30 August 2037
John catches Daniel up to speed on how his life is going.
31 August 2037
John and Jessica help Peter move to Atlantis.
02 September 2037
Adam's in a coma. Price begins a direct assault on the castle with Katen as the first casualty.
04 September 2037
The battle at the castle is won, though John is left wounded. Adam dies and returns to life for the second time, leaving him temporarily relieved of his bug problem. John and Daniel have a long talk about their feelings.
05 September 2037
Jessica returns from Katen's funeral and berates John cruelly. She later reveals she is dying from the wound she received from the Demons.
06 September 2037
John and Jessica discuss having another child. John and Vladora discuss zombies.
07 September 2037
Daniel asks John 100 questions. John finds Daniel's planner which causes Jessica to get peeved at him. Joel and Nick discuss hiring a nurse. John and Daniel tell each other their backstories.
08 September 2037
John briefly visits Jessica's dreams.
09 September 2037
Trajedie's first evening at the infirmary, after which Adam invites her to a ball.
10 September 2037
Trajedie meets some of Adam's family at the ball. The Hungry Ghosts argue and Renasi isn't a supportive boyfriend.
11 September 2037
Renasi isn't a supportive fiance.
12 September 2037
Renasi gets sent back to Elf Haven.
13 September 2037
Peter lets Vladora smoke his pipe. Gabriel is called back to Heaven to go on trial and asks John to look after Nathaniel. Joel and Nick amputate Nathaniel's wings. Daniel asks John 100 more questions.
14 September 2037
Adam asks Trajedie out on a second date and the pair spend the rest of the evening discussing philosophy. Elijah is a nosy and over-protective older brother. The Hungry Ghosts are dysfunctional.
15 September 2037
Adam and Trajedie go out on their second date and have their first kiss. John and Jessica spend all day trying to conceive. Middler and Celena drop by the castle for an unexpected visit.
16 September 2037
Jessica tells John she's pregnant. Joel begins to consider training Trajedie as a midwife. Adam and Trajedie kiss some more.
17 September 2037
Rose speaks to her mother about going to Academy. Adam tells Trajedie about his Riser problems.
18 September 2037
Feemy sends letters to his family and invites them to his concert. Adam and Trajedie make out.
19 September 2037
Gabriel returns to the castle temporarily as Gabrielle. It's Talk Like a Pirate Day at the infirmary. Adam and Trajedie visit the Swimming Hole where they get to third base. John discovers Elijah missing at the hands of Price.
23 September 2037
John cuts his hand while sparring with Elijah, after which Elijah falls to pieces. INFIRMARY TIME. Nick tells Joel he has a brain tumor, after which they spend the rest of the night ROFLMAOing.
26 September 2037
Jessica and John look through Rosemary's photo albums. Nick gets sent to Paldicia and thus Trajedie officially becomes Joel's apprentice.
08 October 2037
Jill scores a job at the infirmary, despite antagonizing her interviewer. Peter and Elijah have a touching conversation.
03 November 2037
Daniel and John have a long conversation about language, the Art of War, and why John should or should not be a general.
04 November 2037
Joel and Nick reminiscence about the past. Daniel continues trying to convince John that he'd make a good general and then tries to flirt with him. He fails on both accounts.