I make though.
Adam: Why?
Feemy: Shrugs. I like pretending.
Adam: Why?
Feemy: It's fun.
Adam: Why is it fun?
Feemy: Because when you pretend you can make believe you're things you're not. I like pretending I'm a sword-fighter, like Elijah.
Adam: Why don't you just try to become the things you make believe you are?
Feemy: I want to! …Elijah's just really busy and I wanted him to teach me.
Adam: Shrugs. There's probably other ways to learn how to sword fight.
Feemy: I know… I was going to ask Katen, but… I don't want to bother him. He'd just get mad at me.
Adam: Shrugs. If you just wanna give up, then I guess pretending's okay.
Feemy: H-Hey! I'm not just giving up! You don't pretend at all?
Adam: Not really.
Feemy: Then you know you're not building cities then. They're just blocks and there's no people who are happy in them.
Adam: …I guess you're right.
Feemy: So you do pretend.
Adam: …I guess.
Feemy: It's not a bad thing.
Adam: Sighs and sits on his bed.
Feemy: Sits on Adam's bed. …Um… Can I ask you a question?
Adam: What?
Feemy: Do you hate me?
Adam: Blinks. No. Why would I hate you? I don't barely know you.
Feemy: I was just wondering. We don't talk much and I thought you didn't like me.
Adam: Well it's impossible to hate someone you don't barely know.
Feemy: I don't know about that…
Adam: Why? Lays on his bed.
Feemy: I thought it'd be easier to hate someone you didn't know, because then you wouldn't know anything good about them.
Adam: I guess I mean more that you can't hate someone you don't know anything about.
Feemy: Maybe you're right. What do you think of Celena?
Adam: Huh…? She's my sister.
Feemy: I know. But what do you think of her? Do you think she's nice? I think she hates me.
Adam: Um… I don't know her that well…
Feemy: Why not?
Adam: I dunno… I don't see her that much. I guess she's nice to me.
Feemy: You should get to know your family more.
Adam: Shrugs. I wasn't here for a long time.

Jessica: At his house now. Stands there staring at him.
J.N: Might be on the verge of a breakdown?!
Jessica: I-I'm so sorry John! Hugs him.
J.N: Hugs back, tightly. Jessica… You don't have to apologize… It's not your fault… Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm…
Jessica: I… just… ruined everything.
J.N: Everything isn't ruined…
Jessica: Looks up at him… trying her best not to cry.
J.N: Hopes she doesn't cry. It'd be hard to handle right now. Leans down and kisses her forehead. …Everything… is all right… Funny how when things are looking bad, he suddenly tries to be an optimist.
Jessica: I'm sorry, John… I shouldn't be whining… You probably feel as bad as I do.
J.N: Tries to smile… and succeeds, but it looks kind of strained. I'll be fine… We should get going… We shouldn't be gone from Atlantis for too long…
Jessica: Nods and goes to his car.

J.N: Does so as well and gets buckled up.
Jessica: Buckles up. Sighs.
J.N: And drives!
Jessica: After some silence. …Thank you, John. You're… being wonderful, really.
J.N: …Did you really think I would want to leave?
Jessica: Well, I shouldn't have if I did. A lot of guys leave girls when they get them pregnant. But, if I thought about it rationally… Laughs a bit because she's really not in that sort of mind frame right now. I think I'd realize that it's not something you'd do. And… that really makes me feel better. Smiles a bit.
J.N: Speeding a bit. …Thank you for your confidence in me.
Jessica: You're speeding, John.
J.N: …Sorry. Slows down.
Jessica: Figures she'd better quit the lip, since she's probably just making things more awkward. Stays silent.
J.N: Fingers are white-knuckled on the steering wheel. And would really like a cigarette right now…
Jessica: Stares down at her… green velvet dress, embroidered with gold thread and big long dangly sleeves… Lovely.
J.N: I haven't even realized that you're not in 'normal' clothes. Stress… and it's not getting better either.
Jessica: Looks at J.N. out of the corner of her eye.
J.N: Is very apparently stressed. More so than she or anyone else has ever seen.
Jessica: Too scared to say anything, he might explode. Sits in silence.
J.N: Is hoping subconsciously, in the back of his mind, that someone will tell him that everything's going to be okay.
Jessica: Waits until they get to the clinic.
J.N: Parks once they get there.

Feemy: Has probably talked Adam's ear off by now. Can also ask annoying questions.
Adam: Good at listening! And is lonely too!
Feemy: So am I! Lonely, that is.
Adam's Door: A knocking again.
Adam: Gets up and answers the door.
Middler: Hello Adam! Are you doing alright?
Adam: Yes.
Middler: Alright. Just checking up on you. Looks past Adam. And Feemy. You two have fun
Adam: Thanks Mister.
Middler: Mister? Oh! Have I introduced myself to you, Adam?
Adam: I dunno. You're the bird man.
Middler: Yes, I am! …Well, partially. I'm partially a Shapeshifter. My name is Middler.
Adam: Okay. My name's Adam.
Middler: Nods. I know. I've known you since you were little. At least until you were taken to Eric's.
Adam: Oh. Sorry I didn't remember you.
Middler: It's okay. You were very young when we first met. You look a lot like your father, Adam. Smiles!

Jessica: Gets out of the car and goes around.
J.N: Gets out, locks the doors, and follows.
Jessica: Stops walking and hugs him.
J.N: Hugs tight. Kind of doesn't want to let go either, but that's not an option right now.
Jessica: Hugs back tightly. I love you, John.
J.N: I love you too, Jessica.
Jessica: Um… It'll be alright. I mean, we're here for each other. And I trust you. Strokes his cheek and kisses him.
J.N: It feels nice to be reassured… Some of the weight on his shoulders seems to be lifted. Kisses her back.
Jessica: Strokes his hair a bit, then takes his hand, squeezes it, and walks into the clinic so they can sit around for 30 minutes waiting for a doctor to see them!

Jessica: Stared at by the other people in the clinic. Just lays her head on J.N's shoulder, continuing to hold his hand.
J.N: Keeps a kinda tight hold on her hand, but not to the point of crushing.
Nurse: Finally. McMurran, Jessica?
Jessica: Stands.
J.N: Stands as well.
Nurse: Takes Jessica's vitals, then they get to sit around and wait for the doctor another 30 minutes.
J.N: Better than sitting around alone.
Doctor: Finally enters. What seems to be the problem, Mrs. McMurran?
Jessica: Um…. I'd just like a pregnancy test.
Doctor: Nods. Alright, no problem… Looks at her dress. Looks at the normally dressed J.N. Smiles. One moment, please. Leaves so they can wait more minutes.
J.N: Briefly curious as to what's just went through the doctor's mind.
Jessica: Blushing.
J.N: When I move to Atlantis, I'll be dressed kinda like that.
Nurse: Enters and requests Jessica leave so she can pee in a cup, then Jessica gets to sit in the room with J.N. for more minutes.
Jessica: …How do you feel, John?
J.N: I'm… worried. Among other things.
Jessica: Nods. …Do you want to talk about it?
J.N: …Yes, I do… but here isn't a good place.
Jessica: …Okay…
J.N: When we get back we can… and should… Is that alright with you?
Jessica: Nods. Whenever it's alright with you, John.
J.N: I am not ready for this… Nods.
Doctor: Comes back in! Smiles. Well, the results have come back positive. Is this your first pregnancy, Mrs. McMurran?
J.N: I knew it.
Jessica: Um… No… I have three other children. Well, four… but I wasn't pregnant with Feemy.
Doctor: Nods. Do you have a family doctor?
Jessica: Um… Yes… I just came to, um… make sure my pregnancy test results were…. accurate. So um… thank you.
Doctor: Nods. Take care of yourself. I like your dress. Leaves.
J.N: …The dress does look nice. Is not looking forward to the talk at all.
Jessica: Smile a bit and blushes. Thanks… Goes to the desk to take care of insurance… and what not… Then back to the car.

J.N: Back to the car!
Jessica: Buckles up and hums a bit.
J.N: Buckled up and is driving. Notices the humming. …Feeling better?
Jessica: Well… There's nothing we can do about it so… Well… Yes.
J.N: Nods. I'm glad to hear… Doesn't look any better.
Jessica: Doesn't really either… but uh… tries to make the best of it? …Would you like to talk?
J.N: Nods. Yes… We should talk…
Jessica: Nods. Waits for J.N. to talk first!
J.N: …I guess… I should start practicing being a father… Laughs a bit, but it doesn't sound like he found anything funny about what he said.
Jessica: Well… It seems like you already have been.
J.N: …I've been trying… Not reassured.
Jessica: Pats J.N.'s arm. I'm sure you'll do fine…
J.N: I'm not sure, Jessica…
Jessica: What are you unsure about?
J.N: That I can be a good father… ever.
Jessica: Ever?
J.N: I want to be, Jessica, I really do… and I'll try… but… Grips the wheel much tighter.
Jessica: Well… that's all you have to do…
J.N: Is more worried that his best isn't going to be good enough.
Jessica: I think you're already doing well with Adam and Elijah… I'm sure you'll do fine with your own child, too.
J.N: I hope I do… I'll need help…
Jessica: Well, I'll be there to help you out.
J.N: Thank you… Should we tell everyone else?
Jessica: I guess so… I hope your father isn't going to be mad.
J.N: I honestly don't know how my parents are going to take it…
Jessica: Well, your mother's going to cry. Um… Who do you want to tell?
J.N: The people who should know. Adam, Elijah, Feemy, Celena, at the very least… My parents…
Jessica: When do you want to tell your parents?
J.N: Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Jessica: No… You want to tell them in person?
J.N: I'd like to.
Jessica: Well of course you do… Giggles a bit. I mean, with me?
J.N: It would help if you were there with me…
Jessica: Yes. Sorry… I guess I'm a bit scatter-brained.
J.N: Shakes his head. My mind is all over the place too…
Jessica: Nods. I guess you should call your mother and let you know we're coming over when we get back to the house and then we can go to Atlantis and… I have no idea how I'm going to tell the kids.
J.N: I'll at least leave a message on her machine… Do you want to tell them tonight?
Jessica: If you want to… I'd like to do it with with you, if you don't mind.
J.N: I don't mind at all. Though they're probably going to rise as one and slay me.
Jessica: Should we tell them all together or separately?
J.N: I don't know… Maybe together…?
Jessica: I guess that would be… the most efficient… and I just told Adam yesterday we weren't having a baby.
J.N: I know… Frowns a bit. …Do you think Adam is going to be even more upset?
Jessica: Sighs. I don't know, really. He's kind of a sensitive kid.
J.N: Frowns even more. He is.
Jessica: It'll be alright, John. Pats him on the arm.
J.N: Arm is tensed up too, but looks calmer. An example of one's emotions being betrayed by their body. …I hope so, Jessica.
Jessica: In a couple months… We'll look back on this and laugh. Sort of doubts this, but… oh well. At least focusing on cheering J.N. up makes her forget her worries somewhat.
J.N: Glances over to Jessica briefly at that comment… and just kind of stares for a little.
Jessica: Looks worried, but probably not as stressed out as J.N. Smiles.
J.N: Smiles back in a strained manner. Probably shouldn't be more stressed than Jessica.
Jessica: Not devoid of worry or stress, just focusing on J.N.'S needs right now instead of her own.
J.N: Not even sure what he's focusing on. Just moving one step to another for now.
Jessica: After all, me freaking out too is just going to make him more stressed. Resumes humming until they arrive at his house.
J.N: Didn't speed this time at least!

Jessica: Gets out of the car.
J.N: Leaves the car and goes inside.
Jessica: Follows him inside, humming and smiling.
J.N: …Sounds like you can't wait to tell Elijah, Adam, Feemy, and Celena the news.
Jessica: Shrugs. The remark peeves her a bit, but stays calm.
J.N: Even he realizes that the comment was uncalled for. …I'm sorry, Jessica.
Jessica: It's fine, John. Hums.
J.N: Sighs and gets to his phone to make the call to his parents.
Jessica: If I keep pretending everything is alright… Then it will be, right?
J.N: Calls… Lets it ring and then talks. …Mom. Jessica and I are stopping by tomorrow. We have something we need to tell you. Bye. Got the answering machine.
Jessica: Gets the potion to return to Atlantis, humming. Gives J.N. one, smiling sweetly, then takes hers.
J.N: Takes his as well.

Jessica: Dining room. Just wait here… I'll gather the kids. Wanders off to gather said kids… and possibly Middler.
Elijah: Hey Mr. John. Sits at the table!
J.N: Took the time to put up a calm veneer and did a kind of decent job! Hello Elijah.
Elijah: How're you?
J.N: I'm doing well…
Elijah: Good to hear.
J.N: You?
Celena: Sits across from Elijah.
Elijah: I'm fine, thanks.
Feemy: Sits next to Elijah. Not as clingy as Adam, so he won't invade his lap.
J.N: That's good to hear.
Celena: Nice to see you, Mr. Crowley. Seems to be acting genuinely polite.
J.N: Nice to see you too, Celena. You get what you put in! Though maybe you won't be so pleased to see me in a little bit.
Adam: Sits next to Celena.
Middler: Sits down a little apart from the group, by a chair or so.
Jessica: Stands at the head of the table!
Elijah: Thinks this is weird as they've never had a family meeting before.
Celena: Smiles at Middler.
Middler: Smiles back.
J.N: Joins Jessica at the head of the table. Is the weak one here.
Jessica: So, um… John and I have something to tell you all…
Elijah & Celena: Oh, they're getting married.
Adam: Looks up hopefully. Mr. John's gonna adopt me!
Feemy: I'm tired.
Middler: I have no idea.
Jessica: Takes John's hand.
J.N: Squeezes her hand… and does give her a genuine smile, though it takes a bit of energy to muster.
Jessica: Smiles back. Looks at her family… plus Middler, who'll probably be forced into marriage by her daughter, thus becoming her son-in-law. John and I are having a baby.
Elijah & Celena: Thrown for a loop.
Adam: Frowns.
Feemy: Shocked!
Middler: Not even he looks happy, just shocked. Didn't even know they were having sex.
Elijah: Very surprised that they're having a baby before marriage… Besides that, didn't even know J.N. wanted children.
J.N: Smiling still… but looks kind of fatigued.
Celena: Just looks… weirded… out.
Adam: Looks incredibly unhappy.
Middler: …Congratulations.
Feemy: Taking cues from Celena and Elijah as far as emotion goes.
Jessica: Thank you, Middler.
Elijah: Um… Yeah… Congratulations Mom… Mr. John… I mean, that's great… Smiles.
J.N: This is going better than I thought… Though that's not saying much. …Thank you, Elijah.
Elijah: Smiles at J.N. genuinely. I think you'll be a great dad.
Jessica: Smiles at Elijah.
J.N: Looks oddly relieved… Kind of staring at Elijah with a grateful expression. It's nice to have support from people.
Celena: Yes… Congratulations Mom… Mr. Crowley… I hope it's a girl.
J.N: Hadn't thought of the gender… Until now, that is.
Jessica: Thank you Celena, sweetie.
Feemy: …Um… When's the baby going to be born?
Jessica: I… am not actually sure yet.
Elijah: Nine months from now? Laughs.
J.N: Gets an idea. Leans down and whispers into her ear, since it might not be something she'd want said aloud. …Should we schedule a sonogram sometime?
Feemy: Like with Adam? It's not different for boys or girls?
Elijah: Nope, think that's pretty much universal.
Jessica: Nods to him.
Feemy: Nods! Elijah is so smart.
Adam: Says nothing.
J.N: Does notice this… since he's the only one that didn't say anything. …Adam?
Adam: Does not look at J.N. nor answer him. Just looks unhappy.
J.N: Frowns.
Jessica: …Well, that's all we wanted to say… Laughs a bit. If you want to return to what you were doing beforehand, that's fine. Smiles at them all. Adam, if you could stay here for a minute?
Feemy: Yawns. Hops off of the chair.
Elijah: Gets up and hugs J.N. Congrats Mr. John. Smiles at him reassuringly, looking strangely like his father. Turns to Feemy. I'll take you to bed.
J.N: It's always strange when he looks like Dan. Hugs him back… very tightly, actually. Doesn't have to worry about hurting Elijah, after all.
Feemy: Nods sleepily. Unlike Adam, I cannot do this all night thing.
Elijah: Waves to J.N., takes Feemy's hand, and wanders into the depths of the castle!
Celena: Good night Mother, Mr. Crowley. Curtsies to J.N. and departs!
Middler: Walks to John, brushes off his hand, and offers it to him. Congratulations again, you two. Does like children and having another around doesn't seem so bad.
J.N: …Actually shakes it. Thanks.
Jessica: Smiles at Middler.
Middler: Hugs for Jessica too!
Jessica: Hugs back gratefully. She needs it too. Have a good night, Middler.
Middler: You too, Jessica and John. Steps back and bows a bit and takes his leave!
Jessica: …Adam…?
Adam: …
J.N: …Takes a seat next to Adam.
Jessica: Listen, I'm sorry about what I said to you yesterday, Adam… I wasn't lying… I just didn't know then that Mr. John and I were having a child… Sometimes things can happen unexpectedly. I didn't have any intention of hurting you, honey.
J.N: Jessica's right…
Adam: Looks at her. Okay Mommy… Does not look at J.N. Can I go?
Jessica: …Would you like to say something to Mr. John?
Adam: No… He'd rather have his own kids than me.
J.N: Adam… That's not true…
Adam: Tearing up. Yes it is… You have to 'think' about adopting me, but you're okay with having your own baby. Of course you don't want to be my daddy because I'm not your real son, so I guess I'm just not good enough. Tears.
J.N: I do want to be your dad, Adam… It wasn't a matter of if… It was a matter of when…
Adam: Why when when you're already having your own baby?! Sobs.
J.N: We only found out about the baby today, Adam…
Adam: Doesn't get this… Thinks you can only have a baby if you want a baby.
J.N: …Jessica and I think it wouldn't be fair if we adopted you before we got married.
Adam: But you can have a baby before you get married.
Jessica: This did sort of make the adopting Adam issue more complicated. Like I said Adam, this was unexpected. Mr. John and I are under a lot of stress right now… I think John and I need to talk about him adopting you a little more before we come to a decision.
Adam: You're just going to talk about it and you're never going to do it. If you really wanted me, you wouldn't need to talk about it at all. No one wants me and you won't ever love me the same way you love Elijah and Celena and Feemy and the way you're gonna love your new baby. I wish you'd never brought me back from Uncle Eric's because it's not any better here than it was there. At least they weren't my real parents, so I at least knew that they weren't gonna love me as much as their own kids. Sniffs. Cries.
J.N: Just looks crushed. Doesn't even know what to say.
Jessica: Wants to cry too… Doesn't know what to say or do because this is too much all at once.
J.N: Calms himself a bit before talking, as he doesn't want his voice to crack. That's not true…
Adam: Just cries.
J.N: Tries to hug him, even bring him into his lap if he's cooperative.
Adam: Allows him to, sobbing into J.N.'s shirt.
J.N: Hugs him close… and looks over to Jessica, kind of helplessly. Thinks this is all his fault, after all.
Jessica: You're not being very fair to us, Adam. I think you should think about whether you love John or whether you just love the idea of having a father.
J.N: With that in mind, kind of doesn't want to know the answer, in case it's the latter.
Adam: Sobs. I love Mr. John… That's why I want him to be my daddy.
Jessica: Then it shouldn't matter whether he's adopted you or not.
Adam: But I want to be his sooon… I wanna belong to somebody… I don't belong to anybody… You weren't even being my mommy for most of my life, so I don't belong to you either.
J.N: Jessica has always been your mother, Adam.
Adam: She didn't take care of me.
J.N: Yes she did… She only sent you to Eric's because she wanted to make sure you would be safe.
Adam: 'Cept she didn't think about me being happy.
Jessica: Doesn't say anything… Just looks like she's going to cry.
J.N: Tries to find her hand while he uses his other arm to hold Adam. …That's not fair to say to Jessica, Adam. She has always wanted what was best for you… I know, because I kept an eye on you for her, even with Eric and Bridget taking care of you, she wanted to know how you were doing as often as possible.
Adam: …So you were just nice to me 'cause of Mommy?
J.N: No… Adam… No… that's not it…
Adam: Then what is it?
J.N: I was nice to you because you're a great child, Adam… There's nothing more to it than that…
Adam: Looks up at him. Seems to be calming down. Are you ever going to adopt me?
J.N: …If you even want me to be your father anymore. Eyes are a bit watery.
Adam: I do. I thought you didn't want to be.
J.N: I do want to be.
Adam: Smiles a little bit.
J.N: Gives a weak smile back. Very drained, at least emotionally and mentally.
Adam: Hugs him.
J.N: Hugs with his one arm.
Adam: Turns to his mother after the hug. …I'm sorry, Mommy… I love you, too….
Jessica: Smiles a bit. Wants to cry, but still trying to be strong for John's sake. Hugs Adam. It's alright sweety. You know I love you very, very much. It probably doesn't make much sense to you, but I sent you away because I loved you and wanted you to be safe. It would have been selfish of me to keep you. Hugs him tight. You should probably get to bed now, honey.
Adam: …Yes Mommy… Goodnight… Goodnight Mr. John. Leaves.
J.N: Good night Adam. Exhales a deep breath.
Jessica: Rubs J.N.'s back.
J.N: You almost saw me cry, too. That'd have been the first time since that one dream. …Are you okay, Jessica? Thinks if he feels this bad…
Jessica: Yes, I'm alright, John.
J.N: Looks to her and appears quite tired. …I think I need to sleep for a few days.
Jessica: Nods. I'll be here for you, John.
J.N: Are you coming to bed, too…? Or do you need time to think alone?
Jessica: I want time alone. I'll come to bed with you.
J.N: Unfortunately can't tell that she does want time alone. Alright… and thank you for all of your support, Jessica…
Jessica: It's what I'm here for…
J.N: It may be ill timing, but he leans in and kisses her forehead. You're wonderful.
Jessica: Thank you, John… So are you. Guiltily wishes Daniel was here.
J.N: Fortunately, he doesn't know that either.

Jessica: Snuggles up to him in bed and strokes his hair.
J.N: Just glad she's there. Holds her close and takes comfort in knowing that she'll be there for him.
Jessica: Kisses him softly on the cheek.
J.N: Gently kisses her cheek in return.
Jessica: Wonders if J.N. will make an honest woman out of her. Tries to think of happy things like nice new soft sweet babies…. and morning sickness and backaches and swelling and child birth and a depressed boyfriend and a child who thinks I don't love him and paperwork and… it's not working.
J.N: I love you, Jessica.