18 June 2023
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Erik McMurran Ernest Randall Thanasi Reium Feemerson McMurran Jessica McMurran

Daniel: You've charmed Adam.
J.N: I didn't charm him. He just likes me for some reason.
Daniel: Because he thinks you're gonna be his dad.
J.N: That's partially up to Jessica.
Daniel: So you'd just marry Jessica right now, no questions asked?
J.N: Not quite. First I have things to tie up back home, then after that, I think I would.
Daniel: You've been dating for like… two weeks
J.N: That's a good point. Marriage is very early, though I have no intention on popping the question any time soon, mind you. If she proposed the question, I would most likely say "yes" partially because of being floored by it, and partially from not wanting to lose her.
Daniel: There's no way in hell Jessica's popping the question…
J.N: Which is kind of a relief, really.
Daniel: I dated Jessica for like 3 or 4 years…
J.N: I should probably get done with all that stuff I needed to do.
Daniel: But then again, we were in college and it's better to marry someone when you've… Got a steady job… and somewhere to live.
J.N: Yeah. I need to ask Jessica about the employment opportunities in Atlantis.
Daniel: Or you could be a bum. Like Middler.
J.N: No, I'd rather not. Even if I'm not going to be working a job that will contribute to the castle itself, I'd at least want to be working doing something or other.
Daniel: What do you want to work as?
J.N: I'm open to ideas.
Daniel: Don't you have any interests?
J.N: Reading interests me and so does working with my hands. I'm prepared to work a job I hate though, since I don't think work is something that you're required to enjoy.
Daniel: You could… teach English. As in… literature… and grammar… and stuff. Not the language.
J.N: Perhaps.
Daniel: That'd require being around stinky kids. Who you're apparently good with.
J.N: …I'd rather not be around a bunch of kids though.
Daniel: …Stinky teenagers… How's Ernest?
J.N: I don't know. Been out drinking, apparently.
Daniel: And…?
J.N: …And what?
Daniel: He's safe at home? His funeral is tomorrow? He's in jail?
J.N: I don't know. I haven't checked up on him. I left him a message and he hasn't gotten back to me.
Daniel: His funeral is tomorrow.
J.N: Why don't you check up on him? Isn't there an Ernest channel or something?
Daniel: Hmm… Ernest channel! Flips through them… Yay! Ernest channel!
Erik: Groans.

Ernest: In bed, at what you could assume is his house.

Daniel: There's not a girl or man beside him… So something must be wrong!
J.N: Or man?
Daniel: I thought he was bisexual.

Ernest: Snoring. Has a very dark bruise on his forehead, actually and some on his exposed, shirtless chest. Thankfully, the blanket at least covers the waist down!

J.N: Probably is.
Daniel: Well, he doesn't seem to be dead. But you should probably visit him sometime.
J.N: Why's that?
Daniel: Dur-hur… He's not your friend or anything.
J.N: He is, but he's a big boy now. He can take care of himself.
Daniel: Don't you ever just unexpectedly drop by? Maybe bring a pot roast? Some chocolates? Make sure everything's going well? Hang out… Shoot the breeze.
J.N: …I suppose I used to. Except for the pot roast and chocolates thing.
Daniel: Before Annoying McMurran, Annoying Mrs. McMurran, and Annoying McMurran Jr. decided to drop by your pad and ruin your life.
J.N: You could put it that way, though I wouldn't.
Daniel: Shrugs.
J.N: Maybe I should visit him when I wake up. I have something important to tell him anyhow.
Daniel: What's that?
J.N: That I'm moving. And may not see him for awhile, or ever.
Daniel: Don't see why you can't visit him with potions.
J.N: True, but what about when he wants to stop by and visit where I live?
Daniel: Get a one-way restraining order.
J.N: I'm sure he'd take that well.
Daniel: Tell him you're remodeling your home.
J.N: Every time he asks?
Daniel: Yes.
J.N: It can't fool him every time.
Daniel: Think up more excuses. Invite him to come to Atlantis.
J.N: I can just invite him to Atlantis?
Daniel: Don't see why not. As long as he doesn't bring technology.
J.N: Does it just not work there?
Daniel: It actually hurts the Elementals.
J.N: Ah, I see.
Daniel: So, you wanna be Adam's dad or what?
J.N: Can't we talk about something else?
Daniel: Why? Is the answer "no"?
J.N: These little dream excursions feel more like interrogations than conversations for the most part. I don't feel like talking about my personal life at the moment.
Daniel: You don't remember it when you wake up anyway. And I can't help being curious, they are my family. Besides, I don't have a personal life anymore, so we can't talk about it.
J.N: Then why not mention your past or something? If I could even remember the stuff, I could write your biography.
Daniel: You want to know about my past, but you don't? Um…
J.N: I didn't say I don't. I said I probably won't remember when I wake up anyhow.
Daniel: Well, this is all rather pointless isn't it? Will you visit my grave?
J.N: Maybe. It might be something that Jessica wants to do herself with her kids.
Daniel: Would you want to?
J.N: Yeah, if I thought it'd do any good. Which it really wouldn't.
Daniel: Looking at a stone is kinda fun.
J.N: I can remember you clearly without standing on your bones.
Daniel: You're supposed to clean it up and put flowers on it. But that's my wife's job.
J.N: Besides, you 'haunt' me most every night.
Daniel: I won't if you don't want me to.
J.N: It's not that I don't want you to… but, I'm curious. Do you 'haunt' anyone else?
Daniel: I used to haunt Julius, but he got obliterated…
J.N: Obliterated certainly is an appropriate word.
Daniel: I guess. It'd be too depressing to haunt Jessica and Elijah.
J.N: I can admire the fact that you don't.
Daniel: Sometimes I talk through Adam… Though I'm not sure how.
J.N: You do?
Daniel: Yep. Like when he said something at your mom's house about you being in love with Jessica.
J.N: That was you?
Daniel: Yep. I got Elijah angry with you.
J.N: I did that myself too.
Daniel: You got angry?
J.N: No, I also got him angry at me.
Daniel: Oh, 'cause you said you did.
J.N: Yeah. Think you could do something to wake me up? I should check on Ernest and a few other things.
Daniel: Well, just so you know, whenever Adam says anything out of character, it's probably me. But I didn't make him eat dirt and chalk. I think he's kind of brain-damaged. Don't you usually pinch yourself?
J.N: Yeah, but that hurts. I have to pinch pretty damn hard.
Daniel: I can give you a nightmare and you'll wake up in a cold sweat and it'll be awful and you might even remember it.
J.N: That'd be interesting. Do that.
Erik: Frankenstein vs. Dracula.
J.N: Vampires don't really scare me. They've been played up as being so ridiculous and emotional that they're more a source of humor.
Daniel: Well bye now. Don't hate me. Give my children hugs. Thank you for being nice to Adam and Elijah. I think you'd make a good father to them, since I can't be anymore… or ever… Umm… See ya.
J.N: Alright. I'll do all of that and it means a lot that you'll think I'll be a good father.
Daniel: Waves bye-bye and J.N. is in a pitch black room.

J.N: Well, it got dark in here.
A Light: Appears!
J.N: Shrugs and goes to the light!
The Light: Turns into a big scary monster that's going to eat you!
J.N: Wow, they make them monsters big.
The Night Light Monster: Grows enormous and swallows the whole room and now everything's white.
J.N: Ugh… this is like staring into a light bulb.
Laughing: John can hear it… and… footsteps!
J.N: Looks around!
Big Black Monster: Is behind John, who now has a sword in hand.
J.N: Sword? Convenient! Hacks at the monster, since I'm growing quite afraid.
Monster: Turns into Elijah… and blood pours of his eyes, smiling. Mr. John… John is now surrounded by shadow monsters!
J.N: …Elijah? What's happened to you? Looks around at the shadow monsters!
Elijah: Laughs chillingly! It becomes apparent that he controls the monsters! And he orders them to attack J.N.!
J.N: Flails wildly with the sword, screaming.
Shadows: Consume him! And he is falling! And all the while Elijah is laughing.

J.N: Indeed wakes up in a cold sweat, breathing hard all the while. Wipes his forehead off and tries to shake the horrible mental image of a bloody-faced Elijah. Realizes he's on the floor. …Ow.

Thanasi: Sitting up late waiting for Feemy to arrive.
Feemy: I already miss my Mom. But I look forward to seeing Ren! I'm giddy instead of tired.
Lupine: Takes Feemy into the castle where Thana is waiting red-nosed.
Feemy: Hello Thana!
Thanasi: Salut Feemy… Stands, hugs him, and kisses both his cheeks. I was waiteeng up for you.
Feemy: Hugs. Thank you for waiting. I didn't want to just arrive and then have to go to sleep.
Thanasi: Are you 'ungry?
Feemy: Nods! Yes… Remembers his manners. Ma'am.
Thanasi: Smiles and takes him and Lupine to the dining room where she serves them… salads.
Feemy: Salads are good, though some meat would have been nice. Eats.
Thanasi: 'Ow was your trip?
Feemy: It was okay!
Thanasi: Looks like she's about to say something, but…
Feemy: Blissfully unaware.
Thanasi: …Sneezes.
Feemy: Bless you! …Are you alright?
Thanasi: Oui… I… always get allergies.
Feemy: What are you allergic to?
Thanasi: I do not know, but eet always gets me at least once every season.
Feemy: I'm sorry to hear, Thana… This salad is really good, by the way!
Thanasi: Thank you, though I deed not make it.
Feemy: I kinda figured! …Um… Is Ren awake?
Thanasi: Non, sorry, Feemy…. I sent eem to bed. Leetle boys need their rest… You'll 'ave two weeks weeth eem, though.
Feemy: Okay! Frowns. …I feel kinda bad for being here though.
Thanasi: Blinks. Why?
Feemy: Because I did something bad and Elijah told Mom that I needed to get out of the castle for awhile and see Ren because I missed him.
Thanasi: What deed you do bad?
Feemy: I fought with my sister and made her really mad… Still kind of reluctant to mention the thing with Middler.
Thanasi: Oh well… Everyone gets mad at zer seesters. Especially when you 'ave eleven of zem, like me.
Feemy: Eleven? Wow… I couldn't imagine eleven sisters calling Ren and Elijah stupid.
Thanasi: Frowns. Your seester called Renasi stoopeed? Oh, now it's on.
Feemy: Yeah… It's because I went and told her that Ren likes her, because he thinks for some reason she's the prettiest girl he's seen… and Celena just went on about how she likes Middler more and how Ren's pathetic and young, even though she's not that old either. So really, she didn't call Ren stupid, just young and pathetic. She called Elijah stupid.
Thanasi: Well… Hmph. Renasi ees a very beauteeful boy like ees papa and when your seester grows up, she weell weesh she could 'ave 'im.
Feemy: I bet. He's better than stinky old Middler.
Thanasi: Feemy! Meedler ees not stinky. Ee is a very lovely man.
Feemy: …Sorry… Gets a little pang of guilt and doesn't hide it well either.
Thanasi: Well, theenk before you speak. And always conseeder ozer's feelings.
Feemy: …But I don't know why she likes Middler so much. Is kind of only disliking Middler because it's a convenient way to get back at his sister.
Thanasi: Because Meedler ees sweet and…. Altrueesteec. Zat ees what everyone should aspire to be.
Feemy: Even more guilt now. Just looks at the remains of his salad quietly…
Thanasi: You are young, Feemy. You must keep trying. Everyone makes mistakes. Ze important theeng is to learn from zem, so you do not make zem again.
Feemy: Nods. Uh-huh…
Thanasi: I do not like geeving lectures. Would you like to go to bed?
Feemy: I guess I should… I don't feel tired though.
Thanasi: What would you like to do?
Feemy: I don't know… Um, Thana?
Thanasi: Yes?
Feemy: If you do something really mean to someone else, is apologizing enough?
Thanasi: What deed you do?
Feemy: ..I… uh… hit someone…
Thanasi: Who deed you heet?
Feemy: …Middler.
Thanasi: Raises her eyebrows. Why deed you heet Middler?
Feemy: Would shuffle his feet, if he were standing and not sitting. I kind of don't know… I was talking to Celena about how Middler doesn't do anything and he just lets people walk over him and I told Celena that I could hit Middler and he wouldn't even do anything about it… and then she chased me out of her room and chased after me because I was looking for him.
Thanasi: And?
Feemy: And… I found him and I hit him as hard as I could…
Thanasi: And?
Feemy: …And he didn't do anything… Bottom lip quivers.
Thanasi: I theenk eef you just apologized and meant eet sincerely enough then zat would be fine.
Feemy: Nods. I did mean it… Wouldn't have gotten so upset if Middler would have gotten angry at him or told on him. …He asked me if I was feeling alright when I hit him.
Thanasi: Well you probably deedn't hurt eem very much. Doesn't want to destroy Feemy's manly ego.
Feemy: I don't have one of those yet. I know… he's an adult and I'm just a kid… but… he didn't even get angry or tell Elijah I hit him… He was just worried and I feel bad for hitting him because he's not a bad guy.
Thanasi: Well zat's good. Zat means you learned something.
Feemy: Nods.
Thanasi: Hugs him.
Feemy: Hugs! …I think I should go to sleep, so I can hang out with Ren in the morning… Does he know I was coming?
Thanasi: Yes, ee does.
Feemy: …Sorry for hitting your friend, Thana.
Thanasi: Eet's alright. Zo you need to apologize to eem.
Feemy: I did at dinner that night. …Though maybe I should apologize a few more times?
Thanasi: Once ees enough. Run along now.
Feemy: Okay… Where do I sleep?
Thanasi: You 'ave stayed ere before, Feemy. You don't remember where your room ees?
Feemy: I do… I just wanted to make sure, just in case.
Thanasi: Well eet ees een zee same place. Do you want me to come weeth you? Lupine already carried your theengs zer.
Feemy: You don't have to. Thank you, Thana.
Thanasi: You're welcome. Bon nuit, Feemy.
Feemy: Waves and leaves to his room!

J.N: Rides out to visit Ernest! Knocks on the door of his apartment!
Ernest: Awakens… Glances at the alarm clock and groans. Swears he's going to kill the person at the door. Look… in case you don't have a goddamn watch, it's… Opens the door all the way. …John? Grins. Well, holy crap! What the hell are you doing here? ..At this time too?
J.N: Hello Ernest.
Ernest: C'mon in, man. I haven't seen you in forever. Closes the door behind John.
J.N: You look like crap.
Ernest: You should see the other guy.
J.N: Stares.
Ernest: …What?
J.N: You got into a fight?
Ernest: That so hard to believe?
J.N: No. Unless he hit you with a truck. Looking at the bruise.
Ernest: …Eh, yeah. Alright. I put my car in a ditch on my way back from O'Grady's.
J.N: That was smart.
Ernest: Frowns. …Hey. I know it was stupid. C'mon, I haven't seen you in awhile, forget this. What've you been up to?
J.N: Not much. I'm seeing Jessica these days. Sorry I haven't been around.
Ernest: Grins again. Hah! I kinda always thought there was a reason you were watchin' that Eli kid. "Punches" J.N's shoulder. Always kinda thought you two were sweet on each other.
J.N: Stares.
Ernest: …Loses the grin and coughs. I mean, I'm glad you two are… uh… goin' out.
J.N: Thanks.
Ernest: So, how long you guys been goin' at it? That why you haven't been around?
J.N: Two weeks and… yeah, pretty much. She lives far away from here.
Ernest: Well, that doesn't mean you can't always give me a ring up. I was worried 'bout you for awhile here, you know?
J.N: …Yeah… Listen, Ernest. I'm moving.
Ernest: Grin falters a bit, but not entirely. To be closer to Jessica and Eli? No problem, if you tell me where you live, I could swing by sometime. Hell, I could help ya move. You know, I do sell real estate… I bet I could find some good prices up there.
J.N: …I'm moving pretty far away.
Ernest: …Well… shit… I mean, you could still visit if you feel like it. This place is kind of a heap, but… you know, you'd be welcome to sleep in the den or something.
J.N: I don't think I'll see you very often after I move, Ernest.
Ernest: …I see… Well, if you'd just tell me where you're goin', I'd drive out there. Wouldn' be too much of a problem, ya know?
J.N: It's too far to drive to, Ernest.
Ernest: Frowns. …Well, throw me a goddamn bone, John. Or just outright say it, like you normally do.
J.N: I did. I'm not going to see you very often after I move, Ernest.
Ernest: So, just like that? I don't see you for a few weeks, then you pop up here at this ungodly time of the morning and say toodle-loo?
J.N: …Yeah.
Ernest: Just stares at John in disbelief.
J.N: I wanted to ask if you wanted to live at my house. The mortgage is paid off on it and I don't feel like going through the steps to sell it.
Ernest: …Are you high?
J.N: No.
Ernest: You have got to be if you think I want your goddamn house.
J.N: There's nothing wrong with it. I'd just need to move everything out.
Ernest: That isn't the point and you know it. I've been worried about you, really man. I thought maybe you got into some sort of trouble, that you were in jail… I don't know, a whole lot of crap could have happened, but instead you're off with that Jessica girl and it never once occurred to you to tell your friend?
J.N: I'm sorry.
Ernest: You sure are! First you don't say a damn thing when you're getting surgery and swapping lungs with that… Devin person! Now you've been seein' his wife and didn't think… No, you're smarter than that. You didn' feel like telling your "friend" Ernest. I'd have your back on anything, if you'd have let me for once! So, what's next? Gonna move to Maui, have a litter of kids and maybe four years later send me a Christmas card?
J.N: …Kind of floored. Wasn't expecting this.
Ernest: I would have had your back on anything, John. Jabs him in the chest with his finger. Though somehow some Elijah kid and his mom actually got through to you when I didn't. Congratulations to them! They can deal with you now. Years of putting up with your remarks and your moodiness and this is what I get? You moving away to some place that I can't drive to or maybe I can, but you're bein' real damn vague as to where the hell you are going. So really, John. You can tell me, I won't go by and bother you by knockin' on your door when I'm not wanted. For old times sake, let's hear a straight answer from ya. I'm listening.
J.N: I'm going to take a potion that teleports me to the castle in Atlantis, where Jessica is a queen.
Ernest: Stares… but chuckles! Not a very happy chuckle or grin though. Castle in Atlantis, eh? That's it?
J.N: Yeah.
Ernest: Where Jessica is a queen and you're king?
J.N: No, I wouldn't be king.
Ernest: Chuckles a bit more, but is glaring at J.N. That's real funny, John. Shows how much you respect me. Really, it does.
J.N: Withdraws a potion from his pocket. I'll prove it. Offers it to Ernest.
Ernest: You're somethin' else, you know that? Slaps it out of his hand. You know what? If I would have thought that at the end of all these years you were just gonna lie right to my face and… abandon me? I would have never bothered with your sorry ass.
J.N: I'm not abandoning you.
Ernest: Get the fuck out.
J.N: …Alright then. It was nice seeing you again, Ernest.
Ernest: Locks the door and promptly punches a wall, since he feels hurt and abandoned and angry and sad.

J.N: Parks his car at a gas station. Takes his potion.
Jessica's Room: Is dark! Thankfully, there's enough moonlight coming from the big window for John's eyes to adjust fairly quickly!
J.N: Jessica is probably asleep… Damn… I didn't think this far ahead.
Jessica: Is indeed asleep and in her underwear, with the covers half over her.
J.N: Not sure what to do. Wouldn't feel right waking Jessica up, especially since she's in her underwear.
Jessica: Sleeping.
J.N: Decides just to creep out of her room as quietly as he can.
Jessica: Awakens. W-Who's there?!
J.N: Stops. …It's me, Jessica…
Jessica: …John?
J.N: Yes… it's John… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up…
Jessica: Sets down her knife, puts on her robe, and lets the lights turn on. What're you doing here?
J.N: …I… This is kind of hard for me to say.
Jessica: Blinks at him sleepily.
J.N: …Needed to see you..
Jessica: About what? Wonders if he's going to propose, vaguely.
J.N: …It's… not about anything… I just needed to see you… Eyes are kinda watery.
Jessica: You look upset… Holds her arms out to him.
J.N: Steps into the arms without much hesitation, and hugs tight. Is upset.
Jessica: Hugs back. What's wrong?
J.N: …I told Ernest I was moving here.
Jessica: And he got mad at you?
J.N: …Yeah. I don't blame him for thinking I was lying about this… It'd be hard to believe…
Jessica: Oh… You told him you were moving to Atlantis?
J.N: …He asked me to be honest with him… He was glad to hear I was with somebody… and kept asking me where I was going… saying he'd visit if I would tell him… Jessica, am I abandoning him?
Jessica: Well… Thinks about this. I don't see why you can't just visit him…
J.N: I told him I would. I also feel bad because I kind of realize that I've been ignoring him.
Jessica: But he wants to visit you and you told him you live in Atlantis… and he didn't believe you and got angry?
J.N: …Yes. He thinks I'm just lying to him… He feels abandoned… I haven't been spending much time with him. Rightfully blaming himself.
Jessica: I'm sorry… We all have been hogging a lot of your time. I didn't really think… I'm sorry, John.
J.N: It's not your fault, Jessica… I could have always made the effort myself…
Jessica: Well, our relationship was still really new… We're just trying to work things out and that took some time. And I know you're close with Adam and Elijah, too. A lot of things have been coming up lately here… and I've been asking you to deal with them a lot… It's not really your fault.
J.N: It just feels worse hearing you blame yourself. It's not yours either…
Jessica: …I didn't know you were moving to Atlantis.
J.N: …I should have said something. I'm sorry, Jessica.
Jessica: It doesn't bother me. Got the feeling he was going to, anyway. If you're sure about it…
J.N: I am… I told my parents that I was on Father's Day… It somehow felt right to inform my parents.
Jessica: Did you tell them you were moving to Atlantis? Were they alright with it?
J.N: I told them I was moving far away. I told my father, but he thought I was joking… and I didn't repeat that to my mother… since she was already emotional as it was.
Jessica: Feels bad about his mother. Nods.
J.N: …I'm sorry for coming here at this hour and waking you up.
Jessica: It's fine. I'm here whenever you need me, John.
J.N: Thank you…
Jessica: Are you going to make up with Ernest then?
J.N: …I don't think that's in the cards. He was understandably angry with me.
Jessica: Well it's not going to happen if you don't put in an effort. Are you just going to prove to him that your friendship had no value if you're giving up this easily?
J.N: …I'll try, then.
Jessica: Kisses his cheek. I know you can do it.
J.N: …At the least I can apologize to him… He put his car in a ditch a few days ago and I didn't even find out until I asked him.
Jessica: Why did he put his car in a ditch?
J.N: I don't think it was on purpose.
Jessica: Well, I know… I mean, how did it happen?
J.N: He was drinking.
Jessica: Well… You need to tell him not to do that, too.
J.N: …Can't really say I've ever said that. I have insulted him for it though… I guess I never really said, 'Hey, don't do that.' though.
Jessica: It seems I need to get you some potions that aren't connected to me…
J.N: …You think I should bring Ernest here?
Jessica: If you think you can and you think he'll be able to handle it.
J.N: I'll try.
Jessica: How did you feel when you first came here?
J.N: …At first I just thought that I'd been given LSD.
Jessica: …LSD?
J.N: A drug.
Jessica: I know what it is. I wanted you to elaborate. Pokes him.
J.N: It didn't seem real… It is, apparently, but I was told my entire life that this kind of thing isn't real.
Jessica: Nods. Kind of turns your whole world upside down.
J.N: It does.
Jessica: Sighs. I'm sorry… I guess I've kinda turned your life upside down, too.
J.N: I knew what being with you meant. I don't regret it.
Jessica: Blushes.
J.N: Strokes her cheek lightly. …Thank you for everything, Jessica.
Jessica: Smiles. I think it's worth it, too. Kisses his cheek.
J.N: Smiles in that way that only Jessica has managed to get him to.
Jessica: Kisses him on the lips for that!
J.N: Kisses her on the lips in return!
Jessica: Smiles. Leans against him.
J.N: Still smiling and supports her.
Jessica: Kisses!
J.N: Kisses!
Jessica: Smooches.
J.N: Smooches, hugs her close.