20 February 2019
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Julius Larson John Crowley Middler Blaydow Elijah McMurran Katen Tanek Feemerson McMurran Jessica McMurran Thanasi Reium Adam McMurran Ivy Akasama

Julius: I haven't dusted, so… Gets started on that now.
J.N: Was getting dressed for work, but forgot that he can't go.
Julius: Dusts John's… knickknacks! I am a good housewife. Cleans the coffee table and the TV, which is never used, and the book shelf. Vacuums and sweeps.
J.N: Tries to help as best as he can one-handed.
Julius: No. You have to lay down and rest.
J.N: I was doing that at the hospital. Hobbles around on his cane.
Julius: Your house is just weird with no one here.
J.N: …Yeah. Bigger than I remember.
Julius: So quiet. No one in the vent… No one baking anything. It's just depressing.
J.N: I'll just pop in a souffle.
Julius: Ha-ha.
J.N: Murmurs and sits.
Julius: Mops the floor! Cleans the bathroom!
J.N's House: Sparkles!
Julius: Stares at the oven quizzically. Realizes that they aren't getting food made for them anymore from either the hospital staff or Jessica. Smiles. Do you like TV dinners, John?
J.N: Not really. You don't have to cook anything. I can just call for takeout.
Julius: I'm going to get fat.
J.N: Oh well.
Julius: Now he has nothing to clean or do! Sits on the couch! Maybe Jessica will decide to visit.
J.N: Maybe.
Julius: So… What's it like being an only child?
J.N: Quiet.
Julius: I guess you're enjoying this, then.
J.N: I love having a sutured hole in my side.
Julius: I meant your house not being full of people.
J.N: …It had it's moments.
Julius: It's more noticeable now, really.
J.N: …Yeah.
Julius: Figures J.N. doesn't want to continue conversing and lays on the couch and stares at the ceiling, since that's just about as interesting. Eventually falls asleep.
J.N: Snoozes, too.

Elves: Stare at the strange man with the humongous bunny.
Middler: Stared at.
Elves: Avoid him.
Elf Mothers: Steer their children clear!
Middler: Sets the terribly large bunny on the ground and smiles and waves at the people who are shunning him!
Elf Men: Cold stares!
Elf Mothers: Take their children into their houses!
Natey: Lazily keeps up.
Middler: Is beginning to sense hostility. Comes to the simple solution that he did with Humans. At least… what he figures he came to with Humans. Finds a relatively unpopulated spot and grows his ears. Vaguely looks more… Elf… Probably looks like some kind of mutant human.
Elves: Stare more!
Elf Girls: Giggle because he looks ridiculous.
Middler: Giggling is good! Figures this is a step-up! Waves. Hi!
Elf girls: Giggle and look away and titter together!
Middler: Thinks that finding Thanasi would be good. Since it has dawned to him that his ears weren't convincing.

Elijah: Practices swords with Katen! And, y'know. Pants! I can shoot a rifle now…? Theoretically…! Blocks!
Katen: Hasn't a clue what Elijah's talking about. Pulls his sword away from Elijah's and attacks! What's a rifle?
Elijah: Parries and attacks! It's like a big stick and explodes and kills someone!
Katen: That sounds like something you don't need to have. Deflects the attack and defends!
Elijah: Attacks! Mr. John said that, too! Attack, attack!
Katen: He's smarter than I thought. Block, block. Sees a weakness and… Elijah is disarmed!
Elijah: Sword flies across the room. He's real smart and he reads cool books.
Katen: Points his sword at Elijah's chest. Uh-huh. A real winner.
Elijah: You're jealous, cause he's taller.
Katen: Rolls his eyes and sheaths his sword. Bows.
Elijah: Bows and collects his sword.
Katen: That's enough training for today. I didn't know you were so enchanted with that man. Raises an eyebrow.
Elijah: Huh? I'm not enchanted. He's just cool. Can you blow things up with a stick? No.
Katen: I can't imagine why I'd want to be so crude and destructive.
Elijah: Well, he's like the cool older brother I never had.
Katen: Shakes his head. No comment.
Elijah: You're pretty cool, too, Katen. Salutes and trots away to get changed out of his sweaty training clothes.
Katen: Mutters to himself. Grumbles.

Feemy: Hanging out with his mom!
Jessica: Stares at Feemy. I haven't been a very good mother to him, either.
Feemy: Hugs his mom, just for no reason.
Jessica: Pats him a bit, but doesn't really respond.

Thanasi: Meedler! What 'appened to your ears?
Middler: What? Nothing? Pokes one… and remembers. Oooh. I changed them for the time-being. I guess fitting in didn't work though. Smiles. Seems unworried now that there's someone who isn't giving him the evil-eye.
Thanasi: Well, you know Meedler, we shouldn't change to please ozzers. Nods.
Middler: Hm… I guess not. But I don't want to make them feel uncomfortable. That's a nice dress, Thana!
Thanasi: Thank you! Hugs him.
Middler: Hugs! You're welcome! This is a very pretty place.
Thanasi: Indeed, though eet seems the people are not so pretty sometimes, non?
Middler: Blinks and taps a finger to his chin. I never thought about that… Doesn't seem to get what she meant by that!
Thanasi: Hehe… Well, are you 'ungry? What would you like to do?
Middler: A little! Natey is too… I think. Have you met Natey? Holds up the giant rabbit.
Thanasi: Eye twitches. Um… Oui…
Middler: Sets him down. At least he didn't get fur all over. This time.
Thanasi: Let's eh… Eat… Oui. Eet must be dinner time now.
Middler: Alright! C'mon Natey. Would carry him, but he's heavy.
Thanasi: Inward sigh. He's bringing ze rabbeet to the table.

Jessica: Apathetic. Lethargic.
Feemy: I'm hungry.
Jessica: Sighs. I can't even feed my own children. Nods. Gets up, taking Adam with her to the kitchen. What would you like? Sighs.
Feemy: Candy?
Jessica: You can't have candy.
Feemy: It was worth a try. Um… Remembers Fake Dan's words about being nice to his mom. Anything is okay.
Jessica: Sighs. Doesn't feel like baking anything… Doesn't even enjoy baking anymore. Makes him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some apple slices on the side. Doesn't feel like eating anything herself… Just feels like moping.
Feemy: Eats and doesn't complain!
Adam: Eying Feemy's sandwich.
Feemy: Tears off an itty-bitty piece. Can Adam eat thiiis?
Jessica: No. He doesn't have any teeth.
Feemy: Peers at Adam and makes what he would think is a funny face!
Adam: Is hungry and whimpers.
Jessica: Sighs. I need to feed Adam… Will you be alright by yourself?
Feemy: Uh-huh!
Jessica: Walks away with Adam leaving Feemy alone.
Elijah: Comes into the dining room. Hey, Feemy.
Feemy: Hey, Elijah! Where ya beeen?
Elijah: Training! Flexes his muscles! What're you doing?
Feemy: Training. I have the coolest brother ever. Hanging out with Mom.
Elijah: Oh, geez. She's being mopey.
Elijah: Wanna visit Mr. John?
Feemy: Sure! You're old enough to watch me!
Elijah: Yep! And I got potiooons! Pulls them out of his satchel. He didn't steal them or anything.
Feemy: Scarfs down the rest of his food.
Elijah: Gives Feemy a potion, providing he hasn't choked.
Feemy: Didn't! And drinks the potion as well!
Elijah: Drinks!

Thanasi: So, Meedler. Tell me all about yourself.
Ivy: Stares at the humongous rabbit.
Middler: About me? …Uh… I'm a Shapeshifter who has a large, frightening, Harpy mother-thing. I like animals and people and flowers… um… I have feathers for hair, but I guess I could change that if I wanted to… Hm… I don't really know much beyond that.
Ivy: …Where did you get the humongous rabbit?
Middler: I pulled him out of my hat.
Ivy: …Could I purchase it from you?
Thanasi: Stares at Ivy.
Middler: Blinks. You want to buy Natey?
Ivy: Yes… How much would you take for him?
Middler: Ahm… I'm sorry, but I would never sell Natey. You can pet him if you want. He loves company!
Ivy: Frowns. Wants that bunny! Well! Leaves so he can scheme on how to bunny-nap.

Julius: Quite surprised to see Feemy and Elijah appear before them!
J.N: Awakens with a start. Ouch my side.
Elijah: Sees John's expression of pain and frowns… It seems every time he comes to visit John, he causes him some sort of discomfort.
Julius: Well, if it isn't Elijah and Feemy without their mother.
J.N: …Kind of glad to see them. And remembers. …Hey. Should you two be away without Jessica?
Elijah: Uh… I dunno. I'm 15. I can take care of Feemy. Nods.
J.N: Alright. Sounds reasonable.
Elijah: I'm the man of the family now!
J.N: Yeah.
Elijah: And my mom doesn't want to come see you anymore. She doesn't want to do anything anymore.
J.N: Why's that?
Elijah: How should I know? She's all like, "Ugh cooking. Ugh taking care of the baby… Ugh eating… Ugh sleeping… Ugh… Visiting John." Mostly she just takes care of the baby. The rest, she kinda neglects. I say, "Mom, I'd be happy to babysit and you can relax and stuff!" and she says "Nooo… If I relaxed, I'd be more futile than I am now…" and it's just… I dunno. Says all of this very fast. Well, you're back at your house now. That's good.
J.N: How does he keep talking? Yeah… Gets up on his cane.