19 September 2037
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Gabrielle Michael Jessica Crowley Nicholas Romolo Joel Marsetti Trajedie Remourna Adam Crowley Aidae McMurran Vladimer McMurran Islywyn Price

Daniel: It's not like you to say sorry. I was waiting on a different story. This time I'm mistaken for handing you a heart worth breaking and I've been wrong, I've been down, been to the bottom of every bottle. These five words in my head scream, "Are we having fun yet?"
John: It's not like you didn't know that. I said I love you and I swear I still do. It must have been so bad, 'cause living with me must have damn near killed you.
Daniel: And this is how you remind me of what I really am. This is how you remind me of what I really am. My trench coat was so cool.
John: Sure was.
Daniel: Sorry, excuse me… My women's jacket.
John: I'm not judging you.
Daniel: Frowns. Better than your puke green number.
John: Kept me warm, that's all I care for.
Daniel: If you didn't have a standard issue uniform and Jessica didn't pick out the rest of your clothes… Well… It'd be a sad sight.
John: Heheh.
Daniel: "Well, they cover my body." He says. Yeah, you looked like a hobo.
John: Granted I did.
Daniel: You smelled like stank.
John: Smoke and such, yep.
Daniel: Your eyes were all crusty.
John: They were?
Daniel: Oh yeah.
John: Wouldn't doubt it.
Daniel: Your cheeks were all hollow.
John: I could see that.
Daniel: It's my life and it's now or never 'cause I ain't gonna live forever. I just want to live while I'm alive. It's my life.
John: My heart is like a open highway, yadda, yadda something about my way.
Daniel: Aww, you suck.
John: Crosses his arms. Hm.
Daniel: Ooo, now you're mad.
John: Shaking, like a dog shitting razor blades. Waking up next to nothing, after dreaming of you and me, I'm waking up all alone, waking up so relieved. While you're taking your time with apologies, I'm making my plans for revenge.
Daniel: I've been crying for so long, fighting tears just to carry on. But now, but now, it's gone away…
John: Laughs a little bit. No one knows what it's like, to be the sad man. To be the bad man. Behind blue eyes.
Daniel: Everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today, gonna love today. Everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today. Anyway you want to, anyway you've got to. Love, love me. Love, love me, love love…
John: But my dreaaams, they aren't as empty. As my conscience seems to be. I have hours, only lonely. My love is vengeance. That's never free.
Daniel: There's a guy at the bus stop. Who is very inspirational. He is very inspirational, because of many things. I walk up at 8:11 and I smile and say, "How are you?" When I smile and say, "How are you?" I could swear my heart grows wings! So today at 8:11, I decided I should meet him. I decided I should meet him, in a proper formal way. So today at 8:11 when I smiled and said, "How are you?" I told him "My name's Daniel and come to my pool party." I said, "My name is Daniel and come to my pool party."
John: Stares.
Daniel: John Nathan, the bus station guy. Bring me sarcasm, bring me joy. I used to be the kinda guy who'd run when creepy guys stood next to me, but finally a voice whispered, "This guy'll probably take care of your wife and kids after you die…"
John: Laughs at that.
Daniel: Thank you.
John: You're welcome, heh heh.
Daniel: Yawns. Hm.
John: I bore you already?
Daniel: Nah.
John: Aw shucks. It's unfortunate that I probably should wake up anyhow.
Daniel: Elijah… Please do the honors. Waits. Thank you.
John: I hope I get to do that some day.
Daniel: What?
John: Make requests of people who aren't here, then decide if they complied or not.
Daniel: You have to be really cool before you can do that. You're not quite there yet, but hang in there, slugger.
John: Gee, I sure hope so, Mister.
Daniel: Has to kneel on his chair to do it, but ruffles John's hair.
John: Laughs again and wakes up.

Gabrielle: Standing with her back towards John, holding a plate of cake and a fork.
John: Hello.
Gabrielle: Oh, you woke up.
John: That I have. I see you saw it fit to let me continue slumbering.
Gabrielle: Turns around, chewing on cake. Why wouldn't I?
John: Raises an eyebrow at the obvious changes Gabriel seems to have gone through. I suppose you wouldn't have a reason to do otherwise.
Gabrielle: No… Appears tired, unhappy, and a little ill.
John: …I take it you have visited your son then? Looks a little sympathetic at least, which is about the first time he ever has.
Gabrielle: Nods. …I saw him last night…
John: I am afraid that there was not been much I could do for him, save for at least make sure he is doing… relatively… well.
Gabrielle: Thank you, at least for that…
John: You are welcome. I said I would look after him and that did not change in light of what happened… and speaking of which, have you returned already or is this just a visit?
Gabrielle: Sadly. …It's just a visit.
John: I see… I apologize that things could not have been better for the occasion.
Gabrielle: It's not as though it's your fault.
John: I know, but still.
Gabrielle: Sighs.
John: Cracks his neck. …If you don't mind my asking, why are you a woman now?
Gabrielle: …It's part of my sentence.
John: And what is the rest of it then? Gets the feeling he'd be better off not knowing.
Gabrielle: …I'm having a child.
John: …A strange punishment.
Gabrielle: …To be used as a weapon against the Demons.
John: Frowns upon hearing that. I see.
Gabrielle: The remaining Demons are to be eradicated from Atlantis in that fashion.
John: Perhaps necessary, but the steps being taken are ones I would feel unease about.
Gabrielle: I don't agree with it, either… but the council is being controlled by Eriel and I'm simply a criminal.
John: Not in much power to do anything, are you?
Gabrielle: No, I'm not.
John: Were I able to assist you in any way, I would. Unfortunately, the most I can give you at this time is my sympathy and the assurance that I will continue to watch over your son.
Gabrielle: Thank you… That is… more than enough…
John: Still unused to seeing Gabrielle like this. That is, anything more than aloof. You don't have to thank me.
Gabrielle: …Well, I hope you continue your daughters' education in magic… They have talent. I'm sorry I can't continue teaching them.
John: I'm sending them to an academy very soon. I am grateful that you tutored them to begin with. With time, they'll most likely be better than their old man at it.
Gabrielle: Shrugs a little and nods.
John: Forgot for a second who he was talking to. At any rate, I hope you are able to visit with some frequency, for your son's sake.
Gabrielle: I'll be back again to visit next month.
John: Very well, then. Oh, and Middler says, 'Hi'.
Gabrielle: Please give him my regards.
John: I will for a second time. He told me that he had more to say, but he seems to be laboring under the delusion that you're going to be back permanently very soon.
Gabrielle: I don't know when I'll be back permanently… I'm sorry.
John: There is no need to apologize for it.
Michael: Enters! And glares at John.
John: Glances to Michael and gives a small nod to acknowledge that he is aware of him being here.
Michael: Goes over to Gabrielle and puts an arm around her. Are you ready?
Gabrielle: Yes… Good-bye, John.
John: Good bye, Gabriel. See you when you next visit.
Gabrielle: Nods to him and leaves with Michael, who glares at him again.
John: Oh well. Time to visit my beautiful wife.

Jessica: Resting in bed.
John: Quietly enters the room and, just as quietly, leans down and gives her a gentle kiss on the forehead.
Jessica: Jolts a bit, opening her eyes and wincing. Even slaps at him.
John: …Sorry, dear.
Jessica: John! I'm sorry. I thought you were a bug or something.
John: Chuckles a little bit, shaking his head. I shouldn't have startled you. It was my fault.
Jessica: Did I hurt you? Frowns.
John: Grins. I'll have to walk it off before returning to work. Strokes her forehead. How are you feeling, Jessica?
Jessica: Alright… Holds her arms out to him.
John: Wraps his arms around her, bringing her into a close embrace. Good…
Jessica: Wraps her arms around his neck, snuggling into him.
John: Holds her a bit closer, glad to have her in his arms again. Jessica?
Jessica: Yes?
John: Thinks now might not be the best time to tell her that she doesn't have to hide her pain from him, that he wants to be able to help her through it all, if she'd let him. Instead… …Just wondering about the family trip, is all… When do you think we should go?
Jessica: Oh… um… I don't know… The girls will have to go to Academy soon… I guess before then. What do you think?
John: Though I don't agree on postponing their education… perhaps we could wait until Feemy is done with his next concert, so he can come with us… As I would like for the entire family to be on this trip…
Jessica: Nods. That sounds good.
John: Alright… I should probably bring this up with Adam and Elijah as well… Their schedules need to be taken into consideration. Sighs, holding her even tighter.
Jessica: What's the matter?
John: …You're a strong woman, Jessica.
Jessica: Laughs a little. Why do you say that?
John: Because you are. You've been through so much, things that could and have, broken other women… but even in light of that, you don't have to handle your problems alone.
Jessica: I know that, John…
John: Nods a little bit, holding her closer. …I know you're in pain. A little out of the blue.
Jessica: …I am…
John: …If I ever can… please let me help.
Jessica: Laughs a little. …I don't know how you could help, John…
John: All I can do is be here for you… even though I wish I could do more.
Jessica: Being here is enough…
John: …And I will be whenever you need me.
Jessica: …It's just very painful sometimes… That's all… I'm alright…
John: …I'm sorry it hurts, Jessica… If you would let me, if it would help… I would hold you through your suffering.
Jessica: …I like it when you hold me…
John: In response, holds her just a little bit closer. …I like holding you as well…
Jessica: Laughs a bit. What have you been up to today?
John: The usual… Study, work, keep an eye on our children, some older than the others, practice, more study, skip one or more of these things to spend time with you.
Jessica: Reproachfully. John…
John: Grins a tiny bit. …I'm a captain… I've learned to delegate. I promise you that my absence is barely felt.
Jessica: Hm. How's Adam?
John: Oh… now I've got you cross at me. Adam is doing… very well, from what I can tell. That is to say, last time I saw him, he decided it would be lovely if we danced, then departed singing about love.
Jessica: …Is he dating that one girl?
John: Indeed. Him and… her name escapes me at the moment, are dating.
Jessica: Oh… He'd better not be doing anything bad.
John: …I hadn't thought of that. Maybe he's in love.
Jessica: Well, obviously… but he better not be doing anything bad with her.
John: …Should I ask?
Jessica: You should. Or… At least tell him to practice safe sex or something.
John: I will… Do both, that is. Regardless of what he says, it's best that he be reminded, at least.
Jessica: Disentangles herself from him. Well, you go and do that. I'm going to get something to eat… I'll meet you in the dining room, okay?
John: Gives her forehead a peck. Alright Jessica. I love you.
Jessica: I love you too, John. Pecks him on the cheek. Smiles affectionately and gets up, leaving the room.
John: Gets up as well, leaving to go to Adam's room, though the thought that he could be in a meeting occurs to him.

Nick: …So then, the kid bit me while I was trying to give him his shot and his mother tried to make out like it was my fault for harming her poor baby boy.
Joel: Bit you? That's rather savage. I can only imagine what the mother has been teaching the boy if his first reaction is biting.
Nick: Who knows these days? He put up a big fuss and puddles of tears afterwards. Oh man, his mother had a death glare. After they left, I thoroughly disinfected the bite. Disgusting little creature. I bet he didn't brush his teeth.
Joel: I would have had myself checked for rabies after being bitten by a child like that.
Trajedie: …Are these guys really doctors?
Nick: Eh, seemed a bit excessive.
Joel: Perhaps a bit, but the mouth is a carnival of germs. You can never be safe to the point of being too safe when it comes to that.
Nick: I suppose you're right, but that was a couple years ago and I still have my right arm, so I guess everything's alright.
Joel: Things turn out okay sometimes.
Nick: Yeah… I guess I'm lucky in some respects.
Joel: Give it time, your luck shall change in the important aspects. Tends to forget that Trajedie is even here at times.
Nick: Yeah… Yeah. Got any responses for that ad?
Joel: None yet, but I have a good feeling about tomorrow.
Nick: Why tomorrow?
Joel: It's an auspicious day.
Nick: What day is that?
Joel: The 20th.
Nick: Why is auspicious?
Joel: All of the fortunate things that have happened to me love-wise have always happened to me on the 20th of a month.
Nick: Hm… Like what?
Joel: My first kiss, my first girlfriend, my first date, my first dance, all that such.
Nick: I see… Strokes his chin.
Joel: Trust me… Did Adam come by and take our nurse?
Trajedie: …No.
Nick: You're so quiet, Trajedie.
Joel: Isn't she, though? Why don't you speak up?
Nick: Yes, feel free to take part in the conversation.
Trajedie: …Alright…
Nick: Do you know what today is, Trajedie?
Trajedie: The 19th of September.
Nick: Do you know what else it is?
Trajedie: Looks thoughtful on that. Drawing a blank.
Nick: …It's Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Trajedie: Stares very openly. Though the stare might not be seen so well, considering how her hair has a tendency to hang near her eyes.
Nick: …Arrr.
Joel: Avast.
Trajedie: …Yar…?
Nick: Scallywags.
Trajedie: …I don't know any pirate talk.
Joel: Arr, here be a free one for ye, then. Swab the poop deck.
Trajedie: Makes a face.
Joel: I mean it literally. Get back to work.
Nick: Laughs. You're pretty good, Joel.
Joel: I've lived through many a Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Nick: Thumbs up.
Trajedie: Back to work.

Adam: Working in his office. Blushes even now as he remembers last night. Feels a little embarrassed and a little aroused recalling it. Smiles to himself.
Office Door: Knocking.
Adam: Please enter…
John: Steps in. Hello Adam.
Adam: Smiles. Hello Father. How are you?
John: Doing well… You?
Adam: I'm fine! Smiles.
John: That's good.
Adam: Smiles. Can I help you with something?
John: Just wanted to stop by and talk. How are things with you and Ms… Your girlfriend?
Adam: Good! Smiles.
John: That's good to hear… So long as you're being safe. Serious face.
Adam: Kinda confused look at that. Um… yeah…
John: I know you're smarter than that, but your mother and I just wanted make sure you were reminded.
Adam: Looks really confused. …Um… Okay…
John: …Indeed.
Adam: Has no idea what John's talking about, "being safe". Trajedie doesn't seem particularly dangerous. Gives John an odd look.
John: Wonders if he's getting that look because it should be obvious that he wouldn't rush into things like that or if he was indeed confused about the subject matter.
Adam: …Um… Anything else?
John: …I'm glad you found someone, Adam.
Adam: Smiles. Thanks. She's really great.
John: Smiles as well. Perhaps sometime I could get to know her. For now though, I'll let you get back to work. Sorry for holding you up, Adam.
Adam: It's no problem… Stares at John a bit oddly again. …Bye Dad.
John: Bye, Son. And leaves Adam in peace.
Adam: Finishes up his work and heads for the infirmary, humming.

Trajedie: Has finished up her cleaning work and is now perusing what Joel instructed her to read earlier. It's mainly a book focusing on child delivery.
Joel: Sips his tea. Anyhow, I figured out a way for the… hm… Uniform to work.
Nick: How's that?
Joel: Glances to Traj, then speaks in a quieter voice. Well, if she has more experience in the medical field, we can simply say that the uniform is for those with more… and if she has less, then vice-versa.
Nick: Nods. I see… yes… but what happens once Trajedie gets more… experience?
Joel: Strokes his mustache. Hm… Then we can merely offer her, out of the kindness of our hearts, the ability to continue wearing her old uniform.
Nick: Nods. Maybe she'll be Mrs. Adam Crowley by then and be Regent Queen or whatever and can quit.
Joel: Yes, hopefully.
Trajedie: Oblivious to all of this.
Nick: How're things going with Adam, Trajedie?
Trajedie: Mumbling to herself very quietly. Sort of speaking the words as she's reading them, though she hears Nick and looks up from the book. …What? Oh… um… The floors are done already.
Nick: I said, how're things going with Adam?
Trajedie: Oh… They're going well. Smiles as she says it.
Nick: Do you hear wedding bells in your future?
Trajedie: Well… um… I… don't know… kindaearlyforthat…
Nick: Bear him those three kids.
Trajedie: He… He's already cured…
Nick: Regardless…
Joel: Indeed. Besides, one illness has replaced another. Seems our regent is love-sick now.
Nick: Laughs. You're quite the charmer, Trajedie.
Trajedie: Looking sheepish and embarrassed now. Raises the book up and resumes reading. Why do they tease me like this?
Nick: You'll be in a position of power if you marry him.
Trajedie: Murmurs a noncommittal response that could barely be construed as a word in the English language.
Nick: What was that? You could be our boss. Laughs.
Joel: We'd better make sure to treat her kindly.
Nick: Nods. What a lucky break.
Joel: Indeed!
Adam: Enters the infirmary.
Nick: Speak of the devil.
Joel: Indeed again. Hello Adam.
Adam: Good evening, Doctors. Is Trajedie free?
Nick: Seems to be, people are still suffering. Guess we'd be out of our jobs if it wasn't.
Joel: Funny that we're among the only people whose sole purpose it is to eliminate our means of income.
Nick: Laughs.
Adam: …Is Ms. Remorena here?
Trajedie: Hears his voice and sets down her book. Over here! More off to the corner, as to be out of the way while reading.
Nick: Wait, Adam… Before you drag her off to your castle on your white stallion… You must honor what day it is!
Adam: Forgive me… What day is it?
Nick: It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Joel: That it is, me matey. Arr.
Adam: …Ahoy.
Nick: You've got to do better than that.
Joel: We know you can.
Adam: …Shiver me timbers?
Joel: That's just foreshadowing.
Adam: Um…
Joel: The scallywag be takin' our swabby, d'aaar.
Adam: Um… Arr… I be requestin' that saucy wench… um…
Joel: Laughs.
Nick: Laughs. You're pretty bad… Yeah, just take her.
Adam: To Trajedie he goes and offers her a hand.
Trajedie: Sets aside the book and takes his hand, smiling.
Adam: Helps her up.
Trajedie: …Um… Glad a stout sailor rescued me… I was marooned here… Laughs a little.
Adam: Laughs affectionately and picks her up a little, spinning her around once and setting her down. Then plants a soft kiss on her lips.
Trajedie: Affectionately returns the kiss once she is set down, her arms wrapping around him for a tight hug.
Nick: Looks to Joel.
Joel: Looks back to Nick.
Adam: You'd better hurry to your room and put on your bathing suit. Smiles at her.
Trajedie: Blinks… Then looks flustered. …My bathing suit…?
Adam: Nods and smiles! …We're going swimming.
Trajedie: I… um… I figured… Hugs a little tighter. Nervous all of a sudden.
Adam: Hugs back, smiling. I'll meet you at the front gate, okay?
Trajedie: O…Okay…
Adam: One last smile and walks away.
Nick: Laughs.
Joel: Also chuckling.
Nick: Ooo la, la, Trajedie.
Trajedie: Frowns, flushing brightly.
Joel: I wouldn't keep him waiting. It'd be rude, you know?
Nick: Too bad it's not skinny-dipping.
Joel: Now we don't know that for sure…
Nick: Laughs. Maybe you should just come in your birthday suit?
Trajedie: Rushes out… and promptly trips with a thump.
Nick: …Are you alright?
Trajedie: M'fine. Stands up and rushes once more. Not from the teasing, but just not wanting to be late.
Nick: Laughs. Eh, she's entertaining, at least.
Joel: That she is.

Aidae: …Grandpa?
John: Yes?
Aidae: Daddy's gone.
John: What do you mean?
Aidae: He's gone. I can't find him.
John: …Odd. He's not in the training hall?
Aidae: No. I looked for him all day.
John: Furrows his brow. Have you asked anyone if they've seen him?
Aidae: Nearly every'on'. They all sed tha las' time they saw him was yesterday. Dora's crying.
John: I see… Let's get your brother, then I'll see if maybe I can find your father on the grounds or elsewhere.
Aidae: 'Kay.
John: Where is your brother?
Aidae: In his room.
John: Alright then. And starts off to Vladora's room.
Aidae: Follows, thumpin' along.

Trajedie: Comes to the front gate. Not dressed in a bathing suit, but does have a small bag.
Adam: Smiles. Hey, are you ready?
Trajedie: Still looks kind of flustered, but nods.
Adam: …What's the matter? You don't want to go swimming?
Trajedie: Oh, no… it's not that… I just always went swimming by myself…
Adam: Blinks. We don't have to go swimming if you don't want to.
Trajedie: N…No! I'd like to go swimming. Smiles reassuringly. Reasons to herself that it shouldn't be that embarrassing.
Adam: Are you sure?
Trajedie: Nods. I'm sure, really.
Adam: Alright… Smiles and takes her hand. To the swimming hole they go.

Vladora: Laying face-down on his bed, sobbing.
John: Enters his room, without knocking. Vladora?
Vladora: Looks up. Daddy? …Where's Daddy?
John: I'm going to look for him right now, Vladora.
Vladora: Daddy's gone… Sobs.
John: I'm sure he's around here somewhere… He probably forgot to tell someone he was going to run an errand.
Vladora: Sniffs. Doesn't look very convinced.
John: I'm going to go get him right now, okay? So you don't have to cry anymore.
Vladora: Sniffs. Wipes his runny nose and nods.
John: Reaches out and lightly scruffs up his hair. There you go. You're tough, just like a knight.
Vladora: Sniffs and nods. I'm tuff.
John: Goes to search the grounds for Elijah, leaving Vladora and Aidae at the castle.

Trajedie: Once they arrive. …So you know, I didn't bring a bathing suit. That's okay, right?
Adam: Stares a little. You don't have a bathing suit?
Trajedie: Not with me. The water looks nice. Starts taking off her shirt.
Adam: Stares.
Trajedie: Up and over her head it goes, finally dropping to the ground. Apparently wearing a one-piece bathing suit under her clothes. Can't help but laugh.
Adam: Blushing and looks like he swallowed a frog.
Trajedie: …I had you going for a moment, didn't I? Smiles playfully.
Adam: Frowning.
Trajedie: Notices the frown and looks a little bit distressed. It… It was a joke… I'm sorry…
Adam: Just shakes his head and begins removing his own clothes.
Trajedie: Frowns as well, removing the rest of her clothes as well. Regrets ever making the joke to begin with. Wonders what got him so mad anyhow. Would it really have been any better if she wasn't joking? There's something oddly dispiriting seeing him frown at her. Tests the water with her foot.
Adam: Over to her he goes and hugs her from behind.
Trajedie: While not expecting the hug, it doesn't make her jump at all. Instead, just leans back into the hug.
Adam: Gives her a kiss on the cheek in a, "make-up" sorta gesture. Doesn't like leaving bad blood.
Trajedie: Fortunately does accept this as a make up gesture, mostly though as a way of telling her that he forgives her for the joke. …Ready to jump in?
Adam: Nods. A little embarrassed over his physical form. Very thin and has almost no muscles to speak of. Also pale, with scars besides. Does not jump in so much as sit down and get into the water.
Trajedie: Doesn't jump in either. Slides into the water happily. Really does enjoy swimming.
Adam: Floats on his back, smiling.
Trajedie: Also floats, at least for the time being, eyes closing. Do you swim often?
Adam: Laughs a bit. I haven't swam in a very, very long time unless you count the bath tub.
Trajedie: When was the last time you went swimming then? Enjoying the water. It's been too long since she's gone swimming.
Adam: Thinks. Seven… Eight, maybe?
Trajedie: Wow… That is a long time ago. Not sure what I'd do if I couldn't for that long. Drops out of the float and instead just treads water.
Adam: Continues floating. Well… It wasn't very sanitary.
Trajedie: Oh… I'm sorry. But we can swim as much as you want now.
Adam: That sounds good. Smiles.
Trajedie: Once more floats on her back, but soon leisurely paddles around him, smiling. It does.
Adam: Um… About last night…
Trajedie: Falters in the paddle a little bit, but regains her composure and treads water in front of him. Wonders if she did something wrong, like with the joke.
Adam: Um… Was that alright with you?
Trajedie: …It was… I really haven't been able to get it out of my head all day.
Adam: Blushes. …Me neither…
Trajedie: Feels herself blushing as well, though doesn't swim away. Stays where she is, treading water. …I… wouldn't mind doing it again…
Adam: Blushes. I… wouldn't, either. But… I'm scared.
Trajedie: Why are you scared? Cants her head a little bit to the side.
Adam: It's just like… something takes me over… when I'm like that… Like I can't fully control myself… or reason. I'm scared… of what I might do to you…
Trajedie: Nods a little when he finishes. I know what you mean, Adam… I… well… didn't even want you to leave last night… but I trust you, Adam. I know you wouldn't lose control.
Adam: I… don't want to ever have to go that far…
Trajedie: Maybe he's exaggerating… You shouldn't worry so much about it… What comes will come naturally… well… while also exercising restraint.
Adam: I don't want to hurt you like that, Trajedie…
Trajedie: It's starting to become a little confusing, but does keep in mind that this is new for both of them. You won't, Adam. Making her way closer to him, keeping afloat the whole time.
Adam: I-I mean… unless we get married and want a child or something…
Trajedie: Nods, though thinks that sort of thing is quite a bit away. Now very close, though can't be too close due to needing to tread water. Of course… Then treads back a little bit, at least to find a place where she can stand in the water.
Adam: Still floating in silence… Doesn't seem bothered or anything… Just calm looking.
Trajedie: Curls her toes a little bit. Are you going to float over here or do I have to get you? Playfully said. After all, they came here to enjoy themselves, not to be quiet.
Adam: Hm? Rolls over and swims to her.
Trajedie: Smiles and very quickly disappears under the water.
Adam: Blinks.
Trajedie: Swims around him under the water, then slowly raises out and hugs him tightly from behind!
Adam: Smiles. Trajedie…
Trajedie: Smiles as well, still hugging closely to him. Her name doesn't sound so bad to her coming from him.
Adam: …I love you.
Trajedie: Presses against him more, leaning in so she could give him a kiss on the cheek. …I love you too.
Adam: Mm… Trajedie… Turns around so they're facing each other and leans his head against hers a little. …You make me… want you… so badly…
Trajedie: Considering this is your first time dating your entire life? Surprised you haven't exploded. Blushes at hearing that admission though. This certainly doesn't discourage her. Even in that light, she doesn't know what to say. She'd never thought she was ugly, but never really beautiful either or desirable. The words move her, but stir her in a way that is completely different from flattery. Doesn't answer verbally, rather she just presses to him once more, though lets her head be, allowing it to support his.
Adam: Clutches her with some of the vivre he had last night.
Trajedie: A little more private out here than in the castle, too… hmm… Experimentally runs her fingertips down his back, as he decided it was best they stop before she had the chance to really touch his bare skin.
Adam: Shivers a bit pleasurably. Hand runs through her wet hair.
Trajedie: Oddly more at ease in the water than in her own room, though a bed would be nice to rest on. She pulls away a little bit, but only to place a hand on his chest.
Adam: Looks down at her with soft green eyes.
Trajedie: Looks back up to his, purple eyes gaining the same doe-like quality that they'd held from the night before. Keeps her eyes on his as her hand slowly trails down.
Adam: Leans in slowly to meet her lips.
Trajedie: Meets him halfway, eyes drifting shut when their lips finally touch.
Adam: Passionate and tender. Wraps his hands around her waist, pulling her close.
Trajedie: Her hands begin to stray down his abdomen. When she's pulled close, she instead trails her hands down his sides, pressing back into the kiss with the same passion renewed from last night.
Adam: Parts their bodies a bit again as his kiss once again travels down to her neck.
Trajedie: Shivers pleasantly, a single hand slipping between them, palm flat against his abdomen as it wanders further downward.
Adam: Going more quickly than he had last night… As he kisses previously explored territory.
Trajedie: He gets the same soft sighs that he'd elicited from the previous nights, though this night finds her hand to be more curious as it finally makes it's way to his bathing suit.
Adam: Lips currently focused on her collarbone, moving diagonally to her shoulder, hands planted around her waist.
Trajedie: Trembling a little bit against his hands, even the hand that sought to explore him was shaking slightly. The other hand merely strokes along his back, in familiar territory.
Adam: Kissing her shoulder. Probably not the most sensual spot, but it seems his lips want to seek out every inch of her skin.
Trajedie: Not as effective as her neck or her collarbone, but she still strokes his back affectionately. Her eyes opening to look to him, barely even thinking of it as the hand near his shorts finally makes it's way to his thigh.
Adam: Again, goes down diagonally reaching her chest. Kisses a bit more open-mouthed here with soft lips on her bare flesh.
Trajedie: Gasps at that, feeling herself jolt from the somewhat surprising direction his kissing had taken. Breathing heavily, she loses a bit of her cool, the hand now trailing up and soon gently clutches him through his trunks.
Adam: Shivers. Mm! Jolts a bit himself… He's definitely aroused now. Kissing the soft skin there a bit harder in response and clutching her more tightly.
Trajedie: It goes full circle, the harder and more passionate he kisses upon her, the further she goes to illicit the responses out of him that he does her. The hand merely feels through the shorts experimentally, much in the same vein as he had kissing upon her neck last night.
Adam: Lets out a moaning sound, shivering. Hand moves from her waist to the breast his lips currently aren't focused on. Certainly gets a better feel of it through the thinner fabric of her bathing suit.
Trajedie: Arches her back and gasps. Though this effectively just presses her chest even more to him. It is only momentary though, as she soon leans to him slightly, heart drumming in her chest. Hard to think clearly, but she doesn't bother herself with that too much, at least not right now. The hand releases him momentarily, but it soon instead begins to snake it's way under the waistband of his shorts instead.
Adam: One hand massages as his other hand moves from her waist to gently peel at the strap of her bathing suit so as to give his lips more bare skin to kiss.
Trajedie: There isn't even so much as a protest from her as the strap was moved, her eyes half-lidded as she watched him with adoring eyes. As before, she was aware of his hand, feeling wherever he touched grow warmer upon her and even in her lust-addled mind, she knew where it felt like he was heading. Still yet, no protests, as her own hand was busy attempting to explore a similar venue, albeit under his clothing rather than atop of it.
Adam: Eases off with his other hand to take the other strap, pulling it down gently to expose her chest and all the way down to her waist. Trembles a bit as his hands begin exploring her anew and lips find their way back to her neck.
Trajedie: It may have flustered her way more any other time, being exposed to someone for the first time. It certainly registered, but she didn't feel unease or even reticent. She trembled as well, but the stray thought managed to pass through that, it was beginning to become clear that it was more from anticipation than anything. Galvanized by her exposure, the hand once more gently takes a hold of him, though this time there was no clothing to restrict her, just skin on skin.
Adam: Mmm… Steps, advancing on her it seems, as though to lead her backwards up against the bank. One hand continues to massage her chest, fingers stroking its sensitive areas, the other hand strokes down her side sensually as his lips move up her neck.
Trajedie: Gradually she backs up as he advances, getting the idea rather quickly for someone whose mind is as in a haze as hers is. Her heart beat loudly against her chest as she made a quiet moaning sound from his attentions, the hand under his shorts now almost casually exploring the new flesh it had found.
Adam: Hand strokes down around her sides to her back and lower down. His lips have found their way back to hers. Mmm… Mm. Mm…
Trajedie: Her hands relocate on him, now upon his back with fingers curling in pleasure. In light of his affections she does her best to press to him, wanting to feel more of his bare skin on her own. Mm…
Adam: His hand moves around from behind her down her leg and finds its way to her inner thigh. Lips move back down to her chest.
Trajedie: Getting a bit loud now, trembling still under his hands. Her fingers clutch at his back and soon drag down, at the most leaving fine white trails where her nails had crossed over. Mm… Adam…
Adam: Hand moving up her inner thigh. …T-Traj…
Trajedie: Still doing nothing to dissuade him, rather she continues to tremble and breath heavily, watching him with hazy eyes.
Adam: Hand finds its way between her legs… stroking over her bathing suit.
Trajedie: Clutches his back even harder, jolting the moment she felt him upon her. …A…Adam… Otherwise, she's silent save for her heavy breathing.
Adam: Continues to keep his hand over her swimming suit but pressing there a bit more while his other hand pulls her bathing suit down a bit more. Continues to kiss her.
Trajedie: Presses back into the kiss quite passionately, eyes closing once more. The kissing at least smothering any moans that he would have elicited from her.
Adam: His other hand moves from her lower regions to pull her bathing suit all the way down.
Trajedie: Shivers when she comes to the realization that she's fully exposed, even going so far as to break their kiss and curiously look down at herself, as if it was a little difficult to believe without seeing it first.
Adam: When their lips break apart, they find their way to her neck. His hands stroke down her bare flesh, enjoying the sensation.
Trajedie: Enjoying the sensations he brings to her just as much, as evident by how keenly her body reacts to his touch. A hand shakily strokes through his hair. A…Adam… Mm… I… A little difficult to concentrate on talking, unfortunately.
Adam: Mm? Kissing, feeling, and touching.
Trajedie: …I… want you… Said in a very quiet, breathy tone.
Adam: Mmm… In answer to this, hand finds it's way between her legs again, stroking. Shivers a bit at this particular situation.
Trajedie: Mmm…! She begins squirming and moaning in bliss.
Adam: Strokes and massages deftly.
Trajedie: Getting a little bit loud in that case, though still not very noisy. A little selfish, but her arms only serve to hold onto him tightly, his affections being a little too distracting to reciprocate.
Adam: Slowly removes his hands from this preoccupation and they move to around her torso lifting her up a bit, gently setting her so that she sits up on the bank. Kissing begins to get lower, stroking down her sides and thighs.
Trajedie: Gazes down at him lovingly as she's moved, ever so compliant at this point. Her whole body felt hot, but there were no more clothes to discard. Even with the heat, she felt she couldn't think of anything she'd like to do more than get closer to Adam, without anything to obstruct their contact, skin on skin. The thought persevered even as his kisses renewed upon her and explored where only his hands had been before.
Adam: Mouth finds it's way all the way down and between her legs, spreading them a bit. Now his licking, kissing and sucking is devoted to this particular sensuous area.
Trajedie: Grips his hair slightly out of surprise as the sudden jolt grips her, bringing out a loud and pleasured moan from her.
Adam: Continues this endeavor, hands continuing to stroke and massage whatever they can reach until she is fully satisfied or tells him to stop.
Trajedie: It doesn't take too long, though the duration is punctuated with pleasant moans. Once more, she grips his hair slightly, her body jerking rather suddenly, shuddering as the moan she was issuing forth caught in her throat, being brought Adam: //Feeling her reach her peak, lets up a bit, the kissing coming slower and more gently, so it tapers off smoothly.
Trajedie: Her shuddering and jolting gradually lessen, as well as, fortunately for Adam, the grip one of her hands had on his hair. Soon the only sound she really makes is heavy breathing, desperately trying to catch the breath he'd worked to seize from her with every moment of his attention.
Adam: Mouth moves down from between her legs to her inner thigh, kissing and it finally abates, resting his head on top of her thigh, happy to have brought her pleasure, though he's still very much aroused.
Trajedie: Strokes his hair as she finally catches her breath, at least enough to stop panting. Looking down to him quite affectionately. It does occur to her that he is most likely just as wound up as she was. …Adam… Arms move to lightly pull on him. Not strong enough to really force him to go anywhere, but hoped that her tugging would direct him to come closer.
Adam: Blinks up at her, looking a bit confused in his daze, but does attempt to press closer to her, arms wrapping around.
Trajedie: Snuggles up to him affectionately, her arms wrapping tightly around him as well, for the time being. A thought seems to cross her mind, her arms loosen and instead trail down his sides, stopping when it comes to his shorts, only to grab them and continue downward.
Adam: Breathing still heavy. Well, it's only fair if you're naked, for me to be too. Helps her get him out of his shorts. Blushing a bit, despite it all.
Trajedie: Wraps her arms around him for a moment, as if to pull him closer, but pauses and lets a hand drift up to his cheek, stroking it lightly with the tips of her fingers.
Adam: Looks up at her with hazy green eyes, putting a hand to hers. …I love… you…
Trajedie: …I love you too…
Adam: Smiles.
Trajedie: Smiles back and brings her free arm around him as best she can, now gently pulling on him, beckoning him closer yet.
Adam: Closer he goes, half on top of her now, pressing a bit.
Trajedie: Despite what she wants, she snuggles closer yet to him, pressing suggestively, but nothing more. Ultimately, what he does is his decision.
Adam: Just snuggles back happily… Despite that he's beginning to feel very uncomfortable.
Trajedie: Unaware that she's making him feel that way. Despite her wanting it to be his decision, she doesn't have any qualms with pressing closer still to him, the hand still upon his cheek now just stroking it affectionately. Her kisses lead her to his chest, her eyes observing the scar she found there for a moment, before pressing an especially gentle kiss to it. Her hand remain curious and soon it slides down past his abdomen, a familiar destination in mind. The hand stops and strangely enough, she presses very close to him, though not quite in a passionate way, so much as in a way that seems to scream, 'I just realized that we're both naked and right out in the open'.
Adam: Blinks a bit at her curiously.
Trajedie: Looks back to him, affection still alive on her face, but there is definitely a hint of anxiety. …We… Maybe we should get back to the castle… Someone could have seen us.
Adam: Nods and pulls off of her and goes on the search for his clothes, still in a bit of a daze.
Trajedie: Lets go a bit reluctantly and also searches for her clothes, though they're not far fortunately.
Adam: Puts his clothes on.
Trajedie: Clothes herself and goes right to him.
Adam: Takes her hand and heads back to the castle, a silly sort of smile on his face, though he's still feeling uncomfortable.

Trajedie: Takes his hand and walks beside him. …My room or yours? Hasn't forgotten about him.
Adam: Hm? Blushing all of a sudden. Thought they were going to part ways and he was destined to a cool shower.
Trajedie: Lets go of his hand, though only to hug the entirety of his arm.
Adam: Um… Um. I uh… I need… I need a shower.
Trajedie: …There's room for two. Trying her best to sound seductive and alluring.
Adam: N-N-No… I-I'll meet you back in your… my…. room if you want. Doesn't think that she wants to take care of his problem for him.
Trajedie: Oh… Alright then… Either room is fine…
Adam: Um… My room, I think… Doesn't want someone to check up on him and wonder where he is.
Trajedie: Nods and despite not joining him in the shower, she still at least is happy that they're going to still be hanging out after he's done.

Adam: Takes her to his room and to the shower he goes to settle himself down and generally… bathe.
Trajedie: Just sits on his bed and waits for him.
Adam: Leaves the shower after awhile, towel wrapped around him, shivering a bit… That was a cold shower. Puts on his underwear, but that's it and gets into bed.
Trajedie: Gets in bed with him, but doesn't exactly have anything to strip down to.
Adam: You can use my shower if you like, Trajedie.
Trajedie: Oh… Okay. Thank you, Adam. Out of bed and time to take a, in contrast, hot shower.
Adam: Though he's tired, stays up for her.
Trajedie: When she finally gets done, steam actually follows her out when she leaves the bathroom, towel wrapped around her. …Er… I don't have anything to change into.
Adam: …There's some clothes in my dresser, if you like…
Trajedie: Takes him up on that offer, though only puts on a pair of pants, then gets into bed once more.
Adam: Puts his arms around her, snuggling into her a bit, stroking her wet hair.
Trajedie: Skin is actually a little pinkish from the very hot shower and warm to touch. Snuggles back to him, resting a hand over one of his own.
Adam: Um…
Trajedie: …Mm?
Adam: Holds her close. I hope what I did was alright with you…
Trajedie: It was… Frowns to herself, snuggling up to him even more.
Adam: What's wrong…?
Trajedie: …It's not you… it's… Just frowns even more. …I was willing to go further.
Adam: Stares a bit. Further?
Trajedie: …I… Adam… You don't think I'm… Frowns even more. This is apparently really bugging her. …Easy… right?
Adam: Easy? This is about as confusing as my dad telling me to be safe with you.
Trajedie: …Loose. Having to come up with more terms to describe my anxiety about appearing easy to, 'get with' just makes it worse.
Adam: …Loose? Blinks. Looks really confused.
Trajedie: He really doesn't seem to know… Just… that I don't have any… sexual restraint. That just sounds strange to her ears. …I was really thinking about going further… much further…
Adam: Still looks confused. …You don't want to get pregnant, do you?
Trajedie: We… Well… No… I really don't… but… I was kind of losing control… Lost it, really.
Adam: …I'm sorry. Frowning very deeply and looking at her worriedly. I'm really, really sorry… I didn't mean to do that… I didn't mean to pressure you into it… I… Oh God, I'm sorry.
Trajedie: Adam… You didn't pressure me at all… I wanted to do it.
Adam: I don't know why you'd want to go any further… Stares at her.
Trajedie: …Um… Well… I guess you're kind of the reason there… b…but it wasn't pressure! Quickly adding the last part. …I just wanted to… I think it would feel good.
Adam: Stares at her like she just another head. …I wouldn't ever want to hurt you, Trajedie.
Trajedie: Blinks. This is a bit of a turnabout. Always had this feeling that if she were to get into a relationship, it'd be the guy who would want to press this issue further. Feels a little strange that she's the one doing just that in this case. The feeling really isn't a good one, either.
Adam: Strokes her cheek. I wouldn't do that… Unless we wanted children or something…
Trajedie: Her turn to stare at him like he grew another head. …Unless we wanted children…?
Adam: Nods, looking totally serious.
Trajedie: …I don't understand, Adam… Only if we wanted children…?
Adam: Nods, looking at her curiously. …I wouldn't want to hurt you, Trajedie. Frowns. Or cause you any pain… At all.
Trajedie: …You won't hurt me, Adam.
Adam: Looking sort of disturbed now, like he did back at the restaurant.
Trajedie: That's just worrisome and in response, snuggles up closer to him. …It's… something I want to do when we're ready…
Adam: So confused. But…
Trajedie: …But…?
Adam: I'd hurt you… I don't want you to suffer… or cause you mental anguish.
Trajedie: The only way you would do that is if we did it, then you started ignoring me. …Adam… It's not going to make me suffer at all… Why do you think it would?
Adam: Looking really disturbed, even trembling a little.
Trajedie: Maybe not the best idea, but wraps her arms around him and tries to coax him closer with a gentle pull.
Adam: Closes his eyes… hand clutches… …When Price kidnapped me…
Trajedie: Even though his eyes are closed, looks right to where they would be. Waits for him to go on at his own pace.
Adam: …Well… he did… that… to me…
Trajedie: …Oh, Adam… Moves a hand to gently stroke his cheek, really at a loss of what to say to him. Now she just feels disgusting for even putting him in a position that reminded him of that.
Adam: Keeps his eyes closed, looking pained and feeling not a little embarrassed himself to have to admit that to her.
Trajedie: I'm so sorry, Adam… If I would have known… Sounds ashamed of herself, speaking very quietly, barely audible even.
Adam: Opens his eyes. …It's alright… It's not your fault… but… I wouldn't ever want to do that to you, Trajedie.
Trajedie: Even in spite of all of his words and his confession of what happened, it is still kind of difficult to hear that. I…I see… If you want… I can go back to my room… I don't want you to… Saying, 'feel uncomfortable' kind of doesn't seem to fit the bill, so she instead just tapers off into silence instead of finishing the sentence.
Adam: Frowns a bit. I really like being with you Trajedie… but if you want to go back…
Trajedie: Just snuggles up closer to him, but draws back a little bit when she gets, 'too close'. Just not sure what she can do without stirring memories of what happened. Very confusing, considering how he'd tended to her quite affectionately. …I don't want to go.
Adam: Holds her close. …Thank you.
Trajedie: …I really do love you, Adam. Can't help but bring herself just a bit closer, even while she's already held close by his arms.
Adam: Doesn't mind a bit. I love you too… Sounds happy saying that.
Trajedie: Is also happy to hear it. Closes her eyes. Pretty tired, really. …Good night, Adam.
Adam: Good night, Trajedie.
Trajedie: No kiss goodnight for you though.
Adam: Can't seem get to sleep.
Trajedie: Doesn't seem to be resting very peacefully, but sleeping all the same at least.

John: Checks Elijah's room, for signs of any foul play.
Elijah's Room: His bed is neatly made. There are a bunch of papers on his desk. His sword and belt hang over a chair. There's a picture of Bara and a lot of books on a shelf. No signs of a struggle.
John: If he were going somewhere he thought there may have been need for self-defense, he would have brought the sword. I think. It's dawning on me that I really can't ask Katen or Gabriel for help in this either. I don't have the authority to do much of anything, except maybe boss a few of the guards around. Maybe the books or papers hold a clue, if he left on his own accord.
Elijah's Books: Normal sort of novels. Nothing much interesting.
Papers: Quite a lot of them, in Elijah's hand. Seems he was writing a story… Quite a lengthy one, by the piles of papers and notebooks.
John: No hint there. No sign of a struggle in his room, either. Sighs, getting even more worried now. Is it possible that he was taken from the castle? Albeit nonviolently. Could mean that he was either taken by surprise or whoever did, had leverage to use. Out of Elijah's room he goes and to the barracks, wracking his brain over the possibilities of why Elijah is gone, if he was kidnapped, or if he left of his own accord.

Jim: Yeah… They were both naked…
John: Blinks at that.
Sam: Daaamn. Well at least it was straight. Not like Bill a few years back, who saw some guys goin' at it.
John: Gentlemen.
Jim & Sam: Look up and stand at attention. Yes, Sir!
John: Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I need you to report to me of any unusual occurrences you have seen or heard since the beginning of this day, to this very hour.
Jim & Sam: Look to each other a bit squeamishly.
John: Did I stutter?
Jim: Sir! There was an unidentified couple engaging in public nudity and sexual acts at the swimming hole not an hour ago!
John: Duly noted. Anything else?
Jim & Sam: Think.
Jim: No, Sir!
John: For future reference, if you see such a thing happen again, you can either walk away and ignore it or you can apprehend them. Refrain from watching.
Jim & Sam: Look at each other again. Sir!
Sam: Snorts a bit.
Jim: Snickers.
John: Did something I say amuse you two?
Sam & Jim: No, Sir!
John: No need to be so uptight, gentlemen. Why exactly were you laughing? Usually questions in this fashion coming from him are very thinly veiled demands.
Jim: …It was funny, Sir!
John: Elaborate. What is it you found funny?
Jim: Just what you told us, Sir!
John: …Very well, then. As you were.
Jim & Sam: Sir! Sit back down.
John: That was productive. Should anything out of the ordinary take place, I want it relayed to me immediately. Be sure to let the others know that as well.
Jim & Sam: Yes, Sir!
John: About face and leaves the barracks. The only other person I could really ask is Jessica. Decides to check Izzy's room first, to see if he's awake. Doesn't see a need to wake the kid up and ask him questions while he's half-dozing. The logic behind it? Aidae's friend. Aidae may be hiding something, though the possibility is slim and she may have relayed that to Izzy.

Izzy: Reading comic books in bed.
John: Knocks on his door.
Izzy's Door: John can see the light from beneath it quickly turn off.
John: Very clever. Opens up the door.
Izzy: Hides under the covers.
John: I know you're awake.
Izzy: Peeks out and stares at John.
John: I suppose most people might be a little worried to have a royal guard barge into their quarters at this hour, much less the inept captain. Hello.
Izzy: …Hi.
John: Sorry to disturb you while you should be sleeping. I just need to ask you some questions.
Izzy: Just stares.
John: Tries to see if there is anything suspicious about that stare.
Izzy: Just looks scared.
John: You know that Aidae has been looking for her father, correct?
Izzy: No… Frowns. I haven't seen her all day and she said she'd meet me out by the big tree swing this afternoon. Shying away from John.
John: Dan was right. I guess I am scary. I see. When did you last see him?
Izzy: …She's a girl. Flinches a bit.
John: Not Aidae. Elijah.
Izzy: Oh… I saw him yesterday evening. He got Aidae and me ice cream.
John: Nods. Did he say anything strange at all?
Izzy: No… Trembling a bit.
John: I must be really scary. Have people been telling tales about me or am I just naturally this frightening? Noticing his trembling, opts for a bit of a gentler tone. Very well. Thank you for your help, Izzy.
Izzy: Nods, eyes wide.
John: You should get some sleep as well. You don't want to sleep the day away, after all.
Izzy: Just nods and flinches involuntarily. Oh, he scares me when Aidae's not around.
John: A little disturbed by how frightening he seems. Daniel was much more on the mark than he would have liked to admit apparently. Good night, then.
Izzy: Nods to him, shrinking back. Sir.
John: Exits out the door. Now who to interrogate?
Izzy: Phew, he didn't hit me. Does actually go to bed, under orders from John.

John: Checks the Glinter Hangar. Maybe one of them is missing.
Glinters: All present and accounted for.
John: Son of a bitch. All the way back down to the first floor. Where else could a clue to his whereabouts be? Gets an idea. Time to render myself unconscious. To the infirmary.

Nick: Night shift, woo.
John: Steps into the infirmary.
Nick: Stares at John sleepily. Yes?
John: I'm having difficulties getting to sleep. I was wondering if there was something you could give me to help with that?
Nick: Why are you having difficulty… Yawns. Getting to sleep?
John: Stress.
Nick: Well… I don't like… Yawns. Handing ouuut-ahhh… Sleeping pills. Because… You'll gain dependency. It's better… to deal with the root of the problem and fix your sleep routine.
John: I quit smoking cold turkey, I don't think a single sleeping pill for this one night is going to damage me.
Nick: You never… Yawns. Know… Head droops, but jerks up again. Y'know? I'm a doctor.
John: I've noticed. Hence why I came to you to ask for them.
Nick: Why don't you take over my shift if you're so awake? No. No sleeping pills… Normal sleep schedule. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. No naps. Don't eat or exercise before sleeping. Don't have any fun at all… You'll sleep like… a baby. Y'know what they say… Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise.
John: Who exactly says that?
Nick: Somebody did.
John: This is pointless. Turns and leaves.
Nick: Yeah. Good night.

John: It's actually convenient that he was a little busy today. Could go to sleep if he tried. He just wanted it to be quicker. Finds someplace besides his room to sleep. Doesn't want to stir Jessica. The question is, what can change a man? Background research in the matter dictates that a series of events that provide new experiences and stimuli can alter the opinions of a man and lead them to new thoughts and discoveries about them self. The subject in this matter used to be withdrawn and a bit moody, sensitive to change and nihilistic… But in being cured of his disease, his view on life was radically changed. He had become more… Works like a charm.
Daniel: Hey
John: Hello, Daniel.
Daniel: What the heck are you talking about?
John: Going through steps to help myself go to sleep, is all.
Daniel: Oh, you really wanted to see me! Smiles.
John: Yes, I did.
Daniel: Big smile.
John: I would wait before being flattered. I do enjoy talking to you, but I have a question.
Daniel: What's that?
John: Elijah is missing. Would you know where he is at all?
Daniel: …Taco Bell?
John: You saw him go to Taco Bell?
Daniel: I don't know where he is but I can find out. Turns on the TV. Eww… Adam and Goth Chick in bed together.
John: I hope they were at least safe about it.
Daniel: I'm sure he wore his bicycle helmet. Flips channels to Jessica in bed, then Middler and Celena in bed. Eww.
John: He's not with any of them. Can't you just focus on Elijah himself?
Daniel: I'm getting to it, hot pants.
John: …Hot pants? …Never mind. I don't want to know.
Daniel: Jesus Christ. Flips channels and… horrible agonized screaming… That'd be Elijah.
John: Stares at the screen.
Price: Laughing and holding a small crystal vial between his fingertips.
John: It was a pleasure talking to you again, Daniel.
Daniel: Um. Yeah. Hold on a second.
John: Stares at the screen still, though waits for Daniel to speak.
Daniel: You're not going to do anything stupid?
John: That depends on your definition of stupid.
Elijah: More agonized screaming.
Daniel: Going after Price.
John: Blood is boiling at this point. Not me, no. I am very aware of the fact that I will never be able to best him. What I am going to do, is attempt to figure out how exactly Price got his hands on him.
Daniel: …How?
John: That's why I said 'attempt', Daniel. I'm not quite sure myself.
Daniel: If you do anything stupid, I'll have Adam stop you. Believe me. Don't do anything stupid. Frowns.
John: Do I have to reiterate myself? I am not going to hunt down Price.
Daniel: Just keep that in mind.
John: I have a scar to do that for me. The worst of it is, I cannot reasonably take any authoritative action.
Daniel: Adam's the regent. You're his father. Adam commands the army.
John: 'Adam, I went to sleep and spoke to your father. Price has Elijah.'
Daniel: Uh… He's the most likely to believe that.
John: He is, true. I'm considering what else to take into account on the matter, though. Mind you, I'm not thinking very straight right now.
Daniel: Can't really blame you.
John: Smirking a little, though his eyes aren't agreeing with the expression at all. They are quite filled with, what can only be described as a mixture of frustration and hatred. I appreciate the empathy.
Daniel: Oh God, he's smiling at me. This can't be good. You've got Izzy.
John: Yes, I do. Don't worry. I've thought of that one already.
Daniel: Kid's middle name might as well be, 'Leverage'. What was your conclusion?
John: Right now? His middle name may as well be, 'Bait'. I can't think right now though. It is important that I don't. Please excuse me, Daniel. Time is wasting already.
Daniel: Bye-bye.
John: Farewell. And suddenly sits up in his chair, knocking it over. To the barracks again.

Jim & Sam: Playing cards.
John: Shoves open the door unceremoniously.
Jim & Sam: At attention. Sir!
John: Awaken the rest of the men immediately.
Jim & Sam: Get to that. Soon all the guards are awake!
John: Set up a patrol of the entrances to this castle as well as the immediate hallways. Now.
Jim & Sam: Do as ordered.

John: Turns on his heel. Now it's to disrupt Adam. Just barges on into his room, lighting it.
Adam: Sits up in bed. I must be dreaming.
Trajedie: Stirs a little, halfway waking up. Only tries to pull Adam back down, so she can proceed to snuggle with him though.
Adam: …Dad…?
John: Adam. He really was in bed with that girl. Has the same expression on his face that he had when he was with Daniel. Might point to this being something of an urgent situation. Price has Elijah.
Adam: Still half-asleep, unfortunately. …What?
Trajedie: …Mmm… Pulls at him.
John: The Demon Price has your brother, Adam.
Adam: Stares a bit. How…?
John: That I do not know, Adam. You can trust that my resources are correct though.
Adam: Gently removes Trajedie's clinging hands and modestly pulls the covers back over her. Up he gets to put on his clothes.
Trajedie: Not much of a hassle. Just turns and goes back to sleep, mumbling something incoherently.
Adam: Good thing she's a heavy sleeper. Now clothed. What do you need me to do?
John: We need to think of a way to extract Elijah from Holle, which is where I assume he's being kept, since Price seems to be personally attending to him.
Adam: How do you know this…?
John: Daniel told me. Rather, he showed me. Now is not the time to explain that, though.

Adam: Yawns and starts walking.
John: Walks with him. As far as extracting Elijah alone, that could possibly be done with the assistance of Demi.
Adam: …He'd be expecting that from last time. To his office.
John: Fair enough. Infiltrating Holle when the security has undoubtedly been bolstered is not looking possible. Followed him there.
Adam: You want to ask assistance from the Angels?
John: That is a possibility, but our liaison is somewhat indisposed and said liaison could have possibly reflected badly on this castle, which could cause our request to be denied. Still worth exploring.
Adam: What are you talking about? Lucia's always had friendly relations with us, like her father.
John: I was referring to Gabriel in my point. If you think it is possible, then it is your choice to make, not mine.
Adam: Gabriel's problem is with Heaven's Angels. Sits to begin penning a letter. Do you want them to come here? Do you have any specific plan in mind?
John: That depends. There are a few routes to take in this endeavor and one of which is the possibility of war with Holle.
Adam: I don't want war with Holle. That's the last option.
John: I have another option. You may not enjoy it either, though.
Adam: What's that? Looks up at his father.
John: Izzy.
Adam: What about him? You want to use him as a lure?
John: That is a possibility.
Adam: How so?
John: If Price has any need for Izzy, then it may possible to draw him out into the open, with Izzy as bait… and if push comes to shove, an exchange.
Adam: Stares.
John: Stares right back.
Adam: How can you say that?
John: I am not underestimating the situation.
Adam: As far as we know, Price isn't starting war… We are.
John: I am saying nothing about war, Adam.
Adam: What are you saying?
John: I am saying that if war is your last option, than the possibility of an exchange of Izzy for Elijah is not.
Adam: I'd put leaving Elijah in Price's hands over exchanging Izzy.
John: I see.
Adam: And I did not say war was my last option. I said directly attacking Holle was.
John: Very well then.
Adam: Stares at his father.
John: If those two options are out, then we have to consider which ones we have the capability of dedicating ourselves to.
Adam: I have no problem with using Izzy as a lure, if he isn't harmed.
John: The possibility exists.
Adam: But not instantaneously. We're not ready for war.
John: Not yet. If at all possible, it would be best that this be solved with as little conflict as possible. That was difficult for him to say.
Adam: He's a child.
John: I am aware of that. I do not want to exchange him anymore than you do.
Adam: I stand by what I said. If you want no conflict, leave Elijah there.
John: I would rather not abandon your brother.
Adam: I would rather not, either but I can't favor my family members' lives over others.
John: Then you will make an excellent regent. If you will excuse me, I really have no say in this matter. My job is merely to protect people whose lives are more important than my own. I will leave planning to you.
Adam: …Dad…
John: Yes, Adam?
Adam: You're acting like a child.
John: I see.
Adam: You're the one who instigated this and now you're dropping it like a lead balloon because we had a disagreement?
John: I am not dropping it. What I do recognize is that I am overstepping my authority as it is.
Adam: Looks around. I don't see anyone else who knows more about the situation at hand than you.
John: Then it would be best to get people who will have a direct impact on the situation informed.
Adam: Why do you think you can't have a direct impact?
John: Do I have the ability to? Perhaps. It is not my place to do so, though. You have generals. They lead your armies. If you have a advisor, they can give you sound words on the ordeal. If you have a tactician, they can help lay out your plan. Adam: Fine… Unless you want a say in this, you're dismissed. It's my job to hear all people out, but you haven't given me very logical reasons, as of yet. Perhaps you should take some time to gather your thoughts.
John: Farewell. Bows and takes his leave. Still tempted to just deal with this himself, using Middler. He wouldn't refuse.