15 October 2037
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Demitrius Larson Joel Marsetti Trajedie Remourna Adam Crowley John Crowley Hana Tanek Jessica Crowley Daniel McMurran

Demi: Enters the infirmary with his wife.
Joel: More patients. Looks up from his tea. Hello, there!
Demi: …Hello. Looks worried.
Anastasia: Looks very pregnant.
Joel: Oh dear.
Demi: Leads Anastasia to a bed. M-M-My wife…
Joel: …Has a very pretty dress on.
Anastasia: I'm… having a baby… Come on… Demitrius… We've been through this… three times before.
Demi: R-Right.
Joel: Of course… Well, let's get down to this. Trajedie! Please come here.
Traj: Front and center! Yes…? Stares at Anastasia.
Demi: It's that girl from the dinner table.
Joel: Now watch closely. I'll be quizzing you on this Saturday.
Anastasia: Stares a bit.
Joel: Motions to Trajedie. She's my apprentice. Now relax.
Anastasia: Takes a deep breath.
Traj: Stares.
Joel: Good, good… We've been through this… Let's just take the steps one at a time, from the top. Trying to sound soothing.
Traj: Stares.
Anastasia: Nods.
Demi: Rubs his wife's back.
Traj: …That woman is going to have a baby.
Demi: And I thought I looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
Traj: Stares.
Joel: Provides encouragement.
Anastasia: Beginning to have long, strong contractions.
Demi: Continues massaging his wife's back between contractions. Then turns and speaks to Joel in a low voice. U-Um… Is she okay? His eyes dart over to Trajedie to indicate who he's speaking of.
Joel: Glances to Demi, speaking in the same kind of tone. She's fine. Just her first time assisting a delivery is all.
Demi: …Are you sure she'll be okay?
Joel: Oh, she'll be just dandy. Really.
Demi: I wouldn't want her to faint or anything.
Traj: Still staring.
Joel: Trust me, this is a very learning experience that I don't think she should miss out on.
Demi: …Alright… Back to rubbing his panting wife's back.
Traj: Paled a little already.
Demi: Tries to smile encouragingly at Trajedie.
Traj: Tries to back, but it falls flat on her face.
Anastasia: Begins to transition into active labor.
Joel: Very good…
Demi: Having his hand squeezed by his wife. Looks worried.
Traj: Color draining from her face.
Anastasia: Pants and pushes.
Joel: Good… Good… Puuush.
Anastasia: The baby is crowning!
Traj: Thump.
Joel: No time for that.
Demi: Knew that was going to happen.
Anastasia: Gives birth!
Demi: Cuts the cord!
Joel: Congratulations Demitrius, Anastasia. It's a girl. Smiles.
Demi: All smiles.
Anastasia: Gives a tired smile.
Joel: Hands the baby to Anastasia.
Anastasia: Happily holds her new baby.
Demi: Nuzzles Anastasia. She's beautiful.
Joel: Sincerely. She certainly is.
Demi: Smiles at Joel, then back down towards his daughter and wife.
Joel: Smiles back.
Anastasia: Coos. I think she's going to be a red-head like her daddy.
Joel: Steps away for a moment to get tea for himself and Demi.
Demi: Thank you, Joel. Smiles.
Adam: Enters… and sees Trajedie on the floor.
Joel: You're welcome. Sips!
Adam: Trajedie? Goes too her.
Joel: …Whooops.
Adam: Looks down at her, then up at Joel. What happened?
Joel: She fainted.
Adam: Is she okay?
Joel: Of course. I think.
Demi & Anastasia: Looking over curiously now.
Adam: C-Can't you do something? Lifts her a little, so she's sitting up and holds her.
Joel: Well, I do have some smelling salts. That'll perk her up, I bet. Goes in search of them.
Adam: Strokes Trajedie's hair as though she's taking her last breaths.
Demi & Anastasia: Gone silent watching the proceedings.
Joel: Comes back with the smelling salts!
Demi: Strokes his wife's hair and plants a kiss on her cheek. I should get the kids so they can see their new baby sister… I'll be back quick, okay? Smiles and leaves her reluctantly.
Anastasia: Nods, smiling back.
Joel: Holds the tiny bottle under Trajedie's nose and uncorks!
Traj: After her first inhale, jolts and her eyes open, gasping.
Adam: Lets go of her so she's free to squirm. Are you okay?
Traj: Does squirm for a moment, though stops when she realizes where she is and what happened. …Um… Yes… Just looks embarrassed.
Joel: Welcome back to the land of the living.
Adam: Holds her close again. What happened?
Traj: …Well… I… um… fainted. Frowns.
Adam: Nods. Are you okay? Can you stand? Would you rather sit? Would you like something to eat or drink?
Joel: She just fainted, jeez.
Traj: I'm okay… I can stand. Would rather not have any more attention put on her. Fainting itself was bad enough.
Adam: A-Alright… Just worried… Stands and helps her up.
Traj: Squeezes his hand as she's helped to her feet.
Joel: Sips his tea. Trajedie, you're dismissed. I feel bad for her.
Adam: Finally notices Anastasia. Oh! Did you have your baby?
Anastasia: Nods and smiles. Mm-hm. A little girl. Would you like to hold her?
Adam: Oh… Sure… Smiles and goes over to very carefully take the baby. Oh, she's lovely, Anastasia… and so tiny.
Traj: Peeks over Adam's shoulder to get a look.
Anastasia: Smiles proudly. Thank you, Adam.
Adam: Turns a little so Trajedie can see the baby, too. What's her name?
Traj: …Aww, the baby is lovely.
Anastasia: She doesn't have one juuust yet.
Adam: I'm sure whatever you pick will be beautiful. The baby begins to get fussy in his arms, so gently returns her to her mother.
Demi: Reenters with his brood of children!
Joel: A lot of children now.
Demi's Children: Gather around their mother to look at the baby.
Adam: Backs away, sensing this is a good time to leave. Nods to Demi and takes Trajedie's hand.
Joel: Also departs from the group, though remains in the infirmary, of course.
Traj: Squeezes his hand and waves to the group.
Anastasia: Waves before she diverts her attention to her children.
Adam: Heads out of the infirmary with Traj.
Traj: Glad to leave.

Adam: You okay? Smiles at her.
Traj: Nods and looks embarrassed. I can't believe I fainted during her birth.
Adam: Puts an arm around her. Don't worry about it… I don't think I could watch a birth, either.
Traj: Leans against him. It's really the… screaming that did it.
Adam: The screaming?
Traj: Nods. It sounded very… painful.
Adam: Well… I'm sure giving birth is painful.
Traj: No doubt that it is… Know that for sure now. Rests her head against him. How was your day, Adam?
Adam: Mostly uneventful.
Traj: Nods. The same here… A lot of studying.
Adam: Nods. Are they working my lovely to the bone?
Traj: Smiles sheepishly and leans a little more on him. Yeees…
Adam: Strokes her hair, then pulls away to look down at her a bit quizzically.
Traj: Blinks and stares up at him, her expression mirroring his.
Adam: Cocks his head to the side a bit, then laughs. Sorry.
Traj: Blinks once more, her head tilting to the opposite side as she continues to watch him, though she smiles a little bit at him. What's on your mind?
Adam: I was just imagining you with long hair.
Traj: Hm? Do you think I should try growing it out? Looks curious at the thought.
Adam: Cocks his head more the side. I dunno… I think it's cute how it is. I think you'd look really… mysterious… with long hair.
Traj: Giggles at the thought, putting a finger to her chin. …I could try. I mean, even if it doesn't look good, I can always get it cut again.
Adam: Laughs a little. Would you like me to grow mine out?
Traj: …Hm! You look handsome with short hair, but I think it'd be interesting to see you with your hair long. Smiles and laughs a little as well. …Just don't grow any facial hair. I like your face smooth. Laughs.
Adam: Laughs and fiddles with his hair. How about shorter hair? Grins.
Traj: Pouts playfully and runs her fingers through his hair. Nooo… There has to be enough for me to play with.
Adam: Chuckles and gives her a smooch on the lips.
Traj: Gladly smooches back.

John: Knocks on Hana's door.
Hana: Gets up and answers the door… Knows who this is gonna be.
John: Is indeed behind the door, captain uniform and everything, though his left arm is heavily clothed, as it was before. Hello, Hana.
Hana: Hello, John.
John: Am I interrupting anything?
Hana: No, I'm not busy.
John: Very well. Then I would like to ask you some questions.
Hana: …Please come in… Lets John enter the room and sits down at a table.
John: Enters and takes a seat at the table as well. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Hana: Nods, looking tired and unhappy.
John: That's unfortunate. Too bad it's not going to stop me from asking my questions. First, how did you end up a slave?
Hana: I was in Sibia with a friend of mine… We were captured by a group of Demons. My friend was killed… I was brought to Holle and auctioned off.
John: Nods. I am sorry to hear about your friend.
Hana: Nods, looking down a bit.
John: …If you would prefer, we can continue questioning at another time. I am sure this is not a pleasant subject to review.
Hana: Shrugs. I'd rather just get it over with.
John: Very well then. To cut to the quick then, I am sure that you are aware that we are at war with the Demons, even if there aren't armies marching back and forth. If you know of anything that could be of use in our endeavors, we would be greatly appreciative.
Hana: Looks thoughtful. …I know Price is planning an attack on Elf Haven.
John: I see. Any further details on that?
Hana: …I apologize, but it's a bit foggy… I wasn't feeling well… Price wanted to conquer Elf Haven…
John: Nods. Understandable. Why Elf Haven, then? Do you know of any tactical advantage that holding it would have? Or any advantage, period?
Hana: I don't remember them specifying but if I were to guess… It is within the forests… by the sea… close to Atlantis and Himmel. Elves are especially valued by Demons as slaves. It's fairly isolated… Honestly, Price probably wants to conquer all Atlantis. I suppose that's as good a place to start as any.
John: Nods, making note of this in his mind. Those are all good points…
Hana: Nods.
John: How did you come across this information? I would assume you overheard it and if so, from whom and to whom?
Hana: My master was one of Price's generals. I did indeed overhear the information in various meetings with him.
John: Do you know the name of the general in question?
Hana: It was Morcant.
John: Nods. Very well. What do you know of Morcant?
Hana: I suppose he could be considered Price's right hand man. He's… refined but vicious.
John: Interesting. Paying quite rapt attention.
Hana: A bit of a berserker streak, I suppose.
John: Very interesting. Is there anything else you know?
Hana: Price is trying to be Vladimer's father.
John: …I see.
Hana: When I spoke to the child in private, he seemed to be mentally sound.
John: Nods once more, looking less professional and more just plain serious.
Hana: Looks down at the table. He said he was scared… and that Price hurts him… but he's being brave… He said he wouldn't let Price get to him. He had a surprising amount of spirit… when he looked so dead-eyed when he was with Price, but I was only able to have word with him privately that one time.
John: Frowns and nods once more. Thank you for speaking with him…
Hana: Shrugs a bit. He is my cousin.
John: …Very well. Anything else you can tell me?
Hana: Price is researching the use of those bugs.
John: Can you expound? Is he attempting to use it as a weapon or spread it as a disease again?
Hana: From what I could tell, he was researching the use of them on Humans. The results that I saw were… horrifying…
John: …What did the results show, then?
Hana: …Eaten out corpses… shells… Stares down at the table.
John: Stares quite intently at Hana, as if he were searching for something.
Hana: Just looks rather shaken and horrified at remembering. Quite pale.
John: Frown deepens slightly as he weighs the chances of Hana having any sort of involvement in that vein of research.
Hana: Rubs his eyes with two fingers, then pulls his hand down his face.
John: Figures he'd best ask, while keeping his eyes on Hana as he speaks. Did you have any sort of involvement in that research?
Hana: No. Neither Morcant or Price knew who I was. I did… witness it happening… though.
John: How does the progress so far look, then?
Hana: They can only use bugs individually and they must be implanted in the victim. There's no way to spread them person-to-person because they die with the host.
John: Nods. And they are trying to overcome this or have they achieved their goal?
Hana: I believe they're trying to overcome it.
John: Hm… The bugs, how do they affect Humans in comparison to, say, a Riser?
Hana: Well, Risers were always the bugs' primary target. They were invented jointly by the Elves and Demons and Risers serve the bugs best. They feed on blood… as you saw with Adam, they made him bleed continuously and reproduced within him. Humans and other races don't have the same regenerating blood supply, so the bugs sort of… frenzy-feed, I suppose.
John: So… In short, the bugs will kill a non-Riser host much quicker?
Hana: Indeed. They killed a Human in about half a minute.
John: …Did it sound like they were making any progress at all?
Hana: No, fortunately. They seemed to be quite stumped.
John: That is fortunate indeed.
Hana: Sighs.
John: …Anything else, then?
Hana: Not that I can think of.
John: Very well. I'm sorry, but I should get this information to Adam immediately.
Hana: Nods. …Glad to be of service.
John: Thank you very much for your time, Hana. Stands and bows.
Hana: Nods his head to him. You're welcome. Good evening.
John: Good evening. Takes his leave, walking at a quick pace to Adam's room to check on him.

Adam: Smooching Trajedie.
John: Knocks on Adam's door.
Adam: Kisses just a little more, then pulls away. Who is it?
John: Your father. I need to speak with you, Adam. Now, preferably.
Adam: Gets off of Trajedie, putting a jacket on and buttoning his pants back up before answering the door. Yes?
Traj: Looks a little irritated at the interruption.
John: Disturbing information to report. If you would step out into the hall, I can relay it to you.
Adam: Nods and steps out, closing the door behind him.
John: In the order he was told, begins to relay the information that he was granted by Hana.
Adam: Listens carefully, absorbing the information.
John: Doesn't leave out a single detail, either, making sure to include everything he heard, until he's finally done with the somewhat exhaustive report.
Adam: Looks thoughtful once he's finished, his mind processing everything.
John: Remains quiet, letting him think and process the information.
Adam: …We'll need to send out units to protect the Elves… and ask the same of the Angels…
John: Nods.
Adam: Do you have any suggestions?
John: …That we be very careful with the information we have. It is not that I distrust Hana or believe that we could be tricked, though that is a possibility. Rather, having been told by Metaron that Price is more clever than his former cohorts, it seems strange that he would overlook a slave being able to accrue all of this information. Nevertheless, I believe that even if there is a shadow of a doubt on this information, I agree with your course of action, though I believe it should be done discretely, if at all possible.
Adam: Nods. Better to be prepared than not… Though it's not as though I'd want to focus all our energies on Elf Haven, either.
John: Correct. We cannot afford to be left too weakened or have our forces spread too thin, either.
Adam: Nods. And what do you make of the bugs?
John: Definitely a concern, considering how fast they kill non-Risers. If they can spread that as a disease without the host dying…
Adam: Only 30 seconds…
John: Not a whole lot of time at all.
Adam: It'd be terrible if it could be used for that purpose…
John: Which is why it is imperative that we stop Price before he figures it out.
Adam: We can't estimate when that will be… We're doing everything we can to prepare… Bites his lip, then sighs. It's terrible, but…
John: …But?
Adam: Fiddles with his hair. I'm getting a bit… scared.
John: I don't blame you at all for that, Adam. These are frightening prospects ahead of us. Made scarier by the fact that if we can't get a spy within Price's ranks, then we can only assume the rest of the information.
Adam: You want to employ a spy?
John: If it is possible.
Adam: …Do you have anyone in mind?
John: The only person I could think of who has the possible capability of doing so would be Middler. Though despite his shape-shifting gift, I am hesitant to even bring him up as a plausibility.
Adam: Celena's struggling enough as it is with her three children.
John: True, but that is not the reason I was thinking of.
Adam: Due to Middler's own nature?
John: Correct. I am not sure if he would be able to do it, even if it is within his capabilities on a technical level. There is no doubt that we need information, but having our spy discovered would only make things much, much worse.
Adam: That's true.
John: Unless we can hire another spy, though he may be our only shot. I will be frank with you, considering what is at stake, your sister's financial woes mean very little.
Adam: Also true, but considering what's at stake if a spy is discovered… would we really want to risk a novice?
John: That depends wholly on what we have to gain, I would say and what our options are.
Adam: Nods, leaning against the wall a bit.
John: …Perhaps Daphne will know of some candidates?
Adam: A good idea… I sometimes wonder if I'm cut out for this…
John: It is unfortunate that you have to deal with this war.
Adam: I guess I shouldn't doubt myself.
John: That's right. There is no sense in second-guessing right now.
Adam: Well, I'll get on that request for assistance and speak with Daphne. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
John: Yes. Speak of spies and what we know to only vital personnel.
Adam: Nods. I understand. The general too… about the troops.
John: Nods.
Adam: You're, um… dismissed.
John: Very well. Before I go, is there anything that I may do to assist you?
Adam: Nothing I can think of. Have a good night's sleep… Dad… Hugs him.
John: Hugs him back somewhat tightly. Good night, Son..
Adam: Nods to him and heads off, buttoning up his jacket.
John: Departs as well, to his and Jessica's room.

Jessica: Has at least recovered from her flu by now.
John: Worried about her as well. Just a relief to be in bed.
Jessica: …John…
John: …Yes, Jessica?
Jessica: Mumbles a bit.
John: Leans in closer to her. …Jessica?
Jessica: Puts a hand on his cheek.
John: Places his hand over hers gently.
Jessica: Holds her other arm out to him.
John: Moves closer to her, his other arm gently moving to bring her into an embrace.
Jessica: Wraps her other arm around him, pulling herself up.
John: Assists her, wondering what's on her mind.
Jessica: Curls up in his lap.
John: Has no problem with her doing so, smiling fondly to her, freeing a hand to stroke her hair.
Jessica: Arms wrapped around his neck, head on his chest, and soft bare skin against his.
John: Glad to have her close to him, trailing his fingers still yet through her hair, his other arm wrapping around to gently hug her.
Jessica: John… Let's…
John: …Jessica. Dares to hold her just a little closer.
Jessica: …I want to…
John: Listens to her words closely, trying to detect if she's exhausted or feeling ill.
Jessica: Sounds tired.
John: My poor wife… …Jessica. Kisses her brow gently.
Jessica: John… Please…
John: He brings her closer to himself, pressing yet another kiss to her brow. …Are you sure…? He doesn't want to deny his wife, but he doesn't want to do wrong by her either.
Jessica: Yes… I feel like…
John: …Feel like…?
Jessica: I'm not satisfying you…
John: …Jessica… That isn't true.
Jessica: …We haven't in awhile and… I'm such a burden…
John: You've never been a burden to me, love…
Jessica: …I want to do something for you…
John: You've already done so much for me, Jessica…
Jessica: …Not recently…
John: Yet another loving kiss on her brow. You're such a wonderful wife, Jessica… Please… don't think for a second that you are a burden.
Jessica: …All I do is lay in bed…
John: That isn't your fault, love…
Jessica: I feel like a slug…
John: …I'm sorry you have to lay in bed, Jessica… but if you don't rest, you could get sick again… It's not much longer… then you'll be well again…
Jessica: I never see you or the children… Sniffs.
John: Resumes stroking her hair. I'll bring the children to you tomorrow… alright, love…?
Jessica: I want to go to Feemy's concert…
John: …Maybe you can… We could get a wheelchair from the infirmary…
Jessica: …Heh…
John: Just continues to stroke her hair. …I'm trying… I really am…
Jessica: I know you are John… You've done everything for me.
John: …Just like you have for me, Jessica.
Jessica: What've I done for you?
John: You've been there for me, Jessica… Always… and I know you always will be. You're a wonderful wife and mother… and you've made me so very happy over these years… I truly do feel blessed.
Jessica: …Any woman could do that…
John: Not any woman, Jessica… Only you are capable of making me happy.
Jessica: …John…
John: Strays his hand from her hair, instead gently stroking her cheek. …Jessica.
Jessica: …Hm?
John: …Just wanted to say that I love you.
Jessica: …I love you, too.
John: Smiles lovingly to her.
Jessica: Smiles back. John…
John: …Yes, Jessica…?
Jessica: Let's…
John: Strokes her cheek still. …You sound exhausted, Jessica…
Jessica: I'm always exhausted…
John: …My dear Jessica… Stops stroking her cheek, now just holding her closer, still mindful of her mark, though.
Jessica: Holds back. Please?
John: The thought occurs to him that perhaps he isn't satisfying her. The same problem she felt, only the tables turned. Moves an arm from her, only to bring his hand to lightly cup her chin, to tilt it up, so he could look down into her eyes.
Jessica: Exhausted eyes indeed, but they're also loving and looking into his with some passion.
John: Just holds her eyes with his own for a moment, though soon he leans down and presses his lips to her own, the hand cupping the chin moving to once more stroke her cheek.
Jessica: Kisses back with some lust.
John: His side of the kiss gains a lustful tinge to it as well.
Jessica: They make love and she falls asleep very soon after.
John: Snuggles up close to her and goes to sleep as well.

Daniel: Hey John pants.
John: Hello Daniel.
Daniel: How's it going?
John: Stressful.
Daniel: Lemme hear aaall about your problems.
John: The conflict against Price is just very worrisome. He's trying to get the bugs to travel from host-to-host in Humans.
Daniel: That sucks.
John: …And he's planning on attacking Elf Haven.
Daniel: Times two.
John: Also through strenuous mental contemplation, I've realized that I am the cosmic lemon.
Daniel: What?
John: Heh.
Daniel: John.
John: What?
Daniel: I have feelings for you.
John: Which ones?
Daniel: Love.
John: I know. You already told me that, Daniel.
Daniel: …A different kind of love.
John: Are you telling me that you love me… romantically?
Daniel: Yes.
John: Ha-ha, Daniel.
Daniel: Laughs. Can't get you.
John: Applaud the effort, though.
Daniel: Sighs. Why not believe me?
John: Approaches Daniel and stops in front of him, looking down. I'll believe you if you can look me in the eye and say it. Laughs.
Daniel: Grins and looks John straight in the eye, unblinkingly. I love you romantically.
John: Grins back. Bull.
Daniel: Why?
John: You're grinning.
Daniel: Sighs and pulls a serious face. I love you romantically.
John: Instead of grinning or laughing it off, his eyes lock onto Daniel's and search them for sincerity or the lack thereof.
Daniel: An unreadable expression.
John: Frowns when he can't get… anything from the eyes whatsoever.
Daniel: Straight face, keeping eye contact.
John: …Alright. I'll trust your word. You love me. Romantically.
Daniel: Laughs. Yeah.
John: Why?
Daniel: I was lying.
John: Frowns.
Daniel: What? You knew that I was.
John: I still don't enjoy being lied to right to my face.
Daniel: Well it's hard not to feel strange things about the only person you see and talk to for like… 18 years.
John: So now you're saying you feel strange things for me?
Daniel: Well, I've had to get used to the idea of one day sharing a bed with you. Grins.
John: Heh. I still don't see why you would lie about something like that to begin with. It's a bit of a heavy lie to tell.
Daniel: Why? It's not like I'd be ripping your heart out
John: Do you mean literally or metaphorically?
Daniel: Metaphorically.
John: Ah.
Daniel: What? You wuv me too? Grins and bumps against him.
John: Of course I do. I've already told you.
Daniel: Romantically?
John: Should I lie like you did? Laughs.
Daniel: Nah.
John: Yes.
Daniel: Stares.
John: Straight face.
Daniel: You and your sarcasm.
John: …
Daniel: Spasms of sarcasms.
John: More silence.
Daniel: Chasms of sarcasms.
John: Looks to the ground.
Daniel: What's the matter?
John: Nothing.
Daniel: Whaaat?
John: Nothing.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: What?
Daniel: You're leading me along.
John: Where?
Daniel: The path of lies.
John: Laughs.
Daniel: What?
John: Of course I am.
Daniel: We're never going to be straight with each other.
John: Is that a double entendre? Laughs.
Daniel: I thought it was a good one.
John: It was.
Daniel: Giving myself a pat on the back. You should just kiss me 'cause you love me so roman-tic-ly. Closes his eyes and tilts his head.
John: You're cute when you try to double down.
Daniel: What? Makes a kissy face.
John: It's a high school trick. You tell someone you're close to that you're interested and if they react in a way that wouldn't be conducive to a relationship, you act like it's a joke.
Daniel: Yeah? Continues making kissy faces.
John: Yeah. Kind of like how you're doing now. Laughs.
Daniel: Yeah? Kissy face.
John: Yeah.
Daniel: Flutters his eyelashes.
John: If you want a kiss so bad, just come on over and give me one.
Daniel: Can I really? Grins.
John: Your choice.
Daniel: Well, lean down then.
John: Here I was hoping you'd pull a chair over. Leans down.
Daniel: I won't be responsible for any permanent damages.
John: Alright.
Daniel: Gives John a kiss.
John: …
Daniel: Pulls away.
John: …Well.
Daniel: Well?
John: I should feel uncomfortable with the fact that you want to nail me.
Daniel: Laughs. I do not.
John: I know. You're the one in the dress, so I'd assume you'd want to be nailed by me, not the other way around.
Daniel: Gross.
John: Does that honestly compare at all to actually kissing me? Laughs.
Daniel: Uh… Having sex? Yeah.
John: Implying that you want to be nailed by me. I'm not ripping your clothes off and doing so. Though I have to say, you surprised me there and I'm kind of hard to surprise.
Daniel: Grins.
John: Did not think you'd actually do it.
Daniel: Really?
John: I should have, but I honestly didn't.
Daniel: Why should you have?
John: Because you love me romantically.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: Also laughs.
Daniel: It'll be something to tell Jessica.
John: No, it won't.
Daniel: Hehehe… I'm so good at making you feel uncomfortable. Well, do I get a kiss back?
John: The thought occurs that you wouldn't even be able to feel it regardless.
Daniel: True.
John: So next time you close your eyes and pucker up, I'm just gonna slug you.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: Laughs and shakes his head. …No, I couldn't do that.
Daniel: Really?
John: Really.
Daniel: Por que?
John: I just couldn't bring myself to hit you.
Daniel: Grins. You're sweet.
John: Laughs.
Daniel: Couldn't bring yourself to kiss me, either.
John: Now you just want me to kiss you.
Daniel: Fair's fair
John: Go ahead and use that reason.
Daniel: Grins.
John: Heh. I know you can't feel much, but I do know that you can, in the abstract sense, 'feel' the part of your soul that's in me and I know that kiss just brought it that much closer to the surface. Laughs.
Daniel: Grins more. It feels nice!
John: Laughs again.
Daniel: Don't mind me, just making things awkward.
John: Not making me awkward. At least, that passed.
Daniel: Oh really?
John: Yep.
Daniel: How so?
John: Being kissed was awkward, but I've accepted that it happened and moved on already.
Daniel: You're good.
John: I know.
Daniel: Smiles.
John: We're strange.
Daniel: Why are you strange?
John: I go to sleep and talk to my dead best friend who I have a bit of his soul within me that wants to be reunited with the other part.
Daniel: Hey, now. You seem to be confusing me with baldy… Sorry, Ponytail.
John: I'm not.
Daniel: You slurred your words.
John: When?
Daniel: You said, like… deadest friend.
John: Not at all. Dead. Best. Friend.
Daniel: Best friend? Oh, I see…
John: You do?
Daniel: I'm your only dead friend… so that makes me the best one.
John: That's true, but I would also consider you my best one.
Daniel: That's pretty bad.
John: It's not how long you've known someone, it's the time spent.
Daniel: I mean, it's bad that your best friend's a dead guy… As compared to your living friends.
John: It's fine by me. I get to visit him often.
Daniel: Shakes his head. I didn't even think you liked me that much.
John: I love you.
Daniel: Smiles sincerely, which is a more subtle smile.
John: Smiles in the same way, and gives him a hug.
Daniel: Hugs back.
John: …Heh. You were right.
Daniel: About what?
John: About the soul thing, I guess… just feels nice…
Daniel: Smiles. Sorry about kissing you.
John: It's alright. No harm done.
Daniel: You're not a bad guy. I guess you're my best friend now, too.
John: …Really?
Daniel: Yeah… Since Julius got… obliterated.
John: Nods.
Daniel: Or… is a pregnant woman.
John: Nods again.
Daniel: I did give you a lung, a car, and three kids.
John: You did.
Daniel: And you've given me entertainment.
John: Yep.
Daniel: Even match.
John: I suppose so.
Daniel: I love you, John.
John: Love you, too.
Daniel: Grins and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
John: Grins and returns the kiss, on the lips.
Daniel: Kisses back.
John: …I'm never going to be able to one-up Daniel in this department.
Daniel: Even wraps his arms around John's neck.
John: He should just admit that he loves me as more than a friend.
Daniel: Ends the kiss with a laugh.
John: Laughs as well. Alright. You win.
Daniel: I'm good.
John: No doubt that you're willing to push the envelope.
Daniel: I'm a brave man.
John: You are… Laughs.
Daniel: What?
John: Kind of a depressing thought.
Daniel: What?
John: For a moment there… I thought that maybe, just maybe, you did what you did because you crave affection. Laughs.
Daniel: I do. Smiles.
John: …But that kind?
Daniel: Shrugs.
John: Just any kind, then?
Daniel: Like I said, it makes me feel more alive.
John: Bet you wish someone else besides me was your Limbo buddy.
Daniel: Well it's because you have part of my soul.
John: I know.
Daniel: …And I'm fine with you
John: Even if I'm not terribly affectionate.
Daniel: Yeah. You're truthful. I know you mean… most everything you say and do.
John: I do try to be honest, at least.
Daniel: So it means more coming from you.
John: …Thanks.
Daniel: Messes up the back of his hair.
John: Chuckles.
Daniel: Whaaat?
John: Just strange… I was so stressed out when I fell asleep. Now I'm… not.
Daniel: Because I'm a good therapist. You should pay me.
John: Heh. How much?
Daniel: Measure in looove.
John: Laughs.
Daniel: Grins.
John: …That's like… asking me to pay you in… friend dollars or something.
Daniel: Laughs and leans against John, putting his head on his shoulder.
John: Supports him, unbothered by it.
Daniel: You're so comfy.
John: Thanks. Never would have thought that would be a word used to describe me, though. Laughs.
Daniel: Jessica never says so?
John: I meant more-or-less coming from you.
Daniel: Oh man, is she comfy… So soft and squishy.
John: She is.
Daniel: Mmm… I miss her.
John: I know you do.
Daniel: I wonder if she misses me?
John: I'm sure she does.
Daniel: Thinks about me?
John: I'm sure she does.
Daniel: Still loves me?
John: Nods.
Daniel: I love her…
John: I know you do, Daniel.
Daniel: You aren't enjoying this topic of conversation.
John: Are you?
Daniel: I dunno, I asked if you were.
John: I don't have much to say on it.
Daniel: Because you love Jessica, too.
John: I know.
Daniel: …And you love me.
John: I do.
Daniel: …And I love you.
John: Aw.
Daniel: And she loves us both.
John: Life is strange.
Daniel: So we're like the perfect threesome.
John: Daniel? The moment we were having? You just ruined it.
Daniel: I meant like 'couple'… but three people. Throuple.
John: A company.
Daniel: I should know that…
John: Three's company, too.
Daniel: Yup, so we're like the perfect company.
John: Yep.
Daniel: Hugs John again.
John: Hugs back again.
Daniel: You're great. The greatest of the great.
John: I am?
Daniel: Yes!
John: You're sweet.
Daniel: Hugs him tight.
John: Hugs tight in return.
Daniel: You're the best. The bestest of the best.
John: …Why do you say that?
Daniel: Because you are!
John: Why?
Daniel: Porque.
John: You're just livelier the closer you are to me. Laughs.
Daniel: Yep! How could I not fall in love?
John: Heh.
Daniel: Grins.
John: Pulls him closer, probably the closest he's ever hugged him. Leans his head down and sniffs his hair. Ruined that moment.
Daniel's Hair: Doesn't smell like anything.
John: Knew that. Presses against Daniel, but decides against it and ceases, though still hugs. Was going to try to creep him out in the same vein as they had been doing.
Daniel: Relaxes in his arms, falling asleep. So relaxed and comfy.
John: Still yet, stays there and hugs, though now mostly so he doesn't fall over.