19 July 2023
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Jessica McMurran John Crowley Ernest Randall Feemerson McMurran Celena McMurran Middler Blaydow Adam McMurran Elijah McMurran

Jessica: I guess J.N. is napping. Sits on his couch. I remember when this house was filled with crazy people and laughter.
J.N: Hard day at work. Under pressure.
Jessica: Shopping bags at her feet! Has updated her wardrobe.
J.N: Stirs.
Jessica: Wonders if she played the TV real loudly, he'd wake up… but decides she'd better not.
John's Door: Knocked upon!
Jessica: Jumps! Wonders if she should answer?!
J.N: Awakens. Grmbm… Jessica? Somebody knocking?
Jessica: Goes to the door and peeps through the peephole.
Ernest: Standin' there, being cool. Though he's not.
Jessica: Opens the door!
Ernest: Surprised, but not for long! Hello Jessica, you look nice today.
Jessica: Thank you! But, um… John's asleep right now.
Ernest: Raises a brow! Asleep? We should wake him up then.
Jessica: Well, uh… I'm sure he's been very busy today and he deserves a good rest.
J.N: Did drift back to half-sleep.
Ernest: Well… if ya say so.
Jessica: I made some iced tea… Would you like some? Or, um… Is there something you need to talk to John about that's very important?
Ernest: Iced tea sounds good! It's kind of important, but it's not an emergency.
Jessica: Well, it's not my house, but um… I guess I'll play hostess anyway… Come in.
Ernest: Does so!
Jessica: Serves Ernest iced tea. Goes to wake up J.N.
Ernest: Drinks iced tea!

Feemy: Bothering Celena!
Celena: Just glares at him.
Feemy: …Um… So how are you?
Celena: Fine.
Feemy: That's good… Um… What're you doing?
Celena: Nothing.
Feemy: Are you mad at me?
Celena: Just looks at him.
Feemy: I didn't do anything though! Not recently, that is.
Celena: I had a black eye for a week because of you.
Feemy: I'm sorry about thaaat…
Celena: That's not good enough for the mental and physical agony you put me through.
Feemy: What is then?
Celena: Weeell…
Feemy: …?
Celena: Why don't you take care of Natey for me? That big bunny's kind of a hand… or arm full.
Feemy: Looks at Natey. I don't know how to.
Celena: Just feed him and give him water and sit outside with him for like two hours everyday and make sure he doesn't eat everything in your room.
Feemy: Why's Natey in your room anyway? I thought he was Middler's bunny.
Celena: Well Middler wants me to take care of him.
Feemy: …You don't wanna?
Celena: It's just that it's sort of a pain.
Feemy: …If I do take care of Natey, you won't be mad at me anymore?
Celena: …Yes…
Feemy: Alright! …Uh… What if Middler gets mad?
Celena: Middler is a wonderful, calm, and peaceful man. He'll understand.
Feemy: A…Alright… but… um… maybe… never mind. I'll take care of Natey.
Celena: Smiles. Thanks! …But if anything bad happens to Natey… then It's your fault and I'll never forgive you.
Feemy: …O…Okay… Naaay-teee… Come here?
Natey: Yeah, that'll work.

Jessica: Shakes him. John?
J.N: Awakens. Hm…? …Jessica…? Snaps awake now. Crap… What time is it…?
Jessica: Um… Looks at his clock. A quarter after seven?
J.N: …Sorry… I just meant to take a small nap after work.
Jessica: It's alright… I hope you don't mind that I visited.
J.N: Shakes his head. No problem… not at all… come bye whenever… you're always welcome. Finds that he's glad when he wakes up and someone is there.
Jessica: Strokes his head and kisses his cheek. Ernest is over here to talk about something 'important'.
J.N: Wasn't expecting a visit! I should see what he wants then.
Jessica: Nods and goes back into the front room.
J.N: Follows!

Feemy: Climbs onto her bed to grab Natey. Natey weighs a ton. Manages to get him off of the bed, but looks like the large bunny is getting a piggyback ride!
Celena: Watches gleefully!
Feemy: Loses his grip and drops Natey!
Celena: Feemy!!!
Natey: Drops a whole menacing inches to the floor. Immediately 'stands' up on his hind legs. Pretty tall, too.
Feemy: I'm sorry! He's just heavy…
Natey: Mostly wide though.
Celena: Just go away. You're just gonna hurt him if you do it.
Feemy: But… I won't, really! I don't have to carry him… Maybe he'll follow me?
Celena's Door: Knocking!
Celena: Who is it?
Middler: It's just me.
Celena: Looks in the mirror and straightens up her hair. Come in…
Middler: Enters! Not wearing a purple suit. Dressed more 'normally'. He has to change his clothes, after all. Hello Celena… and Feemy! Aw… They're spending time together.
Celena: You look so handsome Middler!
Middler: No top hat either. Thank you, Celena. You look nice today as well.
Celena: Thank you, Middler!
Middler: I just wanted to stop by to see how you were doing, Celena.
Celena: Sorta ashamed/guilty look.
Feemy: Uh… Middler?
Middler: What is it, Feemy?
Feemy: …You're not mad at me for hitting you, are you?
Middler: Of course not. You already apologized. …Natey looks a little irate.
Natey: Still standing.
Celena: H-He's fine! Gives Natey a big hug. I love him so much!
Middler: You do? That's great! I'm sure he likes the company. Do your kittens like him?
Cats: Hiding under the bed.
Celena: U-Um yeah!
Middler: Where are they, anyhow? Blinks and polishes his glasses.
Celena: Um… Sleeping under my bed.
Middler: Oh! I see. Puts the glasses back on his nose!
Celena: Big smile.
Feemy: How am I gonna get Natey in my room?
Celena: Big eyes. Glares at Feemy.
Middler: Oh, I can give you a hand. He's a big boy.
Feemy: Oops.
Celena: W-Well, Natey's staying in my room, of course.
Middler: I know. It's nice of you to let Feemy play with Natey, Celena. That's what I thought was going on, anyway. Kids love giant lagomorphs.
Celena: Oh… Yes… Well you'd better take good care of him, Feemy and bring him back as soon as you're done with him.
Feemy: …Uh-huh, I will!
Celena: He's such a sweet little brother.
Feemy: Smiles genuinely! Thinks she really means it!
Celena: Smiles. Now run along and play, Feemy… I think Middler wants some alone time with me.
Middler: …I only have myself to blame.
Feemy: Half carries, half drags an uncooperative Natey away!
Celena: Hold me, Middler.
Middler: Hugs.
Celena: Hugs back.
Middler: Feels inquisitive. Celena, why do you like me?
Celena: Well, how couldn't I like you?
Middler: It's very kind of you to say that, but I'm really curious.
Celena: I like everything about you, Middler. You're handsome and sweet and kind and generous and chivalrous. You don't have any bad qualities at all.
Middler: And it doesn't bother you at all that I have feathers poking out of my head?
Celena: Nope.
Middler: You're a very lovely young woman. Doesn't finish it with, "You'll find a boyfriend besides me." because he has no spine.
Celena: Blushes. You will wait until I turn 16, won't you?
Middler: I will. Whipped. Like Amish butter. …Though I'm sure you could find someone better than me in that time.
Celena: Hm. That's impossible. You're the most wonderful man I've ever met. Second only to my daddy. Nods.
Middler: Can't help but be flattered that she thinks so highly of him. Of course.
Celena: Smiles.
Middler: He was a great man. Who didn't like me too much either!
Celena: Nods. I think you're a great man, too.
Middler: And you're a kind young woman. Digging himself into a deeper hole.
Celena: Smiles.

Jessica: Serves J.N. iced tea as well and sits, moving her shopping bags to the side.
Ernest: Yo John! Good to see you.
J.N: Drinks and rubs the sleep out of his eyes. Thank you, Jessica… Good to see you too, Ernest. What's the matter?
Ernest: Nothin's the matter. Me and the guys wanted to know when you were leaving, since we're going to have a little goin' away party at Curt's.
J.N: …A going away party?
Ernest: Yeah. Eugene, Curt, and I want to see you off… 'Course, Gene and Curt think you're going to Europe.
Jessica: That's so sweet.
Ernest: Just an idea I had… and you can bring your friends from Atlantis if you want, but you have to make up the stories for why they're there yourself.
Jessica: Well if it's just a friend thing or whatever, I wouldn't want to intrude or anything.
Ernest: It is just a friend thing. Pats her shoulder. You're a friend of John though, so you're more than welcome.
Jessica: Looks to John.
J.N: …Alright… I don't know when exactly I'm leaving though. I have to train the new people before I can quit.
Jessica: Oh, um… John?
J.N: Yes Jessica?
Jessica: I called my parents. They said we could come over tomorrow.
J.N: Alright. I look forward to seeing them. Kisses her forehead.
Jessica: Smiles. Laughs a bit. Really?
J.N: Really.
Jessica: I thought you would be nervous…
J.N: I am a little.
Jessica: Leans against him. My dad's only a little bit scarier than yours… Evil grin.
J.N: Wraps an arm around her and chuckles. That's pretty bad… Are you sure I'm going to survive the visit?
Jessica: I don't know… What kind of weapon are you planning on using?
J.N: I left my sword in Atlantis.
Jessica: Laughs. Maybe he's mellowed out a bit over the years.
J.N: For my sake, I hope so.
Jessica: Giggles and kisses him on the cheek. Positively glowing lately.
Ernest: Trying not to laugh at them.
Jessica: Looks at Ernest. Knows it's probably uncomfortable for him to see them being all lovey-dovey. Sorry…
Ernest: Eh? No, not at all. I should be going anyhow. I just stopped by to tell Sir John that.
Jessica: Sir John?
Ernest: It's a joke. You guys were just joking! Jeez.
Jessica: Just stares at him obliviously.
Ernest: …Awkward silence. …I… uh… just kidding…
J.N: I love it when that happens.
Jessica: …Oh! Laughs.
Ernest: The laugh just makes it worse.
Jessica: Stops abruptly.
Ernest: …So, I'll see you guys at the party then.. when it's… going on.
Jessica: Bye Ernest. Gives him a hug.
Ernest: Belatedly hugs back, since he wasn't expecting it. You too, you two.
Jessica: Laughs a bit and waves.
J.N: …Heh.
Jessica: Once Ernest departs, sits back down next to J.N.
J.N: …Leans on her a bit.
Jessica: Leans back. You wanna go back to Atlantis or…? Kinda hoping J.N. will take her on a date or something.
J.N: …I'd like to go back to Atlantis.
Jessica: Hides her disappointment.
J.N: …I'm sorry for being asleep when you got here.
Jessica: It's alright… How was work?
J.N: One of the new guys got nauseous.
Jessica: Oh. Um… Oh…
J.N: …You know… I don't think I'd like to talk about work… What about you, Jessica? How was your day?
Jessica: It was fine… I got most of my paperwork finished… Came over here… Did some shopping. Called my parents… Made iced tea… What do you think of my new outfit? Leans more against him.
J.N: Supports. You look lovely.
Jessica: Snuggles into his shoulder. …Wanna do something…?
J.N: Puts an arm around her shoulder. I would. Do you have anything in mind?
Jessica: Not really.
J.N: …Have you eaten yet?
Jessica: Nooo… Looks up at him.
J.N: We could go out to eat…?
Jessica: Nods.
J.N: Alright… Let me take a shower and get dressed.
Jessica: Alright, I'll wait for you. He just needs a little coaching.
J.N: Goes off to do that!
Jessica: Waits, smiling.
J.N: …Finishes washing.
Jessica: Chillaxes. Hums to herself and looks around the room. Bites her lip.
J.N: Dresses ad nicely as he can be.
Jessica: Smiles. You look good, John!
J.N: …Thanks. Dressed in clothes you bought me anyhow.
Jessica: Stands up and hugs him. Smooches him on the lips.
J.N: Smooches back and hugs. Do you have a favorite restaurant?
Jessica: …Not really… Why don't you take me to your favorite restaurant?
J.N: Leads the way to the car.
Jessica: Follows, holding his hand.
J.N: Even is a gentleman and opens the door for her.
Jessica: Thank you, John. Gets in the car.
J.N: Takes her to… a fancy Italian restaurant.

Feemy: Panting. Finally makes it to his room, Natey in tow.
Natey: Bounds right onto Feemy's bed!
Feemy: Pouts 'cause he lost all the races he had with Ren back at Elf Haven, unless he deliberately let him win.

Jessica: Ooo, I should've gotten more dressed up.
J.N: You look fine the way you are.
Jessica: Smiles. You're just saying that.
J.N: I mean it.
Jessica: Smiles. You're sweet under that rough exterior, John.
J.N: Just don't let it get out. I've got a reputation as a curmudgeon to maintain.
Jessica: Laughs and gets out of the car.
J.N: Steps out too!
Jessica: I'll never tell. Goes over to him and laces her arm with his. Why would I want the other women to know what a great catch I got?
J.N: Chuckles a bit, since he kind of never thought in his life that he'd be given such compliments!
Jessica: Walks with him. So nice it's just the two of us, away from the kids. Leans against J.N.

Middler: This is a lot of holding. I should be going, Celena.
Celena: Sighs. I guess so…
Middler: Gives Celena a kiss goodnight… on the forehead and departed. Now he's bored.

J.N: Seated.
Jessica: When do you think you'll be done training the new guy?
J.N: It depends on him… I hope soon.
Jessica: Nods. Me too… I can't wait, really. Laughs a bit. Sorry if I sound over-eager.
J.N: I'm glad to see you're looking forward to it. I am, too
Jessica: Sighs. I really can't thank you enough for all of this John. I really am very touched…
J.N: You don't have to thank me… I wanted to take you out to dinner. May have missed the scope.
Jessica: Laughs. No… Well, yes, thank you for taking me to dinner… but just for…. well uprooting your life… for me. I mean… That's really… Blushes. I-I dunno. I feel very flattered.
J.N: A little flustered himself… though never blushing. Oh… I… well… He doesn't know what to say.
Jessica: I feel a little guilty, too.
J.N: Guilty?
Jessica: Doing all that for me… and well… my children, too, I suppose. I'm not really giving you much in return, I think…
J.N: …I think, in one way or another, you and your family have given me a lot…
Jessica: Well… You've got our love. Smiles.
J.N: Nods. …And… for what it's worth, you have mine.
Jessica: I think that's worth a lot. Smiles.
J.N: ..Thank you, Jessica.
Jessica: I feel a lot happier and, well… younger than I have in a long time.
J.N: You don't look old at all. I'm glad I can do that for you.
Jessica: Smiles. Awkward silence soon follows?!
Waiter: Thankfully arrives and demands they order.
Jessica: …Orders Italian food! While trying not to break J.N.'s wallet.
J.N: Which I am grateful for, though soon my money will be meaningless. Orders too!
Jessica: So, um… Tries to think of a topic of conversation.
J.N: Looks intently at her. Eye-to-eye, paying rapt attention. …Yes?
Jessica: Nervous stare… Uh… Splutters. Why is he looking at me so intently?!
J.N: I sense I may be making her feel uncomfortable. …Do you cook much Italian food?
Jessica: Sort of… but all those Italian chefs always seem sort of… Whispers. Snobby.
J.N: I hadn't noticed… Were you ever a professional chef?
Jessica: Laughs. No… I mean… I wish… but I was just out of culinary school when I got whisked away to Atlantis. Maybe I'll be able to retire someday. And the war will be over… and I can live in the country.
J.N: Nods. You wouldn't want to live in the castle?
Jessica: Not really… I mean, it's nice and all… but after living there so long, well… It kind of loses it's charm. I'd like to have a home of my own, with just me and my family there and it's very peaceful and I don't have to do any paperwork and I can take long walks in the woods and just relax and enjoy myself.
J.N: That does sound nice..
Jessica: And… I'd like to do it with you.
J.N: Hopefully by then I could at least pull my own weight.
Jessica: Smiles at him.
J.N: Smiles back. Is seriously bothered by not being productive.
Jessica: Smiles. I love you, John.
J.N: Smile widens. I love you, too. These past days have been so nice…
Jessica: Smiles. Looks at him lovingly.
J.N: This is almost too good to be true.

Adam: Where's Mommy and Daddy?
Elijah: Distracted! Reading! I dunno… and dead.
Adam: T-They're dead? Tears welling.
Elijah: Looks up from his book. Nooo. Stop crying.
Adam: W-Why did you lie to me?
Elijah: I wasn't lying… I said Dad was dead and he is.
Adam: Mr. John's my daddy now. Frowns.
Elijah: Well when you say 'daddy' to me, I think of our real father, so you might want to rectify that when speaking to me.
Adam: …Whats "wrecked-tee-fy" mean?
Elijah: To fix.
Adam: Why don't you just use the easier word?
Elijah: Adam, I'm trying to read this book. I don't want to answer a bajillion questions.
Adam: Why don't you love me?
Elijah: I do love you.
Adam: You love your book more.
Elijah: Yes, Adam, I love the book more. Now go on.
Adam: Tears well. Why don't you love Mr. John?
Elijah: I do love Mr. John, but he's not my father.
Adam: He could be.
Elijah: Yeah, he could. But I already had a father and I don't want another one, okay?
Adam: Mr. John would be better.
Elijah: Exhales from his nostrils. Puts his book down. Stands. Takes Adam by the shirt collar and places him outside his door. Closes his door and locks it. Goes back to reading his book.
Adam: Tears… and mommy's gone… and J.N.'s gone… and not even Uncle Eric is here… and… I'm all alone.
Elijah: Why do little brothers have to bother you right when you get to the good part?
Adam: Goes to his room, sobbing all the way!

Jessica: What sort of job do you think you'd like to do in Atlantis?
J.N: I don't even know what's really available…
Jessica: Well, what do you like doing?
J.N: …Hm… Has to think about this.
Jessica: Lets J.N. think.
J.N: I've been out of touch so long with my personal goals that I really don't even know what I would be, given my own choice… Frowns.
Jessica: Why so out of touch with your personal goals?
J.N: I spent all of high school and a good chunk of my adult life with the goal of just 'getting by.'
Jessica: …Nods.
J.N: It was a little pathetic.
Jessica: I don't think so… I mean… Lots of people aren't sure what they want to do with their lives… I mean… I feel lucky that I did. I don't think it's a bad thing or means you're pathetic. I think it must be hard to feel that way… To not really know your purpose…
J.N: Nods his head slightly. It does make sense, but…
Jessica: You're a very intelligent man and I don't think you have anything to be ashamed of.
J.N: …Thank you.
Jessica: Smiles at him.
J.N: Kind of hard to even beat oneself up around Jessica, at least now it does.
Jessica: The food here's really good.
J.N: I'm glad you like it. Didn't just pick at the food this time either.
Jessica: You have good taste in restaurants.
J.N: Heh… Just this one. Really.
Jessica: Who told you about this one…? Ernest? Giggles a little. Teasing.
J.N: Smiles, amused! It was Curt, actually. Him and his wife went here for their anniversary once.
Jessica: I can't remember if I've met Curt.
J.N: Maybe briefly at the hospital… Not sure.
Jessica: I know I've never met the mysterious Eugene.
J.N: You can at my eventual going away party
Jessica: Heh. I bet there will be a lot of drinking involved.
J.N: …Yeah, probably. I'm not going to drink, though.
Jessica: Smiles. Why don't you drink?
J.N: I don't see much of a point to getting drunk. All it accomplishes is making a fool out of the one who's drinking and a hangover.
Jessica: Nods. I agree. I never got in the habit of it. Hanging out with Daniel and Julius during my high school and college years… They never did anything exciting… Joking. I think I'd rather have more brain cells, anyway.
J.N: Nods. …Admittedly, I got that out of the way when I was younger.
Jessica: Laughs. Oh really?
J.N: Yeah… Not very often, but it happened every now and again.
Jessica: Nods. Not all that surprised considering J.N. used to smoke a lot.
J.N: I guess I wasn't in very good shape.
Jessica: Well… The important thing is that you changed… I mean, that must've been pretty difficult and… I know I wasn't very sympathetic.
J.N: It's alright… I wouldn't have appreciated the sympathy back then, anyhow.
Jessica: Aww, why not?
J.N: I was a bit of a prick.
Jessica: Well, I'm sure you had your reasons.
J.N: Frowns. Not that they were good reasons.
Jessica: Whoops. Touchy subject. Looks awkward.
J.N: Reaches across the table for two and pats her hand. …We can talk about that later, if you would like.
Jessica: Reassured a bit. If you feel comfortable talking about it.
J.N: Not in particular. Smiles a bit ruefully. …But some things can really only be explained by it.
Jessica: Nods. I'd be interested in hearing. Smiles at him.

Jessica: Back at J.N.'s. Well… I should probably go home and make sure my kids are okay… Are you coming or do you need to work tomorrow?
J.N: I don't have work tomorrow… Would you like me to come with?
Jessica: Nods. Though we'll be coming back to visit my parents.
J.N: Of course. I enjoyed dinner, even though I paid for it.
Jessica: Returns to Atlantis.
J.N: Returns to Atlantis as well.

Jessica: Goes to check on Adam.
Adam: Awakens as she enters. Sits up. Mommy!
Jessica: Sorry for waking you. Hugs him. Did you miss me?
J.N: Follows in afterwards.
Adam: Yeees.
Jessica: I'm sorry, honey… I thought you'd be okay.
Adam: Elijah was. So. Mean to me… Buries his face in his mother.
Jessica: Sighs. What did Elijah do to you?
J.N: I thought Elijah was nice to you. This is weird.
Adam: He said he loved a book more than me and he said he didn't want Mr. John to be his daddy and… and… he kicked me out of his room.
J.N: The second part makes sense.
Jessica: …I'm sure he didn't mean it, Adam.
Adam: Yes. He'd rather read a book than talk to me. Sniffs. And he said his daddy was better than Mr. John. And… and… I was all alone.
Jessica: …Well, um… I'm sorry, Adam… I'll… Give him a talking to.
J.N: Jessica's right, though. Elijah didn't mean it.
Adam: Sniffs. Looks at J.N. through red eyes. You and Mommy love each other more than me.
Jessica: Now you know that's not true.
J.N: Doesn't feel like saying, 'Your mother's right' again, so he takes a seat on his bed and hopes maybe proximity might help.
Jessica: Mommy and Mr. John work really hard… You don't think we deserve a little break sometimes? Strokes his hair. You know we love you and we do lots of things with you. It's not okay for Mommy and Mr. John to spend some time alone together?
Adam: Sniffs.
Jessica: It doesn't mean we don't love you or don't want to be around you… We just need 'grown-up' time sometimes.
Adam: Looks at her.
J.N: Lets her do the talking. Is actually observing.
Adam: You just think I'm too stupid to get grown-up talk.
Jessica: Sighs. I didn't mean it like that. You don't really want to be around when Mr. John and I are kissing and telling each other how much we love each other?
Adam: …Isn't that what mommy and daddies do?
Jessica: This kid stumps me.
J.N: It's what they do before they're mommies and daddies.
Adam: Blinks at J.N.
Adam: Oh. You mean that you're gonna have a baby?
Jessica: …Stares at Adam.
J.N: I don't think so. We just went on a date, Adam.
Adam: Yeah.
Jessica: …Clears her throat. Well, uh… Adam…
Jessica: Just because I or Mr. John spend time with other people… or with each other, it doesn't mean we love you any less or them anymore. Okay? It's not nice to be so jealous. It is possible to love more than one person. Alright?
Adam: Yes…
Jessica: Alright… You need to get to sleep now.
Adam: Are you still gonna talk to Elijah?
Jessica: Yes, yes, I'll talk to him. Smooches his forehead. Have a good night's sleep. I love you, sweety.
Adam: I love you too… Good night Daddy…
J.N: Good night, Adam… Love you. Sleep well.
Adam: Thanks… Love you too…
Jessica: Leaves the room.
J.N: Leaves too.

Jessica: Stares at him. Where did he hear about… how babies are made?
J.N: I have no clue.
Jessica: He knows too much. Leads to Elijah's room.
J.N: Follows. Probably going to stay out of this one though.
Jessica: Knocks on Elijah's door.
Elijah: Who is it?
Jessica: Your mother.
Elijah: Opens the door. Hey… Hey Mr. John. Smiles.
J.N: Hello Elijah.
Jessica: Did you get into an argument with Adam?
Elijah: Rolls his eyes. C'mon Mom…
Jessica: Well it seems like you upset him quite a bit.
Elijah: So what? I have to give him my undivided attention every time he wants to ask me a million stupid questions when I'm in the middle of something?
Jessica: I'm saying you could be nicer about it.
Elijah: There's no way to be nice about it, he takes everything personally and he doesn't understand sarcasm.
Jessica: He's four years old.
J.N: Trying to get parental tips.
Elijah: Ma… Even if I tried to explain nicely why I didn't want him bothering me, he'd still ask me a million questions about my explanation.
Jessica: I think you're a little too old to be picking at your four-year-old brother.
Elijah: Well just take his side!
Jessica: I'm not taking sides, I'm expecting you to act with a little more maturity.
Elijah: It's fine for him to be a brat, then?
Jessica: How was he being a brat?
Elijah: Looks at J.N…
Jessica: Hmm?
Elijah: He was all like, "You should call Mr. John 'daddy', too" and "Mr. John's better than your daddy." I mean… What the hell? Do you see how that could get on my nerves?
J.N: Yeah, I could.
Jessica: What? Did he just say that out of the blue?
Elijah: He asked where 'mommy and daddy' were and I told him I did not know where you were and that our father was dead.
Jessica: You knew he was talking about John.
Elijah: He's not my father! I told him that.
Jessica: You knew what he meant and he's a little kid.
Elijah: Well just take his side because he's cuter than me. Okay? That's fine. I am so sorry. I've devote my full attention to him whenever he's in the vicinity no matter what I'm doing and be sure to forget I ever had a father at all besides J.N., who is obviously far superior. Alright? Can I go to bed? I need to wake up early tomorrow.
Jessica: No because you're being smart with me.
J.N: Frowns.
Elijah: Look, I'll apologize to him profusely tomorrow. Can we drop the subject?
J.N: It's late. I'm getting to bed. Goodnight. Leaves!
Jessica: John… Frowns at Elijah. You're about to get yourself in deeper trouble because I don't like your attitude.
Elijah: Whatever.
Jessica: Besides that you're saying very hurtful things in front of John? Pinches his arm! Frowns.
Elijah: Ow! I'm sorry I'm such a horrible person!
Jessica: Well straighten up. Mad.
Elijah: Yes Ma'am.
Jessica: You're 19-years-old! Act like it!
Elijah: I'm 18-years-old… Yes Ma'am.
Jessica: Good. Good-night. Frowns at him and walks away.
Elijah: Shuts his door.

Jessica: Now has to go searching for J.N.
J.N: Didn't stray far. Didn't feel like making Jessica search for him.
Jessica: Still fuming a bit, but face softens somewhat seeing him.
J.N: …Sorry for walking out like that.
Jessica: I can understand why you did. I don't know what his problem is.
J.N: I intend to find out soon.
Jessica: Blinks. Looks a bit surprised. You do?
J.N: Yes. I do. If he has a problem with me, then I'd like to know.
Jessica: Nods. I always thought you got along well.
J.N: That's what I thought, too… Sounds much more disappointed by that then he wanted to.
Jessica: Frowns. Did something happen?
J.N: Nothing that I know of… We've talked about this before… I told him I'm not trying to replace Dan… I'm not trying to be his father… just his friend.
Jessica: Nods. Well he seemed to greet you normally enough.
J.N: Even if he doesn't have an actual problem with me, I don't appreciate what he said regardless of what the intention with his words were.
Jessica: Nods. I can understand that. When are you going to talk to him?
J.N: Sometime after our trip to your parents.
Jessica: Nods. …I'm really sorry, John.
J.N: It's not your fault… You don't have to apologize.
Jessica: I know… I'm still sorry about what happened. I'd like to smack some sense into him. You've gone out of your way for him numerous times, he shouldn't be treating you like that.
J.N: I'm not entitled to special treatment from him… Thank you for your concern, though.
Jessica: I do think you deserve some respect. I hope he can sleep with all that guilt.
J.N: Pecks her forehead. I think I am going to go to bed… rest up for the trip tomorrow.
Jessica: …Okay… Wanted him to share her room.
J.N: Smiles a little bit and takes her hand.
Jessica: Takes his hand. Glumly. 'Night…
J.N: Squeezes her hand lightly. Not sure if she's depressed from the encounter or if she does think he's going to a different room, but he's willing to risk the embarrassment. …I'm coming with you, Jessica.
Jessica: Blushes. Leans against him. Smiles a little. Okay…
J.N: Smiles as well and leads them to her room. While what was said was depressing, being around her makes things seem like they're really not so bad.

Jessica: Scrubs the makeup off her face, brushes teeth.
J.N: Glad he brought his toothbrush. Might not have moved out of his house, but brought essentials.
Jessica: Gets undressed… to her underwear. Gets in bed.
J.N: Does the same as well, when he's done brushing.
Jessica: Immediately snuggles up to him.
J.N: Smiles to himself and puts an arm around her.
Jessica: Snuggles more!
J.N: Gives her a kiss on her forehead!
Jessica: Gives him a kiss on the lips!
J.N: Kisses back and pulls her close!
Jessica: Kisses him more passionately, pressing against him and naughty stuff…
J.N: Holds her closer and kisses passionately, and naughty stuff…