15 June 2023
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Adam McMurran John Crowley Jessica McMurran Elijah McMurran Demitrius Larson Peter Crowley Feemerson McMurran Celena McMurran

Adam: To J.N. Happy Father's Day.
J.N: Hugs Adam.
Adam: Hugs back.
J.N: Has never heard that before.
Adam: Or, um… Future Father's Day…
J.N: Thanks.
Adam: Gives him a kiss on the cheek!
J.N: I didn't think Adam was so affectionate. I must be special.
Adam: I got you a present… but you can't have it 'til later, okay?
J.N: Alright.
Adam: And I asked Mommy to make you something. Smiles.
J.N: Wonders how Jessica felt about making John something based on him being Adam's 'future father'. Wonder what it is.
Adam: Or… Are you sppos'd to spend time with your daddy today? You should… He's nice. He has a pipe. As though this is the best reason.
J.N: …You're right, I should.
Adam: Well, I can give you your present tomorrow.
J.N: That might be the case… or you could give it to me now. Is kind of curious as to what it is.
Adam: …Okay… It's in my room. Comes back with a small box and a big homemade card.
J.N: …You made the card yourself?
Adam: Nods. On the front is an ugly cat.
J.N: That's a pretty ugly cat.
Adam: Inside is a… strangely precise looking "Happy Father's Day Love, Adam", and the ugly cat again… Getting a hug… with angel wings and a halo.
J.N: It's Ugly the cat. Thank you for the card, Adam
Adam: You're welcome. Starting to look sleepy.
J.N: …You look tired. Did you stay up late?
Adam: Shakes his head 'no'. Open the box!
J.N: Sets the card aside for a moment and opens the box.
Adam: Inside… is a pocket watch!!! In Adam's opinion, this is cooler than both a pipe and chin hair put together.
J.N: That's kind of cool, considering I don't carry around a watch.
Adam: Smiles. Do you like it? It's even got a chain.
J.N: Smiles a bit. I do. Picks up the pocket watch! Thank you very much, Adam… Where did you get a pocket watch, though?
Adam: I went with Mommy and bought it at the store.
J.N: It is cooler than chin hair and pipes. Leans down and scruffs up his hair. Thanks a lot.
Adam: You're welcome… Hugs his leg. I wish I could go, too
J.N: Pats him on the head. I'll be back tomorrow, if that's any help.
Adam: Doesn't look happy. Sighs. Okay…
J.N: I'm sorry… but I should visit my… dad.
Adam: Nods. I know… I'll see you tomorrow. My daddy's boring. But yours is really neat. Smiles a bit.
J.N: I'll tell him you said that. He'd liked that.
Adam: Thanks.
J.N: I should say goodbye to Jessica before leaving. Is your mom in her office?
Adam: I think she's in the kitchen.
J.N: Thanks, Adam.
Adam: Bye-bye, Mr. John. I love you. Smiles.
J.N: Bye Adam. Still smiling a bit, waves and walks to the kitchen!

Jessica: Looking through recipes.
J.N: …Tries to sneak up on her.
Jessica: Unawares and mumbling to herself.
J.N: Looks over her shoulder subtly.
Jessica: Just flipping through recipes and muttering that she doesn't have any marshmallows or soy sauce.
J.N: …Surprise hugs.
Jessica: Screams!
J.N: What, did you think I was Middler? Hello Jessica.
Jessica: Hello John… Sorry…
J.N: It's okay.
Jessica: …Good morning…
J.N: Good morning… Thank you for helping Adam pick out a gift.
Jessica: Oh, well… I didn't know if you wanted… a pocket watch… but he was very insistent.
J.N: I like it.
Jessica: Oh, you do? Smiles. Well, I wasn't sure… about the whole thing. I mean… If it makes you feel awkward?
J.N: Oh, you mean being a "future father"?
Jessica: Yes… Like I've said, you're dating me, not my children…
J.N: Kisses her on the side of the head, since he can't very well just slip in front of her or anything. And I'm glad I am.
Jessica: Smiles. I just don't want you to feel… obligated to them…
J.N: I don't.
Jessica: Well, I just thought Adam was laying it on a bit thick, though I've told him not to.
J.N: He's very… straight-forward.
Jessica: If it bothers you, I'll talk to him about it.
J.N: It doesn't.
Jessica: Smiles. It looks like I'm going to be making you a dinner, then.
J.N: …Maybe you shouldn't. I came in here to tell you that I'm visiting my father… for at least awhile today.
Jessica: Oh… Well that sounds like something you should do. Smiles. I'm sure your father would be happy to spend the day with you. Give him my regards.
J.N: I will. I'm glad you're not upset at least.
Jessica: Stands and kisses him on the lips.
J.N: Returns the kiss. I'll see you later tonight or tomorrow.
Jessica: Alright… I love you. Be safe… Gives him another kiss on the cheek.
J.N: Covered in Jessica kisses. Love you too and I will be. Glad he keeps a potion to travel back and does so!
Jessica: Sniffs. Wants more kisses.

Elijah: Father's Day sure is depressing.
Demi: …Yep…
Elijah: Wanna duel?
Demi: Not really… Raphael just beat me black-and-blue yesterday.
Elijah: Mm.
Demi: So is J.N. going to be your father?
Elijah: What's with you all? He and my mom have only been dating like, a week. Though, I hope they don't break up or anything.
Demi: Why?
Elijah: Then it'd be really awkward hanging out with Mr. John.
Demi: Better or worse than having a step father only nine or ten years older than you?
Elijah: Worse… I really like Mr. John… and he makes my mom happy and it's nice to see her happy.
Demi: …He stabbed me in the arm.
Elijah: He didn't mean to. You threw a sword at his head.
Demi: He spit a cigarette in my face.
Elijah: …Can't really argue with you there. Can't really expect him to be an honorable swordsman, though.
Demi: Just take his side.
Elijah: Don't be like that. You're still my best friend, Demi. Leans.
Demi: Smiles a bit. Thanks.
Elijah: Unleans. What do you want for your birthday?

Peter: So, how long have you and Jessica been dating?
J.N: About a week.
Peter: …Really?
J.N: Yep. Is that so surprising?
Peter: Your mother thought that you'd been dating for longer.
J.N: …I see.
Peter: Figured the two of you were going to break the news about a wedding or something soon.
J.N: You're full of shit.
Peter: Heh. Those aren't my words. Rose thought you and Jessica made a cute couple. Even if you're dating your dead friend's widow.
J.N: That's a pretty accurate way to put it.
Peter: So, what're your plans for the future then?
J.N: …Aren't we supposed to violate your privacy today? It's Father's Day, after all.
Peter: I know it's Father's Day, so it would be kind of you to tell me what I want to know, since it's my 'special day'.
J.N: Well, I have been thinking about moving to a far away land where magic exists and a war between good and evil are about to be fought. Since Jessica a Queen of Atlantis and lives in a large castle that I often visit by imbibing the contents of a strange potion that they produce within it's walls.
Peter: …
J.N: …
Both: Are soon laughing, loudly.
Peter: Heh-heh… The age of 'Free Love' ended a long time ago, but you're just now tripping with your friends or something?
J.N: Ha… No… I'm dead serious.
Peter: Just starts laughing again.
J.N: Chuckles. …But really, Jessica lives in another county and it's a strain to live far away from her. I'm really thinking about moving to at least the area where she lives. That means I won't see you or Mom as much anymore. Bold faced lie.
Peter: Pats his son on the shoulder. And it's about damn time. Look, we love you Son, but you've got to start doing something with your life besides working at that meat market. It's not like we're crippled or infirm. We don't need you watching over us and you don't need us watching over you, though Rose might think different. So, if you've got to move away to take that next step in your life, you won't hear me complain. I'd be happy to hear that you've moving onto better things.
J.N: …Thanks, Dad.
Peter: Though if you need help moving, ask someone else. You've got friends. Like that gay guy that calls you.
J.N: Ernest isn't gay, as far as I know. He's just… "Confident enough in his masculinity to wear pink."
Peter: Just stares.

Feemy: Goes off to bug Celena and unload some guilt.
Celena: Sitting in her room meditating next to a shrine of her father. Burning incense… she, um "got" from somewhere… She's not allowed to, either.
Feemy: Knocks on her door loudly!
Celena: Quickly puts the incense in her water pitcher, hides the evidence, and opens a window. Um, ye-es?
Feemy: Hey Celena, can I come in?
Celena: Yes.
Feemy: Enters. Hi Celena.
Celena: Hi Feemy…
Feemy: …So, I have something I should've told you awhile ago.
Celena: What's that?
Feemy: Sits right on her bed. Well… Ren really likes you and thinks you're the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.
Celena: You mean Renasi?
Feemy: Yeah.
Celena: Makes a face!
Feemy: Renasi's cool.
Celena: He's not my type. I like older men.
Feemy: But Middler's like… a thousand years old. Doesn't really know this for sure.
Celena: So he's more experienced.
Feemy: …He doesn't seem experienced. I think he still gets lost in the castle.
Celena: Well he's also sweet and naive. He just needs a nice woman to shape him up a bit.
Feemy: …But did he ever say you were the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen?
Celena: Well, no… but Middler's not pathetic.
Feemy: Why does saying that make Ren pathetic?
Celena: Because he's an eleven-year-old know-nothing.
Feemy: Wait, this isn't the direction I wanted to take. …Well, alright then. You can keep Middler then. I didn't want to have to always hang out with you when Ren was over anyway. We do guy stuff, so that means that girls aren't allowed. This also isn't true!
Celena: Oh boy, I'm really hurt.
Feemy: It's the reality of the situation. I love you and you're my favorite sister and all, but we can't make exceptions.
Celena: Sarcastically. Say it isn't so, Feemy. What will I ever do with myself these long and lonely days?
Feemy: …Well, we're not always doing guy stuff. And it's more fun to play tag with three people… Didn't quite catch the sarcasm at first, but the hopeful look on his face soon wilts when he realizes it was indeed sarcasm.
Celena: Looks at him witheringly.
Feemy: No need to look at me like that… I just kind of offered you a ticket to the Renasi AND Feemy group. Pouts a bit. …What do you do all day that's so fun?
Celena: I have girlfriends and we sew and have tea and talk politely. That's what young ladies do. So Middler will want to marry me when I'm grown up and an accomplished woman who can care for him.
Feemy: …Well, do any of your girlfriends want to hang out with Ren and I? The… two person tag is really getting old.
Celena: No Feemy. Young ladies don't play with boys. It isn't proper. We have genteel conversations with them and dance with them at balls, but we certainly don't play with them.
Feemy: More pouting. …Well, when can I have a geenteal conversation then? I'm getting kind of bored and lonely, and the thought of visiting Ren, while appealing, it's a frightening prospect to be away from Mom for very long.
Celena: You're too little. You're not even on most girl's radar.
Feemy: …Radar? I just want to talk… Adam's no fun and Elijah is an adult and wants to do adult things like sword fight.
Celena: Elijah's stupid. I'm sure he'd be happy to spend time with you.
Feemy: Elijah is not stupid!
Celena: He's immature.
Feemy: Middler's the stupid one.
Celena: No he's not. You are. Go away.
Feemy: But he doesn't even do anything!
Celena: That's because he's a gentlemen.
Feemy: He's lazy. I bet Katen thinks he's lazy too.
Celena: Katen thinks ants are lazy.
Feemy: Dad didn't even like Middler. I was there for that.
Celena: That's a lie. How dare you say that about Daddy?
Feemy: I'm not lying. I'm telling the truth. Dad didn't like Middler at all.
Celena: Who's known Daddy longer? Me or you?
Feemy: Who's been around Daddy and Middler when they're together longer?
Celena: I can't believe you'd tell lies about your own father. Get out of my room.
Feemy: I bet Mom just feels sorry for him because he's homeless. Being a brat.
Celena: Starts pushing him out. Very unladylike.
Feemy: Being pushed. I bet I could hit Middler and he wouldn't even do anything about it. Starts to cooperate in leaving the room, to do just that!
Celena: Don't you dare! Don't you dare lay a finger on him!

Feemy: I'm going to and he's not going to do anything. Soon runs like mad down the hall.
Celena: ….Chases him. Surprisingly fleet.
Feemy: More fleet than he had expected! Still, hauls himself as fast as his stubby child legs can carry him, all on the motivation of spiting his sister.
Celena: Ducks her head down and dashes.
Feemy: Looks behind his shoulder at the gaining Celena. Tries to round the corner fast to negate this gain!
Celena: Feemy wins, most unfortunately, as she runs into her mother coming out of the kitchen bowling her over and spilling hot tea all over.
Feemy: Hearing this commotion, he stops.
Jessica: Ow… Celena!
Feemy: Takes this time to slowly walk away, to make it look like he wasn't running. Is still mad and is still going to try and find Middler.

Celena: Oww… Bumped her head and is bleeding.
Jessica: Shakes the hot water off her hand and tries to not lean in the remains of the broken tea cup. What in the world were you doing charging through the halls like that?
Celena: Tears. Feeemy said he was gonnaaa hiiit Middleeer.
Jessica: Sighs. You kids… Helps Celena up and takes her to the bathroom.

Feemy: With no repercussions whatsoever!
Middler: Hi Feemy! Just down the other end of the hall. Not even wandering, but has books in tow.
Feemy: Hands are gripped into little fists!
Middler: …How are you doing, Feemy?
Feemy: When he's close enough… Strikes!
Middler: Blinks. Might not be the toughest guy around, but an eight-year-old punching your calf isn't much to scream about. …Are you feeling alright, Feemy?
Feemy: …Promptly starts wailing. Because he misses his father and he's mad at Celena and he misses Ren and he's lonely and he doesn't think anyone wants to be around him and, in short, life isn't fair.
Middler: Oh dear.

Celena: Sniffs and sobs. He came into my room and he was all bugging me and then he said Middler never did anything and Daddy hated him and he was going to hit him and that Middler wouldn't do anything about it. Sobs.
Jessica: Looks at the cut a little above her eyebrow. Dabs water on it to clean it. You might get a black eye.
Celena: Nooo.
Jessica: You could use a little humility. I don't approve of you putting on airs like you've been doing. For all your talk of being a lady, I can tell tell you charging through the halls like a savage beast isn't very ladylike nor is being snooty to people. Ladies handle themselves with grace and dignity, that does not mean snobbery. That means kindness and compassion.
Celena: Cries. You don't love me…
Jessica: I do too. You're a very nice little girl, Celena and very smart and pretty, but I think you're letting those little girls you hang around with influence you a little too much.
Celena: But they're my friends…
Jessica: Hmph… I think you'll find friends are the ones who will stick by you whether you have a black eye or not. Once she's put a bandage over the cut, brings Celena along to the kitchen to get some ice. Hugs Celena. I'm not saying you're entirely at fault for this. Believe me, I'll give Feemy a talking to. When I find him. Just calm down… Strokes her hair, then goes to clean up the broken teacup.

Middler: Now carrying around books and a sobbing Feemy. Wonders if there's a distress call for something like this.
Elijah: Manages to pick himself up out of his chair hearing a wailing child. Blinks. Middler?
Middler: Thank God. Elijah! …I think something happened.
Elijah: What's the matter? Is he hurt? Awake now.
Middler: I don't know.
Elijah: Nice voice! Feemy? What's the matter?
Feemy: That's Elijah! Scrambles down from Middler, upsetting the books in his other arm in the process and instead clings to him, but is still incomprehensible in his sobbing babbling.
Elijah: Looks at Middler a bit helplessly. Where'd you find him?
Middler: He was in the halls. I don't think he's hurt… I mean, he walked up to me and seemed just fine. Is omitting the hitting part. Doesn't want Feemy to get in trouble.
Elijah: He just started bawling?
Middler: Nods. Yes… I said, "hello" and asked him how he was doing, but he didn't respond either time.
Feemy: Starting to settle down a little bit, at least.
Elijah: Kneels down. Feemy, honey, what's wrong? Worried.
Feemy: Celena hates me and I miss Ren and Dad's gone and I miss him too… Sniffs. Doesn't mention feeling guilty about actually hitting Middler. Does want to avoid getting into trouble.
Elijah: Well, we all miss Dad… Why do you think Celena hates you?
Feemy: Because she doesn't want to ever spend time with me… and she acts like I'm a stupid kid and annoying and she called me a liar and kicked me out of her room.
Elijah: Well… That sounds like Celena. Um… Well, she's a girl… and she's nearly a teenager. And girls get funny when they're nearly teenagers. They get really scary, in fact. I'd um… Leave her alone, I guess?
Feemy: Fine, then I will…
Elijah: I mean… They start getting interested in things like makeup and gossiping and boys and it's not going to be any fun to hang out with them…
Feemy: But she's closest to my age besides Adam and he doesn't like me either.
Elijah: Why do you think Adam doesn't like you…? Wishes he could get Feemy into his room so they could sit 'cause kneeling is kinda uncomfortable, but doesn't want to shut Middler out of the conversation, either.
Feemy: Cuz when I tried to play with him, we never did anything but… nothing.
Elijah: Sighs. Adam's kind of shy… Like Renasi, but he's less… I don't know… He's less of a follower than Renasi. He's kind of reserved and likes to do things by himself. He hasn't had many friends his own age Feemy, so I don't think he really knows how to act. I'm sure there's some common ground between you, it just might be a little more difficult to find than it was between you and Renasi.
Feemy: I didn't have to work so hard to find common ground with Renasi though. It just happened. …I'll try to hang out with Adam… but I still don't think he likes me.
Elijah: Well, he's new here. You were in his place once. He's adjusting to everything… To having two new siblings… Everything. He's probably lonely, too.
Feemy: It's harder to blame him for it when you putting it like that.
Elijah: Try giving him another chance…? In the meantime, why don't you visit Elf Haven?
Feemy: Can I?
Elijah: I don't see why not. Thanasi seems to like you. I'm sure she'd be happy to have you. Just ask Mom.
Feemy: There's the problem. …I'll ask Mom later.
Elijah: Sees the look on Feemy's face. Why later?
Feemy: …Cuz I've been crying. And big boys don't cry. Partially true! But mostly because he doesn't want to face her wrath.
Elijah: I don't think Mom will care… I've gone to see her in tears many a time. Stands up, 'cause he's really starting to cramp up.
Feemy: I find that hard to believe.
Elijah: You wanna go talk to Mom together?
Feemy: Sees no way out of this. At least it'll be easier with Elijah there, he thinks. Okay…
Elijah: Takes Feemy's hands. Thanks Middler. Smiles! Take care… Walks down the hall with Feemy to his mom's office… Thankfully, Celena went to her room to go lie down.
Middler: Waves after them! And makes his way back to the library to return books he borrowed from it.

Jessica: Raises her eyebrows when Feemy enters. Why Feeemy.
Feemy: …That is not the happy greeting I'm used to.
Jessica: I heard some interesting things from your sister. Would you care to tell your side of the story? Walks from behind her desk to the front of it, limping a bit.
Feemy: Crap. …Why're you limping? Genuinely concerned.
Jessica: I don't know. Maybe your sister ran into me and knocked me over chasing after you.
Feemy: I don't see how her knocking you over because she was chasing me is my fault. I went to Celena's room to tell her something and she made fun of Ren and Elijah and called me a liar. Leaving some important facts out.
Jessica: Why did she make fun of Renasi and Elijah and call you a liar?
Feemy: Squirms a bit. …Cuz Ren told me to tell her that he likes her… and she said that Elijah's stupid, so he'd want to spend time with me.
Jessica: Why did she call you a liar?
Feemy: And she said Elijah's stupid because I said that… I can't always hang out with Elijah because he's an adult and now he has adult things to do. And she called me a liar… Quickly. BecauseIsaidthatDaddyneverlikedMiddler.
Jessica: What was that?
Feemy: Because I said that Daddy never liked Middler.
Jessica: Not exactly untrue. Why did you tell her that?
Feemy: Because it's true!
Jessica: Your father did like Middler… He didn't "never" like him. And why did you tell Celena that?
Feemy: Because she called Ren pathetic. And stupid. Know-nothing was the exact words.
Jessica: And why were you chasing each other through the halls?
Feemy: …Squirms.
Jessica: Well?
Feemy: Looks to Elijah, to see if maybe he can cast a lifeline.
Elijah: Raises his eyebrows.
Feemy: No luck there. I said I could hit Middler… and he wouldn't even do anything about it… but I wasn't going to!
Jessica: Severely. Did you?
Feemy: No…
Jessica: Looks at him.
Feemy: Wilts a bit… Eyes are watering-up. He does feel pretty guilty about the whole hitting thing too.
Jessica: He did. Sighs.
Feemy: That much is indeed obvious. Feem's out of luck when it comes to a poker face.
Elijah: Mom… He was in hysterics in the hall with Middler. He's just upset because he's lonely and he misses Dad. He probably just did all this because he's got a lot of extra energy because no one's around to play with him or pay him much attention… I mean, I'm guilty of that too. And, I'm sorry Feemy, I don't mean to be so wrapped up in "adult stuff" I just thought it'd be boring to you… Maybe if you sent him to Elf Haven, he could play with Ren and get some fresh air and some new scenery and… Get out of this stuffy castle. You know?
Jessica: Raises an eyebrow at Elijah. Since when does he do the parenting?
Feemy: Even Elijah coming to the rescue doesn't cheer him up too much, as he's feeling the guilt now as opposed to wanting to just get out of trouble.
Jessica: I don't think having "extra energy" changes the fact that he hit Middler, a man who's been nothing but kind and gentle with everyone he knows, for no other reason that to settle a dispute with his sister.
Elijah: Come on, Mom. Middler didn't look like he was hurt… I mean, Feemy's eight… and… He just looked worried, mostly.
Jessica: I'm still disappointed in you, Feemy… You do not solve your problems with violence. Especially to an innocent third party.
Feemy: Very quietly. Yes Mom… Staring at the ground. It's worse when you have to think about what you did. Such as going through a play-by-play of the event in question.
Elijah: Let him go to Elf Haven, Mom, please? It'll be good for him. And he'll have some time away from Celena, so they can both cool down.
Jessica: I'm not sure I should reward him for what he's done.
Feemy: Isn't getting his hopes up.
Elijah: He's only eight and he's always been really energetic and I'm sure he feels cooped up in this castle… I felt the same way when I was his age.
Jessica: That hits home, since Elijah's way of rebelling was going off to war. Well… If you apologize to Middler and Celena. Then you can stay in Elf Haven for awhile.
Feemy: Celena won't want to see me.
Jessica: We'll give her some time to calm down. She needs to apologize to you, too.
Feemy: Kind of surprised he's getting an apology. …I don't know where Middler is.
Jessica: Don't worry about it now. Tell him at dinner. Goodness… Hassled.
Feemy: I'm sorry, Mom… Sniffs.
Jessica: Sighs and hugs Feemy. Try to be good, okay? I know you can be…
Feemy: Hug and clings. I will…
Jessica: Good. Kisses his forehead. Gives Elijah a stern look.
Elijah: Wonders what in the world he did.
Jessica: Don't think you can be all charming and convincing.
Elijah: Is Mr. John coming over later?
Jessica: I have no idea. Have you seen Adam all day?
Elijah: Nope.
Jessica: Well I know John saw him this morning since he gave him that pocket watch.
Elijah: He's probably in his room building Mayan temples or sleeping or something.
Feemy: …May I be excused? I think I need to lie down too.
Jessica: Yes, you may.
Feemy: Thank you… Shuffles out of the room.
Elijah: Goes back to this room to do crunches… Because you don't get rock-hard abs by laying around.
Jessica: Wonders when Elijah got to be so much like his father.