19 September 2037
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Adam Crowley Trajedie Remourna Nicholas Romolo Joel Marsetti John Crowley Jessica Crowley Feemerson Crowley

Adam: Hana Tanek… A researcher who used to live here… He was sort of an anthropologist, I suppose… He studied the different races of Atlantis… Probably the most knowledgeable person of Risers… He said the only way for me the be cured was to, well, produce the next High Riser… which would involve having three children. I suppose you can see why I wasn't exactly eager to do that, still being young… I didn't exactly feel young… But… Sighs a little. The idea just didn't appeal to me, despite everything… Strangely enough… I got better by dying. I know that must sound… Crazy. But… when I was thirteen… I got very sick… and… I stopped breathing and my heart stopped. I can vaguely remember when I died… someone spoke to me and told me to go back… And when I did, some of my bugs had died along with me, except for one… I'm not sure how it's possible for me to die and come back to life… I guess it's one of the… perks… Laughs a little. …of being a Riser. Well… I… died… again… recently… According to Dr. Romolo… I was dead for thirty minutes or so… I don't remember a voice talking to me this time… But I did come back… and when I did all the bugs were dead. And… That's how I'm better. Finished speaking. Blink, blink."
Trajedie: Not even sure where to begin with that one, and even if she knew, what exactly she would say has also escaped her.
Adam: Stays silent so as to give her time to gather her thoughts… Knows it's a lot to take in.
Trajedie: Done with blank staring, she has now gone to trying to form an articulate thought at least. …You…died…and got better…?
Adam: Nods. I was very ill… I fell into a coma… and died. I think that's why I don't remember a voice talking to me… I was very disoriented when I woke up. But, yes… The bugs fed on my blood, when I stopped bleeding, they died and my wounds healed up. Unbuttons his shirt to show her the newly emerging scar on his chest.
Trajedie: Proceeds to stare at the scar wordlessly for a moment, her thoughts much less jumbled, at least to the point where she can find her ability to speak. …And… they won't come back?
Adam: Shows her the scars on his arms, too, but that's as far as he goes. I can't say for absolute certain… Hana left after the attack on the castle so we can't ask him. I hope they don't.
Trajedie: Though the question is on her mind, she absolutely refuses to ask if there was any chance of it being contagious. I hope they don't either… I can't imagine what that had to be like…
Adam: It was bad… Though… I think the worst part was my mental state… I just began to feel… Like a robot or something… Just going through the daily motions. I didn't want to live anymore, but I couldn't kill myself. I shut myself off from everyone. Frowns. That's really what bothers me more to look back on than the physical pain and discomfort.
Adam: … Nods and smiles. Yes, I hope so. Puts his hand over her hand. I feel better than I ever remember being. Mentally and physically. I have you now, too… And I'm even happier for it that I'm well now… That I can be sure I'm not in a relationship just because I want to be cured, but because I… love… the person I'm with. Blushing a bit now.
Trajedie: He used the L word… Keeping in mind that previously the only way he could have been cured was bearing three children, something he opted not to do even in spite of his failing health, this isn't a light statement to make, made actually less so due to the admittance. Fingers curl slightly against his cheek for a moment. …Adam… About the only word she manage to squeak out at the moment, despite wanting to answer his words in kind.
Adam: Smiles reassuringly. …you don't have to feel pressured to say anything you're not ready to.
Trajedie: I…think I love you too… Mentally kicking herself for the 'think' being there. Even in a moment where someone who has made her feel special, wanted, even beautiful on more than one occasion just admitted that he has deeper feelings, it's difficult to articulately express just how she feels. She knows she feels very strongly for him, the lingering question of it being love still hangs over in her mind. Despite being tempted to just shrug off the doubt and express the same to him, she thought he at least deserved her sincerity.
Adam: Smiles at her happily at this. That's more than I could ask for. Kisses her on the cheek tenderly. Thank you, Trajedie.
Trajedie: Is at least assured that he didn't feel blown off, or rejected by her words. Least of all, she wasn't expecting thanks for her retrospectively horrible choice of words, or any show of affection either. …Well…I… mean it… Said rather timidly, as if she were apologizing for a mistake of some sort, despite the kiss and words that brought a rising color to her face.

Nick: …That's not part of the uniform. Frown.
Joel: Maybe it should be if we find that Elf.
Nick: Oh yeah… Something more revealing…
Joel: I'd just say that the usual uniform with a somewhat shorter skirt would suffice. Maybe some stockings too.
Nick: And garters.
Joel: Meriwidows perhaps.
Nick: But then Trajedie would have to wear it too. Makes a face.
Joel: Erh… You're right… Unless… hm… We could say it's… uh… hm… Wracking his brain for this one.
Nick: We only bought the uniforms to fit people with more than an AA cup.
Joel: Truly, for we thought that someone shaped more like an adult would be on our staff.

Adam: Despite being tired, hums as he walks down the hall… Takes his father's hands and dances with him.
John: Wow.
John: That's a lot of coffee. Daanced with?
Adam: Huuuum. Hi Dad. Smile, smile, grin.
John: …Hello, Son. You seem… chipper. For lack of a better word.
Adam: Smile, smile. Thank youu… Congratulations! Hugs.
John: Hugged, and hugs back despite his confusion. Congratulations? …For what? …Has an inkling though.
Adam: You're having a baby. Smile.
John: Smiles a little. Ah… so you know.
Adam: Dr. Romolo told me.
John: Well, don't have to get grumpy at Elijah then.
Adam: Do do do do doo do do do do do doo dum dum dum… Dum dum dum… Dum dum dum.
John: If we're still dancing, please don't dip me. Chuckles. You must really be excited to have a little sibling.
Adam: Stopped dancing. Smile. Huh? Oh, sure… Can't stop smiling. Hmm hm hm hmmm hm hm hm hmmm hm hm hm hm hm hm.
John: That is pretty happy for just finding out. How did things go earlier? Meaning his work as a regent.
Adam: Hmmm… Hm? Oh, good. Smile.
John: Nods. That's good to hear. Were you on your way somewhere?
Adam: Going to the infirmary… Do do doo doo dooo do do do do do dooo dum dum dum dum dum dum… Hmm Hmm Hmmmm.
John: …Oooh. Going to visit Ms. Remorena?
Adam: Yup!
John: Well, don't let me keep you from your girlfriend. Scruffs up his hair and smiles.
Adam: Smiiiles. Thanks, Dad… I'll see you later. Walks away singing. Anyway you want to, anyway you've got to… Love love me, love love me, love love…
John: Just watches him go, singing as he went.Chuckles a little bit more and makes his own way to his wife.

Jessica: Leaning, doubled over a bit, on the counter in the kitchen.
John: Walks into the kitchen to see just that. Traverses the castle at something a little quicker than a snail's pace these days. Jessica?
Jessica: Straightens up quickly. Oh, John… Smiiile.
John: Smiles a little, but looks concerned regardless. …Are you alright? What a question to ask.
Jessica: I'm fine… Smiles and goes over to him. How was your day?
John: A little long… but otherwise, fine. Back on his regular schedule. And how was yours, Jessica?
Jessica: It was alright. Leaning into him a bit.
John: Wraps his arms somewhat loosely around her, habitually avoiding her wound by now. That's good to hear…
Jessica: Hugs back, leaning more into him.
John: Lets his arms tighten around her. …You know you can talk to me about anything. A subtle way of making it known that he's concerned for her.
Jessica: Softly. …I know…
John: …So… please… if you do have anything bothering you… let me help.
Jessica: I just need to lie down…
John: Then let's get you to bed… Do you think you can walk…?
Jessica: …I don't know… I think I can…
John: Alright then… but if you doubt you can for even a moment, I'll carry you.
Jessica: John…
John: It's not a bother at all, Jessica…
Jessica: Walks with John to their room.
John: Is a little relieved that he didn't have to carry her. Not that she's a tremendous weight, but it's more comforting to know that she could make the trip.
Jessica: Crumples onto the bed when they get there.Kicks her shoes off.
John: …I have some good news, at least.
Jessica: …What's that?
John: Mail came from our very own musician.
Jessica: …Feemy? What's it say?
John: Chuckles a little, shaking his head. He sent us separate letters. I didn't open yours, and I set the other letters in their respective owner's room.
Jessica: Sits up, wincing. Where is it?
John: It's on my nightstand… here, I'll get it for you. And get it he does, handing it over to her. He also sent a few more things, but… read the letter first.
Jessica: Takes the letter and lays back down. Opens it and reads.

Dear Mom,

Hey! Sorry that I haven't been able to visit for awhile, but I've been on tour with the band and all. It's great! I get to meet new people, see new places and play the music I love so much. We're actually heading to a venue near you next month, and WE'RE the headliners! It's very exciting, and I really owe it all to you and Dad for encouraging me in my music. I can't thank you enough for that, I bet it was torture to hear me plinking and planking on that acoustic when I was younger! Now, I don't know if my band plays the kind of music you like, but I went ahead and sent you and Dad a little gift from me, to you both. I really hope to see you at the concert, Mom!

With Love,


P.S, Save this letter, that's my autograph, you know!

Jessica: Smiles and folds the letter back up.
John: Chuckles and reaches down, picking up a rolled up tube in one hand, and 'badge' on a somewhat flimsy looking piece of string, to form a necklace. The badge clearly reads 'PASS' on the front. This.
Jessica: …Backstage passes? Smiles a bit.
John: And… Unrolls the tube, revealing a poster of the band. It's way too late for me to say that I disapprove of his new friends, isn't it? Said jokingly of course, though Clive, Dee, and Darrel do not exactly look like good influences. All either have a sneer or a look of disinterest, except for Feemy, who seems to be smiling in an over the top fashion that makes it obvious that he wasn't supposed to be.
Jessica: Laughs. Oh, Feemy… It's not cool to smile when you have your picture taken.
John: Someone didn't tell him that, apparently. Chuckles and shakes his head. It's good to hear that things are going so well for him.
Jessica: Nods. Well, I'm glad.
John: …Where are we going to put this poster, anyhow? Grins a little, feeling quite proud of his son actually.
Jessica: I don't know… Where would you like to put it?
John: Carefully rolls up the poster, setting it aside gingerly. I'll think of a place tomorrow.
Jessica: Nods.

Adam's letter:

Hey bro!

Sorry I haven't been able to visit for awhile, but I've been on tour with my band, and it takes all my free time. It's pretty cool, traveling and meeting new people, but I still miss all of you back home. I finally got homesick enough to write all of you letters, pretty bad, huh? I should do it more often, but Clive has our noses to the grindstone since we're going to be headlining our own concert! We're playing in a venue near you, and that is why, my brother, you are cordially invited by none other than Feemy, new lead guitar for The Hungry Ghosts, backstage! I hope to see you.. and the entirety of the family, since I gave most of them a backstage passes anyhow! Can't wait to see you again!

With Love,

Your Big Brother.

P.S I hope you like the poster I got you!

Adam: Does indeed enter the infirmary.
Trajedie: Sitting up in a chair kind of slouched over.
Nick: Trajedie… Your… uh… Your lover is here.

Elijah's Letter:

Hey bro!

Sorry I haven't been around for a long time, what with the tour and all. Maybe it's not as cool as being a sword guru, but I am a rockstar now! Hah, I kid. Not really a star, but at least I don't only play bass in the band anymore. It's a lot of fun, and I get to meet new people and see new places. You and Adam should catch some of the shows sometime! You HAVE to this time though, since I'm giving you a backstage pass, and we're at NEAR YOU! I look forward to seeing you all again, and tell Aidae I said 'Hi', alright? I think she should be able to get by with you on the backstage pass, but I wouldn't blame you if didn't bring her. The shows can get pretty wild, though that sounds right up her alley, wouldn't you say?

With Love,


P.S: When you visit, you and Adam should give ME autographs!

Trajedie: … Half dozing.
Nick: Trajedie… I'll dock your pay.
Trajedie: Jerks a bit and looks around, hearing Nick, and cursing the fact that she got caught. Sorry, Dr. Romolo…
Nick: Carry on then… Your boyfriends here.
Trajedie: Oh! Adam! Sits up, and smooths out her uniform, which didn't need it to begin with.
Adam: Smiles. Hey Trajedie. Holds out his arms to her.
Trajedie: Has kind of a spring in her step as she goes right into his arms.
Joel: Aw. Isn't that just precious? Not even said condescendingly, either!
Adam: Holds her close happily.
Nick: Yeah… Get out of here… No PDAs or I'll dock your pay.
Trajedie: Nick is more cantankerous than usual. Snuggles up to him for a bit, but does pull away, with the intent of leaving with Adam.
Adam: Good night, Doctors… Nods to them and leaves.
Joel: …Sounds like someone hasn't had their tea today. Two pay-docking threats in the less than a half an hour.
Nick: Rolls his eyes. Oh, I won't really…
Joel: Of course, but I suppose we shouldn't let that slip to her.

Adam: In the hall. Hey, I have a present for you.
Trajedie: Brushes her hair out of her face and smiles to him. A gift? …You didn't have to.
Adam: Gives her the poster and backstage pass. Smiiile. When they come into town next month.
Trajedie: Stares at the pass with a wide smile. Adam… I can't take this… I mean… Don't you want to go backstage and see your brother?
Adam: Shrugs. I've seen my brother lots of times…
Trajedie: … Tilts her head to the side, still smiling. You're not going to let me give it back anyway… are you?
Adam: Smile. Nope!
Trajedie: I thought so… Thank you very much, Adam. Leans in and gives him a peck on the cheek.
Adam: Smiiles at her. Sorry for keeping you up last night… I think it was worth it, though. The sunset was beautiful.
Trajedie: Smiles and nods. It really was… I'm glad that I got to watch it with you.
Adam: Me too. Wraps his arms around her again, smiling at her affectionately.
Trajedie: Sets aside the poster and wraps her arms around him as well, moving very close against him, returning his affectionate smile.
Adam: …May I kiss you?
Trajedie: You don't have to ask, Adam…
Adam: Blushes a little and leans down and kisses her on the lips.
Trajedie: Blushes as well, not minding in the least that she didn't have to meet him halfway for the kiss this time. Presses back to the kiss affectionately.
Adam: Holds her VERY close, the kiss is quite deep.
Trajedie: Not minding one bit, which would surprise her if she was actually thinking on it. She's distracted pleasantly by Adam, however, and has no issue with the kiss, or being held very close… instead, she encourages it by reciprocating, pressing closer to him and into the kiss.
Adam: As the kiss ends, starts it again anew. Quite passionate. Mm…
Trajedie: Feeling very warm at this point, and gladly renews the kiss with him.
Adam: And kisses again… clutching at her back a bit.
Trajedie: Fingers curl against his back, though one leaves to stroke his cheek. She's very much getting into the kiss as well. …Mm.
Adam: And again! Mmm… Like I'm out of control, or something. Holds her, trembling a bit.
Trajedie: Losing it a little bit herself, certainly not stopping at all, kissing back just as passionately, not even noticing the trembling so much. What little she did, she couldn't tell if it was her, or Adam.
Adam: Stops and parts their lips suddenly. I'm getting kinda aroused…
Trajedie: Not sure if I noticed that one yet, besides the kissing that is. Keeps her hand on his cheek, just gazing kind of doe eyed up at him.
Adam: S-S-Sorry. Bluuushing.
Trajedie: Quite red at the face herself. It's okay… I liked it…
Adam: Stops pressing against her. Bluuuussh.
Trajedie: Blinks at that, and presses back up to him, but then takes a little step back, flushing even more now. Kind of dawning on her that they were just doing all of that right in the hallway.
Adam: Quite reeed. U-U-Um… You should go to bed.
Trajedie: Frowns a tiny bit. …I'm not that tired. Telegraphing 'I want to spend time with you' quite clearly with that.
Adam: You must be tired after last night.
Trajedie: Snuggles up to him. Will you at least come to my room and hang out for awhile before I go to sleep, then?
Adam: Eyes widen. N-N-No…
Trajedie: Her frown becomes more pronounced. Why not?
Adam: Just blushing.
Trajedie: Just looks to him, waiting for him to explain himself. …?
Adam: Continues to NOT EXPLAIN HIMSELF. I-I-I couldn't do that… I'm surprised you haven't noticed pressing up against him.
Trajedie: That is dawning on her, yes, being snuggled up to him. …Please?
Adam: How convincing do you look?
Trajedie: It depends on what one finds convincing. Still has the 'doe' quality to her eyes, and does look hopeful that the 'please' will suffice.
Adam: I-I-I guess.
Trajedie: Smiles fondly at him. Thank you. Lets go of him, and picks up the poster she let go of.
Adam: Just looks VERY EMBARRASSED.
Trajedie: All smiles, offers up the hand not holding the poster to him. The backstage pass being wrapped around one of her wrists, that having also come with a flimsy string for hanging purposes.
Adam: Takes her hand with his nervously.
Trajedie: Squeezes his hand affectionately, and begins the trek to her room.
Adam: I'm gonna be in some serious pain after awhile here. Walks with her, though.
Trajedie: Blissfully unaware of that, and eventually, at her room.
Adam: Usually chatters, but doesn't say much now as he's so embarrassed.
Trajedie: Isn't one to start conversation, so it is unusual silence, though it doesn't bother her too much. Opens the door to her abode and steps in.
Adam: Follows after her and looks about.

Room: Just like most any other room in the castle. It's only a little untidy, as if someone had forgotten to tend to it for a day or so. The walls have a few posters, one of which being The Hungry Ghosts, the other being a band called Little Black Birds. There is a desk as well, somewhat ornate, though it only seems to serve as a surface to support a small vase with violets resting within, giving the air a small fragrance granted by the flowers. Also, there is a book case filled with books, though it's not nearly as large as the one in Adam's room, and the books are a variety, from what looks like thick text books, to paperback novels, to sheets of paper stapled together.

Trajedie: I didn't get around to cleaning it this morning, I was almost late for work. Sorry for the mess. Which there is barely any.
Adam: I-I-It's fine…
Trajedie: A little odd to see him so nervous. It's just her room, after all. Sit where ever you'd like. The only options being the bed, and the chair at her desk.
Adam: Sits at the chair at her desk!
Trajedie: Sits on her bed, at least on the part of it where she can sit and face Adam.
Adam: Crosses his legs. ….
Trajedie: …You seem tense, Adam. Did things not go well earlier?
Adam: They'refine.
Trajedie: Nods, leaning back a little bit, though keeping her palms on the bed so she's still upright. Thank you again for the pass, Adam. Smiiles to him.
Adam: It'snoproblem.
Trajedie: Oh! I almost forgot… Thanks for the poster, too! Leans forward and grabs it from the floor, unrolling it so she can see what it is.
Adam: …
Trajedie: Raises both of her eyebrows. The thing is even autographed. Lowers it so only her eyes are visible to Adam. …It's very nice.
Adam: I know it's weird.
Trajedie: Rolls it up and sets it back on the ground. It's not weird, I really do like it. Smiles reassuringly to him. …Uhm… I guess you don't have to wear a lot when you're pretty like she is. Trying to at least come up with some reason why Dee would wear that in a poster, though that's usually what she wears, period.
Adam: You'd be beautiful in a parka.
Trajedie: Smiles first at the ground sheepishly, though she soon raises her head, so the smile could be directed at Adam… and opens her arms up for him.
Adam: Surprised at how quick he was to come to her defense himself. Can't resiiist… Despite his… problem… goes into her arms.
Trajedie: Hugs him tightly. …Thank you, Adam… You say the sweetest things…
Adam: Hugs back, stroking her hair. I'm only saying what I think…
Trajedie: The hug is turning a little affectionate, her fingers lightly curling against his back. Adam…
Adam: Yes?

Ren's letter:

My love,

I hope you are feeling better. I am not sorry for sending you back, though I miss you dearly. Your health means more to me than my music by far, and it always will come first. The tour is dragging on, and though I've been given lead guitar, it's hard to feel happy about it without you here. I wish you a fast recovery, and an end to the tour so we can be together again. I can't wait until we're married, you've made me so happy, proposing. It is my hope that you will recover in time for the next show, and in that case I've enclosed a back stage pass. I will understand if you cannot make it, and you'll find yourself back in Elf Haven if you try to come before you've recovered.

Counting the seconds until we're together, your love, your fiance,


Trajedie: Snuggling to him gently. …You're just wonderful.
Adam: …you're wonderful, too… Refrains from kissing her.
Trajedie: … Leans forward, and presses her lips to his, unless he takes any measure to avoid it, she gives him a very affectionate, loving kiss.
Adam: Can't help but to kiss back… augh… I want you… And a deep kiss, too, leaning into her.
Trajedie: When she's leaned into, she presses back to him, but is soon leaning back to the bed.
Adam: On top of her, woo… kissing.
Trajedie: Hugging him tightly, kissing still yet. Mm…
Adam: Pressing against her a bit as he kisses… hand is wanderiiing.
Trajedie: Not getting any protests from her, though she is keenly aware of the hand, as she feels herself grow warmer where it touches.
Adam: Kissing becoming a bit open mouthed as his hand finds its way to her chest.
Trajedie: That causes her to jerk a tiny bit, that being a little new to her, but she doesn't stop him. Just intent on kissing him, though she's not quite sure how to open-mouthed, so she follows the leader, so to speak.
Adam: Doesn't really know how to do it, either… winging it. Hand stays cupped over her chest.
Trajedie: Depending where the hand is, he's more than able to feel her heart pounding.
Adam: Kissiiiing… squeezes just a liiittle, if he was aroused before… oh man.
Trajedie: Poor Adam in that aspect. Illicits another little jerk from her. Mm.. Hugging him veeerry tightly noow.
Adam: Pressing against her, she can most likely feel it. Lips move from hers and to her chin, the side of her face… her neck.
Trajedie: She can, but at this point it's not bothering her. Head is kind of in the cloouds. Never really had any sort of attention like this brought to her, it's entirely new to her, and she wouldn't mind to admitting that she's enjoying it.
Adam: Uses his hand to stroke and gently massage her tenderly as he continues to focus the attention of his lips to her neck. Certainly off in his own little world now.
Trajedie: The neck certainly is getting him a very affectionate response, her hands are somewhat shakey as they just stroke along his back. At the very least, it's fortunate that she's quiet with her sounds.
Adam: Licks and sucks a little, exploring her neck as his hand feels along her torso.
Trajedie: Absent-mindedly wonders if he's going to leave a mark, but dismisses it with the fact that she'd have to worry about that later, so it doesn't matter right now. Heart is just beating faaster out of excitement, getting quite into their sordid act.
Adam: Lips travel down her neck, down to her collarbone, exploring the dips and crevices and BREATHING IN HER SCENT.
Trajedie: Smells faintly of violets, keeps one of her hands occupied by stroking his hair lovingly. Maybe she should have locked the door.
Adam: Pressing against her a little more, trembling as he kisses, his hand back on her chest.
Trajedie: Trembling herself, though it's oddly enough not out of any sort of fear. A very unfamiliar feeling as it were. Presses right back to him, eyes dreamily shut.
Adam: After he's successfully touched most of her exposed skin in this area, stops the kissing and leans his forehead against the side of her neck a bit, hand still cupped lightly around a breast, breathing a bit heavily and continuing to tremble.
Trajedie: Misses the affection a little bit already, but continues to stroke his hair slowly, breathing heavily herself, one of her legs gently attempting to entwine around one of his, feeling a little light headed, still off in her own little world herself.
Adam: Pressing a bit more, very aroused but doesn't know what to do next… since the next step would involve removing articles of clothing.
Trajedie: That thought had occurred to her as well. Continues to reciprocate the pressure, wondering if the next step would be as enjoyable as this one, and if so, would it really be a bad one to take?
Adam: Mmmm…. Hand squeezes a bit around her breast but continues to make no further advances, heart still pounding in his chest.
Trajedie: Still the same small jolt, followed by a pleasant sigh. The hand on his back trails down experimentally, though without much caution, and if left to it's own devices, it lightly tugs on his shirt. Even with the thought of the next step being a plausibility rather than a definite, she still reasons that it's not so bad for a guy to lose his shirt, as opposed to a girl.
Adam: Allows her to toy with his shirt. …Trajedie… Breathlessley.
Adam: …I should go to bed…
Trajedie: …You're right. Can't help but regret saying that a little bit. She truly was enjoying herself.
Adam: Gives her one last kiss and reluctantly pulls off of her. Wonders if he'll be able to make it down the hall.
Trajedie: At least got one last kiss, as she was going to request one before she went to bed anyhow. Can scarcely believe that she brought him to this room with the intent of talking a little more before going to bed, only for that to happen.
Adam: Strangely not blushing. …Good night…
Trajedie: Good night Adam… I… Quietly. …love you. Thought about this all day. Very distracting at work.
Adam: This makes him blush, and smile at her lovingly, his green eyes staring into hers. I love you, too. Rises from the bed.
Trajedie: Keeps her eyes locked onto his, even as he moves. Smiling quite lovingly at him as well all the while. A little surprised that she was able to say so as soon as she did, was thinking this would bother her for weeks, perhaps.
Adam: Nods his head to her a bit in a sorta-bow and leaves the room.
Trajedie: Just gets ready for bed when he's gone.
Adam: Goes to take a veerrrry cold shower.
Trajedie: No cold shower for her. Stays nice and warm in the beeed, thinking of things, some more loving, and some less appropriate than others.