12 May 2023
Elijah, John, and Adam visit the park where Elijah dumps all his problems on John. Middler shows Nathaniel a magic trick with Natey.
15 May 2023
John tells Jessica about Elijah's problems, then rescues him from a party.
17 May 2023
Everyone's just really unpleasant to each other.
19 May 2023
John takes Elijah and Adam to Atlantis where they have a tearful reunion with family.
20 May 2023
Julius goes Gabriel permanently. John rescues Elijah from Isaac's apartment.
21 May 2023
John visits Elijah and tells him his backstory. Middler gives Gabriel a tour of the castle. Celena and Feemy have a heart-to-heart talk.
23 May 2023
Elijah graduates from high school. John and Ernest attend his graduation party.
27 May 2023
Jessica flirts shamelessly with John.
29 May 2023
John, Elijah, and Adam visit Peter and Rosemary. John confesses to Elijah that he has feelings for Jessica.
30 May 2023
Feemy and Renasi go swimming. John and Ernest visit Elijah, who's in the hospital.
04 June 2023
John confesses his feelings to Jessica. Celena confesses her feelings to Middler. Gwen is discovered missing and Demi takes guardianship over Nathaniel.
05 June 2023
Elijah decides to return to Atlantis.
07 June 2023
John and Jessica help Elijah and Adam unpack their things.
10 June 2023
Jessica tells Feemy and Celena she's in a relationship with John to poor results. Feemy and Adam try to play with each other to similar results.
11 June 2023
John is excellent with children. Jessica and John have their first kiss and visit his parents.
12 June 2023
John tells Adam the story of Ugly the cat.
13 June 2023
The McMurrans and John have a beach day.
15 June 2023
Father's Day. Adam gives John a pocket watch. John visits his father. Feemy hits Middler.
16 June 2023
Adam has an iron deficiency.
18 June 2023
Ernest and John get in a fight. Feemy arrives in Elf Haven.
19 June 2023
Ernest visits Atlantis for the first time.
21 June 2023
John and Middler play poker.
28 June 2023
Elijah suffers from insomnia.
01 July 2023
John and Celena have a heart-to-heart talk.
04 July 2023
Elijah, Adam, Jessica, and Ernest visit John for the 4th of July.
08 July 2023
The McMurrans, John, and Middler visit Daniel's grave. Adam has the stomach flu and John and Jessica get hot and heavy.
12 July 2023
Demi and Elijah spar.
13 July 2023
John asks Katen and Gabriel to train him in martial arts and magic.
18 July 2023
John considers adopting Adam.
19 July 2023
John and Jessica go out on a date. Celena tries to foist Natey on Feemy. Elijah is mean to Adam and John.
20 July 2023
Elijah apologizes to John. Feemy foists Natey back onto Celena. John tells Adam he can't adopt him at the moment. Jessica cries over having to move Daniel's things from her room.
21 July 2023
Feemy tries to get to know Adam. Jessica tells John she's pregnant, much to his dismay.
22 July 2023
John tells his parents that Jessica's pregnant, then proposes to her.
23 July 2023
Ernest gets accused of being a pervert by Celena. Elijah attempts suicide.
24 July 2023
John and Jessica begin planning their wedding. Celena is mean to Feemy. Adam tells John about his Riser problems.
25 July 2023
Daniel and John get Elijah thrown in the dungeon. Katen gets him out.
26 July 2023
John, Jessica, Feemy, and Adam have a nice picnic at the lake.