15 February 2019
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Jessica McMurran Feemerson McMurran Adam McMurran John Crowley Julius Larson Gwendolyn Larson Middler Blaydow Renasi Reium

Jessica: Gave Feemy a tiny box of chocolates. Do you know when you'll get to go home?
Feemy: Eats them with reckless abandon!
Adam: Stares at John. Is especially interested in how this person has hair growing out of his face. Reaches at him. Aaaooo.
J.N: Stares back. Especially interested since this person is tiny and trying to touch him.
Adam: Aaaoooff… Mmm.
Jessica: Do you want to hold him? Wishes Adam would stop squirming.
J.N: …Sure.
Jessica: Gives him Adam carefully.
Adam: Ooo… Gurgles. Reaches at John's chin! Doesn't quite have the coordination, though.
J.N: Holds him carefully. …How have you been, Jessica…?
Adam: Aam! Amm! Arms are too short.
Jessica: Good… You're looking much better! I think he wants your face.
J.N: Makes a face, but brings him within his tiny arm's reach.
Adam: Grabs at his chin! Hehe, it's all rough and scratchy. Squeals! Seems pleased by this new discovery.
Jessica: He liiikes you.
J.N: …That's great.
Adam: Keeps feeling John's face, because this is now the greatest thing ever. Aaaooo ba ba, hehe…
Feemy: He does like John! Wonder why?
Jessica: Looks at the chocolate all over Feemy's face. Looks for wet wipes in her purse. It's in his genes!
Feemy: Squirms a bit. But he's not wearing jeaaans.
Jessica: Finds some and wipes the chocolate off his face! Laughs. I mean his DNA… You know… The genetic coding you get from your parents that makes you an individual.
Feemy: Oh, that's why I'm a sheep and you're a huuuman?
Jessica: Yep! Gets all the chocolate off his face.
Adam: Finds J.N.'s ear and puuulls.
J.N: A muscle in his cheek twitches.
Adam: Nope, that doesn't come off… Stops pulling and grabs at his nose!
J.N: Just stares. Silent.
Feemy: Oooh!
Jessica: Attention is diverted to Feemy! And finding a comb in her purse, so she can straighten said Feemy's hair out.
Feemy: She's not in a bad mood, so she's not going to yank his hair out! So he doesn't put up a struggle!
Adam: Gets bored of pulling on John's facial features after awhile.
J.N: Gently holds Adam up at arm's length. Kind of to get a better look at him.
Adam: Sneezes.
J.N: Stares.
Adam: Blinks and stares back. Is tiny and balding.
J.N: Soon you'll look like Ernest.
Adam: Pokes his tongue out a bit.
Jessica: Combing Feemy's hair. Gently this time.
Feemy: Doesn't mind at all, then! Enjoying the attention, really.
Adam: Yawns. Well, I'm worn out now.
J.N: Seeing him yawn, he brings Adam back to himself.
Adam: Blink, blink. Blink. Sleep.
Jessica: Feemy's hair is now combed. Aww… John's good with babies.
J.N: Not really… He's just a lot calmer than most children.
Jessica: That's true. Sorry about him grabbing at you… One of the reasons I cut my hair!
J.N: It's not a problem until he starts picking his nose and eating it.
Jessica: Hehehe. I guess he likes your beard. All of his pretty black hair is falling out.
J.N: I should get this shaved when I get back. And at least then Ernest won't have to feel bad about being bald.
Jessica: I thought Ernest chose to be bald?
J.N: Shrugs his shoulders. You're right… Even if I think he's full of it.
Jessica: You think he's balding?
J.N: No… Though it'd be weird for him to just shave his head all these years if he just started.
Jessica: Well, whatever… It's better than a comb-over.
J.N: I guess. Looks around the room. …Finally decided to leave Middler locked in the closet?
Jessica: Hm? I think he went traipsing off with Thana on a date. God knows what goes through Thanasi's head.
J.N: A date.
Jessica: A Valentine's Day date. Shrugs. I'll have to be going when Julius comes back… If he ever comes back.
J.N: I see… Hm. Why would anyone want to date Middler?
Jessica: Oh, she was just being nice. Besides Thanasi was a prostitute… so she's not picky. Certainly is acting bitter.
J.N: Raises a brow and even grins at that. Burning Middler and Thanasi? Am I rubbing off on you or is the baby being fussy at night?
Jessica: Looks surprised. Didn't even realize she was being mean. What?
J.N: You called Thanasi a prostitute… Which I guess is true, so that's just being honest, but you also implied that Middler isn't exactly a great choice for a date… Which… I guess would also be true… Huh… Never mind, I suppose.
Jessica: Sighs. I didn't mean that about Middler and Thanasi's nice too… Looks uncomfortable and regretful. I didn't mean to say that, okay?
J.N: Shrugs. Alright
Jessica: Now just has to hope Feemy doesn't blurt it out to people! Looks sad and says nothing.
Feemy: What's a prostitoo?
Jessica: Nothing you need to concern yourself with Feemy. Have your parents visited you lately?
J.N: Yeah. Mother was calmer at least.
Jessica: That's good! How was your father?
J.N: He's doing alright.

Julius: Naked, still snoozing. Quite possibly a little hungover, with Gwen half on top of him, in just about the same state. Sno—-Snerk. Wakes up. Headache time. Mmm… Rolls out of bed and sits on the floor. Ugh… I drank too much wiiine… Gwen?
Gwen: Snoozes blissfully.
Julius: Mmph… After showering and dressing and taking something for his headache and not being able to raise Gwen from the depths of her slumbers, writes a sappy love note saying, "bye bye" and… Arrives in J.N.'s hospital room.

J.N: Looks at Julius and gives him a warm greeting! You look like shit. Not even said in an angry or aggressive manner. Just pointing out the obvious.
Julius: Nice to see you, too.
Jessica: John!
Feemy: You're not supposed to say that, Jooohn.
J.N: …Yeah. Never say that, Feemy. To Julius. Rough night?
Julius: Half-smile, since he didn't drink so much that he can't remember.
Jessica: Ugh. I don't even want to know. It took you long enough to get here, though.
Julius: More like rough morning. Frowns at Jessica. Sorry, sorry.
J.N: Congratulations.
Julius: Rolls his eyes. Don't act like it was my first time or something.
Jessica: Stupid. Men are stupid. Takes Adam from John. We're leaaaving now.
J.N: And was actually getting kind of used to him being there too. Now it's cold.
Adam: Awakens. Aahoom. Whines. Was getting used to being there too. Gee, Mom.
J.N: I was saying "congratulations" to the fact that you don't need a cane like me.
Jessica: Gives Feemy a potion!
Julius: Raises an eyebrow. Gwen's not that violent.
J.N: She set Middler on fire.
Jessica: Urges Feemy to hurry up and drink it! The last thing he needs to hear is guy talk. Thought Julius was too sophisticated for that sort of thing, the jerk.
Feemy: Bye Jooohn. Bye Julius! Drinks.
Jessica: Good-bye! Takes hers.
Julius: What's with her? She usually acts like she can barely leave your side, lest you slip away.
J.N: Maybe that's what she thinks.
Julius: You make as much sense as usual. Nice to see you're getting along with Adam, though. Sits down and rubs his temple.
J.N: How much sense is that?
Julius: Very little. That's goood, though. Maybe you can be his new dad.
J.N: Hm. That's a thing for you to say.
Julius: I was being facetious.
J.N: That's swell of you.
Julius: Just that it's interesting that he likes you, considering he doesn't seem to like Middler all that much.
J.N: Middler is a scary bird monster. And I have facial hair.
Julius: I'd think the facial hair and the deep scratchy voice would be scarier… Guess he takes after Daniel… Yawns.
J.N: …Hm, maybe. But Middler is a bird monster.
Julius: He's just a funny-looking guy with feathers for hair. He doesn't look particularly frightening to me. He looks like some guy out of a show for preschoolers, in fact.
J.N: That in itself is unnerving. Though I guess he stopped wearing a top hat and a suit all the time.
Julius: Yeah, he did.

Jessica: Oh well, it's nice to be home… Over Adam's crying. Why don't you find Renasi, Feemy? I think he's leaving sometime today.
Feemy: Okay! Runs!
Jessica: Sigh. Getting depressed. Tends to Adam!

Feemy: Streaks around at breakneck speeds looking for a Renasi!
Renasi: Outside, playing in the mud and puddles! Maman will have a fit when she sees my clothes! Lets his foot sink into the mud and pulls it out. Squelch.

Julius: Are you still feeling better?
J.N: Yeah… I think I'll be able to leave soon.
Julius: That's good… I guess I'll be staying at your house, then.
J.N: Keeping an eye on me?
Julius: Keeping you company.
J.N: Why, though? I'd think you'd want to be doing something else.
Julius: I told Daniel I would.
J.N: Ah. I know how you feel.
Julius: Hm?
J.N: Don't worry about it.
Julius: You always do that. Daniel didn't tell you to hang out with me. At least I don't think he did. After you get your stitches out, I can go home. Then I'll visit you… sometimes. And you can come visit us, too.
J.N: Nods.
Julius: I'm not trying to be mean or anything by saying I'm just obligated to be here. I wish I was truly a saintly person who could say I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I mean, I do like you and even care about you, I guess. This just isn't something I'd normally do. Even if it was Daniel, I wouldn't stay in the hospital with him all day, every day. In short, I guess I'm not naturally a very compassionate person.
J.N: That's what I like about you.
Julius: Sighs. Wonderful.
J.N: No sarcasm. I mean it. You're honest. It's irritating when someone isn't speaking their mind… Weird as that sounds. A wounded ego is better than even the tiniest of white lies.
Julius: Heh. Guess that means you like me better than Daniel, then. I remember you saying you like honest people.
J.N: Daniel had his moments. Maybe he wasn't the most honest… but I suppose he was the kindest… and in a way, that does count for something.
Julius: Sorry you're stuck with me, then. I guess you have Ernest and Hand-Crusher, though.
J.N: Hand crusher?
Julius: Caleb… His name escapes me.
J.N: Curt?
Julius: Yeah, Curtis. His house burned down.
J.N: Not really. He's just abrasive.
Julius: You have a lot of weird friends. Including me, I guess.
J.N: Yep.