16 June 2023
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Elijah McMurran Adam McMurran John Crowley Jessica McMurran Ernest Randall Bridget McMurran Eric McMurran

Elijah: Leans on J.N.
Adam: Stares at J.N.
Elijah: How was your father's day, Mr. John?
J.N: I enjoyed it a lot. Wraps an arm around Elijah, kind of like how a buddy would put their arms around their pal's shoulders.
Adam: Begins considering asking J.N. if he's in love with Elijah.
Elijah: Did you and your dad hang out?
J.N: Yeah.
Elijah: What'd you do?
Adam: Is too tired.
J.N: Talked for hours.
Elijah: About what?
J.N: About a lot of things…
Elijah: Oh. How specific.
J.N: Being nonspecific was the point. Did I show you the pocket watch Adam got me?
Elijah: No, let's see.
Adam: Perks up a bit.
J.N: Takes it out of his pocket and displays it in his palm!
Elijah: That's really cool. Are you gonna use it?
J.N: I am.
Elijah: Feemy hit Middler. Celena knocked over my mom chasing after him and got a black eye and mom hurt her leg.
J.N: Stares.
Elijah: What?
J.N: …Really?
Elijah: Why would I lie?
J.N: Things usually aren't so hectic. Why would Celena be chasing Feemy and why would Feemy hit Middler? …And is Jessica alright?
Elijah: Mom's alright… Um… Celena was chasing Feemy because he said he was going to hit Middler… Because… I'm not sure why. I guess because Celena likes Middler.
J.N: I see. Not really all that concerned for Middler.
Elijah: So Feemy burst into tears and now he's going to Elf Haven.
J.N: You're shipping him away?
Elijah: No. Just for vacation.
J.N: …Vacation? He got in trouble and Jessica is sending him on vacation?
Elijah: Tries to remember his reasoning. It's because he's lonely and all full of energy and, um… That's why he was bad.
J.N: …And you think that?
Elijah: Yes. I said it a lot more eloquently to my mom.
J.N: Hm. Sounds like Feemy only hit Middler because he knew it would bother Celena. Sounds more malicious than lonely. Turns his attention to the staring Adam! Something on your mind, Adam?
Adam: No… I'd like some ice…
Elijah: Well, he was being malicious 'cause he was lonely and bored.
J.N: Doesn't sound like much of an excuse… Elijah, do you know where we could find some ice for your brother?
Elijah: Well Celena called me stupid and Renasi stupid and was being mean too. Come on then, Adam.
J.N: So, what is happening to her, then?
Elijah: Helping with chores and less time hanging out with her annoying friends.
Adam: I'm too tired.
J.N: I see. Leans down and offers to pick Adam up.
Adam: Sits up and holds arms out.
Elijah: Aren't you sleeping at night?
J.N: Picks him up!
Adam: I am…
Elijah: Why are you tired?
Adam: I dunno…
Elijah: Shrugs. Leads J.N. to the kitchen.
J.N: Follows. Looks a bit concerned, but is quiet about it.

Elijah: Obtains a cup of ice for Adam. What do you want on your ice?
Adam: Nothing…
Elijah: Would you like anything, Mr. John?
J.N: No thanks… Uses one arm, that's right, to hold up Adam and uses the other to check his forehead, under some assumption that maybe he's running a fever.
Adam: Feels quite normal.
J.N: Then I'm stumped. It's actually a bit of a strain, so when he's done checking his forehead he's relieved to be using both arms.
Elijah: Pours himself some orange juice and sits down at the table.
J.N: Sets Adam down and also takes a seat at the table!
Adam: Can I sit in your lap Mr. John?
J.N: Alright
Adam: Climbs into his lap and chews on ice.
Elijah: He ate chalk earlier today. It was exciting.
J.N: Eww. What did you do today, Elijah?
Elijah: Training, training, training. Sighs.
J.N: A lot of training.
Elijah: Yep… Exciting, I know.
Adam: I wish I had some more…
Elijah: Stares at Adam.
J.N: …Ice?
Adam: Chalk.
Elijah: Begins to wonder if Adam's insane.
J.N: To eat?
Adam: Yes…
J.N: Chalk is bad for you, to eat that is.
Adam: But I'm hungry for some.
J.N: Hungry for chalk. Hm.. Odd. Does your mother know you're craving chalk?
Adam: I haven't seen her today. She's talking with important people.
J.N: I guess I shouldn't bother her, then.
Elijah: They should go away soon, but… God knows how long-winded King Astohn is. I always thought you were the intelligent kid who didn't try to eat the paste, Adam.
J.N: It's kind of hard to keep in mind that Jessica is royalty.
Elijah: Hm? How come?
J.N: I guess I'm not used to being in Atlantis too much… or that Jessica never really lords her status. I'm not sure. When I see Jessica though, I don't see a queen… I just see, Jessica. Isn't making much sense.
Adam: Reaches up and rubs J.N.'s chin hair with his cold little glass-of-ice-holding fingers.
Elijah: Well… I'm pretty much used to it, so it's not really a big deal to me… You're more used to her… Not being a queen, I guess. Isn't especially articulate today.
J.N: It doesn't bother me that she is a queen though.
Elijah: Shrugs. At least you won't have to be a king if she marries you.
J.N: That is a good thing. Why is that, though? …I don't really know how the system works in Atlantis. And it might be good to know when I probably move here. Is honestly relieved that he isn't going to be a king though.
Elijah: Um… You don't get to be a King or Queen of Atlantis through… Any kind of birthright, I guess. You're seen by the Uray and you get chosen. You could be a prince, or a king, or a farmer, or an artist, or anything. It's to prevent the corruption that might happen when only heirs ascend to the throne. The only way a King or Queen of Atlantis' child could take charge was in the event of the death of all four of the previous King and Queens of Atlantis before the next four are seen by the Uray. In that case, the one thought best able is chosen by a council. Um… I think that's how it goes.
J.N: I see… I actually wonder what kind of career I could have here.
Elijah: The whole system was thought out by Gabriel.
J.N: Doesn't sound like a bad one.
Elijah: The Kings and Queens of Atlantis don't really rule their respective countries… They rule the different monarchs of the kingdoms within the countries, as well as the capital.
J.N: They're… the rulers of the rulers? I have no clue why Adam is rubbing my chin hair either. I'm probably going to shave soon though.
Elijah: Yeah, they make sure the monarchs don't become dictators or anything and that the alliances between all the kingdoms are holding and everything's going smoothly.
J.N: Hm… Kind of like a system of fail safes.
Elijah: Yep. Well now Mom's handling that for four countries, so it's kinda difficult, though Katen's helping her. He used to be the High King of Atlantis. The High King, on top of his other job, also has to supervise the other King and Queens of Atlantis. He's usually a very honest, moral person.
Adam: That dude must've been boring.
J.N: Nods! …Hm. Gabriel doesn't seem like he's very trusting. I know you were just mentioning Katen, too! At least his system says that quite loudly.
Elijah: Well, I can see how he'd have little faith in Humans considering they had begun spurring the counsel of Angels and generally being jerks to them. That's why the Angels moved to Die Insel Himmel and um… made it float in the air. So when chaos began to reign in Atlantis, they asked for their assistance again… They even asked Gabriel to rule them, but Gabriel declined and came up with that idea. And… I guess it's worked pretty well, since… Except for the Demon problem, things have been going pretty well in Atlantis so far.
J.N: Nods. Unlike Feemy, I find this interesting.
Elijah: Though not long after that, Gabriel hit the road and Eriel was crowned King of the Angels and then pretty much all ties were severed between Angels and Humans because Eriel was a big jerk.
J.N: Hm. He had something against Humans? Absentmindedly pats Adam on the head.
Adam: Snuggles into J.N.
Elijah: Well, he was a supremacist… He didn't even think some Angels were good enough. Like those that fought on Raziel's side in the Fall and mostly Low Angels in general.
J.N: Ah. So those that fought on the wrong side were seen as lesser?
Elijah: Yeah… Raziel wanted to rule over the Humans while Dubbiel wanted to help them. Gabriel was neutral, but made Dubbiel a sword and Raziel a staff. Shateiel has Raziel's staff and Demi has Dubbiel's sword.
J.N: The one Demi threw at my head?
Elijah: Yeah.
J.N: Classy. Sounds like he was playing the ends to the middle.
Elijah: He thought the Angels shouldn't fight at all. And he was right, because them fighting was what let the Demons out of hell. Gabriel's right about everything. Too bad he's a jerk.
J.N: Thinks. …So, maybe his plan of action was to give both sides a weapon that the other side wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of and hoped that it would force the Angels to stop fighting?
Elijah: Well, Dubbiel and Raziel were friends with Gabriel… Well, Dubbiel and Raziel might've been lovers… but anyway, they were friends. I think that's why he gave them both a weapon.
J.N: It'd strike me as odd to know that Gabriel had friends. I'd still suspect a motive behind it.
Elijah: Gabriel apparently wasn't always a big jerk. He apparently became one after the Fall, though. I guess because his friends killed each other. And Eriel was trying to seize power from him…
J.N: That could do it.
Elijah: Despite all of his achievements, I think Gabriel has a bit of a weak constitution and is a poor leader. He's very intelligent, but he's not charismatic at all.
J.N: And he's right behind you. He really isn't, of course… but I wanna startle you.
Elijah: Jumps.
J.N: Grins.
Elijah: Hey… I've been practicing… So if someone did come up behind me… I could sense it.
J.N: Sense it? Hm… Interesting… You still jumped though.
Elijah: Hear it…
J.N: That's what you get for your beach shenanigans.
Adam: Scratches J.N.'s chin hair as though he's a kitty.
Elijah: Yeah, I'm still getting back into the swing of things. But I wouldn't want Gabriel behind me… He's a good magician and he's not bad with a sword.
J.N: He's ancient. It's the least he could do.
Elijah: You don't like him either.
J.N: I figured.
Elijah: Huh?
J.N: You didn't really sound as though you liked Gabriel all too much, what with calling him a jerk.
Elijah: I said you don't like him.
J.N: Oh. Sorry. I don't, that's true.
Elijah: Why not?
J.N: Puts his hands over Adam's ears for a moment. He's a dick. I don't enjoy his company.
Elijah: Nods. It's hard though, cause he's like… a legend or something… So I wanna ask him stuff.
Adam: Stooop!!!
J.N: Takes his hands off of Adam's ears. Sorry. I said a bad word that you shouldn't hear.
Adam: Why not? What makes it a 'bad' word?
J.N: Because it's inappropriate in most cases and usually not a nice thing to say to someone.
Adam: Aunt Bridget says bad words all the time.
J.N: Like what?
Adam: Opens his mouth…
Elijah: Don't you dare.
Adam: …Uncle Eric says it's not intelligent to use bad words.
J.N: I would say the intelligence usage of words stems from being able to use few words to say many things. I could have said that someone is an awful, thieving scoundrel… or I could use a bad word I know to say all three of those and more at once.
Adam: I thought smart people use bigger words.
J.N: It's not how many words you know or how long they are. It's mostly how you use them, I would say. This would be more Daniel's field.
Adam: Nods.
J.N: Even if you don't like him, you should ask him what you want.
Elijah: He might glare at me.
J.N: So?
Elijah: Does have to honestly consider why a 5'7" guy who looks like a twelve-year-old girl would worry him.
J.N: He probably should worry me. He could kill me if he wanted to.
Elijah: Well… How would you feel asking questions to George Washington or… Paul Bunyan or… Napoleon or something?
J.N: I would ask them and get it done with. That's me and I'm a badass.
Elijah: You're braver than I. Laughs a bit.
Adam: Kisses J.N. on the cheek.
J.N: Aw, that was just out of nowhere. Hugs Adam. I wouldn't say that.
Adam: Hugs back.
Elijah: I've never seen you scared of anything.
J.N: I have a good poker face.
Adam: Arms wrapped around J.N.'s neck. Leans.
Elijah: Are you two in love or something?
J.N: Rolls his eyes a bit. Is getting sick of that question.
Adam: He's gonna be my daddy. And I think he's really cool.
Elijah: Half smile.
J.N: Even though he said so in the hospital, I still kind of think that Elijah is opposed to me and Jessica.
Elijah: Adam becoming so attached to J.N. is starting to warm him up to the idea, strangely. Mr. John probably doesn't like you saying that.
Adam: Why?
J.N: …I don't mind. It's not like him saying it suddenly makes it set in stone. It doesn't bother me when he says it.
Adam: Snuggles into J.N. I'd be a good son.
J.N: I know you would be, Adam. Still hugs. Getting quite used to the clingy kid.
Elijah: Smiles.
Adam: Gives him another sticky kiss. Looking pale.
J.N: Does not notice this paleness unfortunately! It is nice to be on the receiving end of what could be unconditional love.
Jessica: Well, look what I'm missing out on.
J.N: Caught in the act of hugging your son!
Jessica: Kisses Elijah's forehead, then Adam's cheek, then John on the lips.
Elijah: Eww.
J.N: Kisses back.
Elijah: Double eww.
J.N: How are you doing, Jessica?
Jessica: Much better now that King Astohn's gone. Sighs. Takes a seat at the table.
Elijah: Mom…
Jessica: Yes, honey?
Elijah: Adam's eating chalk.
Jessica: Looks at Adam. Chalk?
J.N: And he wants more.
Jessica: Stares at Adam. Sweety, chalk's not good to eat.
Adam: But I'm hungry for it.
Jessica: Stares.
J.N: …Maybe Eric would know something? I wasn't hungry for chalk when I was a kid.
Jessica: Yes… Though I'm really reluctant to send him back to the U.S…. Maybe if Eric could come here?
J.N: I could get him, if you want.
Jessica: Yes… If it wouldn't be too much trouble. Looks worried. Adam's an intelligent kid, so eating chalk is…. more out of the ordinary for him.
J.N: It's no problem. Stands and holds up Adam, then sets him down.
Jessica: Pulls Adam into her lap. Would you like something nicer to eat? An apple maybe?
Adam: Shakes his head 'no'. Bye-bye Mr. John…
J.N: Bye Adam, I'll be back soon.
Jessica: Bye John, be safe.
J.N: Is probably running out of potions soon though. Glad he carries the one back with him. Is soon… gone.

J.N: Grabs his cellphone and notices a bunch of messages. Checks one!
Message Ernest: Heeey… This is Ernest, or Ernie, but you can't call me that, remember? Anyhow… jus' was wonderin' what you were up to. Haven' see you around in awhile an' I was jus' wonderin'… you know… what's up? Call me back when you get this… or when you feel like callin', either is fine.
Cellphone: Message has been deleted!
J.N: There's four more of them… Most of them only spaced apart by an hour… Sighs… Checks the next.
Ernest: Heeey, Johnny Boy! You still havn' called yet and I'm kinda worried, cuz you usually don't answer my messages anyway. That doesn' make much sense, but you'd at least be at work'r somthin and you never used to miss work and now you do, so I'm worried. Jus'… you know. Hit me back when you can, cuz I also miss you, man. Beeep.
Cellphone: Message has been deleted!
The Next Message: Sounds even more slurred. I dunno what you've been doin'… but it worries me… an I wanna know you're okay, okay? Mebbe you found a new crowd ta hang with, like that Eli kid and that other guy, and Jessica and that's cool, but you don't gotta stop hangin' out with me, cuz I don' wanna be left out, you know? If you wanna stop by, you can bring'em too, I don' mind, it's cool. Beeep.
J.N: …Siiighs. Deletes message.
Last Message: Hey… Know I've been callin' you a lot, but it's cuz I miss ya, you know… an' I'm worried that maybe I said somethin' and you're mad.. but you always say shit flat out, which is what I like about you.. and I'm worried that maybe somehin' bad happened and no one told me, so when you can I'd really like it if you could call, okay John? Stay safe an' bye. Ends abruptly.
Phone: Beeep. You have no new messages. Message has been deleted.

J.N: Gets to his car… and calls Ernest.
Ernest's Cell: Goes right to voicemail. Hey! This is Ernest Randall's phone. I'm not around at the moment, but leave a name and a number and I'll make the time to get back to ya!
J.N: Leaves a message. Your voicemail message sucks. You also shouldn't drink and call. I'll talk to you later. Parks in a legal area, approaches Eric's door, and knocks.

Bridget: Answers. Scowl… Smile. Hello John.
J.N: Hello Bridget. Is Eric home?
Bridget: Ye-es…. Come on in… Lets him in.
J.N: Enters. Oh, I heard Adam say some of the most fascinating things that he overheard you say. Smiles sweetly to her!
Bridget: Has no idea what he's talking about, so just looks at him oddly.
J.N: Though generally, those words aren't for children. Doesn't really either, but is more or less trying to bait Bridget.
Bridget: Flushes. Wishes she could kick him out, but has to be the gracious hostess.
J.N: I'd love to stay and chat with you, but I should find Eric. Where would he be?
Bridget: Goes into the living room where he's watching TV. Eric, Dear… John is here.
Eric: Looks around and stands up. Hello John. Smiles.
J.N: Hello Eric. No smile this time.
Eric: Sit down… Would you like anything?
J.N: Does sit. No thanks. I'm actually here to ask you something.
Eric: Hm? Something wrong?
J.N: I don't know. Adam is eating chalk. And doesn't want anything else.
Eric: Blinks. …Chalk?
J.N: Yeah.
Eric: …Is he eating anything else unusual?
J.N: Ice, but not anything else that I know of. He doesn't want any other food though. He said that he's 'hungry for chalk.'
Eric: Blinks. Sits back on the couch, thinking. Sounds like it could be pica but… Adam doesn't seem to have any mental disorders… At least not the last time I saw him.
J.N: What's pica?
Eric: Consumption of nonfood items… Well, repetitive consumption… It's not really like Adam to do that… Is he doing anything else unusual? Does he seem a bit… slower?
J.N: He's tired… At least, he seems kind of tired… I don't know. Jessica wants you to make a house call.
Eric: A bit worried about going to Atlantis. I mean… does he seem… cognitively slower?
J.N: No. You're dodging. She thinks that you should examine him yourself.
Eric: …You want me to go to Atlantis?
J.N: Yes.
Eric: Sighs. Well… Alright…
Bridget: Frowns. You'd better come back. With all your parts intact.
J.N: He'll be fine.
Eric: Nervous. Stands. I'll be back soon, Honey. Kisses her and grabs his doctor tools.
J.N: All you have to look out for is Middler. He's a biter.
Eric: Um…
J.N: Don't worry at all. Honestly, you are perfectly safe in the castle. I wouldn't have come out to get you if I didn't think it was necessary either.
Eric: Great, being reassured by a guy 20 years younger than me. Alright… Let's go, then…
J.N: Alright.
Eric: Hesitantly takes the potion.
J.N: Bottoms up.

Jessica: You're back!
Eric: Looks around nervously.
Elijah: Uncle Eric! Stands and hugs him!
Eric: Hey Elijah… Hugs. I missed you. Hasn't been the same without you two.
Elijah: I missed you, too.
Jessica: Hello Eric… I can't thank you enough for looking after Elijah and Adam. I hope they weren't too much trouble.
Eric: Not at all! They were both wonderful. Picks Adam up and sets him on his own chair. I hear you're eating chalk…
J.N: Just stands beside Jessica and observes.
Adam: Yes…
Eric: Are you eating anything else… inedible?
Adam: If I'm eating it, then it's not inedible.
Eric: …Smiles a bit. …I mean… Things people don't normally eat.
Adam: I ate some dirt…
Eric: …Is there any reason why you're eating these things?
Adam: Just hungry for it…
J.N: Eating dirt? Adam, you're the smartest kid I know.
Eric: Not hungry for something like… peanut butter sandwiches or… fruit?
Adam: Not really…
Eric: John said you were feeling tired… Is that true?
Adam: Mr. John doesn't lie.
Elijah: He's been sleeping a lot and doesn't act like he has a lot of energy.
Eric: You look pale… Takes his temperature with a thermometer… Which turns out normal. Takes out his stethoscope and reaches under Adam's shirt to listen to his heart beat. Deep breaths… Your heartbeat's a bit fast…
Adam: Am I going to die?
Eric: I don't think so… Sighs. You feel dizzy sometimes?
Adam: Yes… Are you lying?
Eric: I'm not lying… I'd like to do a blood test, but I don't really have the equipment.
J.N: What can be done then?
Eric: Well, I have a guess of what's wrong with him… but… Hmm…
Jessica: What's that?
Eric: It seems like he's anemic… Actually, Daniel had the exact same problem when he was about Adam's age. An iron deficiency… It'd only require a supplement to cure… and after that, just eating foods rich in iron. But I'm a bit reluctant to assume… Iron can be poisonous to children…
J.N: …It seems safer to just run the test than to assume. Agreeing with Eric!
Eric: That'd require him to come back to a hospital for a complete blood count…
Jessica: Sighs. I'm not sure if it's safe for him…
Eric: And if he does have it, he'll have to come back for further blood-testing, to make sure the supplement is working. But if it's left untreated, it may result in behavior or learning problems… and you can't really treat it with just iron-rich foods at this point.
Adam: …So I hafta eat iron instead of chalk if I don't want to be stupid?
J.N: So, what are the options?
Eric: Well, we can leave him untreated and these problems will persist, we can take him to the hospital to get an official diagnosis, or we can just start on the supplements… Though it'd be difficult to tell if they're working or not or when to stop using them without blood testing.
J.N: …Well, it's Jessica's call. Takes her hand.
Jessica: Sighs. …I guess it's better for him to get a diagnosis… It's dangerous… but his health is just as important… I don't want him to feel miserable or for something to accidentally happen to him. If you could take him to the hospital… with Elijah.
Eric: Nods. We'll take care of him, I promise. Smiles.
Adam: Can Mr. John come too?
Jessica: If he'd like to.
Eric: Why are John and Jessica holding hands again?