27 July 2032
Celena and Middler announce their engagement to Feemy and Renasi. Jessica returns home from a long business trip.
28 July 2032
Celena and Middler announce their engagement to the rest of the family. Jessica and Anastasia convince Demi to postpone finding Elijah another day. Feemy and Renasi are the least exciting young men ever.
29 July 2032
The Crowley family visits John's parents.
03 August 2032
John retrieves Elijah and his daughter from their cabin in the woods and returns with them to the castle.
04 August 2032
Jessica gives Dani and Rose french braids. Renasi badmouths Elijah to Feemy.
05 August 2032
Elijah meets Dani and Rose, who later get sick.
06 August 2032
John and Jessica tell Dani and Rose their family history. Feemy and Renasi begin a romantic relationship. Adam dies and returns to life. Daniel is definitely not falling in love with John.
07 August 2032
Celena and Middler crash Feemy and Renasi's first date. Feemy and Renasi crash John and Jessica flirting.
08 August 2032
Middler asks Gabriel to be his best man. John visits his children.
09 August 2032
The Crowley family visit John's parents and go out to eat at a restaurant. Elijah and Adam make up, then give Ernest a lecture about alcoholism. John is finally able to go to sleep.
10 August 2032
Feemy, Renasi, and Adam make music together. Adam's bugs come back and he and John discuss Daniel. Erik gives John parenting advice.
11 August 2032
John, Jessica, Elijah, Adam, and Aidae try to visit Eric, but are waylaid by Ernest and Sachi. Sachi visits Atlantis for the first time.
12 August 2032
The Crowley Family has an awkward visit with Eric, Bridget, and Jennifer. When they return home, Adam is kidnapped by Price and Elijah and John set out on a rescue mission.
13 August 2032
John, Elijah, and Daphne rescue Adam from Die Insel Holle.
14 August 2032
Feemy and Elijah have a heart-to-heart talk. John punches Middler. Dani and Rose comfort Adam. Jessica and Daniel make John feel worse.
15 August 2032
Jessica's birthday and wedding anniversary. John is promoted to Captain of the Guards and re-proposes to Jessica. He and Jessica discuss sending Adam to his grandparents' house.
16 August 2032
John tells Elijah that Bara will be sentenced to the Castle's dungeons. Adam comes out of his trance.
26 August 2032
Adam makes his grandparents suspicious. Katen and Jessica return injured from a trip to Fahmeka. John starts to keep a dream journal.
27 August 2032
The Crowleys visit Peter and Rosemary, 'fess up about Atlantis, announce Celena's engagement, and take Adam home.
28 August 2032
Aidae runs away and is found. Adam begins having suicidal thoughts.
29 August 2032
John asks Gabriel to give Dani and Rose magic lessons. Adam pinky-swears with John to not commit suicide.