14 February 2019
VALENTINE'S DAY. Julius and John get cookies at the hospital cafeteria. Thanasi and Middler go out on a date.
15 February 2019
John gets to hold Adam while Jessica makes uncharitable remarks about her friends.
20 February 2019
Julius cleans all the things. Middler is treated like a social pariah in Elf Haven. Jessica is depressed.
02 March 2019
John and Julius have a conversation!!! (About nothing.)
09 March 2019
Julius goes Gabriel after Ernest insinuates that he's gay and has many misadventures.
20 March 2019
John feeds Elijah a load of bull… *ahem* And Julius acts pissy.
21 March 2019
Julius gets angry at John about absolutely nothing. John is comforting to Elijah. Book-ended by Dan dreams.
26 March 2019
John and Jessica flirt have a conversation about love. Elijah and Jessica alienate Ernest.
28 March 2019
Julius apologizes to John for being an ass. Middler and Thana ponder on how to get Natey back from Ivy.
02 April 2019
John and Elijah have a conversation!!! (About nothing.)
04 April 2019
Middler returns from his trip to Elf Haven to the delight of Julius and Jessica and ire of Gwen.
07 April 2019
Middler retrieves Natey, then he and Julius visit J.N. at a bar where Julius apologizes to him for being an ass a second time.
08 April 2019
Elijah completes his Demon Survival Guide by neglecting his school work.
09 April 2019
Jessica goes off on Elijah, for neglecting his school work, and John, for lying to him about being a secret agent and refused to leave until John fesses.
16 April 2019
Elijah, John, and Jessica are all awkward with each other in the aftermath of John's confession. Feemy has a trying school day under Katen's tutelage.
19 April 2019
John shows Elijah his pen gun and then they have a conversation!!! (About nothing.)
21 April 2019
Jessica gives up Adam and Elijah to Eric and Bridget, then has a picnic with Middler, Feemy, and Celena.
25 April 2019
Feemy and Renasi play in the rain.
29 April 2019
Elijah learns how to be popular in the 9th grade.
02 May 2019
John is invited over to Eric and Bridget's house for dinner. Elijah gets a haircut.
08 May 2019
John offers Elijah his VHS tapes. Middler and Jessica try to cheer up a depressed Julius.